"Ohhhh, my head. . . " Kody looked around him and saw nothing but darkness. He tried moving, but felt a strong rope around his wrists and ankles holding him back. Before he could think anything else, he felt a strong blow to the stomach that nearly brought up his morning breakfast. "Rodney, must you do that? Turn on the lights please. " Blinding lights turned on and Kody saw a wave of women. "Am I dead? What’s going on?" "You’re not dead, but Rodney seems to want to prove me wrong. " He looked around, trying to figure out what woman said that. "So handsome" one of the girls said, "how old are you? Are you a virgin?" "Uhh, 24 and no. . . " "Oooooo, see girlies, all the more reason to the play with him. " He saw 9 girls lick their lips and walk towards him in nothing but string bikinis. They rubbed against him and ran their hands down his chest.

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   "Girls, enough. " Kody recognized the voice as the one he heard earlier and looked up to see a breathtaking woman walking towards him. "Name’s Bella, and stop staring; my eyes are up here. " Kody realized he had been staring at her goods and looked up to her eyes. "Uhh, heh, sorry. . . Sooooo, why am I here?" Bella, who might as well have been daisy duke with how she looked and what she wore, walked over and slapped him in the face. "You screwed over my little sister big time. Screwed her and dropped her off at some payphone in the middle of no where!" Kody thought for a moment and remember the hooker from two nights past. "Ohhh, Carla is your-" "Baby sister you jackass. You’re going to pay. Ladies, make sure Rodney has all he needs and that Kody can’t move. " With that, Bella walked upstairs and Rodney and the girls walked on over.
Rodney, a big guy that put Kody’s muscle to shame, cracked his knuckles and looked at Kody.


   "Bella wants me to ‘have some fun’ with you. Ladies, untie him and bring him here. " The girls untied Kody and half dragged, half screwed him towards Rodney. "Girls, I’ll give you 5 minutes to straddle, kiss, screw, whatever to him before I slice him. " "Slice? What does that me-. " He was cut off when one of the girls kissed him and another grabbed his bulge. "Rodney, come play with us. " Rodney took off his pants and got behind Kody.
"Now, let’s be reasonable, non-gay men. " "Too late. Ladies, shut his mouth. " With that, Rodney pulled down Kody’s shorts and plunged in. Muffled screams were all that came out since the girls duct taped his mouth shut. Kody reached up and tore off the tape and tried to think; except the pain was unbearing. "L-look R-rodney, how about you take these girls and let me g-go? Shit, that fucking hurts!" "Heh, sorry, Bella’s orders.

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   She runs a tight fist just like you’re tight. " He heard a door open and saw Bella come downstairs. "Bella! Please, tell him to stop!" Bella looked at him and smiled.
"You screwed over my sister, now Rodney gets to screw you over for a week. Remember, you’re in Vegas for a week. No one will miss you. " Kody thought more. "Rodney, you take these girls and leave me bella. I swear, I’ll m-mess you u-up g-g-good Bella. " Close to tears, Kody saw Bella walk over. "Shame to see a man cry. Rodney, I was hoping you’d make him scream. " She smiled an evil smile and walked back up the stairs. Rodney stopped for a moment to rest and left Kody with the girls. "Girls, there’s 9 of you and 1 of Rodney.

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   Go tackle him and screw him while I take Bella. I’ll make it up to you. Please, I’m begging you. " The girls spoke for a moment and shook their heads yes. "But, you have to kiss us. And lick bella’s pussy; she hates that. She likes it up the ass, so don’t do that. " With that, Kody kissed the girls passionately and watched as they tackled Rodney, tied his hands behind his back, and jumped him while he pleaded for them to stop. "Heh, poor gay bastard. "
Kody walked up the stairs and opened the door. There, he saw Bella in a bikini. Alright bitch, you’re mine now. He crept up behind Bella and hit her upside the head. "What the hell!" "Too bad bella, the girls have Rodney for the next week, so I guess it’s just you and me now. " The two fought for minutes on end until Kody slapped her in the face and pulled off her bottoms.

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   He got himself positioned so that his legs held down her arms and he was right above her sweet spot. "Well Bella, you won’t be missed and my ass is sore, so you’re mine. " With that, he dove into her and licked and bit all while she screamed for him to stop. He turned back around, tore off her top, and suckled while rubbing and fingering her pussy. "Get off you bastard!" "God, you’re better than your sister. Too bad you like it up the ass; you’re sister didn’t. "
He flipped her on her stomach, pinned her wrists behind her back and tied them, propped up her ass, then fingered her and licked her for about 10 minutes straight. "Well bitch, nice meeting you. " With that, he slapped her ass, walked downstairs to find the girls still on Rodney, smiled and left; rubbing his sore ass on the way.

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