A gymnasts first time (part 1)


This is my first story. I hope you like. sorry its a slow starter.

Hi. My name is Hannah. I'm a gymnast and have travelled all over the world with my gymnastics team for competitions against some amazing gymnasts. This story takes place when I was 14 and travelling to Spain with the rest of my team and my 2 coaches Jason and Fiona.
Maybe I should describe myself to you. I'm 5 foot 4 with blonde hair that comes down just past my shoulders. I have tanned skin and a toned stomach with a pierced belly button and B cup breasts. I'm in great shape because I've done gymnastics since I was 3.
This whole sotry starts just after my team was told we would be going away for another competition. My friend Jess was also a gymnast on my team. We went to my house to pack becuase we were leaving early the next moring.
"So. .


  . can I ask you a question Han?" Jess asked me.
"Okay well. . . Have you. . done it?"
"You have you?"
"yes! you so have to! no wonder your so uptight. SEXUAL TENSION! you need to be fucked girl. you'll love it!"
"yeah when i'm training 15 hours a day i really have time to find a boyfriend and do it. "
"stop saying "do it" call it fucking. you sound like such a virgin. "
"i AM a virgin!"
"whatever. Here. .

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  . i was gonna give this to you when we got there but i think you should try it tonight. " she said handing me a present.
I slowly unwrapped her gift. As i opened it I revealed a black lace thong and matching bra and a 6 inch slim pink dildo.
"JESS! what the heck?"
"go try it on!!!" she said pushing me intot he bathroom.
I stood in front of the mirror and got changed. I had to admit it, i did look pretty sexy. and the bra seemed to make my boobs look GREAT! I walked out of the bathroom shyly covering my stomach with my arms.
"come on put your arms down" jess said grabbing my arms and moving them away. "you look so sexy, OG MY GOD! i know who you have to fuck for your first time!"
"im scared now. " i said laughing.
"Jason!" she screamed.
"what? i cant . .

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  . fuck. . . my coach. "
"yes you can think about it. hes 22, great hair amazing smile, strong, hot body. . . huge cock. . what else could you want?"
"wait. . . have you .

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  . . fucked him?"
"of course, he was my first. anyway we better go to bed we have an early flight. oh and if i were you, pack the viabrator and underwear in you carry on luggage, its a long flight you might want to go try it out in the bathroom while everyones asleep. " Jess crawled into my bed and fell asleep almost straight away. I got changed into my pjs and decided to pack the viabrator and underwear in my carry on luggage as she suggested and crawled into bed next to my friend.
we arrived in Spain many hours later. "alright girls get into pairs and ill give you all your room keys" Jason said as he tried to clam us down. what can i say a group of 6 excited girls could be loud.
"so who are you rooming with hey Jase?" Jess said with a wink.
"none of your business. he said giving her a quick squeeze on the ass as she walked past him.
Jess and I paired up together, got our keys and went to our room to unpack.

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  . . did you try my little tip for the plane ride?"
"no i got to scarred to put the viabrator in all the way. and i thought about what you said about me needing to be. . . fucked. . . and i really dont know how i'm ment to go about it"
"oh dont worry ive got it all set up. go to room 204 tonight at 9pm while everyone is stilla t dinner. tell everyone you have a headache and are going to go to bed early. come up here get changed into the underwear i got you and take your viabrator with you to room 204, Jason will be waiting for you. "
"WHAT?!?!?! no way! i cant do that!"
"yes you can, dont worry hes totally into it. "
i agreed cause to tell you the truth i kinda wanted to feel a cock in my pussy.

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   i let Jess pick out my outfit for dinner ( a short plaid skirt with strappy black heels to show off my legs and a tight fitting white singlet) and headed down to dinner.
it was nearing 9pm and i was thinking about if i should go or not.
"well ladies if you will excuse me i think im going to have an early night" Jason said getting up leaving the table and winking at me.
"um. . yeah i think i might to i have a bit of a head ache. " i dont know why i said it but it just came out. i got up and headed to my room. i got change and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. i had on the black lacy thong and bra and held the pik viabrator in my hand. i switch on the viabrator. it started pulsing in my hand. I let out a small gasp and started to feel the heat between my legs. i started to get wet thinking about having it put in my pussy, but i was still scarred cause id never done it before. i pulled on a pair ofbaggy pj pants and a big baggy hoodie hoping to cover the lacy parts so no one else could see them and tried not to make anyone suspicious of what was going on.

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   i walked to room 204 and knocked on the door. Jason opened it and stood in front of me in a pair of jeans slung low around his hips with his calvin klien boxer briefs peeking out above the top of his jeans. all i could focus on was his 6-pack abs and the "v" shape that seemed to be pointing me to his cock.
"come on in" he siad taking my hand. "theres just one rule, do as your told. wheres the pretty pink pressie jess gave you. ?" i pull it from the elastic waist band of my pj pants where i had wedged it on the walk to his room. "nice. " he pulled me close to him and shut the door behind me. he pulled the hoodie up over my head and pulled down my pj pants and left them by the door. he took my hand and lead me over to his queens size bed and sat me down then sat down next to me.
"so. Jess told me you needed to be fucked. revleave some of that sexual tension. " i remained silent.

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   "its a good idea you know. going into big competitions is could help you loosen up alot. it could make your routine better. " he lent over a pressed his lips againt mine. "how far have you ever been with a guy?"
"nothing. " i said quietly. the truth was i had never even kissed a boy before.
"well this is deffinately a night your not going to forget. " he said leaning in and kissing me again. he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my mouth deeper into his. i began to get the idea and kissed him back, then he slipped his tounge into my mouth and teased my tounge with his. i lert out a small moan. " seems like your enjoying that" he said laughing. i could feel myself turn bright red but i didnt care, i wanted more.
Jason stood up and told me to lay down on the bed.

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   i shifted back and put my head on the pillow. Jason crawled on top of me and started to kiss me again. he slowly moved to kissing my neck then down between my boobs and down my toned stomach. he bagan to get lower and lingered for a little just above the waistband of my thong. he looked up to me as if to ask if i wanted him to keep going. i nodded. his slipped his thumbs on each side of the waistband and slowly pulled my thong down along my legs and them off. "looks like someone is a little wet" he said laughing. he picked up the viabrator and turned it on. i could hear it begin to hum. "close your eyes" jason instructed me. i did as he told me to. all of a sudden i could feel the viabrator on my clit. i jumped a little but jason reassued me it would feel good and to calm down. he placed the viabrator back on my clit and rubbed it in little circles.

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   i started to moan and could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with every circle. i instinctivley began to rock my hips into the viabrator and started to moan louder and louder, just when i thought i was going to burst Jason took the viabrator off my clit.
"we dont want to peek to early" Jason said. he stood up and i heard him unzip his jeans. i opened my eyes and watched as he slid them down to his ankles and kicked them off. i could see his rock hard cock through his boxer briefs. he pulled me down to the edge of the bed and spread my legs wide. "come on you can do the splitz you can go wider then that"nd he pushed them wider. he moved his mouth closer to my pussy and i could feel his hot breath near my clit. i felt his tounge lick all the way up my slit and stop on my clit, he started to suck. "oh my god!" i screamed bucking my hips into his face. all of a sudden he slipped a finger into my pussy. he began to massage the inside of my pussy. i was rocking hard when he slipped a second finger in. but then he stopped.


"okay, ive givven you some now you have to return the favour. "
"kneel on the groud hear in front of me. " i did as i was told. "pull down my underwear" once again i did as he said. as i pulled down his boxer briefs his huge 9 inch cock sprung up in front of me. it looked so enticing. a huge purple head and a pulsating vein running all the way down the shaft. "now open your mouth and lick the head of my cock. "
i opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock, i could taste his precum seeping out of his cock, i took hold of his cock at the base and continued to lick his cock slowly. "now lick it all the way up and down" i did what he said. then he told me to put his cock in my mouth and start to suck, so i did. id seen this kinda thing done in pornos before so i started to bob my head up and down slowly taking more and more of his huge 9 inch cock in my mouth. i knew i couldnt take it all but then all of a sudden i pushed it into my throat.
"holy shit! are you sure you havent done this before?" jason said in shock. i slid his cock out of my mouth.


   "no never. " and i put his cock back in an imediately took it all back in and down my throat.
"trust me i dont want to cum before i get in your pussy. get back on the bed and lay down. "
he climbed on top of me and looked me in the eyes. "are you ready to not be a virgin any more?"
i nodded.
"if you want me to stop at anytime just say so okay?"
i nodded again.
"ojay here we go. " he said. i could feel his cock enter my pussy, then i felt it reach my cherry.
"1. . . 2. .

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  . 3" he said and thrust his huge cock hard and fast into my pussy. he kissed me to mute the scream i let out. he stopped once his cock was deep inside me. it wasnt easy, a virgin with a tight pussy having a huge 9 inch cock thrust deep inside me. "please, just wait a minute. "
"dont worry, i will. tell me when your ready. "
after a few minutes i told him to keep going. he began to slowly slid his cock in and out of my pussy making me moan so loud i thought everyone in the hotel would hear, but i didnt care. "Fuck me harder jason!!!!!!!!" i screamed, this time he was the one who did as he was told and i was in control. he started to get rough and it felt amazing. becuase i was so tight i could feel the vein on his cock rubbing agiant the inside of my pussy. "oh my god i feel like im going to pee. "
"just relax and do it.

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   youre going to cum" he said he started to fuck me faster and deeper then he already was. a few moments later and i was screaming as his cum filled my pussy, at the same time as he cummed inside me i had my first and best orgasm ever. "HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" i screamed.
15 minutes later and he was kissing me as i was about to leave his room. "pretend to still be sick in the morning and stay behind from sightseeing, ill stay to and "take care" of you. " he said winking as i opened the door.
i walked back to my room. it was 3 am by now. i opened the door and waiting for me was jess.
"how was it?" she asked.
i ran in and jmped onto her bed. i pinned her down to her bed and started to make out with her. "it was amazing, thankyou. know i wanna practise with you. "

please let me know what you think.

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   be honest. i know it was a slow starter. if i get some feed back ill write part 2. email me your thoughts. sexyhornyhannah@hotmail. com
a few moments later he told me to stop. .

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