XXX-WomenProfile 6: How Toilette Got Her This is THE most perverted story I have EVER written (sofar!). It covers many topics, F/F, D/S. Humil, WS, Scat and afew things that I don't think even HAVE abbreviations. However,it does NOT have incest, pedo, S&M or snuff. It IS extremelyscatological, however. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! If you don't like the sounds of this,don't read it. by: "Bitch! How DARE you disobey me?!" The sudden admonitionfrom her mistress startled Toilette. "Mistress Ilsa- what do you mean? What have I done?!" shepleaded, approaching her mistress on her hands and knees. "Cunt, you mean you don't even remember my orders?!" "No, Mistress, I. . . I. . . " "Come here," Ilsa seemed to be seeming with fury. "But-" Toilette pleaded tentatively, a sob forming in herthroat in anticipation of her Mistress's anger even as her cuntbegan to get wet for the very same reason.

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   "HERE!!!" yelled Ilsa, stomping her high-heeled mid-thighblack patent leather boot on the metal floor with a loud clang. "Yes, Mistress," she sputtered nervously as she scuttledover to her dominatrix. The bigger woman proceeded to grasp heby her hair, Ignoring her protests of pain and slapped herbriskly three times across the face, completely stunning herslave. She immediately shoved the girl's face between her legsand pressed her open mouth roughly against her bared labia. Taken by surprise, Toilette assumed that her Mistress wanted her toeat her out again (as her usual punishment goes) and began tolick Ilsa's cunt in earnest. "I ordered you to clean my bathroom. Now, since you'forgot' to do so, I figure a sufficient punishment would be forYOU to be my bathroom until I can get ANOTHER of my slaves to dothis task. Understood, whore?!" "Yms, Mrsstrrs," Toilette managed to mumble from betweenIlsa's legs. "Good, now, lick my feet. I have had a long day, and myfeet really smell, so make sure you give them a good cleaning. " With that, she pulled Toilette from her sopping cunt and shoved herdown to the floor. "Y-yes, M-Milady," the stench of her mistress's sweaty feetdisgusted her but the idea of being forced to degrade herself inthis way turned her on enough for her to overcome her revulsion. She began by licking the top of her mistress's right foot, wherethe sweat was the least pungent. "No, bitch, the bottom!" Yelled Ilsa as she pulled her footfrom the young girl's grasp and spanked her with her riding crop. Toilette let out a loud startled yelp and rolled over on herbackside to protect it from further abuse.

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   Ilsa used thisopening to stick her filthy big toe in her slave's mouth, "Suckit, whore! Suck all the filthy shit off it!" After a brief moment of shock and revulsion, Toilette did justthat, and with vigor once she realized that her Mistress musthave planned this scenario- no one's feet get that dirty unlesson purpose. She definitely detected a foul taste on the woman'sfeet, and it wasn't just toejam. "Mmm, yeah, that's good. You know, I can't believe thateven in space, if I take a short barefoot walk through the park,you just can't avoid stepping in some animal's shit!" "Urrmgh!" Toilette was no longer very turned on by herMistress's preparations. "Shut up, whore, just be happy i didn't bring the wholething back here for you to eat! There are worse things thanhaving to suck MY toes, cunt!" Toilette couldn't think of any but she had enough faith in herMistress's ingenuity to continue her chore obediantly. Soon, shehad thouroughly cleaded both of her Mistress's feet and had thenastiest taste in her mouth. "Good, good, but as I said, I've had a long hard day," (Itmainly consisted of raping the hell out of all of her "personalservants") "and I feel all gross and sweaty. Now, since myshower is in no shape for usage, you'll just have to cleanse meyouself. You may begin with my armpits. " Again, she lifted thesmaller girl up by her hair and shoved her face in her ranchyarmpit. Toilette was revolted by the salty taste, but at least itwasn't as bad as the feet, so she quickly and competantly did asshe was told. Soon she had completed the task her Mistress haddemanded of her. She was ready to get some rest, this punishmentsession was going on a bit long. But to her surprise, as soon asshe finished licking up the last drop of her mistress's sweat,the woman pulled her head back and placed her face over Toilette's. "Say ahhhhh.

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  . . " Obsequiously, the girl did, completelyperplexed by this new torment. It's meaning became horriblyclear, however when she heard the odd snorting sound her Mistresswas making followed quickly by the sickening feel of slime-covered chunks of snot dropping into her mouth and coating hertongue. They slid slowly down her tongue like snails into theback of her mouth, right on the opening to her throat. Thedisgusting feeling made her gag uncontollably. "Barf and that's fifty strokes with the cat o' nine tails,bitch!" Toilette hated the feel of the tart snots, but she hated thepain of her Mistress's whip more, so she controlled herself asbest she could, the only sign of her discomfort being a slowstream of hot tears running down her cheek. Ilsa continued thedisgusting ritual for few more minutes, thouroughly disposingall the mucus in her nasal passage. When Toilette had swollowedwhat seemed to her to be mouthfuls of snot, Ilsa stopped andordered the slavegirl to suck and lick each of her nostrils inturn in order to insure their cleanliness. This was a fairlyeasy task for her since most of the offensive material hadalready been sent to her stomach. "Good, very good, you dirty little piece of shit! Now-"Ilsa roughly dropped the girl to her knees with her riding cropand once again shoved the girl's face between her legs. Finally, thought Toilette, she would make her mistress cum andthe session would be over. With that thought in mind, she ateher Mistess's cunt with renewed ferver. "Now, my little toilette, I am You are going to drink mypiss. " "Hrrrm?!!" Toilette began to panic.

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   "yes, and if you spill ANY of it, I may decide that I haveto take a SHIT too!" "Nrm! Nrm!" the little slave pleaded. "Well, then, swallow fast, bitch!" And with that, Ilsa leta slow stream of hot yellow piss pour into Toilette's tiny mouth,making sure she kept it at a slow enough rate for her to swallow,at least for now. She planned to savor this perverse moment,making this prepubescent little slut drink her hot foul piss madeher hotter than hell! She'd have to be careful not to cum beforeshe was finished pissing! "You like my piss, cunt?" "Mrr-glurp-ack," Toilette had to catch herself as she almostspilled some of the tangy hot urine. "I can't hear you, you fuckin' little tramp! DO YOU LIKE MYPISS?!" she slapped Toilette's head, almost making her spill it,"Answer me, whore!" "Yss, Mrstrss!!" She managed to spurt out between gulps, hermouth half filled with dark yellow fluid, and rising rapidly- shehad to take a large gulp that was a little to big and made hergag- but she still didn't spill any- she wouldn't dare disappointher Mistress like that! She was revolted by the taste of herMistress' piss, but she knew better thatn to tell the truth. "Liar!" Ilsa cut off the flow. "No, Mistress, No!!" Toilette pleaded cringing from the blowshe knew must be coming. "Yes! How DARE you contradict me!? I saw you gag! Well,we'll see how much you love your Mistress' piss- If you REALLYloved it, you wouldn't miss a drop, would you?" "No, Madame," Toilette didn't like where this was going. . . With that, Ilsa shoved the little bitch's face back in hertwat and let go full force- the piss filled the startled littlegirl's mouth, and though she pressed her face to the olderwoman's cunt as ahrd as she could and desperately grabbed herMistress' ass trying to pull it even closer, she simply could notswallow any faster. Hot yellow piss ran out of her mouth anddown her chin and neck, staining her small white breasts and madeits way down to her almost hairless blonde crotch-which wasaldready dripping with perverse excitment. About a good thirty second or so later, the stream trickledto an end, Toilette could swear she must have drank a gallon of herMistress' piss- where the fuck had it all come from? She mustreally have prepared for this one, she thought. There was adistinct hint of alcohol in the unusually stong-smelling piss. She could feel her body was drenched in it and there was a smallpool formed about her knees which were hurting from kneeling somuch. In an attempt to appease her Mistress and make up for thespillage, she licked the cunt before her clean of the nasty pissand then proceeded to eat her out the way she knew she liked itbest.

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   Ilsa moaned with pleasure but then suddenly pulled away. "Bitch!!! You don't DESERVE to lick my cunt! Look at thatmess!" Toilette bent down and licked and sucked up the small poolof piss from the dirty floor which had an odd metallic taste. She thought that this was what her Mistress wanted of her, butIlsa had a much more severe punishment planned for her littleslave. "Look at you, you're nothing but a little piece of shit!" Gasping from the strain of sucking up the piss, Toiletteresponded,"Yes, Mistress," she knew always to agree with herMistress whenever she was supposed to speak- this usually easedthe punishment. But Ilsa was being unusally nasty today. "Say it! Tell me how much of a piece of shit you are,cunt!" "Yes, Mistress! I am zee worst piece off sheet!" "What kind?!" "Zee worst!" "How? What's the worst?" "Zee beegeest, smellieest, steeckieest piece of sheet!"Toilette was overemphasizing the phrase, like a little girldescribing her favorite thing in the world. She knew well thather Mistress demands enthusiasm, or else! "And how do you taste?" "W- What?" This one caught Toilette completely by surpise. "HOW DO YOU TASTE, YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SHIT!?" "I. . . . I don't know. . . " she had no idea how she was supposedto answer her.

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   A great apprehension began to build up insideher- an uncertainty of what her Mistress would do next that bothfrightened and thrilled her. "Well, then, time to find out, after all, you ARE what youeat!" She pushed Toilette back so that her buttocks rested on herheels and then squated over her face, her throbbing anus poiseddirectly over Toilette's mouth. "Mistress, please-NO!" she began to plead, tears streamingdown her piss-stained face. She had NOT expected these sessionsto go this far. "What?!" Ilsa yelled and spun around, quickly slapped hertwice briskly across the face,"Who is in charge?!" "Y-you are, I'm sorry. . . " The stinging pain of the blowsreminded her what her Mistress was capable of. "I TOLD you that if you spilled ANY of my piss, you wouldhave to eat my shit, too! Or had you forgotten, my little slut?" Toilette hadn't forgotten, but she had thought it was an emptythreat. She'll know better than to make that mistake next time. "Now," she continued as she placed her asshole directly onToilette's lips which were quivering with fear,"Show me how muchyou want my shit, spread my cheeks and lick my ass. " Toiletteproceeded to do so, overcoming the vaguely offensive smell thatshe knew would be increased a hundred fold soon. And when Ilsamoaned in pleasure, she redoubled her efforts in spite ofherself- nothing turned her on more than pleasing her Mistress. "Oooo. .

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  . good, now shove that naughty little french tongue ofyours in there- tongue-fuck my ass! Suck it, talk to it, makeLOVE to my fuckin' ass!" "Oh, yes, I love your ass" Lick "I LOVE it!"-Lick-Suck-Kiss-Kiss- "Now- tell me how much you want me to shit in your mouth,you dirty little bitch!" "Yes, please! Shit in my mouth- PLEASE!" Toilette knew she'dbetter play along- but some small perverse part of her really DIDwant her Mistress' shit! "No. " This shocked the hell out of her, and now that it wasbeing denied it, she wanted it even more- that small part of hertook over and all sense was lost to perverse lust- "PLEASE! I want it!" "No, whore, you don't deserve it. " She began to walk away. " "PLEASE! MISTRESS! NO! I REALLY want it!" she scrambledover to her Mistress' feet and grabbed her ass and licked, suckedand kissed it voraciously-"PLEASE, GOD, OH PLEASE!" she sighedwith lust-filled breath. "Good. " Ilsa violently grabbed the little french girl'sforehead and sat down on her face and let loose a long wet fartthat splattered on Toilette's face who hungrily licked her belovedMistress' ass and devoured the first bits of Ilsa's load. Thevile smell she once despised was now the biggest turn-on in theWorld! Then Ilsa let loose the first sticky, wet smelly softshit right in Toilette's mouth. Toilette was surprised at first andher first instinct was to pull away but Ilsa's firm grip on herhead made this impossible. She tasted the shit with her tongue,but before she could decide whether or not she could stomache it,the brown slimy thing was forcing its way deeper into her mouth! To avaoid choking, she began chewing it, spreading its tastearound her mouth. She had to swallow in spite of her naturalurges to barf which she managed to supress for the moment. Theexcess shit gathered about her lips and on her chin. She triedto shove it back in her mouth with her fingers, but some of itstill dropped onto the floor. Once she finished the first piece,she began licking her Mistress' ass clean, but when she stuck hershit-and-piss-stained tongue up her ass, she tasted the tip ofANOTHER piece! This one came out much faster, it was softer andtasted even more stongly like foul dogshit! This one was biggerand she had to swallow without chewing in order not to spill muchof it. She squished into smaller pieces with her tongue andgulped down piece after piece of the raunchy shit.

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   After thatpiece, she felt Ilsa's asshole dialate and a HUGE solid shit withyellowish-green streaks and peanut-looking things in it began toemerge! It smelled worse than a stablefull of horseshit and musthave been two inches wide and a foot long! Toilettechewed and chewed and swalloed as much as fast as she could- shegagged on a particularly large piece of it and half-barfed,filling her mouth with regurgitated shit, hald decomposed by herown acidic fluids! Ilsa seemed ignorant of Toilette's plight andthe shit kept on coming, forcing some of the barf out of Toilette'sbulging mouth and onto the floor. Toilette had no chopice but toforce herself to swallow her own vomit and continue eating therest of the shit which was getting wider now that she wasapporaching the middle of it. The last six inches of it seemedto last forever and she thought she'd suffocate if this didn'tend soon- some of the shit-barf had made it up into her nose andclogged it up. Ilsa's anus finally contracted on the end of theshit and Toilette munched and gulped until she had the whole thingin her mouth. Before she even started to chew the tremendousmouthful of shit, she opened her mouth and gasped a deep breathair, but all she got was foul-smelling fart, and just as she wasabout to finish her intake, a large stream of diarrhea explodedout of Ilsa's ass and right into her mouth! Toilette was shockedand glued her mouth to her Mistress' asshole in an attempt todrink it all down as she finished off the remnants of that lastcollossal shit. The diarrhea went down much easier even thoughit was inundated with shit-chunks. However, it was flowing sostongly that she couldn't stop it from spilling over, no matterhow tightly she sealed her lips to her Mistress' anus. It randown her chin even as she swallowed vigorously for all she wasworth! The diarrhea was amazingly foul and tasted of piss andsperm- undoubtedly her mistress had been fucked up the ass andgiven direct piss enemas to prepare for this little session. Allthis preparation made Toilette feel extremely special and sheswallowed the disgusting anal treat with renewed appreciation. About this time, she was feeling very full and was fartinguncontollably. To her surprise, she herself let a long, softshit out and it dropped right between her feet just as a hotstream of piss broke from her clit and splattered all overherself and the floor. The relief was heaven and she swalloweddown the viscous diarrhea voraciously. Unfortunately, and to herdisappointment, the flood of diarrhea finally ended with a fewlong, wet farts and there was no more to come. There was stillsome of that last chunk in her mouth and quite a bit of diarrheawhen Ilsa suddenly pulled away before Toilette could finish whatwas in her mouth and properly lick her Mistress' asshole clean-mIlsa quickly spun around and grabbed Toilette by the hair with onehand and pulled her head all the way back into a position thatmade it impossible to swallow- she looked crazed with horniness. Toilette moved to clean off her mouth and chin, but before shecould, Ilsa stopped her verbally.

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   "No! Don't touch it!" She looked at the mess on the floorand suctioned up a large amount of hers and Toilette's piss with aturkey baster she usually used for enemas. "You've got to cleanup after yourself, little piggy!" Ilsa squirted the piss intoToilette's mouth and she found that she could swallow the piss insmall amounts, even in this position. She did so as Ilsa suckedup the more of the piss and squirted it into her mouth. Finally,all the piss had been sucked up and Toilette still had about half amouthful left to go when Ilsa feverently commanded her: "Don'tSwallow! Don't Swallow!"- Ilsa then picked up heaping handfulafter handful of the shit debris and shoved it in Toilette's mouth,including Toilette's own shit! Once she had shoved it all in, shesmeared the extra all over Toilette's face, hair, neck and tits. She then looked at the filthy little frech girl, enjoying herhumiliation. Then she slipped her hand between the girl's narrowwhite thighs and found the dripping wet cunt- Toilette moanedthrough the mouthful of shit and piss and gyrated in response. "Look at you, you filthy little whore, this turns you on,doesn't it?!" She yelled suddenly fingerfucking her, Toilettegroaned and nodded, closing her eyes in ecstacy-a bit of shitescaped her parted lips as she slid on her mistress' furiouslyworking fingers. "Fuckin' whore, take this!!" Said Ilsa as shewhipped out her double-dildo and fucked Toilette's dripping cuntand shitty asshole simultaneously. "Don't swallow!!" she orderedagain as she fucked the little bitch who was pushing herself onthe dildo harder and faster. Overcome with lust, Ilsa shoved hermouth down on the disgusting shit-covered lips of her favoriteslave as she continued double-dildo fucking her and fingered herown cunt and ass. She parted the little slut's lips with hertongue and forced her way inside, deep kissing the little whore-feasting on the soft disgustingly foul yet exciting combinationof shit, diarrhea and piss. She devoured the shit from Toilette'smouth sloppily, the taste of her own shit mingled with hersexslave's turning her on more than the ever fantasized waspossible. As the girl began to moan, Ilsa frigged herselffaster, harder and deeper, eating the both of them eating theshit with lustful hunger. Their tongues touched through the massof shit and the two came together, shit filling their starvingmouths, entwined in their lustful tongues, and smothering theirbeautiful flushed faces. They collapsed to the ground and Ilsaturned to her slave and caressed her shit-covered face and hairlovingly.

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   She laid there upon her exhausted slave and chuckledremembering that it was SHE who had forgotten to TELL her slaveto clean the bathroom. "Now, my dearest little shit, how do you taste?" "Delicious, My Mistress, Delicious," Toilette repliedhonestly. "Very good, bitch, and next time?" she grabbed her by thehair and pulled her face close to her own,"I won't be so easy onyou!"Scatwoman@aol. com. is the high-class online escort agency in Belgium!

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