She can’t remember how it started, or when it ended, or had it even ended? How did it started, she can’t remember. Too many images keep rushing into her mind, like several television screen running in her mind at the same time.
Walking, she remembered walking. To where? Too hard, it is too hard to think. All she know was she was walking along a quiet street, crossing a dark alley when she felt an arm snaked around her neck, and she was being yanked backwards.
She tried to scream but a hand clamped right down over her mouth and nose, pressing so hard she could barely breathe. She felt herself being dragged, her heel came off and her briefcase slipped from her grasp. She tried to claw her attacker’s arms, and kick his shin, but she was caught by surprise, and before she knew it, a door close in front of her.
By then, bright stars were popping in front of her eyes, her lungs screamed for air. Suddenly she found herself flying, and run into something hard, before collapsing in a heap by the wall. While she gasped desperately for air, and tried to clear her head, she heard the door clank close, and the sound of a padlock falling into place. The room was so dark she barely distinguish the details of the room. She coughed and hacked, trying to get more air into her lungs, while also trying to get her bearing and figure out what happened.
Before she even caught her breath, she felt the silhouette of her attacker loomed over her prone body, and she heard the sound of fabric tearing. Panicked, she realised it was her blouse that was being shredded from her shoulders. Screaming, she pushed herself to her back, and blindly kick him.

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   Apparently, she got her in him in the shin, because she felt the hands slipped and the man tumbled forward and fell heavily on her. She punched forward where she thought the head was and hit something soft, and a deep “oomph” coming from him.
“Help!” she screamed, knowing full well that, this was a dead alley along a dead street in the dead of the night.
She pushed his heavy body off and groped blindly for the door. Disorientated, she slammed into the opposite wall, and fell backwards. She tried to get up, but suddenly felt someone yanked her long hair backwards, and she screamed.
“Kick me, huh, you slut!” a low menacing voice growled.
He grabbed her by her neck and pinned her to the wall, on her tiptoes. His arm drew back to deliver slaps after slaps on her face, while she squirmed, clawing at his arm and kicking spasmodically. Slap after slap, her head spun, and she felt herself almost blacking out. She went limp in his grip.
Releasing her, she crumpled weakly onto the floor and lay gasping feebly. She tried to scream but only a croak came out from her. Pabla calmly dragged her from the wall to the centre of the room, and turned her face-up. He proceeded to finish what he had started, tearing off her once white blouse.

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“Noo… help… ” she whimpered weakly, shaking her head and flailed her arms unconvincingly.
But she felt his sharp nails digging into her as he shredded her blouse, exposing her bra. She tried to push him away but she was still dazed by her recent beating. He began slashing on her skirt, tearing it open from the hem up to her waist. when she felt her skirt being torn open, she sobbed faintly, and tried to kick her attacker again, who had snaked between her thighs.
She felt his rough hand ran up her thighs and towards her private area, and a deep angry grew within her. Despite her weakened state, she suddenly sat up and delivered a solid punch toward his head. His head cracked back in surprise, and he fell backwards, howling in pain.
“Why? Do you like to rape women so much? You fucking son-of-a-bitch! Why? Can’t get a woman yourself? You pencil dick!” she screamed hoarsely, punching hard on his face.
She felt him go limp in her hands, and she finally stopped, and dropped to her knees, weeping after the adrenaline rush. She tried to gather what was left with her clothing, and fumbled for the direction of the door. In the darkness of the room, she found the door and realised the door was padlocked with a large Yale lock. She tugged hopelessly at the lock but it would not yield.
“Looking for this?” she heard a voice snarled behind her. She spun around to see a silver of light reflecting off a key.

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   A key held in the hand of her attacker, who was struggling to his feet.
She cowered backwards, and begged.
“Noo… Please…. “ she pled, as Pabla advanced towards her, quietly, yet threateningly.
“Pencil dick?” he enquired, conversationally, as he walked closer and closer to her. With a suddenly swipe he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards him, “why don’t you find out for yourself?”
She yelped as he punched her right in the stomach, and tossed her onto the floor again. There she heard the chilling sound of metal zippers being pulled down. She cowered and tried to crawl away, but Pabla pounced right on her and pushed her to her back.
She thrashed about violently, as he pinned her chest down with his knee and grabbed her right wrist. She tried to wrench her wrist out of his grip but he was too strong. He thumped his knee roughly on her chest, making her grimace in pain.
“Here, here’s my ‘pencil dick’!” he bellowed, forcing her hand to palm his erected 12-inch penis. He made her grip his warm thick member and ran her hand up and down the swollen organ. With his free hand, he reached down, seized her panty and wrenched the cloth right off her. He stuffed the shredded panties into her mouth, pushing them deep, and then slapped her tightly on her face.

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   Even in the dark, she could see the manic smile in his eyes, as he raised his free right index finger in the air.  
“By the time we are through, you will be screaming for me to fuck you, you whore!” he shouted, and with a strong shove, he rammed his index finger deep into her vagina.
She threw back her head and shrieked in pain. She thrashed weakly about as Pabla thrust his finger vehemently, repeatedly deeper into her, before finally drawing it out. Still kneeing on her chest, he carefully sniffed at his index finger and unhurriedly licked the blood and cum off his finger.
“Noo… Please… noo… “ she begged piteously, her words muffled by the panty in her mouth. She struggled to push him off her chest, her knees buckling with pain and fear. she felt him heave off her, but also felt her bra being pulled down.
“Noo… please… noo…. “ she bleated feebly, as she felt her breasts popped free from her C-cup bra cups. She tried to shrink away, but carried on pawing her breasts and forced his way between her thighs. When she tried to cover her breasts with her arms, he viciously punched her on her shoulders, rendering her arms useless temporarily.
She whimpered pathetically, squirming her body and kicking her legs as she tried to escape from his clutches, but he carried on pawing at her ample breasts, kneading them brusquely. He then leaned heavily on her and put his mouth over her nipple and slurped them voraciously, while she snivelled distressingly, large streaks of tears ran down her face.
When one of his arms push past her face, she grabbed it and bit fiercely down.

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   She heard a loud yell, but she refused to let go. She held on like a dog onto his forearm, as he screamed and shook his arm in effort to shake off her bite. Only until he gave her a violent blow to her head did she released her grip. She tasted blood on her lips, but she didn’t know if it was from him or herself.
He retreated to a corner and inspected his injury. There was an angry puncture mark, complete with teeth imprints anchored on his arm. Blood seeped between the wound, and this only made Pabla angrier.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! You fucking whore! How dare you bit me! What are you, a fucking DOG?” he bellowed and screeched angrily as he stepped wrathfully towards the cowering shape on the floor.
He walked till he was towering over her, his pants still hanging by his hips, then drew back his foot and kicked her venomously with his steel-toed boots. She yelped pathetically, and tried to crawl away, but he repeatedly kicked and stomped on her legs and thighs. Finally, he stopped, panting with exertion. At his feet was a whimpering mass, barely conscious.
He dragged her vulgarly across the room to the centre of the room, and tossed her onto her back. She lay limply on her back, her face streaked with tears, her body covered with bruises. He crouched over her and pawed her voluptuous breasts again.

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   He massaged them roughly, then groaned huskily as his dick swelled to colossal proportions.
“Such big tits, slut! They are just right for fucking! What do you intend to do with them, keep them till they drop? You whore! Tits are like cunt, they are there for men to fuck!”
He grabbed her limp wrists and cupped them around his dick, and forced her to stroke his swollen member. He piston her hands up and down his dick, while his free hand massaged her breasts. Then he put his dick between her breasts and breast fuck her.
Seeing how unresponsive she was, he sat down on the ground and drag her on his lap. He stuck his dick between her ass cracks, and pull her close to him. He felt her shuddered when she felt her dick between her butt, but he put his arms around her chest and cupped her breasts with one hand, his other snaked to between her thighs and to her pubic place.
She felt his hands violate her again, and tried to squirm away from his lap, but, she was badly injured and greatly weakened. She felt his hand roamed into her private place, and began playing with her clitoris, his dick rubbing up and down her butt crack. She writhed from his touch, and clawed frantically at his thighs, but his coarse thick fingers fingered her clit brusquely.
Weakened, and injured, her mind was too confused for her to control herself, and soon, his finger began to fill traces of wetness. He raised a sodden finger, smelt it, then smeared her own juices across her weeping face. With her panty still in her mouth, she sobbed and pled, her head shaking from side to side.
Unable to keep himself any further, he threw her right off his lap onto the floor, then mounted her, prying open her thighs.
“I can’t get a woman?” he sneered as he pushed his way between her thighs, she whimpered and tried to back away.

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“I can’t get a woman?” he sneered again, pushing his dickhead right against her cunt, she begged and pleaded pitifully, flinching in terror at his dick’s touch.
“Watch me!” he screeched, as he shoved brutally forward and plunged deeply into her vagina. She wailed piteously in pain and shame as the man entered her.
He propelled vigorously forward until he felt his dick rammed against her cervix, and yet he still forced his way in. She whimpered pathetically with every thrust of her rapist, he finally managed to stuff all 12-inches of his penis into her. He began humping her for all he can.
“I can’t get a woman, huh? You slut! Look who I am fucking! Fucking whore, I’ll fuck you like a whore! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he yelled as he pulled his dick almost all out then piston deeply back into her.
Her body shuddered in pain as he stroked deep into her, her body racked with pain and exhaustion. Her cunt burned with pain as he drove his penis deep into her, violating her deepest crevice. She didn’t know how long it took, but after what seems an eternity, she felt his shudder between her thighs. He gave a final violent thrust before emptying his load into her.
She closed her eyes and bit her lips, as she felt every warm drop of cum entered her womb. He gave several final thrusts to make sure his seeds entered the slut’s body, then drawing away abruptly.
After he left her body, she tried to curl up into a ball, but he was not finished with her. He dragged her by her hair until she was sitting up.

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   Then he pulled out the soggy panty from her mouth, forced her mouth open, and made her lick his penis clean. He shoved his penis deep into her mouth, gagging her. She tried to make another struggle, but was coerced to clean her juices from his dick.
By then, all the stimulations from her pouty lips was enough to make his dick stand up again. He waved the engorged member in front of her face and her eyes widened with fear. She moaned weakly, and tried to back away from him. He walked right over her and tried to grab her by her hair. Once again, she turned to his thighs and bit down on them. Although she did not use as much strength as before, he still screamed in pain, and kicked her vehemently away.
Nursing his wounded thigh, he forcefully pushed her against a corner, and pried her thighs wide open, and punched her repeatedly on her cunt. She moaned faintly, barely conscious, shrouded in pain. Without much warning, he rammed his thick member once again into her, yielding a strangled sob from her. He rammed her repeatedly, before withdrawing completely rapidly, then started forcing into her anus.
She realised what he was up to, and started struggling and begging again.
“Noo… please… not there… please…” she whimpered pleadingly.

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   And she tried to push him away from her, closing her thigh in a vain attempt to stop her anus rape. And although her crack was clenched close, he wetted his finger with her cunt juices and forced his finger through her anus hole. Time and again he wet and poked, until he got his finger in and soon, he also shoved his rock-hard dick through her aperture, with her screaming excruciatingly. He had forced his dick halfway through her anus, but was too exhausted by the effort, he pulled out his dick and entered her cunt instead. After some grunting and shoving, he cummed in her again. After milking his dick for all his cum, he withdrew and stood up.
Finally, he drew up his pants and zipped them up. In the corner, Finola curled herself into a ball, and cowered in a corner, her body racked with pain, her mind filled with shame. Her eyes were swollen shut from his blows but she heard him stood up, his zipper zipped up, and then there was the welcoming sound of the lock unlocking and the door opening. She heard the door open and slammed closed again.
Thinking that her rapist had left, she crawled laboriously towards the direction of the door. To her horror, she found the door unyielding, with the sound of a lock rattling on the outside. She screamed desperately, and pulled herself to the farthest corner from the door, cowering in fear.
She heard the sound of a large vehicle drove up and stopped outside the door. Initially, her hopes went up, thinking she could call for help.

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   But soon, she heard the sound of a van’s side door sliding open, she knew.
The lock on the door clicked open, and the door yawned open. There in the dim lights of the alley, she vaguely saw the outline of a large man standing over the door. Behind him, there was a gaping hole of the side door of a large black van.
She cringed in fear, and begged, but Pabla advanced forebodingly towards her, with what seemed like thick rope in his hands. She wrestled unsuccessfully with Pabla, but soon, he had her pinned to the ground, her arms twisted behind her back. She whimpered faintly, but he trussed her securely like a chicken, binding her wrists behind her back. He had wanted to bind her ankles together, but looking down at her tempting body, he stood up again.
To her horror, she heard the sound of the zipper coming down again. Her hands tied behind her back, she barely could move out of the way, before he lunged on her and shoved his penis into her again. She yelped in pain as he entered her dry and started pistoning rapidly in and out of her. She snivelled sporadically as he stroked deeply and forcefully, after an eternity of grunting, he ultimately cummed deeply into her.
Finally after the third time, he was almost exhausted. He stood up wearily, and forced her to lick his limp dick clean of cum, before tucking it back into his pants and zipping up. Then he calmly tied her ankles together, and carried the semi-conscious girl into the back of the van.


   he secured her bound wrists to a D-ring on the floor of the van.
Hazily, she heard the door slid close, and the van drove away. She felt herself being driven away from her past, her own life, into a life she has no idea about. In the darkened interior of the van, clad in shreds of her clothing, her arms and legs bound, she wept. Overwhelmed by pain and shame, and worn out with exhaustion, she drifted slowly into unconsciousness, while the van drove out of the town’s edge into the countryside, where Pabla could hide his van deep in the forested area. Just as the day breaks, the two fell asleep in the shade of the forest.

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