i didnt know what to do


As i slipped on my black lacy g-string i heard my phone ring, it buzzed my favourite song as i reched over to pick it up from my side table i felt a slight breeze on my ass checks. i felt aroused. i hadnt had sex in 6 months so hey im allowed to be desparate, as i picked up my phone to answer it i decied i was going to get laid tonight no matter what. "hello" i said into my phone. "hey howz it going? are you almost ready?" my best friend carla asked me, "oh hey carla im almost ready just have to finish getting changed so i should be around 5 minutes is that ok?" Carla was picking me up so we could go and have drinks at a bar we like alot, i was really exited because carla had been away for a month in italy.
"okay ill head over to your place now" she said. we said our goodbyes and i hung up quickly, eager to leave my appartment. ten minutes later we had arrived a the bar, we ordered margaritas and sat down and before long carla was asking my my opinion about the guys in the bar. i didnt see any hot ones so we chatted about her trip to italy. 15 minutes later carla left me to dance with some guy she said she would be back soon but i didnt believe her. she would probably shack up with him in the toilets.
 i heard someone order a bourban and coke next to me and i turned round to find a sexy guy sitting next to me. he was tall, muscular, had short brown hair and blue eyes, in other words he looked angelic "hey im josh" he told me "mind if i sit here?" "go for it" i quickly replied "im callie, callie rosewell" "nice to meet you callie you look very sexy i might add how old are you?" josh whispered in my ear. this made me shiver in delight "im 20" i said eagerly "20 and single what about you?". "21 and single" laughed josh. for the next hour we chatted and i thought he seemed like a really nice guy.

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   i was right bout carla i had seen her disaper upstairs long ago, so i figured it wouldnt hurt to ditch her and go home with josh. "hey do u want to get outa here and go somewhere more. . . private?" he asked seemingly inocent "we could go round to my place and have a few more drinks. ". " sure why not although we will have to take your car because even if i brang my car im to pissed to drive. " i said this with a slight slur i had had around 5 drinks and was absorbing them quickly. josh seemed as though he had not touched his first drink.
we walked towards his car which i might add is a ferrari. i jumped in and closed the door carefully not wanting to damage anything. josh swung in and closed  his door then slammed it shut. " can you do something speicial for me?" he asked. "anything" i replied then leaped over to his side of the car and started to kiss him and move my hand around his crotch area "turn your phone off" he instructed me "i dont want any inturuptions" i moved back to my seat fumbled underneath it and found my bag and qyuickly shut my phone off then returning back to my position and felt quickly that his cock had grown slightly under neath his trousers. then suddenly i felt something sharp on my neck turned round to see a syringe there with something being injected into me.

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   then i collapsed.
when i woke up i was lying on a table in the middle of a bright room, the curtains were drawn but the fluresent lights hurt my eyes, gradually my eyes ajusteded and as i looked around the room i turned from consused to terrified. there were whips and straps and knives and dildos and lube and all sorts of other horrid items used for sex. then a door swung open and josh walked into the room. "where am i, and what am i doing lying strapped to a middle of a table josh?" i demanded in a scared tone. "you are in my house just like i said i was going to take you here and i have brought you here because you need punishment. you need ounishment because you are a dirty little sluty whore who pretty much begs to get laid so that is what you will do. " josh said all this in a quiet menacing tone. he walked over to where i was and i noticed only then i was naked he strode up to me then grapped both of my boobs and yanked them up by my tits. i screamed out it hurt "you think that hurt!" said josh laughing "wait till you see what i have planned for you. now here are the rules you must always adress my as master or sir, you must obey me or recieve severe punishment, when you walk around the house you will be on a leash and you must wear one of the many outfits i have lined up for you or go naked and lastly when you need to go toilet you must go lying on this table so i can see it and you need to tell me before you go. obey all these and you should live. now its time to test out those boobs of yours. "
 josh walked down to the other side of the room and got 4 needles, a knife and some sort of harness. i was terrified.

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   josh placed a gag into my mouth that he had on a tray next to the table there he placed the knife and needles. roughly he jammed on the harness he had which i now firgured out a a boob harness. it had blunt studs on the inside of it which dug into the sides of my boobs making them hurt slightly. then josh pick up 1 of the 4 needles gently positioned it on one side of my left brest and jabbed it through to the other side, i screamed in pain through the gag and i started crying. josh just laughed. then one by one he place the remaining 3 needles into both of my brests.
then he slowly picked up his knife picked up my arm and said "see look how sharp it is. well i dont see a nod from you so i will just have to show you how sharp it is" then he made a long deep cut in the top of my right arm once again i tryed to scream but to no avail. josh said gently "i will leave the needles in until this afternoonn when i shall test out that soft pussy of yours. " then he made several small cuts on each of my breastmaking them bleed even more than they were. then he softly stroked my pussy making me nearly orgasm with the sensation wich felt so nice against the pain of the needles and cuts 
how was i going to get out of this!?
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