Home Invasion (Chapter One)


Author’s notes; 
This is a work of fiction and copywritten, do not post anywhere else without the express written permission of the author.   This author does not condone the actions in this story and if my story offends you, then I suggest you read a fairy tale.   This is my first story for this site, so be kind.   More chapters to follow later if enough interest is shown.   Emails welcome dahkme@hotmail. com
Home Invasion
Chapter One
(kinda long, but it sets everything up as a first chapter should)
“Honey it will only be for a few days” said my husband.   Everyone knows what goes on at conventions.   Who wouldn’t want few days from the wife and kids in exchange for sex with a stranger?  He hasn’t touched me in months. So what if I had put on a few pounds.   You try having 6 kids and not put on any weight.   The kids had already left for their grandparent’s summer house and now here he was informing me that he was leaving too.
When I first met Keith, I was in my late 20’s.   I was slightly overweight, shy, and had very low self esteem.   My looks at the time were non descriptive at best. Now I am 5’2 300 pounds and feel like an old frumpy housewife (probably because I am).   When I met Keith I only weighed about 140, but after 6 kids in 20 years, the weight just kept piling on.

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    Keith hasn’t touched me sexually in months.   Now he was telling me he was going to Bermuda for some convention, yeah right.   I know he has been sleeping with his secretary and it really doesn’t bother me.   He his a good husband and a great father, besides at this point in my life no one would want me anyway.   I played the dutiful wife and helped him packed and took him to the airport.   We did not talk much on the way there and barely kissed when he got out of the car, he wouldn’t even let me walk him to the gate.
Driving home it started to rain and the clouds in the distance looked ominous.   Oh great! I thought now I won’t even be able to work in my garden for a few days.   I got home just as a powerful storm was overhead and by the time I got from the driveway to the door I was soaking wet.   I went upstairs to take a hot shower and I slipped into my nightgown and got a TV dinner and popped it in the microwave.   I curled up in my nightgown, robe and slippers on the couch and turned on the local news.
“This just in, 4 convicts have escaped from city jail this evening.   The escape just happened about 30 minutes ago.   The four men are brothers and were in the process of being transferred to the penitentiary for consecutive life terms for the rape and murder of 10 women.   They are considered armed and dangerous, if anyone has any knowledge of these men please call local authorities.

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    The following is a list of their names and physical description”.
Beep Beep Beep went the microwave just as the physical descriptions were put on the air and I came back just as the announcer was advising all residents of Glendale to remain in their homes or at their place of business.  
 I walked over to the alarm panel and checked to make sure that the alarm was turned on.   I grabbed the latest novel I was reading and a glass of wine and sat down on the couch to watch TV and read while I ate my dinner.   Just as Letterman was finishing his top ten list, the lights went out.
“Oh that is just great!  Can’t I have just one day or night where nothing goes wrong?”
I stumbled into the kitchen and found some candles, flashlight and emergency matches and worked my way back to the living room.   The storm was intensifying outside and I must admit I was pretty scared with the lights out and the storm.   I have always been afraid of storms and was cursing the fact the Keith was leaving me to defend for myself during the storm of the century.   CRASH!  BANG! BOOM!  I rushed to the window just in time to see a tree land on top of our car and to see another tree uprooted and lying across our porch blocking the front door, a few more inches and it would have taken out the front of the house.   Just then the tornado warning went off and I quickly went into the hall closet and barricaded myself.   I located the weather radio that we keep in the closet and turned it on, they were reporting that a tornado was spotted about 4 miles northwest of my house and subdivision.   The noise was tremendous and I could have sworn that I heard voices, but I just figured it was my imagination.   The sirens eventually turned off and the weather radio was starting to issue the all clear and emergency numbers.
I opened the closet door and stepped out into the hallway, as I walked into the living I stopped in mid step as I saw four strangers wearing bright orange jumpsuits sitting in my living room.   I gasped and the men noticed me and two of them rushed up and quickly got my hands behind my back and held a gun to my head.

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I nodded my head yes and looked at the man lying on the couch, he was bleeding pretty badly from a cut on his arm and I looked at the crimson blood seeping into my white carpet.
“I can fix him, if you’ll let me.   I am a nurse”  The four men looked at each other for a minute and then got the okay from the guy that was tending to his hurt brother.   I was released and pushed roughly towards the man on the couch.   I looked at his wound and saw that it was deep but not life threatening.   I looked at the one that had given the okay for me to take care of his brother and said.   “I need some medical supplies I keep on hand, he needs stitches and I have a kit in the upstairs bathroom. ”  He looked to what I thought was the youngest of the group and said “Joe, go get what she needs. ”  I described to Joe what I needed and where to find it and also sent him to get some pain pills that I keep by the bed.   “I also need some towels from the kitchen, they are under the sink and red, I need to stop the bleeding. ” “ Mike go find them”  “Sure thing Tom”  I looked at the man lying on the couch and said.   “I will be has gentle as I can, but I don’t have anything to numb the area so it is going to hurt. ”  Don’t worry Bob, I will watch the bitch carefully, but I can’t have my little bro bleeding to death can I”
So while I carefully sewed up the cut in Bob’s arm, I was sizing up my situation.   I knew that if I kept calm, these guys probably wouldn’t hurt me, but I also knew that they were not going to go anywhere anytime soon, hell half the roads were probably closed and with all the emergency services out and about they wouldn’t risk getting spotted.   They were going to be here for awhile.

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    I finished putting the last stitch in Bob’s cut and wrapped it up so it would stay protected, I took out three pain pills and gave him what was left of my wine to take them with.
I looked at Tom and held up my bloody hands, “May I go wash my hands? I asked.   “Yeah go ahead, Joey go with her.   I went to sink in the kitchen and found that water was off, probably because of the storm.   I looked at Joey and said, I need some water from under the sink, is it ok if I get it?  He nodded his okay.   I finished cleaning up and we went back to the living room and Joey pushed my down onto the chair.   All four men were now looking at me and each had questions they wanted me to answer.   I figured I would tell them the truth, I mean we were going to spend a lot of time together over the next few hours if not days.
“Where is your husband?’
“He went out of town on a business trip. ”
“Do you have an emergency generator?”
“Yes, it is on the back deck”
“Mike why don’t go see if you can get it running, but be careful, I cant afford to get caught or you get hurt right now. ”  Sure thing Tom”
“Do you know who we are?”
“Well I assumed you are the escapees that I heard about on the news. ”  I know that you are brothers and I know your names, but not what you were in for. ”
While this question and answering session was going on, I noticed that Tom could not stop staring at my breasts.
‘What’s your name and how old are you?”
“Dianna, and I am 47”
“Well Dianna, Tom said.   Here is the deal, since you did such a good job of stitching up my brother, we won’t kill you.

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Just then a deep voice from outside yelled, “HELLO IS EVERYONE OK IN THERE?”
For the briefest of moment no one moved, then Tom stood and motioned me to him, He grabbed me from behind and walked me to the door.   He stood behind it and pointed the gun at my head and whispered.   “Play it cool Dianna and no one will get hurt”
I opened the door a crack and saw a police officer wearing a bright orange vest.
“Is everything alright Ma’am”
“Yes Officer, I am fine, just waiting for the power to come back on.   Do you know how long it will be out?”
“There are numerous downed lines and it could be several days.   Are you alone Ma’am?”
“No my husband is out back working on getting the generator running?”
“You have blood on your gown Ma’am, are you sure everything is ok and no one is hurt?”
I looked down and saw that the front of my nightgown was covered in blood, I looked at the officer and for a moment I thought about telling him, but my hearing picked up the sound of the gun being cocked and I knew that this was not going to go well for anyone if I had told him the truth now.
“My husband, he cut his hand on some flying glass, but I stitched him, with my medical kit, as you can see by our car, taking him to the hospital was out of the question and I did not want the medical crews wasting time for a minor injury when they might be needed elsewhere. ”
“I understand Ma’am” he said and handed me a flyer with the emergency numbers on it and another flyer about the escapees that were standing in my hallway.   “You and your husband be safe Ma’am, and I will check back if I can in a few hours. ”
“Thank you officer, I am sure we will be fine. ”  You be safe as well officer and have a good night” He said goodbye and I closed the door and took a deep breath.
Tom grabbed my arm and led me back into the living room and told me I had done a wonderful job.
He handed the gun to Mike and told him to go find them some clean dry clothes.   I explained that I had some sweat suits in the attic that might fit them at least in the pants.   I saw that Bob was sleeping peacefully and asked Tom if I could go check on him, he nodded his consent.

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Mike came down with clothes for the others and just as he was showing Tom what he found the lights came back on.   It seemed as if the whole house was suddenly in a spotlight.   “Joey go around the house and turn off the lights, leave the lamp by the couch on, but turn everything else on.   Avoid the windows, we can’t blow our cover right now and with Dianna convincing that cop that all was safe, we have at least 24 hours here to recover and come up with a plan. ”
“Ok Tom, be right back” and off he went.
Tom sat down on the couch and motioned me over to him.
“If you do everything that we ask of you, I promise not to hurt you or kill you, and for your help and cooperation we will leave sometime tomorrow, BUT YOU MUST DO EVERYTHING WITHOUT HESITATION.   DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”
I looked to the floor and nodded my head yes.
He ordered me to stand up and remove all my clothes, I was very shaky as I undid the belt on my robe and let if fall off my shoulders to the floor, I have to tell you that I was more than scared I was also excited, it is one of my fantasies to be told what to do and how to do and I must also admit that I was finding the situation a bit exciting.   I grabbed the hem of my gown and slowly lifted it up my body and over my head, except for my slippers I was standing totally naked.
“Damn look at those knockers, they are fucking huge”  What size bra do you wear Dianna?”
“Address us as sir or master from now on.   I will ask you again what size bra do you wear?”
“48DDD Sir”
“Nice huge fat nipples too, how did your nipples get so big Dianna?”
“I suppose from breastfeeding 6 children Sir. ”
“Does your husband fuck your tits Dianna/”
“My husband rarely fucks anything with me anymore; he thinks I am too fat Sir”
“Turn around and bend over, I want to see that fat ass of yours, and spread your cheeks wide apart. ”
I did as I was instructed.   I bent over as far as I could and reached back and spread my ass cheeks wide apart.


    “Damn bro she looks tight.   I can’t wait to fuck that”
“If your husband does not fuck you anymore, how do you get off Dianna?”
“I…. I…. ummmm I…. mas…. . masturbate sir. ”
“Show us” came the command.
“Wh…. . Wh…. . I”
I felt myself falling as I was kicked brutally in the ass and I fell hard onto the carpet, I could feel the rug burns on my breasts as I slide along the carpet and I hurt my wrist from trying to break my fall.  
“I told you before Slut, that you must do everything without hesitation now we have no choice but to be rough with you.  
I felt rather than saw rough hands pulling me roughly to my feet, I heard the table in the living room being cleared of debris.

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    It was Mike you spoke up next.
“Hey Tom, I saw an old sawhorse on the back deck, we could tie her to that and that would grant us more access. ”
“Go get itand find some rope and duct tape while you’re at it. ”
Tom grabbed my by the hair and pulled my hair back, “I was going to be gentle with you considering that you saved our necks, but I really hate it when women don’t do what men tell them to do.   Women are made for fucking and being men’s slaves and now you will be our save and our fucking slut. ”  We are known for a sadistic nature and those women that we killed, they actually died from being raped over and over, some bleed to death, one woman suffocated to death when I ram my 14 inch cock so far down her throat she couldn’t breathe.   But we don’t care no more. ”  We already have the death penalty hanging over our heads so what the fuck does hurting and raping one more slut going to matter. ”
I was sobbing at this point, but part of me was so excited, my pussy was soaking wet and my nipples hard.   You see I was always going to websites that featured stories about gang rapes, and hardcore BDSM sites, it was like a fantasy come true, without the play acting that would normally be with someone pretending to rape me.  
“I will be your slave willingly Sir, to you and your brothers.   I will not hesitate again. ”
Mike and Joe brought in the saw horse, and some rope, and a few odds and ends from the back porch.   My eyes went wide with fear when I saw the drill, and other tools my husband was using while building our new deck.
I was led to the sawhorse and pushed roughly against it, my head was pushed forward and I was bent in half at the waist.

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    Each leg and arm was tied to the saw horse. Joey had gotten some clothes pins from the line and was busy attaching them to various parts of my body.   He pulled at twisted on each nipple until he felt they were hard enough and long enough to attach the clothes pins.   He also attached 5 clothespins to each cunt lip.
The three brothers then lined up in front of me stark naked and they were rubbing their cocks.   Out of the three Joey had the smallest but then I found out later he was only 16, but since he was on the ones responsible for a death they tried him as an adult.   Still being the youngest, his cock was a good 9 inches.   Mike was the next youngest, and he had a body like a god, he was lean and built, with six-pack abs and tattoos covered just about every inch of his body, he had a good size cock too and it was at least 12 inches.   I could not take my eyes off Tom’s cock though, it was the biggest I had ever seen, either in real life or online, it looked massive and it still half soft, he had a bit of a beer belly, but clearly he could have weighed 600 pounds and still have any girl or guy he wanted with that monster between his legs.
I saw Tom motion to Joey and he stood in front of me.   Tom explained that Joey was still a Momma’s boy and that he really hated his mom, but he loved his women to pretend they were his mom, so he was going to call me MOM from here on out and that I was to call him Son.
“That’s right mom, you love your son don’t you?”
“Yes Son, mommy loves her little boy”
“Open wide Mommy”
I opened my mouth and felt Joey slide his cock deep into my mouth, I wrapped my lips around is shaft and made love to his cock, while in my mind I was imagining that it was my son David,  (another fantasy of mine).
I ran my tongue up and down the shaft as Joey, pulled and pinched at my breasts and nipples.    His fingers entwined in my hair pulling my face deeper onto his cock.
I felt rough hands massaging my ass, grabbing huge chunks of flesh and twisting.

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    SMACK came the hand down on my ass and I screamed onto Joey’s cock which only made him fuck me faster and harder
“That’s it Mommy suck my cock, take it deep bitch. ”
I could feel his balls bouncing against my chin; my breasts were bouncing and rubbing against the wood of the sawhorse.   Joey grabbed my ears and started fucking my face harder and faster.   I hadn’t deep throated anyone in a very long time so for a few moments I gagged and fought for breath, I willed myself to calm down and eventually I was able to take the pounding in my throat that Joey was giving me.   I felt fingers rubbing up and down my slit, which was wet and juicy and heard Mike say, “God this slut is so wet, looks like she likes it rough. ”
He put three fingers into my fat wet cunt and began to fuck me as fast as Joey was and it was not long before I felt the first shot of cum hit my throat and Joey driving his cock full force into my throat as he shot load after load of cum into my mouth.   Just as Joey was about to pull out I felt my own orgasm seeking release and I came all over Mike’s hand.
Joey pulled out and my mouth was quickly filled with Tom’s massive cock.   At first he was kind and gentle, letting me get used to the size.   I thought in the back of my mind that I would surely be like the woman who suffocated and die with his horse cock embedded in my throat.   I was sucking and licking the head of his cock, tasting the precum, I ran my tongue up and down his shaft in long slow strokes, I heard him moan and a moan escaped my lips as I felt a tongue licking at my clit and another licking my tiny and tight asshole.   I was grateful for having been tied to the sawhorse for I think had I not I would have fainted from the excitement that was building in me.   I knew that I was going to fucked long and hard both in my mouth and in my ass.   I only wish that my hands were free so I could play with Tom’s ass as he fucked my mouth.
“Mom’s cunt sure tastes sweet.


    Nice juicy fat cunt lips and a big clit all for her little boy to suck on. ”
“I am going to love to ream my cock in this ass, it is so tight, I bet it has not been fucked in ages. ”
Tom pulled out and said.   “Tell us slut what you want”
“I want to be fucked sir. ”
Tom slapped my face hard.   “Say it like you mean it slut. ”
I opened my mouth and Tom stuffed it full with his massive cock and at the same time I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart and without warning or lube of any kind Mike slammed his cock into my tight, fat ass, and Joey shoved his fist into my cunt.   I had all three holes filled with cocks and fingers.   The brothers seemed to have a rhythm that they seemed to have mastered with the rapes thus far.    Mike would pull all the way out and then slam it back in, each time forcing more and more of Tom’s cock into my throat, soon I had all but a few inches deep into my throat.   Joey was fisting my fat cunt and sucking hard on my clit, I even felt him bite it more than once.
Faster and faster the three boys fucked, I could feel juices running down my legs and knew some of it had to be blood from my ass.   Mike grabbed my hair and pulled my head back which made it easier for Tom to drive his cock deeper and deeper, Tom pulled and twisted my nipples and there was so much pain that if I had not had my mouth full I would have screamed, my ass was sore, my jaws were aching from the huge cock in my mouth and my clit was beyond anything I could have imagined, but still the boys pounded away at my holes. Faster, faster, faster they went.
Calling me slut and bitch and whore, I urged them on as much as I could with moans and thrusting back onto Mike.

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    Joey then did something I had only read about.   He had all five fingers in my cunt and he was “milking my G” I was cumming every couple of seconds, every time he would squeeze I could feel my cunt contracting and another orgasm would rack my body.   Mike was so close, he was telling me he was going to fill my slut ass with his hot load and Tom was fucking me so hard, I thought his cock would come out the back of my head, just when I felt unable to continue much longer, I felt the first shot of cum hit my ass deep, and Tom pulled out and started shooting his load all over my tits and face. The first shot hit my open mouth and then my cheek, but rest he used to cover my tits.   Every inch of me was on fire, my nipples burned from all the twisting, and my ass was raw, and my cunt could have started a fire because there was so much heat from it.   I licked clean the men’s cocks and was given a sip of water.   I informed my masters that I needed to go pee and I was cut loose to clean up and go to the bathroom, under the watchful eye of Joey.   I check on Bob, took his pulse and made sure he was breathing normal and then I was led back to the sawhorse to be tied up for the night.   It was agreed that Mike would take the first watch.   While the others slept.   I however got no rest, as I had to do something most of the night to keep Mike awake.
Want more?  Let me know!  dahkme@hotmail. com

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Escort Konya: Unveiling the Nightlife and Escort Services Konya, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, also offers a vibrant and diverse nightlife. For those seeking companionship and intimate experiences, Escort Konya provides a range of escort services that cater to various preferences and desires. The escort girls in Konya are known for their beauty, sophistication, and professionalism, making them the perfect companions for any occasion. Features of Escort Girls in Konya Escort girls in Konya are celebrated for their elegance and charm. They come from diverse backgrounds, ensuring that clients can find someone who perfectly matches their tastes. These escorts are well-educated, fluent in multiple languages, and possess a deep understanding of social etiquette, making them ideal for both public events and private encounters. Whether you are looking for a dinner date, a travel companion, or a more intimate experience, the escort girls in Konya are adept at providing a memorable and fulfilling experience. Nightlife in Konya Konya's nightlife is a blend of traditional and modern entertainment. The city boasts a variety of bars, clubs, and lounges where locals and tourists alike can unwind and enjoy the evening. The presence of escort services adds an extra layer of excitement to the nightlife, offering personalized companionship that enhances the overall experience. Whether you prefer a quiet evening at a sophisticated lounge or a lively night at a bustling club, the escort girls in Konya can accompany you, ensuring that your night is both enjoyable and unforgettable. Provision of Intimate Escort Services Escort services in Konya are designed to cater to the intimate needs of clients. These services are discreet and professional, ensuring that your privacy is maintained at all times. The escort girls are skilled in providing a range of intimate services, from sensual massages to passionate encounters. They are attentive to your desires and committed to ensuring that your experience is both satisfying and pleasurable. Escort Services in Main Areas of Konya Escort services are available throughout the main areas of Konya, each offering a unique experience: 1. City Center: The heart of Konya is bustling with activity, and the escort services here are tailored to meet the demands of the urban lifestyle. Whether you need a companion for a business event or a night out on the town, the escort girls in the city center are ready to provide exceptional service. 2. Selcuklu: Known for its modern amenities and vibrant atmosphere, Selcuklu is a popular area for both locals and visitors. Escort services in this area are sophisticated and cater to those looking for high-end companionship. 3. Meram: This area is known for its scenic beauty and tranquil environment. Escort services in Meram are perfect for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate experience, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 4. Karatay: Rich in history and culture, Karatay offers a unique backdrop for escort services. The escort girls here are knowledgeable about the local culture and can provide a truly immersive experience. For more information and to explore the available escort services in Konya, visit Escort Konya - This platform provides detailed profiles of escort girls, ensuring that you can find the perfect companion for your needs. In conclusion, Escort Konya offers a diverse and exciting range of escort services that cater to all preferences. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated companion for an evening out or an intimate encounter, the escort girls in Konya are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. Explore the vibrant nightlife and discover the unique charm of Konya with the perfect escort by your side.
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