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My Aunt took me inside and had me sit in a small waiting room while shefilled out some forms. After about twenty minutes we were called into the backoffice. It was a doctors office "If you are going to work on the farm, i haveto know you are healthy!" My Aunt explained as I undressed in the exam room. The doctor came right in and went about his work, taking my weight,tempature and blood pressure. He checked me out from head to toe and gave me avery embarrasing rectal exam with his finger, I didn't know why he was beingso thourough, but I figured it was normal. After he pronounced me healthy MyAunt told me to get dressed as it was getting late. When we left the doctors office I was taken to another building just downthe street. An older woman met us at the door and led us inside. I was againmade to strip as the old woman measured my waist, hips, chest and took justabout every other measurement possible. My Aunt explained that I only had"City boy" clothes and would need "Special" clothes for the summer. I justshrugged my shoulders and got dressed again. Finnaly we drove to the farm as the sun was setting and I was gettingtired from the long bus ride and busy afternoon. "okay, tonight you can relax,but first thing in the morning your'e mine, understood?" My aunt said as sheshowed me where my room was. "Yes Aunty" I said looking forward to the summer,and the fun of working on a farm. I put my things away and changed into my play clothes for the rest of thevening. At dinner my Aunt insisted I call her "Mommy" for the rest of thesummer, as a term of respect and warned me that not calling her mommy wouldmean I would have to be punished.

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   After dinner I helped Mommy do the dishes,and headed up for bed. "Wait just a minute young man" Mommy called as I washalf way up the stairs. "Boys in this house shower before bed and in themorning. " SHe told me as she tossed me a towel. "Okay, where's the bathroom?"I asked willing to comply to such a simple request. "The SHOWER is out back"She said as she pointed toward the back door. "Outside?" i asked used to mybig condo bathroom. "Yes, strip out of them city clothes and go get yourshower" She ordered as I came back down the stairs. I took off everything but my underwear and went out back and found theshower right off the back porch. The water was cold and gave me the chills, soI showered quickly and wraped the towel around me and went back inside. "Good Night child" Mommy said as she kissed me and slaped my backsidesharply. "Good nite mommy, thanks for letting me come stay with you" I toldher politely. "Don't thank me yet, your in for a busy summer, i have alot toteach you!" She said with a sly smile that worried me slightly. I wentupstairs, got some pajamas on and went right to bed exhausted. Chapter Two"Time to get up!" Mommy said loudly as she shook me awake.

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   "What time isit?" I asked groggily as I rubbed my eyes. "Five AM, Now get up!" She said asshe tore the covers off me. I sat up and found that like most mornings I hadwet myself in my sleep. "I'm sorry Mommy" I said when I saw her looking at me. "Don't worry, that is one of the tings I am going to cure you of this summer!"She said cooly as she helped me to my feet. "Take those wet things off" Shesaid as she turned and got something out of the dresser. I turned away fromher facing the bed to have a little privacy as I slid the wet pajamas andunderpants down to my ankles. Suddnely my Aunt grabbed me and bent me over the bed and started spankingme! I had never been spanked in my life and it hurt bad! I begged her to stopbut she ignored me as she scolded and spanked "You are Fourteen yearsold and yet you wet yourself Like a two yearold! That will not be tollorated any moreDo you under stand me?" "Yes Mommy, I'll tryharder! I swore as I cried out in pain. "You will not try, you WILL learn to keep your bed dry. " She told meas the spanks got harder . he last three spanks werethe hardest of all as she finnaly stopped and let me get up. "Go get yourshower and meet me in the kitchen" She ordered as she threw a large paddle onthe floor and began to change my wet sheets. "Yes mommy" I said stillc ryingas I ran out of the room. The cold water stung as it pounded on my burning backside. I showered anddried off.

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   I wrapped the towel around my waist and went into the kitchen. "Come here" My aunt said as she reached for my towel and ripped it off of me. "Please don't spank me again!" I begged as I started to cry again. "I'm notgoing to spank you" She said softly as she turned me around and bent meoverthe couter. I heard the sound of something being squeezed out of a tube andsuddenly the burning in my backside was gone as she rubbed the creame on me. "Thank you!" I said with a sigh of relief. "Put this on please" She saissweetly as if she had forgotten all about the wet bed. I turned around and inher hand was a thick pair of underwear. "What's that?" I asked having neverseen anything like it. "It's a training pant, I'm training you, plus it willkeep the creame from getting all over everything!" She said as she put thebrief into my hand. I Quickly pulled the brief on and sat at the table. "Here you go" Mommy said as she set a bowl of oatmeal in front of me. "Idon't like oatmeal, can I have eggs?" i asked nicely. "No, your on a dietstarting today, My the end of summer you will be sleeping in dry beds, youwill be strong enough to defend yourself and you will not be overweight, Plusyou will have learned when to be tough and still know that at home you will dowhat you are told!" My aunt explained as she sat and ate her eggs and bacon. Not wanting to make her mad I forced the oatmeal down and waited for her tofinish her breakfast.

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   "Your clothes will not be here until this afternoon, sogood put something on and come back down, you have chores to do!" She saidfirmly as she took my bowl away. "Yes Mommy" I told her as I got up from thetable I got dressed and rushed back downstairs to get started on whatever ihad to do. Chapter Three"Okay, I want all the chickens fed, the eggs gathered and the pens cleanedby lunch time, understood?" My aunt said as she showed me to the chicken pens. "Yes Mommy!" I assured her as I went right to work, she left me to my work. Ihad to rush to get done on time, and really worked up a sweat, but I got itdone just ten minutes before lunch time. I stopped behind a bush to pee realquick and then headed back to the house. Back at the house Mommy served me my lunch, Tomato soup, toast and a glassof juice. I was hungry and ate it quickly and did the dishes without evenbeing asked. "You got your chores done?" Mommy asked as i put the last dishaway. "Yes Mommy" I said proudly as I sat back down at the table. "Good, Iwant you to go to the postoffice back in twon and get the mail for me. " Myaunt said as she handed me her PO Box key. "But's its got to be a mile totown!" I complained tired from my chores. "Are you talking back to me youngman?" She demanded to know as she got up from the table. "No mommy" I sighedand headed out the door to start walking to town.

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  When I got back to the house two hours later there was a delivery truckout front. Inside were four or five big boxes stacked in the corner. "Yourclothes came!" Mommy told me as she took the mail from me and flipped troughit. "Okay, time for your nap!" She announced as she read the packing slip thatwas with the boxes. "My nap, but I'm fourteen!" I protested a bit too liud. "That's it young man, that's twice today you have talked back to me!" Mommyscolded pointing her finger at me. I rrealized I was in big trouble. "I'msorry, I'll go take my nap now!" I said, and quickly turned and ran up to myroom. I waited nervously to see if she was going to follow me up. She didn't soI got in bed and took a nap, and after the chores and the walk to town, iactually fell asleep. Mommy came and woke me up again at three and immediatlyled me out to the wqoodshed. I got really nervous having always heard the oldstandard "trip to the woodshed" referral to a spanking. "I want all this woodchopped and stacked" Mommy said as a wave of relief came over me. "Talk backto me again and you'll get the whip!" She said pointing to the horse whiphanging on the wall. "I'm sorry, I'm just not used to the way you do things,I'll behave!" I told her honestly.

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   "Just see that you do!" She snaped as sheleft the shed. I quickly chopped the wood and then stacked it neatly against the wall. Ihad to pee again, and realized that I didn't know where the bathroom was! Iwent in the house and found Mommy in my room putting the stuff in the boxesaway. "Done already?" She asked nicely again having had a complete mood changethan her angry tone in the wood shed. "Yes Mommy, Where's the bathroom?" Iasked. "Actually i was just about to talk to you about that. The only bathroomis in my room, and you are not allowed in there today" She told me as Istarted to get confused. "Then where do I toilet?" I asked needing to use atoilet soon! "Well, Until you learn to keep your bed dry, you will be wearingthese" She said as she tossed a disposable diaper at me. "No, pelase, notdiapers!" I said shamefully. "Are you talking back to me?" She asked crossly. "No Mommy, just asking nicely!" I assured her. "Well it won't work. You arehere to learn, and with learning comes discapline, If you can't keep your beddry, you haven't earned the right to use a big boys bathroom. " She explainedas she sat me down on my bed. "I know this seems mean, but it's for your owngood.

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   I promised your mother I would make you into a strong but obiediantyoung man who doesn't piss his pants EVER" She continued as she hugged me. "Sofor the rest of the summer, every time you pee the bed, you will be spankedand then kept in diapers for the rest of the day. " She said as she pushed meback until i was laying in bed. I started to cry as she took my clothes offand threw them aside. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't have to watch as she putthe diaper on me. "Now, you have to use the diapers, but I want you to hold itfor as long as possible, so you train your bladder to be stronger" She said asshe pulled me back up. "Okay, for now on, durring the day you will wear theoveralls in the second dresser drawer over a t-shirt from the thrid drawer. Atnight you will wear the jammies in the bottom drawer. " She explained as shegot a pair of overalls and a t-shirt out from their designated drawers. Shepulled the t-shirt down over my head and lowered it to my waist. To mysurprise she pulled it below my diaper and snaped it in the crotch! She saidthat would eep it from riding up over my diapers. Then she had me put theoveralls on. "What are the snaps for?" I asked as I examined the snaps in thelegs and crotch. "Thats so I can change your diaper without taking yourclothes all the way off" She explained as she helped me attach the suspendersto the bib front. "Okay, your chores are done, and you've had your nap, therest of the day is yours to do whatever you want" She told me as a smilecrossed my lips for the first time today.

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   "Can i watch TV?" I asked. "Ifthat's what you want" She replied as we walked downstairs. I made myself comfortable on the couch and flipped on the set and quicklysettled in watching cartoons. Chapter FourThe need to go to the bathroom was starting to get stronger, but I held itin like I was told too. the pressure grew and grew. I crossed my legs andgrabbed my crotch as the pee started flowing out slowly. The flow picked upand I finnaly lost all controll as the hot urine flooded my diaper. I wasn'tsure what to do, should I tell Mommy? I decided not to bother her and keptwatching TV. A little while later, the pressure was back, but this time it was mybowels that wanted to be emptied. I held this in for a while, but thenloosened up and let it out as I figured it was only the pee I had to work oncontrolling. The solid mass spread across my backside as I watchedTV and sighed inrelief as the pressure went away and I was covered with a warmth I hadn't feltin a long time. I decided I better tell mommy now! I went into the kitchenwhere she was making dinner and shyly told her i was wet and messy. "Well, Ineed to finish cooking here. WHy don't you go outside to the shower, take yourdiaper off and get cleaned up. I'll put a fresh diaper on you after dinner"She said not seeming to mind that I had messed myself.

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   "Okay mommy" I said asI headed out the front door. I took my overalls and special T-shirt off and hung it on the clothes lineto air out the smell from my diaper. I got under the cool shower in the hotsun and pulled my diaper off and let it drop to the wood floor of the showerarea. I grabbed the soap off the shelf and cleaned my upper body as the heavyshower spray washed the mess off my backside. Wen I was sure most of the poopwas off, I washed my backside and front with the soap and rinsed off. I wentback inside naked and sat at the kitchen table. "All clean now?" Mommy askedas she set a bowl full of sald in front of me. "Yes mommy" I said shyly as Igrabbed the ranch dressing and flooded my salad with it. Mommy sat and ate her salad and then we had steaks! They were so tenderand so good, better than any steak I ever got at home! When I was done, Iwashed the dishes myself to give mommy a break and then joined her in theliving room, still naked. "I still need to get a diaper on you, But I'm goingto take my shower first, so just wait here!I watched TV as she went and took a shower and came back wearing a frillyrobe. "Okay lets get you dressed" She said as she kneeled down in front of meon the floor. But she didn't put a diaper on me. Instead she took a bottle ofbaby lotion and began massaging it into my groin and stomach "This will keepyour skin nice and dry" She said as she focused on my diaper area. I felt mypenis start to get erect under the attention and prayed for it to not becomenoticeable. But it did! My Aunt, who I had come to know as Mommy startedrubbing only on my penis making it fully erect.

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   "Maybe we are a big boy?" Shesaid retoricly. "I am a big boy!" I said defensivly. "Well, Not that big" Shejoked referring to my average size penis. I don't really know what made me do what I did next, but it happened. Ireached out and moved my hand inside her robe so I was folding her leftbreast. "My my my, You know what I like" She said in a soft tone I hadn'theard before. "Come upstairs" She said as she picked up my unused diaper andtook my hand. We went up to her room, where she slipped her robe off. I stood frozenadmiring her entire shapely body, as she laid down in the center of her kingsize bed. "Come on baby, You don't want to pass up this chance. . . Do you?" Sheasked as she rubber her hairy bush. "No mommy" I smiled, as I climbed on thebed and nervously positioned myself between her legs. I don't know what todo!" I said nervously as I stroked my penis to restore my erection.


   "Juststick it in and thrust" She said with a warm smile. Shaking in fear and excitement, I slid my penis into her vagaina and beganto slowly rock back and forth inside her. The warm moist feeling reallyexcited me and I started thrusting really fast. But with a sharp slap to mybackside my aunt warned me "Slow down, Mommy wants to come too" as she ran herhands down my hairless sweaty chest. I forced myself to go as slow and steady as I could, and a half hour afterwe started Mommy started to shiver and maon and somehow I knew she was coming. "Okay, you can speed up now" She said out of breath as she layed there justenjoying what we were doing. I eagerly speed up until I climaxed inside her,as my penis pumped globs of sperm into her vagina. I slumped down on top ofher, my face between my chests. "Wow!" Was all I could say as I huffed andpuffed, and slowly went to sleep. Chapter FiveI woke up a few hours later, Wearing a diaper and laying in bed withmommy, who was holding me tight against her as she slept. I felt so warm andsafe, i closed my eyes and went back to bed. "Wake up baby" Mommy said as she kissed me on the lips. I slowly woke up,well rested and feeling so warm inside, a feeling I had never known. "Morningmommy" I smiled as I kissed her back. "Morning Baby: She smiled as she pulledat the front of my diaper and thrust her hand down it.

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   "Your dry" Shepronounced proudly. "Cool" I said amazed but glad. "Guess it's big boyunderwear for you today?" She said as if it disapointed her. "Actually I kindalike wearing diapers" I smiled. "Good, I like you in them, you look so cute. . . Plus we have to take care of that magical tool of yours" She gigled as shemasaged the front of my diaper. "But, you do need to get to your chores" Shesaid as she sat up in bed. "Yes mommy" I said obieniantly. I went to my roomand got dressed in my t-shirt and overalls and went right to work in thechicken pens. It was a hotter day then the day before, and I got tired and hotquickly and took several breaks. . . so many breaks that I didn't realize it wasafter 1 when i got through.

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   I ran back to the house and staight to the kitchen. Mommy was sitting facing the doorway with the paddle in her hand. "Your'elate young man" SHe said firmly as she tapped the paddle against her knee. "I'm sorry, its hot out there!" I explained as I cautiously walked into theroom. "Youre not going to use that are you?" I asked pointing to the paddle. "Yes, you know the rules" She said in with a monotone voice. "But what aboutlast night?" I asked beginning to wonder if it had all been a dream. "What wedo at night, has nothing to do with what I expect from you durring the day"She explained as she got up from her chair. "Get undressed" She said as shepulled me overt o her and unbuckled the straps from my overalls. "Yes mommy" irelented as I let the overalls fall to my ankles and pushed my still drydiaper down. Without any further instruction I bent over the kitchen table andproudly took the spanking she gave me, with little crying or screaming. I guess she could tell I was trying to be tough in front of her, becuasethe spanking suddenly got harder and faster then before and soon i wasblubbering like a naughty toddler again. When she finnaly stopped she led meinto the living room and stood me in the corner. I stood there silently as all kinds of emotions ran though me, memories ofthe sex the night before were now confused with how her soft hands couldbecome so strong when I was bad. She was everything I needed, love anddiscapline.

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   It was going to be an interesting summer!The End (For now).
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