My Biggest Mistake - Part 1


Now you don't expect strange men to come up to you and offer you money to sleep with them. I mean, they should be trying the red light district! And yet they did, right there with other people around. They were Americans and said they would pay me $500 if I slept with them and let them film it. What was worse was that I considered it. Less than a year ago I would have told them to fuck off, no question, but my course meant the world to me, and I wanted more than anything to continue. So I talked to the men. $500 would not be enough if I wanted to make it through the year safely and if I even considered this I wanted more. However when they saw I was interested they quickly increased the payment and I argued up to $1000. I was a bright girl, and wondered why the hell they would pay me $1000 for sex, it seemed ridiculous just for a home movie, but they came clean and said it would be shown on the net. "In that case I want at least $1500 I told them. " They were hesitant but agreed at last. "Just straight sex? No kinky stuff?""No Ma'am, we are still gentlemen," the younger one said. So I agreed and they lead me to their car. My mind was racing, what the fuck was I doing? I am so careful with guys normally, now I'm going to fuck some strangers? I studied them closely as we drove to their location. One was probably late 40s the other early 50s, they weren't that bad looking, but I guess they certainly couldn't get girls my age and that’s what they were after. I started to get nervous, shouting at myself in my head, they could be taking me anywhere! But when we pulled up outside the hotel they had stated we were going to I started to relax somewhat and when given a drink inside, even more so.

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  To tell the truth I hadn't had sex very much. I'm a good-looking girl for sure, long golden blonde hair, beautiful face, slim tanned body, and I liked to dress sexily but I'd mostly studied and didn't have that much time for dating, so I'd only slept with two guys before, both relationships didn't last long. Sure I had a sex-drive but kept it under control with a vibrator, which mostly I just used on my clit. Once in the hotel room, drinks in hands, the men started to look as if they were horny already, and the camera started rolling with a guy using it handheld. I felt really nervous and didn't know what was expected of me. Both men started to strip while I just sat there, and then I saw them. Both guys had such big cocks. Their penises were fucking massive and not even fully hard! Just looking at them made my pussy hurt. They were going to hurt me if they tried to get them inside. I tried to guess the measurements of one, and it must have been 13" and about 6" in girth, I doubt if I could fit it in my mouth and the other was just as bad. I decided there was no way I could do this. "Look, I'm so sorry, but I can't go through with this. I'm going to have to leave. ""Honey, you ain't goin' anywhere. ""Yeah, you agreed sweetypie," the other chimed in, "you can't back out on your verbal consent.

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  " I started to feel very afraid. "I know I agreed but I just can't go through with this. " I started for the door but the older man grabbed my arm in a vice-like grip. "Honey, we can do this the hard way or the really hard way, it's up to you, but you're not leaving. You are gonna get fucked whether you like it or not. " I couldn't believe what he was saying. Surely he couldn't mean it? I pulled my arm away and ran for the door, but was struck down before I got to the door. "Honey, I'll hit you as many times as it takes. You are not leaving till we are done with you. " My head hurt like hell, and my arm was red from his grip on me. I believed them, what could I do? He held out his hand and I took it shaking. He pulled me up from the floor and over to the bed again. "Take off your dress little girl, and your bra and panties, I wanna see those titties and tight little pussy!" the other man ordered. I started to cry. "Don't make me hit you again girl!" the other one yelled and slowly I began to undress.

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   I wasn't fast enough so the younger one pushed me onto the bed and ripped it off, then my bra and finally pulled my panties right off very harshly. "Now open your legs, I wanna see your cunt!""Please don't hurt me" I begged as he forced my legs wide open. He spread my pussy lips, quickly licked two of his fingers and in one motion shoved them roughly inside my vagina. "Aaaahhhh!" I cried. I wasn't used to having something in there and it hurt, I wasn't at all wet. "Fuck me, you are tight baby! Hey Tom come and feel how tight she is, are you a fucking virgin girl?" I shook my head as he pulled his fingers out and Tom pushed two in himself. "Boy, Billy you are right. We have one tight bitch on our hands. Can't wait to find out what your tight virgin ass is like too!" I burst into tears as he said this, with his two fingers probing inside me. What had I done? I had come here with these two men! How was I going to get out of here?"Right honey, on your knees, suck my cock, and wank Billy boy off!" I did as I was told, and swallowed as he forced his gigantic cock in my face. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go but it wasn't enough. "Fuck me, you can't even take my cock in your mouth? What's your cunt gonna be like!" With that he grabbed my head and forced his cock right in my mouth. Then out and in harder, pushing the cock at my throat. I gagged but he didn't care, and started fucking my mouth real hard and fast. All the while I was trying to wank Billy's cock in my hand.

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   Both were so hard I'd never felt anything like it. I hated the cock in my mouth, stretching it, and tears ran down my face as I knew they were going to fuck me. The fact it was being filmed with someone else watching was so humiliating and degrading. All the money in the world wasn't worth this. Tom pushed my mouth further and further onto his cock, every now and again shouting:"Yeah! Suck it honey, suck it good. " Until finally he erupted in my mouth, creamy spunk shooting down my throat and I was choking on it. I had to swallow, there was no choice, and there was so much when he pulled out of my mouth, it dripped out onto my breasts, with the last drops from his penis as well. Soon after Billy throbbed in my hand, but he withdrew and then shot straight in my face covering my nose, cheeks and mouth in white cum. I was dripping from it and they were spent, and laid on the bed. Maybe they could only cum once because of their age I thought, but I couldn't have been more wrong. My jaw ached from the stretching his cock had done. "Lay on the bed and rub yourself you cock-sucking whore," Billy commanded. Although it was the best thing I was asked to do so far, I felt so humiliated. Being filmed masturbating with two guys watching. I laid on the bed and rubbed my pussy, but found it very difficult to be turned on, so I imagined a guy I fancied at uni was eating me.

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   It worked and as I rubbed I got wetter until I let out a few soft moans. I kept my eyes firmly shut, and rubbed my clit harder and harder, moaning louder as the waves came over my body and I felt an orgasm coming on. Furiously I fingered my clit and pussy, this was probably the only enjoyment I would get tonight so I would make sure it was good. Finally I came loudly, making my clit almost sore I rubbed it so hard. I opened my eyes to find Tom standing over me, a raging hard-on pointing out at me. "I hope that made you wet enough," he said "because with what we have in store for you you're gonna need it. " With that he climbed on top of me. I tried to struggle but Billy held my arms and under Tom's weight it was useless. He pinned my legs apart, but then surprised me. He fingered my pussy, but gently, caressing my clit, pushing his fingers in, but in a way that turned me on. I started to get even wetter than I had already made myself. He finger fucked me real deep, adding his third finger going fast and hitting my g spot. I moaned. Perhaps this wasn't going to be so bad after all. He started fingering me furiously and I started panting, aroused so much, feeling the hint of a second orgasm on the way.

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   Then he pulled his fingers out and laughed. Spreading all my pussy juices from my fingers on his huge throbbing cock. Then he bent over, held his cock at the entrance of my pussy and pushed. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" I yelled. It hurt. His penis was far too big. He gave a second deeper thrust and pain shot through my vagina. "Does it hurt?""Yes, please stop, you're too big!""Don't worry, that’s what they all say, but I make them get used to it, just like you will. " I couldn't believe it. He was going to rape me. My orgasm vanished and I was filled with such pain, the walls of my pussy stretched beyond their limit, and were forced open. His thrusts became faster, and I begged him to stop but that only made him go harder and deeper. "Fuck, your pussy feels so good, so fresh and so tight!" He started fucking my pussy, getting about 8" in, and then onward and onward. The pain was unbearable and I screamed and cried but it was no use. He banged his huge cock further and further into me, penetrating everything that was innocent within me.

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   Because I had made him come once he lasted a long time, and fucked my pussy for almost half an hour. There was a clock on the wall so I could see every excruciating minute go by, as his cock pounded my cunt, harder and harder till I thought I would split open. Billy who was holding me just seemed to get off on it, his cock becoming rock hard again too. Tom was ramming his cock into me with all the force he could manage, and finally he shot his load right up my cunt. As he withdrew I saw his cock had blood on it. What had he done to me?"New tape guys," the cameraman suddenly shouted and exited the room. Did he think I was acting this? How could he watch them violating me and not help?"I think she should see what we are going to do to her next, don't you?" Tom asked Billy, and he pressed play on the video and switched on the TV. Nothing could prepare me for what I saw. There was a young girl just like me, bent over on all fours getting ramming in the ass by one of the men. The girl was screaming, but they kept fucking her. Then the tape cut to another girl and I saw something even worse. Billy was forcing his whole fist inside a screaming girl's cunt. The tape was playing just as his knuckles went in, and the girl looked as if she would pass out. "So, do you think you can take all that?" they asked. I looked at them in disbelief, how could they be such monsters? I looked at my broken pussy and the blood-stained sheet.

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   My pussy was stretched wide and hurt so unbearably, I desperate wanted to wash it, and somehow get out of here. I shuddered at what they proposed, surely they can't do this to me? But the look in their eyes and their evil grins told me they could, they would and nothing was going to stop them. Part 2 can be written if you want it.

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