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Following is a fictional story in first person format. . . . in other words it never really happened but I wish to God it did-
Living in a suburb neighborhood gave a high school senior like me endless possibilities.
For spending money I worked landscaping for the nearby houses. A good days work would sometimes bring up to forty dollars for only three hours. High school had just ended for me and college was only a year away. Buisness was good this summer, as well as my luck.
When the Anderson's called for a lawn mowdown and moulch cleanup, I arrived momentarily in my pick-up getting straight to work. Around one hour into the job, Josie Anderson walks out of the house towards her car. She had been an old schoolmate as well as one my biggest crushes. She smiled and waved as she walked by.
I was shirtless exposing sweaty skin. As she got into the car, she looked back almost in a trance from the sight of me. In the end she starts the car and drives off while waving again at me. 

   I knew she always had a crush on me, although she was always scared to get into a relationship. I grinned at the thought of her staring at my body.
When the job was near done, the door to the house opened again. This time it was Mrs. Anderson, Josi's mother. She stopped outside at the top of the stairs greeting me. She was in nothing except a robe so I figured she had just returned from her pool in the back. I remembered seeing her swim around in it, her silky body sparkling from the drops of water. One time I even spotted her skinny dipping. I watched from a neighbor's yard as a full view of her naked body came to sight. Amazing enough she was only in her mid-thirties and had a body of a twenty year old porn star. She had tanned skin along with wavy dark brown hair.  Her tits were what caught my real attention. Indeed she had the biggest most perfect tits I had ever seen.
"How's it going, Morgan?" she asked with a paper in her arm.

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"So far so good, Ms. Anderson. "
She watched on as I finished the remained of the work. A number of time I could of sworn that she was checking me out. When I finished and loaded the rest of the gear back in my truck, she spoke out again. "C'mon in, I've got some lemonade in the fridge. "
Although I was thirsty, I was more in the mood of going back to my own house to take nap. But trying hard to keep my manners, I gave in and followed her into the house. We stopped in the kitchen where she poured me a glass.
"I swear," she began, "it is hot as hell out there, you must be exausted. "
I nodded. "Yes ma'am. But you know how it goes. "
"It's good that you're working hard like this. " She smiled and chuckled a little.

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   "Hell, you even caught the eye of my daughter. "
Hearing her speak those words made me feel rather ashamed or embarrassed. Instead I tryed to improvise, "How's Josi doing after all?"
"She's fine, she's fine. " She answered. "But let's talk about you. "
I took a sip of the lemondade after giving a quick glance down at her chest, which was half exposed from her robe.
"D'you work out?" She was now standing by my side.
I felt a little nerve wraking from her being so close, but I kept my cool. "Yes, ma'am. Five days a week for sports. "
She placed her hand on my shoulder. "You grew up pretty good. I still remember when you were just a kid. Look at you now," she began rubbing her hand across my bare back, "a grown up man. "
"Thank you, ma'am.

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  " I answered trying even harder not to lose my cool.
She patted her hand against the chair. "Here take a seat. "
Without any room of denial, I did so.
"Remember how I used to be your nurse for your check-ups as a kid?" She was now leaning against the kitchen counter. "After you turned a teenager, I wondered how you would ever turn out. "
I decided to speak. "Yeah, I still remember those days. "
"So," she began again, "is there anything your worried about or wanna ask me?"
I felt a little confused. "Ma'am?"
"You know," she explained, "anything going on 'down there'?"
I felt almost speechless, but was able to push out a few words. "Well," I said, "I think I'm doing fine with my sex-life if that's what your asking. "
"Have you had sex yet?"
"No, I'm still a virgin. "
"How about any concerns you may have? You know, like penis size?"
I paused, nearly unable to say anything. "Uh. .

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  . "
"Hey, I'm a woman and I can give you an opinion. " She walked up to me, "How about let's have a peek at ya?"
I stared up at her confused.
"Don't be shy, I've seen a thousand of you boys naked. Go ahead, strip down. Just you and me here. "
Inside my head I wondered if I should just leave or actually listen to her. But this was Ms. Anderson, my old check-up nurse and neighbor I've known since I was born. After thought I decided to stay. I stood up and slowly stripped down to my underwear. After taking a deep breath, I pulled down my boxers exposing my soft cock.
She nodded. "See you shaved. "
I nodded.

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   "Yeah, occasionally. "
"That's good, a better grip. " With that she approached me and sat on chair staring directly at my crouch only three feet away. "Now how about your see how really big you are. Go on, think happy thoughts. "
After a few seconds, I was still to nervous to think anything.
"Want me to help?" She asked looking up smiling.
Slowly I began to feel excited. I nodded in agreement.
She stood up letting her robe fall from her shoulders revealing her full naked body. She then grabbed my hand and guided it toward one of her tits. "Go on feel it. "
I did so, squeezing it softly admiring how large it was. And soon enough, I had a full erection. When she saw this, I felt her hand slide down my stomach onto my rod.

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She chuckled. "Well you don't have a size issue. "
I gave out a breath. "That's good. "
"First time having a woman touch it?"
I quickly regained my senses. "No, to be honest," I explained, "some girls in the past, you know how it goes. "
She smiled. "Must be a bummer," she said, "they must of been too scared at your size to sleep with you. " She continued to examine my hung cock all over. Her touch sent chills up my spine. "You know there's a healthy way to keep you penis in good shape. "
"What's that?"
"Taking a shower, you're covered in sweat and dirt. " She stood up. "Go on and head up stairs, you can use mine in the bedroom.
I got in the shower, turned on the faucet and began to wash down.

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   I was five minuts in when I felt a draft from the door opening. In came Ms. Anderson, still bare naked and looking as if she were casually about to get in.
"You doing alright, babe?" She called out.
I hesitated a little. "Uh, yeah. I'm good. "
"I brought you some special health gel for down there. "
I began to feel myself freeze. "Alright," was all that managed to come out.
"Here," she said opening the curtains, "I'll do it for you. "
The sudden draft gave me a chill while she stepped into the large shower, stopping at my side. Closing the hallow curtains she turned to me while squirting some of the clear gel onto her hands. "Go ahead and face me. "
I did, by mistakenly slapping my long hard on upon her thigh.

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   "Shit," I said embarrassed, "sorry about that. "
"No worries," she said, "must be hard to manuever that thing around in here. How big are you exactly?"
Although my mind appeared to be blank, I was able to answer. "Last time I checked I was around eight inches. "
"And thick to. " She added. "Want me to kiss it?"
I felt speechless.
She laughed. "C'mon, just a little fun. It's been a while since I've been with a man with your size. "
"Well. . . " was all that came out.
"Now lay back and relax.

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  " She said.
Before I could ask why, she had gotten on her knees and once again took a hold of my shaft. Raising it up to her face, I was amazed at how large it appeared. My shaft was as thick as her own arm and she needed both of her hands to level it. In no time she began licking at the underbelly and sides. I gasped as I felt her slick tongue slide up my balls and down my shaft.
When I fell on the bed, she waisted no time getting my cock back in her mouth. I laid flat down as she laid on her belly towards my side proping herself up by her arm. With her other she held up my shaft while licking at the sides. Occassionally she would lick down and insert one of my balls in her mouth before licking back up the sack back to the shaft.

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