My rape fantasy Part1


Topic: ApathyThis is a fantasy I've had for some time. If you enjoy it, let me know and maybe I'll post some others :D
    Kya was in the waiting room.   Once again, her dad had made her see her damn shrink. All he ever does is ask stupid questions and nod at her answers. She blew her greasy fringe out of her eyes and sighed. It was a humid day and her long black fringe was sticking to her face, highly contrasting with her pale asian complexion.
   She was barely 16, and was dressed casually in her black t-shirt and tight fitting jeans. Her T-shirt had a picture of the video game character Mario on it, and stuck tightly to her petite body.   She was a small girl, barely over 5ft2 and a skinny one as well. Over her adolescent years she had developed an eating disorder and had become a social recluse, spending most of her time in her room playing video games sometimes for days at a time, without sleep. "Miss Yukisaku?" a voice called. "Y. . . . .

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   Yes?" Kya sighed. "Mr Bradfield will see you now"  Kya sighed and picked up her fragile body off the seat. She was quite frail now, she hadn't eaten in a few days, but she liked the light headed feeling. It was euphoric to her. Kya knocked on the door. She did it aggressively. She didn't want M Bradfield to think she was doing it out of politeness. She hated these blind social rituals people felt the need to do. She didn't even feel the need to talk to others anymore. "Come in" a familar, husky voice said.
Kya entered the room, reluctantly meeting Mr Bradfields gaze. He was wearing a whilte doctors jacket and glasses. He was a tall, skinny man in his early 40's and had a full head of hair that he pathetically tried to style in a fashionable way He could just about see her moody eyes through her thick, black fringe.
"Ah yes, hello there Kya"
Kya just stared at him, not wanting to speak. She held the stare for a few seconds, loving the awkward tension she had created before laying down on the couch in the usual routine.

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"I see your stutter still has a hold of your tongue. . " he said in a rather insulting tone.
"F. . . Fuck you" Kya said, defiantly.
"There's no need for that. I was only joking"Kya lay there in silence, sighed impatiently and stared at the ceiling.
"Now, this is our seventh session and I'm feeling we have made very little progress. It seems you are reluctant to try out my exercises. Why haven't you tried to start a conversation with a stranger?"
"N. . . NO" Kya hissed angrily.

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"There's no need to be so defensive. . . "
"Strangers arrr" She paused and slapped herself on the face. The frustration of not being able to talk properly was like a constant itch in her mind that she was unable to scratch.
"Kya, you really need to stop doing that. I don't mind your stutter. It isn't as bad as you make it out to be. Starving yourself, cutting yourself and depriving yourself of interaction with others will not make it any better. I want to try something different today. Tell me. . . Do you often think about boys?"
  Kya looked at him, her eyes were a little wider, as if her interest in the conversation was suddenly sparked.

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  . . Yes. . . . but yoo. . . . you know that. You have all my journals. . . " she said slowly, trying to control her words.

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"I do. . . " Dr Bradfield said, glancing down at a page of her journal.
   Kya had drawn an erotic picture of her on a bed, with 4 naked men surrounding her and ejaculating all over her face. Kya had many deep sexual desires. She was incredibly frustrated. Because of her social problems she had never even kissed a boy. . .

"You seem to be a very sexual young woman. . . "
She nodded at his statement and Dr Bradfield turned the page over.
"On this page you've written down some sexual dreams you've had.

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  . . You say you constantly dream of being raped and humiliated by boys. Why do you think that is?"
Kya paused, looking into her minds eye she tried to search for the answer.   "I. . . . I. . I always. . . . Feel.

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  . . . . Humiliated and. . . r. . . . RRRR. . . .

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   Raped on a. . . . Ssssocial level"
"Does this excite you?" He was now looking into her eyes. She avoided his gaze.
"I. . I guess but. . . it. . . its mmmore about expressing the.

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  . . the pain, the. . . haaatred I feel for myself. I feel I desssserve it"
"Kya I want you to close your eyes for me, and tell me of your ideology. . . What YOU want out of your life. . "
Topic: Her ideology. . . "That sounds.


  . . . . . . . Lame" Kya said apathetically. "I want you to really think about it. Shut your eyes and don't stop talking until you're done.   Be as graphic as you can, ok?""Ok" she said reluctantly""Now. . Start. . .


  . ""I'm. . . On. . . ONNN. . . a beach and. . there is a boy wi. . .

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   with me. He is called ssssam. He's from ssschool. . . H. . He has lllllong blonde hair annd blue eyes. . W. . . We are looking at the. . .

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  . the stars and hhh. . he is holding me in hhhhis arms and telling mmmme all the names o. . . . of the constellations and whh. . . what they mean.   Corpus Chri. . . Corpus Christ Carol by Jeff Buckley is playing on the.

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  . . . ssstereo and he is stroking my. . . tummy and telling me how beau. . . . . beautiful I am. I fff. . .

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   feel like he could protect me from anything. i. . . . I. . . . . . . IIIII. . belong in his arms.

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   It is the firr. . . the FIRST time I have ever felt c. . . contentment. . . . "   Kya continued to describe details of herself and her dream boy. She was lost in this little utopia she had created for herself. She had suddenly became aware that she had been talking for some time.    "D. .

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  . . Doctor?" she enquired. . . He did not answer.
  Confused, she opened her eyes and looked up. Doctor Bradfield was standing up above her, completely naked with a throbbing erection. His penis matched his lanky physique, it was very long, at least 10 inches and the balls were bulging. He hadn't mastrubated for at least a few weeks.   "Wh. . What are you. . .

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  "  Before she could finish the sentence Dr Bradfield slapped her hard across the face.
    Kya screamed and bradfield shoved his hard cock into her little mouth to silence the noise. Bradfield was completely silent, squatting above Kya's face and easing his long dick further and further into her mouth.    Kya began to panic as she felt his dick move passed her tonsils. She desperately clawed at his legs which caused Bradfield to slap her again before authoritively and aggressively fucking her mouth, which caused Kya to gag. Spit and precum foamed from her mouth as Bradfield fucked her harder and harder, his balls loudly slapping against her chin.   The room was silent, except for the disgusting sound of Kya choking on his  juices.    After a few minutes of this violent attack Bradfield pulled out of her mouth and slapped his wet dick againt Kya's soft cheeks.   She was frozen with fear and was just grateful that she could breathe. He smeared his guices all over her, in her hair, on her lips, on her cheeks. She had her eyes shut, she didnt want to see his dick again.    "Is this what you wanted, Kya?" Bradfield snarled, squeezing her cheeks together and spitting on her face.    "To be humiliated?" he slapped her hard once again and Kya started sobbing horribly.     "Ah, you're finally showing emotion, I see. .

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      He lifted her up my her hair and threw her onto the floor. Kya pathetically crawled on the floor, trying to get to the door. She wanted to scream for help, but she was so posessed by her fear of stuttering and drawing attention to herself she simply couldn't.
      Bradfield made her stand up and pryed her mouth open with his hand before spitting in it.    "ANSWER ME!" he yelled in her face.    "Y. . . Yes" kya whispered.     "You even fucking stutter when you're terrified. You stupid fucking whore"   Bradfield slapped her yet again. The force was so hard Kya fell over. Bradfield quickly made her get to her knees and shoved his balls in her face.   Kya was repulsed by this vile act and thumped at Bradfields legs as hard as she could, but she was so weak from not eating that her efforts did nothing.     "Now, for your humilation" he snarled"    His balls were now in Kya's tiny mouth and his cock was against her face.

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       He let out a loud moan as urine shot out of him, into Kya's hair. He then pulled out of Kya's mouth and shot hot, disgustingly yellow piss on Kya's forehead, moaning at the sight of it slowly dripping down onto her face. Her eyes were shut and  she was crying uncontrolably. Even as she was being humiliated, she simply lacked the will to fight back.    Bradfield suddenly shoved his dick into Kya's mouth. The piss tasted disgusting and was quickly filling her mouth up. He squeezed her cheeks together, forcing her to spit the piss all over his dick. Kya just sat there in a puddle of urine with her eyes shut. The truth is that this was the first time any man had showed her attention, and she was secretly relishing it.    Finally, the piss stopped and bradfield ordered her to open her eyes. She did and looked down at herself. There were piss stains all over her t-shirt and she was kneeling in a huge puddle growing on the floor.
    Kya let out a little smile. . .


       she decided that she was going to enjoy this. Maybe if she did, he would at least stop hitting her,  She looked up at him and licked her lips, gently stroking Bradfields soft balls and smiled.   "M. . . . . More?"   Bradfield was shocked. He was trying to disgust this little girl. He was trying to make her feel real fear, real emotion. but there she was, smiling up at him in a puddle of his urine, stroking his hard cock with her tiny hand.     "I. . . want to be fucked by y.


      . by you" kya stammered. Her lips were touching the tip of his cock and she was grasping it firmly with both hands.    "Show me how much you want it" bradfield demanded.    Kya was now free to act out all her sexual desires. She felt at peace. She loved the fact that this man wanted her to suck his cock. It's what she always dreamed of.
       Without saying a word, she licked and gently bit Bradfield's balls before sleazily licking all the way up his shaft, giving his throbbing head a long, sleazy lick. She looked deep into his eyes as Bradfield grunted and groaned, wrapping her little lips around his huge shaft and pushing it into her warm, inviting mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head as she bobbed her head up and down, using her hand to jerk him off as she worked him with her mouth.   "STOP!" Bradfield demanded.    Kya reluctantly pulled him out of her mouth and pouted.
    If you want me to write more please leave a comment.

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