The ringing of my ears had helped mask the sounds of penetration. That sharp piercing pain surely had faded, but the strong touches were still in play. With one forceful tug of the hair, he had sent my neck back before my shoulders. The contortion chased a raspy scream out of my blood filled mouth. He rammed my body against the wall, half pinned, chest first. Leaving the rest of my nude body writhing on the floor below his khaki covered legs. With that, I dug my fingernails into the flesh on his arm. The hot feeling of blood slid around my fingertips. He drove himself into me harder this time, as he elbowed me in the side. I buckled under his blow, twisting my body off of the bathroom wall. He snatched my wrists before I had time to react, and flipped me right side up. My head hit the floor with a crack, and he let my wrists balance himself before me; trusting them with all his weight. His thrusting began to make my back rub raw against the tiled floor. I cried frantically, choking on my gasps of the sex filled air. His voice came breathy, "I'm crazed over your insides. " I kneed him in the buttox sending his face no more than three inches of mine.

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