Mary's Bad Day


PROLOGUEIt was a normal day when Mary woke up.   She took her shower, got dressed, and ate her breakfast.   When she started out for work, a woman approached her asking for directions.   She parked her van next to Mary's car.   When Mary turned to face her, the van's side door flung open and a man pulled her into the van.   The woman ran around to the driver’s door, hopped in, and drove off.   She drove for about 2 hours to the middle of nowhere
The screams of the woman died quickly once the injection given took hold of her. She was soon out like a light. The man in the back of the van with Mary grinned as he started to remove her clothes. Starting with her blouse, he snatched it open so hard, buttons flew everywhere. He grabbed her titties hard thru her bra, squeezing her nipples in between his fingers. She laid there motionless. He crushed her ample breast under his massive hands some more before moving down to her mini skirt. He pulled her skirt and panties below her knees, past her ankles, and pulling off her shoes all in one process. He opened her legs to reveal the most perfect pussy he has ever seen. He sat and stared at it for about five minutes before he could bring himself to touching it.

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   When he finally did, he carefully ran he hand over her perfect mound and felt her warmth. Passing his hand further into her pussy, he felt her wetness. Even though she was asleep, her pussy was on autopilot. The more he rubbed, the more her pussy responded. He now has her butt ass naked, massaging oils into her skin, while preparing her for tonight's ceremony. He started in on the pussy again, but by now (an hour into the trip) Mary started to wake up. He already tied her to the bed, not that she was in any shape or had the strength to move. Slow on realizing what was going on, she felt the strange man's fingers moving in and out of her pussy. She also felt the wetness her pussy was providing him. She started to get scare as her mind began to clear. Then the screaming started again. He then put this device in her mouth, which covered her teeth but opened her mouth wide. Since her tongue was allowed to move freely in her mouth, her screams sounded more like loud moans. He attached a clip to each of her nipples and then on her clit. They were all attached by wires to this little pack in the middle.

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   The man then went to the front of the van and all of a sudden, her nipples and clit were vibrating. Slowly the vibrations started, then gradually more intense. It had got to the point where she was lost in the lust and forgot about the fact she was being kidnapped and possibly raped. She felt herself climaxing and started moaning louder. When the man heard this, he turned the dial on the remote to max. Mary started to convulse in cuming bliss. She though she would go crazy. The more she came, the harder the vibration was, and the harder it became to fight the urge to climax. Unable to endure the unbearable pleasure, she screamed for him to stop. She could take no more. However, the torture went on. Right when she though she would pass out, the vibrations stopped. She slowly feels her body calming down, enough to realize where she was, and where she was was not a nice place.
She then heard them talking in the front of the van but could not make out the words. The ones she could recognize, she did not hear enough to understand what was being said.

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   About a half hour later she felt the van turn right unto a gravel road and fifteen minutes later it came to complete stop. The sun was bright and the air was crisp. When the door to the van opened, Mary was temporarily blinded. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw both her capturers. The woman was thin and slender, a gap between her thighs and size 36d cup at least. The man was tall and husky. A big man, not fat, and a nice six pack. He pulled Mary out of the van and immediately. Her nipples stood erect from the cold air and her clit was tingling. Her legs were weak also from the torture of the climaxes that ripped thru her body. He walked her to the big farmhouse and she noticed that she could only see houses in the far distance. She realized that no one would hear her screams. She could die and no one will know. She walked up the stairs and into the house. They took her to this room on the main floor.

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   When the doors opened, a huge room unfolded before her. In the room was a long chair with an Ottoman attached, but made extra long in one corner, and a birthing chair in the corner just adjacent to the chair. On the other side of the room, chains and handcuffs hanging from the walls and ceiling. In a hutch built in the wall were all kinds on dildos and oils. On the other wall were all different kinds and sizes of whips. She walked into the room and was guided toward the birthing chair and told to climb in. She did as she was told. Scared to death, but more scare of what might happen if she did not do as they say. Once she was in the chair, she spread her legs to go into the stirrups for her legs. The woman strapped her legs down and opened the stirrups as far as her legs would allow. It pushed her legs apart and back at the same time, so she was completely open. Her pussy and ass hole exposed to the world. She then tied Mary's wrist together behind her back, pushing her titties straight out and tilting her head back. She was posed for the taking. Access to any hole she has and titties begging to be abused.

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   Putting a pillow under her head so she can see the festival before the ceremony, Mary found out exactly what was in store for her. She was scared now.
The man stood in front of Mary and ran his hands all over her body. He then sat down in the chair that was right in front of her. He put his hands on her pussy and started massaging it. He pulled the lips apart, pulled back the hood over the clit, and sucked it. Biting on her clit and pulling on it put Mary into frenzy. Her body started shaking and bouncing. He made her cum in five minutes. He slowly licks her juices when he heard his wife's voice instructing the girl on the night's festivities. tonight we will have you for dinner. We will suck you, fuck you, and then the real fun began. " The woman stared to undress and Mary sees her breast. They were huge, 38dd at least. She had a V-shaped frame and shapely hips.

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   and a round ass. Mary was jealous just looking at her. She could not believe she was actually looking at this woman like this but with this man sucking her pussy, she could not think of anything else but sex. She hears the woman saying, “We're going to fuck you so hard in your pussy and ass and mouth. You will have cum dripping out of every hole on you. Your pussy and ass will be stretched passed their limits. You will cum and squirt constantly. You will not be allowed to move so this will also be your bathroom. Our master loves the smell of cum and urine. The more on and in you, the happier he will be. That means we will be rewarded for our efforts. At mid-night you will be completely ready to meet your new master. " She finished undressing and Mary noticed that not only did she have huge breasts; she also had a huge dick. It was 15" long and 6" thick. She pulled her dick up and showed Mary a hot juicy pussy underneath.

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   It took Mary's breathe away. She never even heard of anything like this; much less saw anything like this. Then the woman turned around, bent over, and showed Mary she also had an ass hole. Mary was truly in shock. Then the woman started playing with herself. Jerking herself while finger fucking her own pussy. She was moaning and Mary could not help but rub her pussy against the man's mouth. The woman was making Mary very horny. She could not control herself. Then the man stopped sucking and the woman took his place. then started removing his clothes and to her surprise, he was bigger than she was. Eighteen inches long and 8" thick, this muthafucka was hung like a horse. He started rubbing up and down his enormous cock. It's getting harder and harder, protruding from his body. He had the biggest nipples she has ever seen on a man.

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   He had eraser size nipples. , very big for a man. He walks over to Mary, takes his cock, and pushes it into the woman's pussy. Both of them begin to moan loud and hard. The woman says, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard with that big fat dick". He pushes his dick deep into her. He penetrates her so deep; it sends a sharp pain through the woman. She yells as he rams his dick deep inside her harder and harder. The woman sucks Mary's pussy deeper and more fiercely as the thrust get harder in her. Mary cannot move a muscle. All she can do is rock her hips back and forth. Mary moans louder as she feels the thrust from the man into the woman while the woman sucks the shit out of her pussy. The man is ready to come, and snatches his dick out of the woman's pussy and walks by Mary's face and jerks off. An immense amount of his juices explodes all over Mary's face and titties.

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   He then returned to the woman's pussy and his dick grew harder as he fucked her some more. He was ready to fuck Mary's tight woman stood up and the two started kissing. Mary watched intensely. Suddenly she realizes nothing was licking her, touching her, or vibrating her. She was starting to miss the object assaulting her body. She watched as the two rubbed and caressed each other. Then the man got on his knees and sucked the woman's dick. She could not believe it but also not only was she watching a man suck a real dick, she was also turned on by it. Her pussy began to pulsate and she felt herself getting wet. She could hold back no longer. She let herself go. Allowing herself to enjoy what was happening to her since it was going to happen anyway. Telling herself, she should fell no guilt for this. She was forced into this situation. This was nothing she asked for.

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   While she watches the man suck this woman's dick, she saw the woman grab the back of the man's head and shoved her dick down his throat. You can see his throat swell when she inserted her dick and go back to normal when her dick was removed. She fucked him hard in his mouth and he gagged a few times but he wanted more. She took hold of his head and rammed her cock as far as she could and came down his throat. He grabbed her ass and dug deep into it. , trying to take her whole dick in his mouth. When she finished, he stood up and walked over to Mary, put his mouth on her pussy, and smeared cum all over it. The woman's dick was extremely hard now and both of them are ready to fuck this bitch. First up was the woman. She rubbed the tip of her dick up and down Mary's pussy. When it was nice and wet, she pushed it in Mary pussy hard and deep. Mary screams as the woman's dick tears thru her. The woman spares no mercy. She fucks Mary like a dog. Ramming in her, not caring if she is hurting Mary or not.


   "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, please stop. " Mary screams. The woman just fucks her harder. Squeeze her titties hard. sucking and biting her nipples, while forcing her cock in her raw. The woman then shoved her cock deep in Mary and start grinding her. She pushed the base of her dick against Mary's clit and grind faster. Mary was shaking now as her climax built deep within her. The woman pushed harder and deeper as Mary began to come. She started cuming when she felt her bladder was full. Unconsciously she could not bring herself to pee. Nevertheless, the woman did not let up. When she realized Mary had to come, she dug deeper, pushing harder against her bladder. Mary's pussy was on fire. Her bladder hurt from needing to be relieved.

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   Her pussy lips throbbed because of all the sensations that were hitting her pussy at once. Before she knew it, her bladder betrayed her and released her piss all over the woman's cock. The woman was over overjoyed to feel the warm piss pushing its way down her dick, into her own pussy, and ending at her ass hole. The woman loved this: her motto was "the wetter the better". She then started her own accent into climax heaven. The woman buried her dick into Mary's pussy and dug her nails deep into Mary's ass for support, took Mary's nipple in her mouth and bit down. She then exploded in Mary’s pussy. Thru the woman's own delight, she fucks Mary with all she had. When she came, she followed it up by pissing all in her pussy. Before letting the man have his turn, the woman finished by pissing all over Mary's face and breast.
Next was the man's turn. He chose a very virginal place to perform his duties. Using the piss and cum running out of Mary's pussy, he ran the tip of his dick over her ass hole. It was so tight. He played with her little brown flower with his finger and barely got in.

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   He slid his middle finger in and out of her ass hole until it was extremely moist from the piss and cum; he felt her ass was ready for raping. He pushed the tip of his dick in her ass. Mary's ass fought against the foreign invader from entering her most forbidden place. He kept pushing till the head of his cock popped in. Mary started screaming blood murder. Tears began to stream down her face and begged him to remove his dick. “You're killing me. You are killing me. Take it out. Take it out”, "damn it, shit, you're fucking my ass", "no, no, no". The man ignores her cries and tears, and fucks the shit right out of her ass. He will stuff her ass with every inch of his dick and hold it there. He started smacking her titties. He took one in his hand, pinching and smacking each one until they were bright red. Pulling on them, he began sucking and biting on them.

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   The woman stood over Mary and sat her pussy in Mary's face. "Suck my pussy bitch. I better feel your tongue all over my pussy and ass hole. " She rubbed her pussy against Mary's face and Mary sucked it. She licked all over it. , and sucked cum from her ass hole. The woman was jerking her dick and watch, as Mary's ass was being torn open. She then leaned down and sucked Mary's pussy in a 69 position. The woman sucked Mary's pussy hard while shoving her cock down Mary's throat. Mary did not know what to do. Her pussy was crazy; her ass was on fire; and her mouth was hurting. She started to cum again. Squirting and pissing all over his dick and in the woman's mouth. The man could not hold back any longer. He came in her ass while ramming his cock in her ass.

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   He went crazy. Pounding in her deep in her bowls, He spread her legs wider and dug deeper in her when he started pissing. Almost finish, he pulled it out her ass, walked to her face and put his dick in her mouth. "Suck your ass off my dick," he said. Sticking it deep in her throat, he began pissing again. Choking her on his piss, he pulled out long enough for her to breathe, and then he stuck it back down her throat. He fucks her mouth, and his dick was ready to come again. His wife was fucking the girl’s ass now and while her husband fucked her mouth, she started cuming. Hearing his wife cum, he released his load. Jets of hot cum shot down Mary's throat and he dumped a lot of cum into her stomach. Both him and his wife pulled their dicks out of Mary, stroked themselves and came all over her again. When they finished pissing on her, they noticed the witching hour was approaching. They needed to set things up.
Mary will soon Meet The Master - HAROCKICOCK. .

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