Mr Mole gives an ex-lover an unexpected sendoff.


Mr Mole gives his ex-lover an unexpected sendoff. Jan was far too pretty.   Half Indian, with shiny black hair, shiny brown eyes, skin that looked more tanned than dusky, and a gorgeous white-toothed smile.   She wasn't perfect, her breasts were a little small and her ass a little big, but she turned me on from the moment I first saw her, in the stairway of a large house converted into apartments, where I was visiting friends who were her neighbours. I met her again "in passing" a few more times.   I found out she had 2 kids and an ex-husband, and one day found myself able to offer her a ride home from a kids party, which marked the beginning of our involvement. She always dressed beautifully, often in Indian dresses, was perfectly made up, and delicately perfumed, and she knew how to turn on the charm, teasing and tantalising. I'd get a hardon just listening to her voice.   But as I got to know her, I found her attitude to sex was not what I'd hoped.   She had a high opinion of her own desirability, and used her body as a reward.   I didn't really understand this when she first decided to reward me, and I went gratefully to bed with her. She was a bit slack, not having gotten properly back into shape from her two children, but her pussy was warm and her body felt and looked great. But she didn't really engage, just lay back and let it happen, as if that was all she needed to do.   I should have caught on and got away from her, but I hadn't been laid for such a long time, I was sick of wanking, and she was oh so pretty. So we shacked up, she moved in with me in my rather run down rented cottage in the country.   It didn't take long before she started rationing her rewards, and hiking the price - it seemed she needed ever more care, attention, gifts, money from me before she felt I deserved another reward - meaning a fuck.

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   She wasn't even such a great lover - good at flirting and enticing, but once we were in bed, while I was trying to enjoy her body, and arouse her with kisses and caresses, she would maul my dick quite roughly, so the only way to keep it from injury was to bury it inside her.   Once it was in, she'd hold me and stroke my back and wrap her legs around me and generally try to encourage me to cum as soon as I liked - basically, she just wanted to get it over with I suppose, and I don't think she ever had an orgasm with me. I did ask. She claimed she'd cum when I did, which I doubted. It was a fairly shortlived relationship. Soon I found her pretty much impossible to coax, although we were still sharing a bed.   Worse, she was openly flirting with a neighbour, who suddenly started to have a lot of time to drive her and her kids here and there.   I felt it all falling apart, but I still couldn't face facts and make a clean break, instead I'd alternate between trying extra hard to please her, then raging quietly to myself when my extra efforts didn't pay off. Finally, in a surprisingly frank moment, she declared that she didn't want to share my bed anymore, and took herself off to the spare room.   She seemed to have no intentions of moving out of my house though, and started treating me more or less as a rentfree landlord and grocery delivery service.   In a few short weeks we'd reached a state that many (unhappily) married couples take years to achieve. She still looked achingly sexy, though I knew her by now and didn't even like her.   I lay many sleepless nights alone in bed, knowing she was sleeping in the next room.   I had a raging hardon, she was such a cockteaser, even though I didn't like her I still desired her.   She'd left some underwear behind in my room, and I took to wanking myself to sleep with one of her lacy black G-strings wrapped round my cock.

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  After about a week of this frustrating existence, I suddenly knew what to do.   I waited till I was sure she'd settled into bed, lights off. I undressed completely. My dick was hard and aching with frustration. I rehearsed in my mind what I was going to do.   I fished out a condom and rolled it on - we'd never used them when we were "lovers", but now I felt it was a kind of statement - I want to fuck you, but I don't want to touch you.   Also I didn't know if she was still taking the pill, and I absolutely did not want any child of mine having that bitch for a mother. Dick in hand, wanking gently to keep it hard (have you ever tried to recover an erection thats gone soft with a condom on?), I crept silently to her room, slowly pushed open the door and moved to her bedside. The room was faintly lit by a narrow beam of moonlight shining on the end wall.   She was lying mostly on her tummy, head turned to the side, asleep.   I watched her breathing evenly, a dangerous whirl of feelings washing over me.   You're so beautiful. I miss you.   No I don't. I hate you.

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    I want you, I want to fuck you, I hate you because I want you, you beautiful fucking bitch. My heart was thumping, and my dick was throbbing in my hand. I thought about ripping off the condom and wanking off over her, but no, that wouldn't be enough. I decide I want to fuck her from behind, feel her butt against my thighs as I thrust my dick into her cunt. With a deep breath, I threw back the covers quickly, all the way down past her feet.   She wore a long white nightdress, which came down past her knees. She stirred a little at the movement of the covers, then I was on top of her, pulling up her nightdress to uncover her ass.   Damn, she's wearing panties. She's awake now, and struggling "What are you doing?" she asks. "I'm raping you Jan, you bitch". I can't hold her down and get her panties off at the same time, and she struggles round to face me. "Get off. Stop it" she says, or words to that effect.   Oddly, we're both being quiet because her children are asleep in the next room, so it's a fairly silent struggle. I concentrate on the panties, if I can get them off I can manage the rest.

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    She's on her back now, no chance of my planned fuck-from-behind. I get my fingers inside her panty waistband, hook my thumb into the leg-hole and close my fist. I've got them held tight now, just a matter of tugging them down. I'm holding onto her wrists with my other hand, she's woken up to what's happening, I'm not coaxing or pleading for her "rewards", I'm taking them whether she wants to give them or not.   I back off her and pull, and the panties are round her knees. Another pull and they're off.  She tries to get off the bed but I have her by the leg.   I force my knee between hers, wedge her open and then I'm on top of her, her legs are open around me, but she's struggling still, trying to push or roll me off, but I push my hips up between her thighs and grab her wrists, hold them up over her head.   I thrust my hips, and miss. Damn. I let go one wrist and reach under her butt, find my dick and steer it into her cunt.   Being slack, she's easy to enter, and the lubrication on the condom is enough to let it slip inside. Now I can hold her down by my weight on her pelvis, I let go her arms, ignore her face - I wanted to fuck her from behind, but this will have to do - I hold onto her hips, while she continues to struggle and complain. "Stop. Don't do this.

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   Get off".   Actually its turning into one of the best fucks I've ever had from her, usually she's much less active. I thrust slowly, never taking it too far out in case I can't get it back in - she's impaled and can't get away.   I try some sweet talk: "Shut up you Fucking cunt.   I'm Fucking you and I'm going to Fuck you like this every Fucking night until you get the Fuck out of my house". I emphasised every "Fuck" with a hard thrust all the way up her cunt.   She stopped wriggling and just kind of stiffened up.   Now I was wishing she wasn't so slack - what if I couldn't cum?  I speeded up, pounding my pelvic bone into hers, all my weight on her and my hands under her ample arse, gripping her butt cheeks as I thrust faster and faster, come on, I'm urging myself, where's the fucking spunk gone.   This has gone on a lot longer than most of her willing fucks already, I'm dripping sweat onto her, I hope she hates that, and I'm still hard and now I can feel the familiar twinge in my balls and the glorious feeling starts to rise slowly up the length of my dick.   No stopping, I'm breathing hard, and I fuck her harder, past the point of no return, then I'm cumming into the condom inside her unwilling cunt. I keep thrusting till theres nothing left, then collapse on her, breathing heavily, my chin on her shoulder, her cheek next to mine but miles away. "Get off" she manages. "Fuck you" I reply, but I lift off her, grip my dick to hold the condom in place, and pull it out of her.   She curls up and turns away from me, silent.   "Goodbye Jan" I tell her as I head for the door.

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  The next day I left early, stayed away from the house until evening.   By the time I returned, there was no sign she'd ever been there.   Except for the cum-stained black G-string in my bed.   I wanked into it one more time, then threw it on the fire. .