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     Rachel felt the hot water streaming down her body. She was 15, had ample B-sized breasts, with dirty-blonde hair; her curvacious figure turned the heads of all those she passed in the school hallways. Rachel sighed. Football season. Her cheerleading squad was working overtime, trying to perfect their moves. Despite the fact that shw was an A-B student, her grades were beginning to suffer. Now, to top it all off, her parents had invited over the Smith's. The Smith's were family friends; Rachel's father had gone to school with Mr. Smith. Rachel had nothing against the Smith parents, but their son Josh was a real creep. Josh went to the same school as her, and he always was winking or whistling at her. She always thought this was simply harmless flirting (although annoying), until one day he cornered her alone. She managed to run, and reported him. Josh was merely suspended for a week. To describe Josh, he wasnt overweight, and kept himself fit. He had an unattractive personality, and was constantly alone at school.

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   Josh was often beaten up by Rachel's boyfriend and her friend's boyfriends for his behavior.
      Sighing again, Rachel turned off the tap. The Smith's were downstairs; her parents had invited them over for dinner. She could hear the sounds laughter. Wrapping a towel around herself, Rachel stepped out of the bathroom and into her room. She silently closed the door behind her, then trotted to her wardrobe as quickly as the towel wrapped around her would allow. Once she reached the wardrobe though, she heard the door closing behind her. Closing again. She spun around, and saw Josh staring at her with a grin on his face.
"Josh, what the hell are you doing in her?!" Rachel snarled.
"You were always a fighter Rachel. It's going to be worth breaking you. " He lunged at her, and clamped his hand over her mouth. Tearing off her towel, he used it to tie her arms. One hand over her mouth, the other pulling her along, Josh quickly picked up one of Rachel's bra's and used it as a makeshift gag.

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   Quickly untying the towel, he replaced it with something more versatile: Rachel's jumping rope which she had had since she was 6. Tying her arms, Josh found that there was a lot of excess material. Broadening his grin, he cut off as much of it as he dared, and tied up her legs. Rachel's eyes were now streaming tears, and she futilely attempted to scream for help. How long I have waited for this moment! Josh thought. He looked down at his victim.
"Ah, you are so beautiful. I'm going to enjoy this. " Laying Rachel on the bed, he sat next to her and started chatting to her as if they were in a classroom. "Rachel, you remember all those times when you were such a bitch to me? Well, now I have my revenge. And don't think your parents will be looking for you anytime soon. I drugged them, and mine in fact. We'll be alone for, very possibly, the rest of the night. "
     As Josh began to fondle with her breasts, Rachel began to sob uncontrollably. This wasn't how she was supposed to loose her virginity! Anal, oral, or vaginal, this was the wrong way! She always assumed it would be romantic and with someone she loved.


   Her tears brought harsh chuckles to Josh, who unbuckled his pants, to reveal a 8 inch erect penis. Flipping Rachel over, he slowly inserted his penis into Rachel's anus, bringing a muffle shriek of pain, and a new flood of tears out of Rachel, while a soft moan of plehasure escaped from Josh. After a minute, he pulled out.
     "Now now, you're going to get used to anal: the pain, the humiliation. It's time I take your womanhood from you! Besides, I want you to have something to remember me by: my seed!" With a manical cry, Josh plunged his dick straight into Rachel's vagina, which he had been stroking as to make it wet. Rachel felt her hymen breaking in the first strike, and prayed to God to make this a dream. After a few minutes, she heard Josh scream and felt him shoot his load into her. Now she wept pitifully, remembering that she had just had her period the day before.
     "Damn girl! That. . . that was great! You thought that was painful though?" Laughing again, Josh grabbed her ass and smacked it as hard as he could. Rachel continued crying. Then Josh grabbed her tits and bit them as hard as he could. This went on for 15 minutes, until Josh fell ontop of her, exhausted.

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   However, within seconds though, Josh's dick was erect again and plunged it once again into Rachel's already ravaged asshole. When it was all done, Josh punched her, and Rachel's world went black. The last thing she heard was Josh's voice saying, "Don't bother going to the police. I'll find you again, and rape you one last time. "
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