One Hot, Sticky, Wet Morning in February/


I'd decided to let loose and go outside and piss on the hood of the car below me. It was only about five in the morning and still relatively dark enough to where I couldn't be spotted too easily by any onlookers. For that I was grateful. I'd lit a cigarette as I stepped outside the room and breathed in the fresh morning air and the sweet aroma of the settling dew. Barely able to contain myself any longer, I tossed the cigarette away absently and the wind carried it around a corner where, just my luck, there happened to be a set of stairs. I'd heard a quick scream as a woman of maybe twenty six had apparently been hit by my flying cigarette butt. By the time she'd rounded the corner, coming up the stairs, I'd had my dick in my hands and was freely and imaginatively urinating on the hood of the car below me. I couldn't bring myself to stop, due to my illness, disease, call it what you will, and quite frankly I wouldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to. I stood there, with my drai!ning cock in my hand and a look of pure deviltry on my face as this woman came to notice what it was that I was doing. I'll never forget the looks on her face as she watched me empty my gallons full bladder. The looks she gave me went from shocked to intrigued to amused to lustful. I'd noticed, however, that this woman wasn't looking so much at me as she was my incredibly small package. She must have been awestruck that a man with a penis as small as mine could urinate for the period of time and the distance that I had exhibited. I was still looking at this woman and pissing not only on the hood of the car, but all the way to the trunk as my hot, steamy, early morning release of post drunken urine was flowing freely from my cock and allowing me sweet release. Now, before I continue this story, there are a few small things I'd like to make clear. My illness is commonly associated with bed wetters and therefore I take a really insanely expensive drug to stop my body from retaining so much fluid and to stop myself from drinking too much.

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   Anyhow, never one to mix pills and alcohol, I'd not taken the pills the night before. That being said, the name of the drug, in case you're wondering, is DDAVP. I'd known the woman was there before I'd finished, that much should have been made clear, already. After casually putting my little buddy back into my jeans and zipping up, this woman, a somewhat thicker Elizabeth Berkley, was still standing there. By this point in time I was becoming a little annoyed by her standing there just behind my left shoulder. I turned to her and we came face to face. That's when I noticed something about this woman. . . her bedroom eyes and her devilish grin. Her hair was golden blonde and her eyes were a shade of hazel that seemed to change colors depending on which way the running lights from the second floor corridor reflected in them. She had beautifully thick, full lips that to me, begged to be kissed. Her shapely body, with it's curves stunned me. I absolutely had to introduce myself. We spoke briefly about what I'd done and what she'd witnessed and, I'm not going into the details of the conversation, but we really saw something in one another.

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   I, personally, have no clue in hell what she saw in me after seeing my little thumb sized pecker, but we cliqued. I was about to ask her if she'd like to come into my room for a drink when I remembered that my room was occupied and it was nearing five fifteen in the morning. She respectfully declined but asked me back to her room, instead. On the way to her room, two doors down from the one my friends and I shared, she told me a bit about herself. As I may have mentioned, she was twenty six or so and quite striking in appearance. Her name was Renee and she was staying in the motel for a couple of days while she was in my town on business. I'd noticed the wedding ring she wore, but thought nothing of it as we made our way into a room that was a mirror image of the one I'd stepped out of fifteen minutes earlier. She put on some coffee and came to sit with me on the two cushioned sofa. We talked some more briefly and when she started giving me the eye as she got up to retrieve the coffee I stood up and slowly inched my way toward her turned back. She was standing at the sink, pouring our fresh coffee into the hospitality mugs offered by the motel when I made a small move to smell the lovely scented pheromones she was not so covertly sending me. Her voice was smooth and sultry, a bit deeper than most womens' but s!he by no means sounded like a man. It was the type of voice that could drive a man wild. I know. She must have felt my presence behind her because she turned and looked at me and said, "Okay, then. Let's get going and do what we both know what we want to do," as she set the mugs down on the small dining table in the kitchenette.

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   I'd noticed that she was getting closer to me as I was backing away and as I almost walked backwards into the door, this godess of a woman reached her hand out to me and lifted my shirt so she could run her hands across my abdomen and chest. She kissed me on the lips briefly, letting her expert hands carefully undo my jeans and she reached for my pulsating cock before I had time to think. This was going to be my first sexual encounter with an older woman and I didn't wan't to come off (no pun intended) like an amatuer love maker with a woman I'd just met who'd saw in me what I couldn't see in myself. Our lips pressed together, my left hand on her head stroking her middle back length of curly hair, my right hand on the small of her back pressing !her body toward me. The sensation of our bodies rubbing together was incredible. In no time at all, my small cock was standing at my full four and a half inches. She smiled and told me not to worry. . . she said size didn't matter. I couldn't contain myself any londer. I lifted her beautiful body and carried her to the queen size bed that occupied the room. I kicked off my shoes, pulled down my jeans and boxers completely and she removed my shirt as I hovered over her in a push up position. We rolled over and she was now on top of me. Looking into her eyes made me feel like I'd explode.

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   Precum oozed lightly from the tip of my cock as she lifted her blouse off in one smooth, fluid motion to reveal a set of 34 DD cup breasts that were unrestricted by a bra. Her nipples, I noticed as my fingers started to trace them, were soft but growing hard and matched the deep pink of her aereolae. I was working my experienced hands down her supple body and unbuttoning her form defining blue !jeans when I took a moment to ask her if this was what she really wanted. With Renee being married, 26, and messing with a nineteen year old, I was apprehensive at first, but she removed any and all doubt from my mind as she slid down my body and took my small but hardening cock into her salivating mouth. Ohh, the sensation was more than I'd ever known. I exploded into her throat after only two minutes of this marvelous creature sucking and licking my shaft. I heard a rather loud slurping sound as Renee swallowed my spunk and stood up and removed her jeans and panties entirely. The woman was a knock out!! Her pussy was just as pink as her nipples had been and I saw that it was glistening with her sweet juices as she crawled up my body like a jungle cat waiting to pounce its prey. She was about to grab my penis when I stopped her and told her fair was fair and that I didn't think I'd be satisfied unless she'd allow me to suck, lick, and finger the wet folds of her hot, trimme!d, and oh, so appetizing vagina. She obliged with a wicked smile that showed her desire not to just suck and fuck but to BE sucked and fucked. I put her hot body on top of mine, sat up, and turned her over onto her back once more before meeting her face for a quick kiss and diving into her sex with my expert tongue. I wasted no time as I put the index finger of my right hand into her and gave a little "come here" motion as my tongue rolled and salivated over her protruding clit. Her body rocked and as she lay on her back she started to squirm and thrust her hot, wet cooze into my mouth. She tasted divine. I went from her left labia to her right with quick and gently strokes of my drooling tongue, not being able to tell which was wetter, her sweet love or my tongue.

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  It didn't matter, within minutes she rocked her body as an intense multiple orgasm exploded from her velvet pussy. She tasted so sweet. . . like honey and vanilla. . . and I just couldn't get enough. Her legs crossed behind my neck and I plunged right into her as she squirted into my mouth. She let loose with a string of profanities that I'd never heard SAILORS use let alone a creature as wonderful as this. I swallowed EVERY bit of cum she had to offer and even some I had to find in her. My tongue was flicking her more protrusive clitoris when I noticed something thinner than her list lube dripping from my chin. . . I was shocked! So was she.

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   Sh immediately pulled away from me and apologized for her sudden lapse of bladder control. I told her she needn't worry that it was fine. We stopped for a minute and lay there. She told me something then. Something she'd never felf comfortable discussing with her husband. This woman told me she had an uncontrollable lust for piss and golden s!howers. She'd told me also, that her husband was far too timid to allow her to enact her fantasies with him and that she'd understand if I'd wanted to leave right then. I looked into her hopeful eyes and kissed her soft lips as I made my way back to the missionary position. I then backed away from her as she lay naked on the bed. I'd noticed my penis growing flacid from our respite in exploring one anothers' bodies and I began to realize that I had to piss again. Not being one to deny a woman the fulfillment of a fantasy, I took my cock in my hand and let loose with all the cum and piss that had not found release earlier. I began by urinating into her spread, pink folds and her eyes rolled back into her head as she held her legs open. For an instant I couldn't really believe this was happening. Two complete strangers with the same fetish hooking up for a rendevouz in the early morning. It was then that I said to myself, "Fuck it.

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   Might as well go all out. " I moved her hands !from her spreading legs and sat on her stomach as she lay on the bed. I then began peeing on her perfect breasts and through the valley that was her cleavage. My hot stream of liquid gold splashing her chin and sparying off. She was rubbing her nipples and opening her mouth as if to say something. It was then that I saw that she was licking her chin and trying to lick and suck my urine from her bosom. This turned me on so much I was barely able to contain myself and shot the last few ounces of my piss into her mouth. She started to gargle with it and spit it onto her face. I started beating off and slapping her perky nipples with my ever stiffening cock right then and there. I pleaded with her to let me taste her sweet golden nectar and she obliged by pushing me off her wet, sticky, and panting body and telling me to go sit back on the sofa. I did as she asked and she came over to join me. Renee straddled my lap and opened her thick pussy lips with one hand, the smell of our!sex all about the room. I kissed her neck and worked my way down to her breasts as she let loose a stream of liquid to rival Old Faithful. She expunged her urine on my dick and jumped to her feet as I sat in the middle of the sofa. .

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  . Renee put her pussy in my face once more and I cupped her whole vagina with my lips not wanting to waste a drop of her sweetness. She began bucking up and down on my face and cumming what seemed like buckets and peeing what seemed to be gallons. It was the most erotic morning of sex I think anyone had ever known. That day, however didn't end there, but this story does. If you liked this story and would like to hear or read more about this real life experience feel free to post a message for me on the message board of this wonderfully wicked site. Just title the topic Bigg and in the body of your topic ask or say what you feel you have to. I hope to hear from the readers soon. Until then, take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do. This story is a COMPLETE work of fiction, however enjoyable one may find it to be. I don't reccommend anyone trying this. The only thing that was REMOTELY TRUE was my urinating on the car from the second story of the motel. .
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