Topic: CYCLIST BECOMES THE BIKE Cyclist becomes the bike.
 Back a while,no fancy kit for every type of sport,oh no,just shorts and a shirt. In my sport,you needed a bike a pair of cycling shoes and some muscle power as well.
 You've got it,I rode a bike. I went everywhere on it,including club riding and journeys on my own. This was one such occasion; - I took some actions for long rides,two water bottles,tool kit/puncture kit and I always slid a slick of vaseline along my ass groove for avoiding ass sweat and saddle soreness, then off I in body,about 110lbs. Slim,blond and blue eyed,almost irrelevant to this story? Maybe! but that was me,slim,innocent and male. This day I had travelled about 50 miles and was now high in some hill's on a road that allowed a view down over the sides in both directions and the heat of day had dropped some. As a young guy,I was ever conscious of my dick and I enjoyed the loosness of my shorts allowing my cock to get ever colder until it felt like an ice-lolly along the top of my thigh. When this occured I invariably stopped at a gate,made sure I wasn't being watched and had a very enjoyable wank,depositing my cum on the gate post or over the grass.
 Now stopped for this reason,I could hear a tractor somewhere in the distance and knowhere to be seen. A short while before two girls obviously local,cycled past going in the other direction. I say local because they had just dresses on and these were riding up their thighs revealing all,right up to their panties. That was enough for my bad boy to demand attention. So having started to feel the coldness of my cock,I was interupted by the sound of this tractor coming now along the metalled road. I thought,good when he's passed,I'll have my wank.

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   But he didn't pass,well not straight away. Swinging in a bit to where the gate was,the farm hand jumped down and with diesel thumping away,went to the large backwheel as he nodded at me with a grin and flipping his fly open pulled out a sizable piece of man meat and started pissing.
 I'm sure I didn't give any signs of interest,- yes I'd looked at this cock as one might, but no more than that and I'd estimated on reflection,the farmhand was about 34/35ish. His physic was muscular typical of a country manual worker. Now looking back over the gate I was at,his voice was nearer and he said, "fuck I was busting for that. What you up to then,looking for summat to nick?" - I realised he still had his cock out in his hand, - "N-O, I was admiring the view" As I uttered this I could have bit my tongue off. I meant the scenic view,but the connotation could have meant his dick.
 In an instant,he'd closed in behind me and with a muscular arm down over my shoulder and his calassed hand on my stomach, - "Me too and I like what I see" I trembled with fear and trepidation as his other hand pulled at my waistband in an effort to pull my shorts off my ass cheeks, "Come on don't fight me,a lovely blue eyed blond,I bet I'm not your first" - "FUCK OFF! will you,I'm not into what you're after" - I was totally innocent at this time but he'd already made it clear where he was at. His knob was hard against my now uncovered ass cheek and his fingers were fingering my ass groove. "Bullshit,you've even greased it up in case you find a hard one. Well you have"
 Twist and wriggle as I might,with his stiffy pressing at my sphincter,there was no way I'd save my virginity from this brutal hardon cock waving country bastard. By now my shorts were off my waist and down by my ankles and his hand much to my surprise was wrapped around my hardon. In my struggling I'd lost sight of the hardon I'd created with a view to having my wank. My sphincter was no match for this country cock as it pushed me open. Surprisingly I expected to find great pain as he opened my ass,but no,after the spongy head had opened me to what felt like an enormous size the shaft pressed ever deeper up me and before I knew it he had my cock in both hands as leverage and started pumping at me with gusto until with ever greater grunts I heard his first gasp against my ear as his first shot of sperm launched itself deep inside my rectum.

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   He was riding me good and it was all up hill as he pressed me against the gate.
 "Fuck,you're fucking tight" with deminishing shorter thrusts I felt every squirt of his cum as it spewed up inside my asshole. Then he pulled out. Grabbed at the edge of my shirt,using it to wipe his cock off. "Fuck I needed that,see you around kid" With his deminishing hardon placed back in his trousers he climbed back up into the tractor and pissed off. Surprisingly on checking my shirt,it showed signs of wetness,but that was all. I felt my asshole and I could feel spunk dribbling out,so I decided to strain a bit to remove it if I could. It worked,then still with disbelief I started to have my delayed wank,thinking as I did how sensational his cock felt pulsing and thrusting in my ass. I tell you,what ever that cock done I don't know, but I shot off the most astounding amount of sperm,it was at least twice my normal amount of cum,in fact probably three times as much and my orgasm was horrendous.

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