My Teacher


Topic: My teacherMy name is Kris this story is totally FICTIONAL although i wish it wasn't it takes place when i was in high school only a few years ago.
As a junior in high school grades were the last thing on my mind i loved having sex with girls. One day my science teacher Mr. Albert kept me after class. He tells me im failing. I really didnt care at the time but he kept telling me how i may have to get held back. After what seemed like hours of arguing about it i asked what i could do he said there was only one thing.
As he said this he took off his clothes showing off his hard 9 inch cock. I was shocked, he told me there was no choice for me i was going to get fucked and he would fuck me till i liked it.
He grabbed me and had me tied over the table, gagged me with his underwear. How does it taste he asked with a slight grin. It tasted like sweat, however i noticed it wasn't all that bad . Helpless i awaited the inevitable. He began kissing my body squezing and hitting my ass making it red.
 He took the gag out and asks me " who is your daddy slut ?"
" not you i replied "
His face gets red with anger
" your going to pay for this you little whore "
With that he spit on my ass and rammed is entire cock into my ass. I screamed so loud the pain was unbearable.

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"mmm you like that dont you SLUT !?!?!?!"
" OHH GOD !!" i scream " it hurts so bad please stop !!!''
He laughs and continues thrusting into my ass hard as tears from the pain run down my face. He grabs my hair and kisses me, thrusting his tounge down my throat. To this day that was the best kiss i've ever had. Despite the pain he was inflicting on me. I soon began to gain my composure as he began easing up slowing down alowing my once virgin ass to adjust to the cock it was recieving.
" mm where do you want it slut ? "
confused, i dont know what he wants he pulls his head out of my ass and walks around the table and shoves his cock down my throat forcing me to deep throat it "
" mmmmm suck that dick you little whore "
Pre cum begins filling my mouth and before i know it he busts his huge load in my mouth. Without even resisting i swallow.
He is so surprised by this that he has the urge to fuck more he puts his cum dripping cock back in my ass and grabs my hair as he ramms his increbily long member down my ass.
" mmmm who's your daddy ? he asks again
so overcome with extasy i start to moan
" mmmm uhh "
he fucks harder
" tell me who your daddy is you bitch ! "
He spanks my ass and not a second later i scream " Mmmmm you my daddy!! yess fuck me harder !! im your bitch your slut ! your whore !! YOUR SLAVE !!! "
" mmm" he laughs
" your such a pathetic little whore"
He starts jacking me off as he fucks my ass.
"does that feel good ?" he asks
I moan loud " mmmm yes fuck me harder im gonna cum!!"
Without even missing a beat he grabs me by my waist and fucks me hard ripping into my ass as i let out loud screams of my orgasm" with out me noticing he fills up a small glass with my cum.
" mmm that looks good" he says you should really try some.
he puts the glass to my lips , as i open my mouth and swallow every drop of my own cum.
" mmmm you going to be such a good obedient little whore aren't you "
" yes master " i reply
to be continued in shemale catagory