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Shivering I draw closer and think she looks a bit bigger then usual but not to seem like a baby I draw nearer increasing my stride. It is kind of hard to walk because the rest of the dare she gave me was to dress up in my school uniform with some high heel shoes. Leaning down I decide to go ahead and pull the shoes off because they are hurting my feet. I then hear a rustle in the bushes next to me and begin to feel fear creeping into hysterics. Shaking as much from the chill night air as the from panic I straighten up and whirl around to see if someone is there. No one ahhh, I exhale in relief, and think to myself what a baby I really am. I then turn around to come face to face with a large man grinning wearing a mask. Before I know what to do or even think to scream his hand clamps down over my mouth and he snarls,” scream and I will snap your neck!!” The fear then increases leaving me weak all over. I think to myself oh my god my family has no idea as to where I am at and there is no on around. The large man then drags me towards his car. He is babbling about me being heaven sent and that his source was right I was a beauty. I am then thrown into a car the door is shut and he quickly gets in on the other side and roars off into the night. And yes I did try to open the door but it just would not open for me. Kicking and screaming with all my five foot might I tried to break the window only to be backhanded and told if you want to survive and see my family then be a good girl and settle down. That my night could end in two ways one being that I would survive and learn a lesson, or that my family could identify my remains after they had been severely battered. Simply put I shut up and sat still and did the best I could to seem calm.

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  After a few miles my attacker reaches over and pulls me closer. Fear in capital letters set in once again. He starts running his hands through my dark hair saying things like that is a good girl be still you are so pretty. He then runs his hands up my leg as I start to cry. Oh my baby he says it is okay I am going to make you feel so special. My little dream come true is what you are my sweetest angel. Oh those words made my blood run cold but I knew deep inside I had to be just that if I wanted to ever see my home again. And so I decide to set still and wait for the opportunity would come for me to high tail it away from this beast of a man that had taken me. Slowly his hand creeps higher until it is right on he edge of my panties. Oh god please no I say as he slowly runs his fingers up and down the edges, his breathing coming faster and faster. He looks over to me and says take them off and I mean now. His tone tells me he means business but I hesitate hoping I head him wrong. Crack across the face once again he tells me I ordered you to take off those panties now do it girl. Reaching down I ease them off the best I could without him being able to see my girl hood and drop them beside me in the seat. Oh nooo his hands are creeping back up to my leg and to my most shameful place that Is now without any cover at all.


   Crying I say please no. He laughs and says hush my sweetness I am going to show you something you will never forget. A little present while I drive you to my nice little home where I will show you off to a few friends. Reaching my thigh once again he slowly rubs his hands getting closer and closer to my most private place. All the while he is soothing me speaking softer and softer saying oh what a heavenly girl you are be still for me that is it. Good girls get rewarded and you are being so good now. I relax some thinking maybe it will be okay maybe I will live one more day. I will try to be good and maybe he will take me home later so I decide to relax as his hand is making me feel tingly all over. Sliding up further he gasps, oh my baby, Oh yeah you are still bald. I nod my head and hang it in shame as he rubs on the outside even faster. I feel a heat building and notice that my legs have parted on their own will it seems. He then slides his finger through my slit and hit’s a spot that makes me jump. It is okay he tells me it is supposed to be sensitive, now be still I am going to make you feel so good. Rubbing my clit in circles he then pulls over saying I need to give you some special attention darling and I do not want to wreck so off to the woods we go for a few minutes. It is so dark out here I am so scared I cling to him, my captor in hopes that he will protect me instead of hurting me.

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   He lifts me up and places me on the back of the car throws my skirt up and shines a light on my secret shame. Oh damn why cant I be like my friends they all have hair to hide them down below some, but not me. He just groans even louder and says oh you are so beautiful and all mine my sweet cherry. Leaning down he begins to tickle my thighs with his tongue. Oh what a sensation it feels good. I am so bad I know that now because I am now hoping he kisses me somewhere else like that. I feel my skirt ripped off and my blouse pulled over my head the only thing left on me is my bra which he disposes of quickly. I begin to cry once again in my shame and humiliation as he shines the light up and down my body. Hey baby you ever been kissed? The question is hurled at me through his clenched teeth I feel as if I have angered him in some way. No I answer my voice sounding strange to myself. It sounds deeper somehow. He leans in and kisses me probing my mouth with his tongue. The sensation sets my heart to beating fast as he trails his hands down my throat then down to my breast and begins to squeeze first one then the other. Paying attention to my nipples he pinches them hard causing me to scream but then it starts to feel better. And with each pinch I feel the throbbing down below increase.

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  He then licks his way down my chest saying mm like candy you are such a tasty little treat. Sucking my nipple into his mouth I then know I am truly bad because it feels good. He then sucks my little nipples till they protrude obscenely and nips them with his teeth. Oh god that feels nice it hurts then feels good. My body seems to be in confusion. I am feeling so many feelings deep inside I am breathless I do not understand. He then runs his hand down to my slit again and rubs me, spreading this wetness I have building all over. Oh I knew you would be hot he moans once again. He then licks a trail down to my slit and begins to slurp all around the outside of it. He takes my legs and pushes them high up to my chest and licks and nibbles all around my little pussy and then licks a trail down to my bottom and licks there as well. I am lost amidst all these feelings, I tingle down there so much I can not even try to be still. I hear strange sounds and moans and I am startled to realize that it is me. He leans back and laughs while holding my legs wide and up against my chest as I hump the air begging for a release of what I have no idea. Leaning down he begins to lick once again as I groan louder and louder saying terrible things to him. Oh god please don’t stop suck me harder please, oh please I will be good for you just don’t stop.


  Smack he hits my bottom with his hands saying he will do what he please and I will be good or else. Yanking me up he throws me into the car and drives off once again. My bottom stinging my pride hurt I wonder what I did wrong. I ask him and he hollers I did not give you permission to speak little girl and he pulls over and yanks me back out of the car and throws me over his knee and spanks me harder then I have ever been hit before. Oh god it burns so bad I grow scared once again of my huge captor. He then opens the door lays me across the seat and pushes my legs back up to my chest and shoves his tongue into my pussy hole and slurps. The tingling comes back in full force as he sucks his way up to my clit. Moaning even louder this time as he spreads me wider then ever he finds my clit poking out and ready to be sucked. He licks and nibbles his way up to the top of my pussy that is dripping now. And sucks me into his mouth as I scream, tremble and feel a burst of wetness and goodness shake me to my very core. Oh my god I think to myself what is happening to me as the waves of hotness hit even harder and I then wet myself all over as he slurps even harder on my poor trapped clit. Bucking up and down I grab his head and push down harder as I feel like I am riding wave after wave of pleasure I never knew existed. Raising up I see him grinning as he has pulled the mask half off his face. MMM That was good now time for you to take care of me darling. I am scared again because I am not sure what he needs for me to do.

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   I hear his zipper come down and I am yanked shaking to my feet as he says you are going to suck my dick and you will swallow what comes out. I must have looked confused because he said oh don’t worry you will figure it out. He then grabs me by the throat and pushes my mouth to his hard cock. I think how will I get that into my mouth just before he slams my face into it, I open my mouth and in he comes. At first he lets me suck just a bit of it in then he groans loud and says nope that wont do and he grabs my head and starts to pump in and out of my mouth. Faster and deeper with each stroke I feel like I am smothering. He must have noticed because he says, you have a nose, breathe out of it. I feel like I am choking on his meat by now tears rolling down my face as he pumps faster and faster. His moaning gets louder. I have lost all those tingling feelings by now and fear has crept back as I wonder if this is how he will kill me, with his cock. In and out faster and deeper my throat spasming as he nearly has had me swallow nearly 8 inches it must be or close to it. Just when I thought it would never end he gasped even louder and began to shake all over as his thick salty cream began shooting down my gagging throat. He held me by my throat saying swallow it all or stay like this until you do. So I swallowed and each time I did he relaxed his hand more finally releasing me. Now lick my cock clean I do not want a drop of cum left on it or in it, he said.

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   So I licked him clean sucked him dry , he pulled up his pants and said okay off we go back into the car. This is just the beginning you know I have some friends that are dying to meet you. Who knows I think you may actually enjoy it. And on we drove into the night. Yes I know it has some mistakes please be gentle it is really my very first shot at writing anything at all. If someone likes this story I may go on to part two ha Maybe I will anyway because it has been fun writing it anyway. .
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