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"Good evening baby, hoe are you?" he says. Janet Replies, "I'm good, so what is going on this evening my dear?" Alex smiles. "Well, I was thinking about going to that french restaraunt you like over on 3rd st. However, dressed like that, your in for trouble. " "How so?", she replied. Alex walked up to her and began kissing her, then he took her hand and placed it on his slowly growing erection. Janetr was suprised at first, since she is usually the instgator in thier relationship. "oh, really? Just what did you have in mind to do with that?", she asked. "I am going to make you my little fuck slave this evening. ", Alex answers. Janet is suprised by this since Alex ins't usually aggressive in the bedroom. "Try me", torts Janet. Just as she does that, Alex forces her to her knees, "Start by sucking my cock. " "NO!!!", she cries. "I don't give head, you know that. " "Your going to tonight,and your going to do it now!!.

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  " Alex unzips his fly and pulls out his cock and sticks it in Janets face, "Start sucking. " "Fuck off, let me up off the ground. ", Janet yells, "what the hell has gotten into you?" Alex forces his cock into her mouth and begins thrusting it in her face. Janet chokes a little before bitting his dick. "You little bitch, do that again and I'm going to have to beat the fuck out of you. " Alex again forces his cock into her mouth and begins thrusting it in and out, face fucking her. "There you go, just like that. " Janet bits his dick again. "Fuck you, I don't give head!!" Alex smacks her in the face hard, "I told you, bit it again and I was going to beat the fuck our of you. Now open your mouith and shut the fuck up!" As Alex face fucked Janet, he came up with another idea, "swallow my cum, I 'm going to make you swallow my load. " Alex blows his forst load inside her mouth. "Thats gross, this is why I don't give head you fucker. " Alex slaps Janet again, "Bitch, you will do what I say. Now, get the fuck up, and take off that dress. " Janet does as he asks, This is unusual to her because Alex never acted like this before in the past, "What the fuck has gotten into you tonight, why the roughness?" Alex replies, "Because you tease the fuck out of me at work, then act like your innocent, well I'm tired of the bullshit, now on your knees again!!" Janet gets on her knees again, "What are you going to do to me?" Alex grins widely, "Whatever, I fucking want to.

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  " Janet is now wearing nothing more than a black thong, black bra, her white stockings, and a garter belt. "Bend over, I'm going to fuck you hard now. ", he says, "bend over and get ready. " Alex thrust his cock into her pussy as hard and deep as he can. Janet begins to cry, as it hurt, no warm up, no foreplay, just agonizing pain with his initial thrust. Alex beging thrusting in, harder and deeper each time, making Janet cry. "How is that you little bitch?" "Stop Alex, your hurting me. ", she cries. "Good, you deserve this. Maybe you won't go cating around the bank anymore will you, you little slut. " Alex takes his time fucking her, enjoying hearing her in agony. As he gets ready to cum in her he pulls out and says, "get over here and swallow this load too slut. " Janet refuses at first, but he slaps her again, "do it now!!", he yells. She puts her lips on his cock and swallows the second load of the evening. She begins to worry, wondering about what his intentions are, to hurt her, or is this just him being kinky.

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   "Hey Alex, is this just a kink you have? Dominating women, or do you actually get off on this shit?", she asked. Alex laughs, "I told you, tonight your going to be my fuck slave, now stand up and face the wall with your legs spread apart".

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