Chris's Revenge Chapter 2


Reluctantly she opened her mouth for him. She knew he was right. Trina knew deep down that he was probably taping this as well, which he was. He pushed the entire length of his cock into her mouth causing her to gag slightly. He watched his cock disappear into her warm wet mouth. It was so inviting, so forbidden. It made him even hotter to think about it. She began to suck softly. He let out a pleased moan as her tongue began to snake over his erection. He pulled her head back and forth, forcing into her throat with each stroke. Her resolve slipping away as she felt the tingle inside her building. She was so ashamed of herself for it. She was not supposed to enjoy this. That was what he wanted. She could not help herself. Her lips stretched tightly around him as she began to moan softly.

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   He could see how turned on she was getting. His cock twitched as she moaned around it again. It wouldn't be long before he gave her another injection of his thick milky seed. He grabbed her head with both hands now, holding it still as his hips pumped. He fucked her warm wet mouth harder. The thin coating of her saliva glistened as he pulled back each time. He grunted with each thrust. "Uhhhh yeah. . . . oh god. . . .

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   oh fuck yes. . . . suck it Trina. . . . that's it suck it harder. " His eyes closed as his pace quickened. His cock moved in and out of her mouth rapidly, the head stabbing into her throat each time. She slurped his cock like a complete slut. She loved it almost as much as he was. Suddenly the flurry of thrusts stopped. His cock pulsed in her mouth as it expelled a massive flood of cum.

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   She greedily sucked it all down like she was dying for more. He pulled out and shot the final load onto her face, hitting the corner of her open mouth and letting it drip down her chin. He released his grip on her and let her fall back against the bed. He wanted more. He was not about to stop now. He planned on spending the whole day exploring her body. He crawled on the bed, kneeling next to her as he pried her legs apart. She did not resist him at all now. He could see by the wetness that coated her velvety pink flesh that she wanted this as much as he did. He drug two fingers up and down along her pussy lips, letting the tips of them part the puffy little flaps. She immediately began to squirm with delight. Her hips lifted,trying to force his fingers inside but he pulled back quickly. He began to tease her once more, methodically moving his fingertips along her wetness. Her body archedagain. He could see how much she wanted it.

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   He forced three fingers in deep. She yelped as he stretched her tight little cunt. His fingers moving in and out hard and fast. Chris then started to spread them inside her, curling them as he would draw them nearly out. Trina's hips bucked hard into his fingers. She was moaning loudly as she writhed on the bed. Her hands moved over her bare breasts. His eyes locked on her fingers as they rolled her hardened nipples between them. She was twisting and pulling them hard. He watched them snap back each time she released them, only to tug and torture them again. Her muscles were tensing around him. He knew that he could send her over the edge easily and did just that. He crammed another finger into her slick hole. She screamed as instantaneously her body jerked. Her warm cum oozed out over his fingers as they continued to drive into her spasming cunt.

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   "OH GOD CHRIS OH CHRISSSSSSSSSSS. " she cried out as he continued. Her body was shaking violently as he continued with his magical touch. His cock was already starting to twitch again. He wanted inside that dripping wet mess between her legs. He pulled her fingers out roughly and pushed them into her mouth. His other hand guided his cock quickly inside her. It was immediately covered in her warm wet cum. She screamed as he began to bang her brutally hard. He grunted with each thrust. Their bodies moved in perfect unison as the lust took over. "Roll over on your hands and knees" He ordered as he pulled out of her. She obliged without a second's hesitation. He eased his cock right back into her battered hole and as his hands found her hips. He began to pull her into each thrust.

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   Her breasts were bouncing like mad from the onset. He swiped his fingers along the outside of her pussy lips, collecting the wetness that gathered around them. He smeared the slick liquid over her tight puckered hole. This immediately made her buck harder. He lightly pushed the tip of his finger in to the first knuckle, working it in slowly. "Oh god Chris finger my ass baby" she begged as her hips pushed hard back against him. "OH GOD YES" He plunged his finger completely inside her tight hole. She didn't care any more about the tape, or anything else but the feel of his cock inside her. He glanced over at the clock and smiled wickedly. Everything was going right on schedule. He worked his finger in and out of her tight hole hard and fast. Moments later he added another which forced a loud moan from her. Her frenzied thrusts were becoming more erratic. He listened carefully trying to hear any sounds in the house other than the noises their bodies made. Trina was so into it she did not hear the heavy footsteps that drew closer.

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   The door was wide open still making it perfect for him to see inside. Chris smiled over when he noticed his friend, Will, standing in the doorway. He had knew now that Chris wasn't lying when he told him of recent developments. He watched in amazement for a few brief moments as he saw Trina humping his fingers and cock like a sex crazed maniac. His cock was growing unbearably hard in his pants. Chris waved him over. "You're just in time" he chuckled. Trina stopped dead in her tracks. She could not believe what she was seeing. Will stepped closer to the bed to get a better view. It wasn't the first time he and Chris had shared a bitch. Chris sharply brought his hand down on her left ass cheek. Her pussy tensed around him as he drove it in deep one last time before withdrawing from her completely. "No listen my dear sweet Trina. .

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  . You will do what I tell you or Dad sees it all, and believe me when I am done editing it will be a whole different story. "Trina didn't move. She knew he was right. It was now going to be an on going threat with him. That was something she had to accept. She sighed, completely exasperated by the acceptance of it. She looked to Chris knowing that she was basically going to have to obey him. He nodded to Will who promptly began to strip. His thick cock jutted out in front of him. It was slightly larger than Chris's. Her protests were soon forgotten as she thought about both cocks inside her. Chris laid down on the bed next to where she knelt. His cock glistened with her sticky sweet juices. "Climb on Trina" He ordered her.

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   She obliged without a second thought. She let out a soft moan as he filled her aching cunt once again. Will moved behind her. He needed no encouragement. He pushed her forward slightly with one hand, the other on his cock. Will aimed at her puckered hole with the tip of his cock. It began to push in very slowly. She felt incredibly tight around him as he sunk deeper. He could feel Chris's cock stretching her cunt through the thin wall separating the two cavities. A deep moan forced from Trina as she rocked back into both cocks. Her holes stretched to their limits they saw in and out of her. Will groaned loudly as he picked up the pace. Her body moved like a rag doll between the two young men's thrusts. Her pussy soon began to spasm around Chris. "OH FUCK YES" she screamed "FUCK ME HARDER.

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  . . OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEE. " She fucked them with complete abandon. Every second of it being caught on tape for Chris's newly started collection. She didn't care any more. All that mattered was the burning lust between her thighs. She knew that there was only one way to extinguish it. The two jostled her back and forth. Chris pulled her down toward him. Her heavy breasts swinging in front of his face. He leaned up and caught her nipple between his lips. He suckled at it for a moment before biting down roughly on it. She arched her back as another orgasm ripped through her. "Damn Chris, this bitch is really into it.


  " He continued to pound her ass as hard as he could. "Fuck I want some of that pussy. "Trina let out a disappointed whine as he pulled free of her puckered exit. Chris pushed her off him and the two switched places. She eagerly climbed onto Will's cock. He was amazed at how wet she already was. Chris then took his place behind his soon to be step mother and planted his thick shaft deep inside her stretched anus. She pushed back, hilting both cocks in her. Her hips began to rock hard and fast, forcing the two inside her again and again. Will reached up and grabbed at her swollen breasts. His fingers quickly found the hard pink centers and began to tug them roughly. She let out a loud whimper. Chris took this as his cue to grab her by the hair and yank her head back. Will pinched harder on the little throbbing nubs. Her hips began to grind at a furious pace.

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   Chris had never seen her so turned on. It was as if she was possessed by the lust. "I think she's a bit of a closet pain slut Will. " He replied as he continued to deliver powerful thrusts into her dark hole. "Uhhhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh. . . . OH GOD FUCK ME HARDER. . . " her pussy once again caught in an orgasmic spasm. "OH FUCK YEAH" Will cried as she clenched around him. He had never felt such a wet tight cunt in his young life. "Ride me slut.

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  . . that's it ride me" He pulled harder on her nipples. Chris jerked her head back further as he drove his cock deep into her. A wicked thought crossed his mind as he felt the familiar tingle in his balls. "Get her on her back across the bed Will. " He remarked as he pulled free of her gaping ass. He slid off the bed giving them room to move. Trina reluctantly climbed off Will's throbbing muscle and laid across the bed. Will smirked as he watched knowing what Chris was planning. Will scooped her legs up placing them against his shoulders as he took his place before her. She curiously watched Chris as he moved closer to her face. He stayed just out of her mouth's reach. "Play with your tits you fucking slut. Show us you want more.

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  " He began to stroke his cock as he watched her. Trina immediately began to knead her breasts. Her fingers tugged on her nipples gently at first. She increased the pressure as Will began to fuck her brutally hard. Each deep thrust forcing her to whimper and moan. Chris continued to stroke his throbbing cock. He knew that any second he was going to explode. His fist moved swiftly up and down his shaft as he anxiously watched her. He groaned "Yeah that's it show us what a slut you are"He stiffened up as his cock began to spit long ropes of thick white cum onto her face and tits. "Rub it in bitch" he commanded. Her hands moved quickly to rub the sticky fluid into her warm skin. Will picked up his pace. Her body jolted like a rag doll as she writhed against the bed, smearing the semen over herself. Will bit down on his lower lip. He was already so close to cumming but seeing her acting like a total slut pushed him past his limit.

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   He tried to fight it but it was too late. He could feel her tighten around him once again as the sinful delight of being covered in Chris's cum surged through her and forced her to another messy orgasm. "OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. " She screamed as her body jerked. His cock erupted with milky load of his seed, jetting it deep into her spasming cunt. Her convulsing muscles milked his cock as it emptied into her. He pulled up and moved on the other side of her head, kneeling their and smiling at Chris. Their limp cocks dangled down in front of her face as Chris ordered "Now lick them clean or you won't get any more. "Her tongue darted out quickly as she took one cock in each hand. Her head turned back and forth as she proceeded to lap up every bit of cum from their flaccid cocks. Once they had been sufficiently cleaned the two teenagers climbed off the bed and dressed. They paid no attention to her naked cum coated body laying there on the bed as she caught her breath. "Now get cleaned up Trina. I am having some friend over for dinner tonight and I want you presentable. ".

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