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I looked across the room and could not believe the gorgeous hunk of man standing there. After all these years I was back in my home town where I had just bought myself a little house.  and one of the first people I see is my nephew.   I have not seen him since he was a young teen,a sweet gangly horny kid.    The last time I saw him I was babysitting him and his sisters for the weekend while his parents were out of town. I remember laying in bed  reading a magazine when he came in and asked me some inane question . I was in my nightie and I know my tits were half showing but you know I was only about 20 then and didnt think anything of it . I could see him trying to sneak peeks and I saw some movement under his pj bottoms. I knew he had an active imagination and I knew he would have loved it if I had of exposed  more of myself to him. In fact I know he wished I would invite him in my bed and show him the ropes. I almost did but I knew my older sister [his mom] would definetly not approve so I let him look for a couple of minutes and then sent him off to his room. I went down the hall to the bathroom a few minutes later and sure enough when I opened his door a crack I could see him jacking off. I almost went in to help him out poor kid but thought better of it.
  Now here he was in the flesh and not a kid anymore. God was he beautiful now that he was all grown up. Broad muscular body green eyes and sexiness just oozing out of him.

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  He was covered with beautiful silky hair Physically he was perfect for me and I knew at that second I had to have him and I would before the day was over. I went over and gave him a big hug hello and could feel his body immediately respond in a very big way. We chatted for a bit and as I was heading off to talk to his sister I said "you know I have a couple of things at the house I would like you take a look at for me. Do you think you would have time?"I knew he thought it was to do with the yard as he was a  landscaper. " Of course he replied I can pop over later today if you like. " Oh yes I like I thought to myself I like very much.
 I could not wait to get home and shower and set the scene for a very good time. When the doorbell rang I called to him to come in that I was upstairs   I heard his steps come up the stairs and they stopped at the bedroom door. He looked in and saw me propped up in bed with my tits half exposed and the look on his face told it all. He still wanted me. Come here I whispered this is what I wanted to show you. I took one breast out of my nightie and slowly carresed it, I squeezed the nipple just enough to make it hard. His eyes glazed over and he came over to the bed undressing on his way. " I want you to lick my tits give them a good work over. Suck and lick and touch all you want".

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   He did just that and I could feel myself becoming more and more aroused. "You were a very bad boy always trying to look at things you shoulnt have  Now I will have to punish you ". He just nodded and I slipped a silk scarf over one wrist and tied it to the bed. I did the other one and both ankles and stood back and could see he was loving every minute of it. His cock was immense and throbbing. I had to touch it . It was wet on the end and I licked it off slowly. Oh God he was making me so horny, I slowly licked his shaft and touched it so lightly. I took his balls in my mouth and played with them for a while. I touched his hair and face and bent over him and slid my tongue in his mouth. I kissed his neck ,shoulders tummy . all the way down to his toes and then back up again I untied one leg and slowly bent it at the knee . I found his ass with my fingers and leaned in and licked around his hole and then buried my tongue right inside it. He was ready to explode and so was I. I just wanted to fuck him so much but there was still something I had to show him.

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   I stood up and lowered my little nightie to my waist. " Do you like? "Oh yes I like very much" He responded. " Show me more. Show me your ass. " I slowly turned around and hiked up the back to show off my booty. "Do you like? "Oh yes" he groaned "Show me more ,show me your cunt. " I knew he liked what he saw so far. My body is pretty good even hot I have been told . I slowly slid the gown down over my hips and his eyes widened with anticipation and lust and then widened even further as it fell to the floor. He stared at my glistening rock hard penis and stuttered but but . . . . ". Do you like? "I asked He stared for a second or two and said "Yes I do.

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   I cant believe I do but yes". I knew he wasnt lying because I could see cum dripping down the sides of his hot cock. I guided mine into his mouth and he licked it like he had been doing it forever. I took it out when I couldnt stand it anymore and moved down and rubbed his ass with the head of my dick. I wanted to put it right in . I was burning with such lust for this man . I quickly untied him and he climbed out of bed and pushed me back. " You slut "he yelled. I thought he was going to leave but instead he grabbed my tits and squeezed them ,stuck his cock in my mouth all the while saying dirty things to me. He then leaned over gave  my cock a few sucks .  He spit on my dick rubbed it in and told me to play with myself as he took his massive cock in his hand and and started jerking himself off. As if on cue we both started to cum. His sprayed over my face and my tits and then stuck it in my mouth to finish him off. I have never seen anyone cum as much as he did that day. We both layed there silent for a couple of minutes and then he said.

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  " I dont understand Barbie You have always been a woman" "I have been and I am" I replied. "Some people are born different though and I am one of them" I am a real women but I have a dick also I think I have the best of both worlds. "He looked at me and took me in his arms. No one knows this but that has always been my no 1 fantasy to have sex with a woman like you. I never thought it would be possible but you just made it real. 'I closed my eyes and thought how fantastic our time had been.  I knew I had found my dream man " Teddy , you are starting to make me hard again stop talking and get sucking" I laughed as I grabbed his rising cock.
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