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The long winding road that led to Lake Tilton was lined with breathtaking scenery. The leaves had just begun to change to rich autumn shades, making it even more beautiful. It was sunset when Ivy arrived at the cabin. For a moment, she sat in the car just admiring the perfect surroundings. The cool air hit her as she opened the car door and climbed out. She shivered slightly and made her way to the porch.
Her fingers moved quickly to unbutton her light-blue silk blouse, which she quickly slid off. The crisp breeze kissed her warm skin, making her nipples grow hard instantly. The lacy pale blue bra was next to go, getting placed on the floor with the shirt. Her hands trembled as she unzipped the black leather skirt she wore, folding it as and laying it aside as well. The knee high boots were then removed before she moved on to the panties. The sexy little lace bikini was already damp when she hooked her fingers under the sides and slid it down her slender thighs, stepping out of them and laying them with the rest of her clothes. Now completely naked, she sank to her knees on the chilly wooden porch. With her soft brown eyes closed, she knocked on the door, her hands moving behind her back as she awaited further instructions.
The door slowly opened. She could hear the floorboards creak as someone stepped out on to the porch.

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   A soft strip of thick black fabric then encircled her head, blotting out any hint of light as she was blindfolded. The person moved behind her, taking one hand and slipping it into the circle of rope before tightening it firmly around her wrist. The procedure was repeated, leaving her hands bound with very little room for any sort of movement.
"Stand girl" a powerful voice said.
Without hesitation, she rose to her feet as gracefully as she could. She felt His fingers brush her silken, flame red hair back and come to rest against the back of her neck as she was led forward. The door closed behind them as she was led further into the room. The warmth inside was soothing, chasing away the chills. Once the hand moved she stopped, standing completely still for a moment.
"Kneel," a softer, feminine voice said.
Ivy quickly obeyed, kneeling down in front of the woman. Long slender fingers stroked her hair, then gripped a handful of her hair. Her head was pulled forward as the musky smell of sex filled her nostrils. She could feel the heat emanating from the woman’s cunt as her face was inches from it.
"I want you to greet Misty.

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   Show her what a good girl you are girl," He said.
Immediately her tongue began to take long slow swipes over the moist flesh in front of her. Misty moaned softly as Ivy’s tongue found her clit, flicking at it quickly with the tip of her tongue. Her lips closed around it as she began to suck as she licked. The grip on her hair increased as she licked harder and faster at the little nub. The sound of the woman enjoying her sensual clit kissing served to fuel her efforts.
It didn’t take long for Misty to be brought to a shuddering orgasm. Ivy’s mouth moved down to the puffy pink lips and lapped at the sweet ambrosia that flowed from between them. She could taste a mixture of Alec’s cum along with Misty’s. The taste was heavenly as she forced her tongue in as deep as she could to scoop out every drop. The deep tonguing brought Misty to another orgasm within minutes, leaving her quivering and panting in the chair as she released her grip on Ivy’s hair.
"Very good girl," He said as He softly stroked her hair.
His hand guided her, making her turn toward Him. She felt the smooth tip of His cock trace her lower lip. Ivy parted her lips slightly at first, then more as the head of His cock pressed against her lips.

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   As His cock sank into the warm confines of her mouth, it was greeted by her tongue as it slithered over the throbbing muscle. She began to suck as He pushed deeper, until the head hit the back of her throat. He gripped her hair, tilting her head back slight before pushing completely in. She struggled not to gag as He entered her throat with a rough jab. He held her head still, her nose resting against His pelvis as her throat muscles spasmed around His shaft. Tears filled her eyes as she gagged hard around the thick invader that was lodged in her throat. He groaned softly with delight as He savored the feel of her torment.
After several seconds, He pulled back, leaving just the head in her mouth. He let her adjust, allowing her to worship the head of His cock with her tongue as she sucked it before jamming the full length back into her throat. He kept up the slow, torturous pace for about 10 minutes before withdrawing completely from her mouth and turning slightly away from her. He moved her head toward His erect shaft, feeling the side of it rub over her lips. It was then she felt Misty’s lips brush hers from the other side.
The two girls worked their hot little mouths over His swollen shaft, their tongues teasing each other around it. They moved toward the head of His cock, kissing deeply around it as their tongues lashed over His flesh. He alternated between the two, sinking His cock into one’s mouth then withdrawing and filling the others.

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   The two worked together, stroking His cock with their lips in a frantic pace, wanting the creamy reward that awaited them.
Ivy loved the sound of His voice as He moaned and complimented their work.
"Ah that’s it. Good girls. Oh yeah, keep going. Keep going. . . " He groaned as He approached His first climax of the night. "Get ready for Your treat. "
The two girls held their faces close together with mouths hanging open and tongues extended. He furiously stroked His cock as He aimed the tip toward their mouths. Soon thick white ropes of cum erupted from it, splattering on their tongues and faces. As the last drops were expelled, Misty began to lick Ivy’s face, scooping up all the cum she could before kissing her passionately so they could share more of His wonderful treat.
The sight of the two girls sharing such an intimate kiss was quickly arousing Alec once again.

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   He knew that tonight no one would get any sleep until He was finished with the fantasies that haunted His mind. He then helped Ivy up, leading her toward the far side of the room. Her hands were then released from the rope. The dark ligature marks already had started to form on her wrists. Her hands were then pulled above her head as her arms were stretched out and locked in leather cuffs that hung from chains attached to the ceiling. Her ankles were then pushed apart, and secured in cuffs as well, leaving her body stretched in a painful position.
Alec walked around the girl, inspecting her body once more. His hand brushed over various parts of her as she trembled from His touch. Finally He stopped behind her, His hand slipping around her waist and down to her exposed cunt. His fingers moved over her clit, feeling the metal ring that pierced it, then down to her lips, tracing His fingertips over them as He counted the rings in each side.
Ivy moaned softly with delight as He trailed His fingers across her dripping sex. His erection pressed firmly against her ass as He let one finger slip inside her slick slit and pulled it out slowly. He held it up, looking at how it glistened with her juices before moving the wet digit to her lips and smearing the sweetness across them. She quickly licked her lips, parting them to let Him push His finger into her mouth to be cleaned. He leaned in closer, bringing His lips to her ear.

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"Good girl" He whispered.
He took a step back, moving to the side of her as He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. He admired the beauty of her form, of her helpless state and her willingness to be in it. A smile crossed His lips as He thought of what was to come later that evening.
Along the wall behind the prone beauty hung a large variety of whips, crops and canes. Misty stood in front of the implements, her eyes scanning the selection. The tips of her fingers brushed over the finely crafted tools of the trade. Finally she chose a short crop from the wall. She slapped it authoritatively against her palm as she approached Alec. The sound of the slap made Ivy jump. Misty quickly handed over the crop to Alec who in turn grabbed her long auburn hair in His clenched fist and drew her head sharply back before placing a kiss upon her throat and releasing her.
He then moved in front of Ivy, holding the crop in His hand. He traced the tip of it over the curve of her breast very slowly, letting her feel the wide bit of buttery soft leather caress her skin. He dragged it slowly up and down the fleshy mound, circling around her nipple each time. Soft moans slipped from her as the tip of the crop teased the little pink nub, but the moans did not last.

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   Just as suddenly as they had began, they changed to a whimper as He brought the crop down hard across her breast, aimed perfectly across her nipple.
He alternated back and forth between her right breast and her left, leaving both with long thin red stripes in a beautiful pattern of pain. Intermittently the flurry of blows would cease, and the teasing stroke of the leather would begin again. Her body remained tensed, never sure when it would be the soft touch or the brutal strike. The intricate design that emerged on her chest from the welts made Misty’s mouth water as she stared at the naked girl. She looked to Alec, silent begging permission to touch her.
He knew what was on Misty’s mind and nodded, pointing at the trunk first. She quickly scampered over and lifted the heavy wooden lid. A large black rubber vibrating plug and cordless remote and a small ball of thin rope were pulled from the toy chest. Misty retrieved the scissors from the drawer of the end table, then handed the remote over to Alec before sinking to her knees in front of Ivy.
Ivy jumped as she felt a warm soft lick across her clit. The tip of Misty’s tongue flickered over the pierced little jewel, making the girl squirm with delight. As she knelt there, Alec reached down and picked up the ball of rope and scissors, placing the control down for a moment. He cut two lengths of rope and handed each to Misty.
Misty quickly laced one of the pieces through the three rings in the right lip of Ivy’s pussy, then pulled both ends around to her outer thigh.

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   Alec took the loose ends, tying them quickly in a knot. The same was done to the left side, leaving the girl’s cunt spread painfully open. Misty’s mouth moved once again to Ivy’s clit, covering it as she began to suck and lick at the little pink treat.
Ivy began to sigh and moan as Misty passionately kissed her clit. The juices began to drip from her widely spread cunt as Misty continued to lap at her tender pink flesh. Suddenly, the blows to her breast began again, causing her body to jump each time the pain sliced through her. The combination of the soft tongue action and the sharp ache made her quickly lapse into a shuddering orgasm.
In the throws of climax, the tip of the large plug was introduced to her juicy cunt. Misty forced it inside in a slow but firm thrust until it was lodged deep inside her. The girl worked it back and forth, lubricating it Ivy’s juices as her muscles convulsed around it, making her climax more intense. Alec had picked up the remote again, clicking it on high as the vibrations caused Ivy to scream in fits of passion.
Then, just as quickly as it was inside her, it was slid out. Her juices dripped off the large rubber toy as Misty lined the tip of it up with her puckered little anus. With a quick stab, Misty had forced it deep in to Ivy’s tight little ass, causing her to shriek. The pain was quickly forgotten as the vibrations began again on a lower setting.

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   The crop again kissed her flesh, this time circling around her body hitting her sides and back as well as her round firm ass as Misty’s skillful tongue brought her to the edge of ecstacy.
Her body was soon covered in the thin welts that decorated her creamy white breasts. Alec’s hand caressed her warm cheeks, feeling the raised little lines with His fingers. Ivy continued to moan, tormented by the intense pleasure of the vibration even after His touch left her. The sensation spread through her body quickly, making her eager to feel anything fill her hungry cunt.
Much to Ivy’s dismay, she soon heard the soft sounds of Misty’s voice as she was caught up in her own pleasure. The sound of Alec’s body colliding with Misty’s left nothing to Ivy’s imagination. She envied the girl as the sound of their passions filled the room. Misty screamed as He plunged His cock deep into her velvety folds, forcing deeper and deeper with each stroke. Ivy could not help but cum as she imagined it was her that He was finding such pleasure in filling. She knew that there were many more things He had planned to do to her. The thought of them all pushed her deeper into the orgasmic bliss. She was still trembling, the honeyed juices pooling on the floor beneath her, when Alec had finished with Misty.
"I see someone is enjoying herself" He whispered in her ear.

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  . . . Sir" she stammered as His fingers caught her throbbing clit.
He gripped the silver ring that ran through it, pulling it slowly as He twisted. The pain shot through her body, causing it to twitch and jerk as another orgasm quickly gripped her. He smiled as He watched her body writhe in passion. He nodded to Misty, who had returned with two large alligator clamps, both of which had weights dangling from their ends. There was a small hole in each, where the ring holding the weight was fastened.
Alec busied Himself with getting another length of rope, This one slightly thinner and rougher than the one holding her juicy cunt wide open. He slid the end through the opening in the clamp and tied it off securely before bringing the rope around Ivy’s neck. He made a single loop around it and tying a slipknot in it. He then took the other clamp and looped the end of the rope through before fastening it.
Misty’s lips sought out Ivy’s nipple, sucking it hard as her tongue flicked across it. The thick pink nub became stiff as she teased it.


   She then spit it out, placing the clamp on the tip. Ivy groaned as the weight dangled. The other clamp was applied in the same fashion. Her sensitive nipples felt like they were on fire as the teeth bit into them. Misty kept poking at the clamps, making the weights swing pendulously as her breasts were being painfully pulled upward by the nipple.
Alec had chosen a new toy this time to tease Ivy’s body with. It was a thin very flexible length of cane. He started out trailing it over her naked flesh, letting her feel it’s surface rub over her before He landed the first vicious blow to the underside of her breast. Her body danced with pain as He continued to strike the tender skin. He delighted in watching her pale skin tone be overtaken with the ruddy streaks from the cane. Each strike made her jerk, each jerk in turn made the weights bounce, pulling down harder on her nipples as the rope yanked them skyward, each bounce made the rope around her throat tighten slight more.
He then turned His attention to another part of her body, bringing the cane down between her spread thighs and whipping it back and forth. Her breath came in short bursts between the long drawn out moans and whimpers as the cane kissed every inch of her upper thighs. The closer that He got the louder her cries became. This inspired Alec to bring the cane up, slapping harshly on her moist pink flesh.

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   She hit a new note as the pain rushed through her, and her body jerked violently. This time the cry was of sheer agony. Again the tool bit into her finding her throbbing pussy lips. He varied His angle of attack, letting it welt her lips until they were swollen nearly twice their normal size and ten times as sensitive. Her clit also felt the brunt of His passion as He changed position just enough to bring the tip down on it with every stroke.
Tears drenched the blindfold as she began to sob from the pain. She knew that this would be part of the deal before she agreed to it. She wanted so desperately to prove worth enough to be His but little did she know that her plans would come to a quick end. The sight of her pain was driving Alec wild with desire. She gasped for breath as the rope continued to slip through the knot and tighten around her throat. Ivy was starting to feel lightheaded as her face changed shades. He wanted to feel her warmth wrapped around Him. Misty helped unfasten the cuffs from the girl’s ankles as Alec held her steady. She was on the verge of collapse when the wrists cuffs were removed as well as the rope around her neck.
Her nipples ached as the blood rushed back into the clamped areas.

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   Alec lead the girl toward the bedroom, knowing that this would fulfill His greatest passion. Misty took over, holding the girl steady while Alec laid down on the bed. His swollen shaft throbbing as it awaited Ivy. The girl was helped on to the bed and positioned over His cock. Misty quickly returned the rope cuffs to her hands and the clamps to her nipples, this time without the rope. The ropes that held her rings open, felt as if it was going to rip them right through the tender flaps of swollen flesh as she was yanked down on Alec’s thick cock.
Misty stood at the edge of the bed, adjusting the rope’s height until it was perfect. She quickly slipped the noose over Ivy’s head, the other end rested securely in Alec’s palm. He watched anxiously as the noose was tightened just enough to slightly restrict her breathing. He could see the panic on her face as He pulled gently on the rope, watching it tighten a little more.
"Remember our agreement Ivy. If you trust me enough to indulge this fantasy as you said you do. . . then I shall truly be happy and make you Mine forever.

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   Do You trust me Ivy?" He asked in a stern tone.
"Yes Sir I do" she answered.
He could tell by the wetness that trickled down His shaft that she was as excited as He was. The remote was turned on high, causing her to quickly come to another orgasm. He groaned as her muscles clenched His cock, holding it firmly in their grasp. He began to thrust up into her dripping wet cunt, forcing His cock as deep as He could get it. Each time He would raise His hips, He pulled the rope a little more, until it was visibly starting to press into her neck. He watched her breasts bounce with each frantic breath she tried to draw in as He continued to slowly ease the rope further.
He began to pound her pussy harder and harder as her breathing became more strained. She was on the verge of passing out when the most tremendous orgasm of her light ripped through her. If not for the rope around her neck, she would have collapsed against His chest as the climax intensified. Misty quickly ripped the blindfold off Ivy’s face, letting her get her first and last blurry glimpse at Alec.
He could see the panic in her eyes as He pulled the rope harder, her entire body twitching violently as she gasped for air. Even after she had lost consciousness He continued to pump His thick shaft deep into her cunt. The wetness was incredible as it flooded out of her.

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   Her muscles flexed around Him as the life was choked out of her by the rope’s grip. The warmth of her urine covered His pelvis, signaling it was over. . He let out a last groan as He began to pump His seed deep into her lifeless cunt.
Misty was delighted, watching the body drooping slightly. She helped Alec pull Ivy up just enough to slip out from under her. He tied the rope off, letting her dangle from it like a puppet. Misty moved closer, kneeling on the bed in front of the girl as she quickly lapped up her Master’s drippings from Ivy’s cunt. Once she had finished, they engaged in a deeply passionate kiss. He looked deep into Misty’s eyes seeing how greatly she enjoyed the evening.
"After dinner we shall finish with her little one, I promised I would let you have your fun with her when I finished with her" He said, stroking her cheek. "Then later on tonight, when we are done with her we will take her out by the lake"
"Yes Master," she whispered softly to Him, seeing that He was truly pleased.
After the two lovers returned from dinner, Alec knew it He should keep His promise to Ivy. After Misty was done playing dress up with the girl, He slipped a black leather collar over the rope marks. A small purple heart dangled from it’s large silver loop with His initials engraved on it.

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   Now her wish was fulfilled. She was truly His.
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