Mandy's Shopping Surprise


It was early sunda morning Mandy thought to herself, thers a 60% off lingerie sale at Victoria Secret. . . Maybe i'll call Cynthia to come shopping with me. She stood up and stretched, wrapped her naked body in a soft pink towel and headed for her bathroom. As she walked past her fullbody mirror that took up half a wall, she smiled. She was the fantasy fuck of almost every guy in school. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes that shone like a full moon, and gorgeous long legs with fat in all the right places. Beautiful, firm 40DD tits, she never saw a point in wearing a bra her tits were perfectly shaped. Mandy quickly jumped in and out of theshower and called Cynthia to see if she wanted to come shopping with her, but she was grounded. . . Oh well she thought. After getting dressed, she slowly walked down the stairs and approached her father who was reading the newspaper in the living room. "Ahh theres my little Angel, sleep well?", "Yes Daddy" responded Mandy. .

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  "Daddy, can i have the credit card? Theres a sale going on down at victoria secret and I just want to go get some personal stuff. ". . "Mmhmm, like what Angel?" "Oh you know. . . the usual stuff. . bras. . panties. . lingerie. . .

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  " "WHAT?! Your only 16 you dont need that stuff!. " "BUT DADDY I WANT IT!" "Okay Angel, its on my dresser. . " Mandy hugged her father, and thanked him a million times running to get the card. "Umm. . Daddy. . the car too?" "On the side table. . " Mandys mother walked into the living room, "Tom why do you spoil her so much?" "Because she's my little Angel, don't you like how much i spoil you?" "yes yes, of course. . " Mandy quickly grabbed the keys and headed out the door. She drove down the highway, which was strangely empty that day. Mandy lived in a very big town, with alot of people.

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   As she pulled into Victoria Secret she set the alarm and walked inside. She quickly started looking threw the racks of clothes on sale, and picked up as many as she could hold and ran to a dressing room. "Back again Mandy?" The cashier said. . "Hello dolores, yes yes back again!" She gave her a quick smile and dissapeared into the dressing room. Comming out of the store 3 hours later she put her bags in the car and walked over to the mall to go to Macy's. It was past 8 o'clock by time Mandy finished her shopping, and she was very tired. . As she made her way back to her car, she heard footsteps behind her, and walked a little quicker. She glanced over her shoulder and there was no one there. . . Then she blindly walked right into a man standing in front of her. She apologized a million times and ran to her car. He chased after her, she ran faster, "Miss, you forgot this!" She stopped and turned around, only to be hit over the head and knocked clean to the ground.

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  . . She woke up, what seemed like hours later. She opened her eyes, praying it was all a bad dream, looking around she tried to scream, but realized there was some sort of. . . ball. . in her mouth. She looked down at her body, she was tied to what looked like a large hospital bed, spread eagle across it. She tried hard to get out, wiggling and flailing her arms, but her hands never came free. She heard footsteps at the door and a man walked with wearing what looked like a doctors uniform. "Hello Miss, what seems to be the problem?" he removed the ball from her mouth, and she screamed and yelled at the man. . "Get me the fuck outta here!!" He covered her mouth once again, and slowly walked around her inspecting her body.

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   He reached out and touched one of her nipples. He squeezed it hard, so hard mand arched up and tried to scream, but nothing came out. He did the same to the other one and when she tried to scream again he slapped her leg and that just made her squirm more. Finally, he took off what was gagging her and she screamed. "Now listen you little slut, we're gonna do this my way, I dont mind you screaming that much because theres no one for miles to hear you but please, shut the fuck up!" Mandy thought to herself, "This cant be happening, this cant be happening. . " Then she screamed "THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!!!" The man laughed and looked at her with his evil eyes. "Tell me slut. . how many men have you slept with?" "Um. . well. . . None.

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  . " "Serious? Well fuck, I hit the god damn jackpot!!" he went around the bed and stuck a finger in her tight pussy and she screamed, "Damn bitch your tight! I'm gonna have some fun with you!" She cried and cried and cried. The man left the room after fingering her for a little while and came back with a box. He pulled out a small clit viborator, and she just stared. . . He put it to one ofher nippled and she tried to squirm away, he again, laughed. . and put it to the other nipple. He then moved his hand down to her pussy and spread her pussy lips apart and put the little vibborator right on her clit and she half screamed half moaned. "there ya go bitch, just relax! This wont hurt if you coporate!!!" He then took the viborator away from her pussy and dug back into the box and came up with two clamps. He leaned over her and clamped one on each nipple, she screamed as he did it. Mandy was so embarassed at being seen this way all she could do was cry and everything he did to her made her scream. Yet for some reason, its starting to turn me on. .

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  . . The man then reached back into the box and pulled out a small jelly vibe. It was pink. . her favorite color. He started to walk down to the end of the bed and she tried her best to close her legs but the restraints were getting in the way. "Stop it bitch, i'm gonna take you one way or another, do you want it the hard way, or the easy way?!" She slowly spread her legs. . "Good little cunt. . You will obey any command i give you without question, understood?" She glared at him and he spread her pussy lips and shoved the jelly vibe as far up her pussy as it would go, breaking her hyem in one clean sweep. Mandy screamed and screamed, " YES!! ANYTHING YOU SAY! JUST DONT DO THAT AGAIN!" "Call me Master you little cunt!" he pulled the jelly vibe out and shoved it back in twice as hard as mandy started balling her eyes out screaming in pain. . "Yes Master.

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  . . . " "Good little cunt, we're gonna really have some fun! I have to go for a few hours now. I'll be back later tomorrow morning. " With that said. . He took a long viborator out of the box, attatched to a little box with a pluggin on the end. He slip the viborator as deep in her pussy as he could and put duck tape over it so it would remain in place. "Im going to set this to increase the power level every 20 minutes, Theres 15 levels. " He said with a evil smirk. Mandy cried. . . as she felt the viborator turn on.

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   He placed the ball back into her mouth and left. . . . Be sure to read part 2!!!
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