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I was on my way back home from a business trip to Santa Fe, NM when I noticed the check engine light on my dash.  Well, damn, what the hell’s wrong?   It was about 9:45 pm on a Saturday and I was on the outskirts of Vaughn, NM. My boyfriend convinced me to stay off the interstate and take the back way home. No construction slowdowns, small one horse towns, no state troopers, less traffic, etc. , and sure enough Vaughn was a one horse town. Fortunately a convenience store was open and I pulled in to see if I could figure what was wrong and/or hopefully get some help. When I stopped I noticed steam seeping out from under the hood. I figured I might as well let it cool down so I went inside to use the bathroom and get something to drink. The trouble with NM is the trouble with the US…too many Mexicans. I just think they are a dirty people and their men make my skin crawl. I’m a Caucasian. 50 yrs old, blue eyed, and blond. At 5’10”, I’m taller than some men, especially Mexicans. I never thought of myself as being attractive and at 220lbs I think I carry way too much to turn heads. But being a BBW blond seems to arouse many ethnic groups, regardless. I would say I lean towards being a women’s’ libber and if women had cocks, I would never need a man.

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   I’ve tried dildos before (not strap ons) but found them just not to be my thing. The real thing is for me. Don’t take me wrong…I’m no slut. Actually, my sex life lacks as compared to others. I guess I’m old school. A one guy gal who needs to get to know her male partner first and I enjoy a man who is intellectual. Been married once and had sex with less than a half dozen men since. I’m not a novice, however, and have given blow jobs, hand jobs, been ass fucked, as well as pussy fucked in different positions.  When I got inside, there was a small, fat, balding (comb over) Mexican behind the counter.  Where are your restrooms? The women’s no work but you can use the men’s.  Thank you. Great, I thought.  When I closed the door, I almost passed out from the smell. The toilet was not flushed and there was used TP all over the floor. I flushed the toilet, wiped off the seat, and had to take off my sweatpants and thong so they would not get wet because of the wet floor.

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   Luckily there was a hook on the back of the door to hang them. I had to pee squatting so I would not touch the seat and wipe myself standing up. I walked over to the door, got dressed, and went out. Dirty fucking Mexicans. Just like I thought.  I got something to drink, paid for it and told him the bathroom was filthy. He looked at me, smiled and said, So? I just shook my head and went out to the car.  I opened the hood and saw the problem. My radiator hose was cracked. Now what was I going to do? Stuck in a one horse town and the only thing open was the convenience store. Just then the outside store lights went off. I hurried back inside.  Are you closing? Yes.  Can you help me? My car has a cracked radiator hose. Is there anyplace I can get it replaced? Maybe Santa Fe.

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   Santa Fe. I just came from there. It’s over an hour away. Anyplace closer? No, sorry.  OK. Is there a motel nearby? No motel here but some on the interstate.  Could you take me to a motel? I’ll pay you.  I thought if I got to a motel I would call my boyfriend and he could bring a hose tomorrow. I was about 3 hrs from home.  No, sorry. My brother, he come back tomorrow and fix my car. It not working, too.  Oh great, what am I supposed to do. Can’t drive my car and no place to stay.  Maybe you can stay with me, tonight, and my brother, he can fix your car, too.


   Stay with you? Where? I live behind the store.  Behind the store? Yes, I have a trailer house.  Oh great, I thought. Stay with a dirty, old fat Mexican for a night in a trailer! Well, he didn’t have to offer, I thought.  On one condition. I want to pay you for the trouble I’m causing.  No, no pay. Juan happy to do this.  Are you sure your wife won’t mind? Wife? No wife. Me widower.  I sized him up better during the conversation. He came up to the bottom of my titties, had small pudgy hands, small fat feet, a gut that hid his belt buckle, and stained teeth. Figured him to be in his 60’s easy.  Please, I would feel better if I paid you. I would pay at a motel.

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   No, no. No pay money. You just be nice to Juan, OK? Nice? What do you mean? He walked around the counter and put his hands on my tits. I jumped back.  What are you doing? You want me to have sex with you? No way.  Fine. You get out of my store and fix car yourself and sleep in car. He turned off the inside lights and walked to the front door holding it open.  Get out! I’m closing up.  Damn, I was fucked if I didn’t have his help or probably would probably get fucked if I accepted it.  I said get out! I could see he was pissed.  Please, I’m not that type of woman. Please don’t make me do this.  Get out before I call sheriff! Sheriff? Is there a sheriff here? Yes, my cousin. You no leave now I call him and tell him you shop lift.

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   Shop lift? What do you mean?  You stupid white woman. Who you think he believe. You? Not hardly. Then you have a place to stay tonight. Jail! Now get out! Damn, jail? I had to have his help. My skin crawled just thinking about it.  OK.  OK, what? I’ll be nice to you.  You apologize to Juan.  Fucking bastard, I thought.  OK, I apologize.  He looked at me long, smiled, and locked the front door. He turned smiling and came up to me and grabbed my titties again. Squeezing them he reached under my tee shirt and pushed my bra up. He squeezed them hard and pinched and twisted my nipples.

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   It brought tears to my eyes.  You have big tits. I like big tits.  He was breathing hard.  Yeah, you like that? You like Juan feeling your big white tits, huh? Yes, only not so hard.  He twisted my nipples harder.  You not tell Juan what to do! I do what I want! You want to leave now, huh? No, don’t make me leave. Please. You do what you want.  Now see, that’s better. Strip naked! What? Now? Here? Yes, now, here, stupid! I cringed at the thought of being naked in front of this dirty, old Mexican but had no choice.  I took off all my clothes and stood there completely naked in front of him. Because the lights were out he could not see me blushing. I was so humiliated.  He felt my tits some more and then made me spread my legs and played with my pussy and ass.

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   Ah, I like big ass white women with big pussies.  Let’s go.  Go where? To the filthy bathroom.  Why? So you can clean it up.  What? Why should I clean it up? Because Juan says so. You know, white people have Mexican women for their maids. How you like being a maid for a Mexican, huh? He laughed. Now maybe you no act so high and mighty. No think you are better than Juan, huh? Hey, you look at me when I talk to you! I think maybe I need to teach you some manners.  He then smacked me hard on my behind.  I jumped and started rubbing my stinging ass.  Please, Juan. Don’t hit me. I ‘ll clean your bathroom. Please, please don’t hit me.

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   I looked at his fat, double chinned, smug looking face. The bastard. He was enjoying humiliating me.  He got me a mop, bucket, sponge, brush, and cleaner and for the next ½ hour I cleaned the smelly, filthy bathroom. He made me scrub the floor on my hands and knees giving him great views of my big fat naked ass and my big tits swaying back and forth. My knees were red and sore from being on the hard floor. He sat in a chair rubbing his crotch and commenting on my naked body all the time I was cleaning.  Hey, if you every need a job you let Juan know. I have friends who would like to have their bathrooms cleaned by a naked white woman. The dirty old pervert got a big laugh from that.  OK, enough, now the fun begins. Let’s go. Where?  To my trailer house.  Wait, I have to get dressed and get my luggage.  Get your luggage naked.

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   He giggled at the thought.  You want me to get my luggage naked? Of course, stupid. Hurry up. I’m horny! But, what if somebody sees me? So what? Hurry up! I went to the car as fast as I could, opened the trunk, grabbed my suitcase listening and looking for other cars and people. I got back to the store door and it wouldn’t open! The old pervert was standing on the other side laughing! Juan, please open the door, please! You get down on your knees and ask me nice.  I got down on my knees and pleaded with him to open the door.  He finally opened the door and I followed him thru the back of the store.  He opened the back door.  You go first.  Why? I want to watch your big ass wiggle.  He pushed me thru the door and I almost lost my balance.  As I stopped and turned to protest, he pushed me again.  He then smacked my ass hard and laughed.  Hurry. Get your ass to the trailer.


   I walked as fast as I could considering I had no shoes on.  The bastard kept slapping my ass again and again.  We got to his trailer and he opened the door.  Once inside he showed me where his bedroom was.  You sleep here with me. Put your stuff down and come with me.  I followed him to the living room. He sat on the couch.  You come here and give Juan a big kiss.  I shuddered to think I had to kiss the revolting, dirty Mexican. I sat down and he grabbed me hair with his two hands forcing my mouth open. He drove his tongue deep into my mouth and then started licking my face like a dog. I almost gagged, his breath stunk so bad. He forced me down on my back and started spitting in my face.  Open your mouth, bitch.

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   When I didn’t he slapped my face hard.  Do what I say! I opened my mouth and he spit in it.  You swallow now! I did knowing that he would hit me again if I didn’t.  I put more in your mouth than just spit. You will see. Now get up and get me a beer, you fat pig.  I rolled off the couch not believing what was happening to me but feeling strangely aroused by all the humiliation and abuse the fat, little man was putting me thru. When I came back he told me to go wipe the dried spit off my face. I came back and sat next to him. He turned and leaned toward my face. I thought he was going to kiss me again but he belched in my face and laughed. He continued to do this until he was finished with the bottle of Corona. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter.  Get on your back on the floor and spread your legs.  I was past the point of asking why or refusing.

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   I knew what would happen if I did. I spread my legs wide. With my new boyfriend I had gotten in the habit of shaving my cunt. I was so embarrassed yet so aroused.  So, you shave your pussy, huh? You know why women shave their pussies? No.  Because they are whores and sluts. Juan is right, huh? Yes.  So, you are a whore and a slut, right? Yes.  Good, tell me.  I am a whore and a slut.  And you want me to fuck you, huh? Yes.  Good, pig. You been fucked by a Mexican before? No.  But you want my brown cock in your fat pussy, huh? Yes. Dammit, I was getting hotter and hotter.

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   I was never this hot and all he was doing was talking! Is your pussy ready? Yes, oh yes. I was so dry in the mouth I could hardly swallow.   He reached down and jabbed his fingers in my cunt.  It is wet, slut. Suck my fingers clean.  I started sucking his fingers and felt something hard being jammed up my cunt.  
He was fucking me with his bottle of Corona! Oh yes, it felt so good. I could here the sloshing sound as it went in and out. I was moving my big hips wildly as he fucked me harder and harder with the bottle.  Oh fuck me hard, Juan. Oh yes, fuck me good! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I shot my hot cum on the rug. He jerked the bottle out and grabbing me by the hair pushed my face in my cum.  You stupid pig, You lick all your nasty cum off my rug! You hear me! I was on my hands and knees like a dog licking up my cum.  You stay that way.  The next thing I knew he spread my ass cheeks apart and spit on my asshole and started finger fucking my ass.


   I was not a virgin as far as my ass was concerned but he caught me by surprise.  Ow, please, not so hard.  Shut up, bitch. I’ll show you hard. He then jabbed me a few more times real hard and then slapped my fat ass again and again bringing tears to my eyes but making me wet, too. It hurt but I enjoyed it. Damn, I thought, I must be losing my mind. He finally stopped and then I felt the bottle going up my ass! Oh, please no I thought. He worked the long neck in and out until I came again on the rug.  Damn you, you fucking slut! I’m going to beat you good! You lick it up again! But first, you lick my finger clean.  He grabbed my hair as I sucked his finger. I finished and then went down like a dog again licking up my cum. All this time I had the bottle stuck up my naked ass! He finally pulled it out and I collapsed on the floor out of breath.  Get up, pig! Juan not done with you! He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my knees. He slapped my face again and again and then started on my big tits slapping them over and over.

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   I told you I will beat you good, pig slut! He hit me so many times I thought I would pass out. Then he made me clean the bottle neck with my mouth. I felt like throwing up but fought the urge. He might have killed me if I did. After that he pulled me by my hair on my hands and knees into the bathroom. All this time of humiliating me he never took his clothes off. The thought crossed my mind that maybe he was impotent. I was so wrong. As I laid there on the floor naked with my ass and cunt on fire and my face and tits stinging, he started to take his clothes off.   When he got them off I thought the smell would knock me out. He stunk to high heaven and his shit and piss stained underpants helped make it that way. His enormous belly hung over his cock and when he pulled it up I saw the smallest man’s cock I had ever seen. It was hard but could not have been any more than 4 inches long, if that. He did have huge balls, though. But, he was disgusting; short, fat, and dumpy.

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  How you like my cock, gringo bitch? I like it, Juan.  Then come show me.  I crawled over and pushing his belly up started licking it and sucking it. It smelled putrid but for my own safety I had to do this.  Yeah, pig, lick my balls, too.  As I got closer to his asshole the smell increased. I breathed thru my mouth while licking his balls.  Now you lick me good.  He turned around with his smelly ass facing me and I spread his cheeks and licked his dirty crack. I could not believe my feelings. I was getting aroused again.  Yeah, lick Juan good. Smell my Mexican ass, slut pig!  I was just about to cum again when he farted in my face.  Yeah, bitch, how you like that? You like how Juan smells, huh? I was dizzy from the odor but knew I had to say something or else get beat again.  Oh yes, Juan, you smell so good! Just then he grabbed his cock and told me to open my mouth.

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   He jerked it twice and shot a surprisingly large, hot load in my mouth splashing some on my face and chin. I never swallowed a man’s cum before but knew that was what he wanted, so I did. I sucked him clean.  You get in the bathtub on your knees! Open your filthy mouth. It needs to be cleaned out.  Oh no, please no, I thought. He started pissing in my mouth, on my face, and in my hair! His bladder must have been full. He kept going and going. I swallowed some of it.  You suck Juan! Make sure you get it all! As I sucked him I felt him getting hard again! Oh no, please no! Yeah, bitch, suck Juan good! Get on your knees! He was like a mad man.  He forced his cock in my ass and fucked me hard! I could barely feel him in me because he was so small but I was getting so wet I moved with him. He shot his hot cum up my ass.  You suck Juan clean! I hungrily licked and sucked his cock, all the time playing with my slimy cunt. I was so hot I thought I would pass out! I wanted him to fuck my cunt! I couldn’t believe myself. I had to have the bastard! Fuck me Juan! Oh please, please fuck my fat pussy! Fuck you, you filthy whore.

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   You get yourself cleaned up and maybe I fuck you.   He turned on the shower and had me soap him up all over. I couldn’t keep my mouth off him. I licked and sucked him everywhere I could. I could hear him laughing as he called me all kinds of degrading names. I didn’t care. The more he said the hotter and wetter I got! He had me dry him and left me to take my shower. The hot water felt so good. I masturbated thinking of all he had done to me and of how good his hot cum was going to feel inside of me! I dried off and found him in bed on his back playing with his cock.  He did not say anything as I started sucking him again.  Get on your back and spread your legs wide! I grabbed my ankles and spread my long legs as wide as I could. He roughly mounted me and because of our fat bellies it took some maneuvering for him to get inside me. Once inside me he stared fucking me like a wild man! I could not believe I was enjoying being fucked by this nasty Mexican so much. He had turned me into such a fucking slut! He pounded me harder and harder grunting like animal! Oh yeah, yeah, fuck me hard! Fuck me good! Fuck my slut whore cunt! Fuck it, fuck it, yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!   I came 2 times before he dumped his hot come in me; so much in fact, that it ran down my legs! He bit my titties, kissed me roughly, and then he made me sleep on the floor.      

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