Naive Goth Raped and Brutalised By An Older Man


She almost fell against him again as they followed the twisting streets to his flat. Her big New Rock boots were hard enough to walk in sober, let alone as drunk as she was now. Torn fishnets, a short black skirt, a PVC bodice with long lacy gloves and a studded collar around her throat made up the rest of Emily's outfit. Her hair was long and silky black, her lips rich and crimson, her eyes shrouded in mascara. "Not far now," he said as he led her up a winding staircase, past closed doors. before she knew it she was in a darkened hallway that smelled of stale beer and aftershave, vaguely aware of a lock clicking shut behind her. She followed a light into a lounge dominated by a low glass coffee table and a leather suite. She went to take a seat but felt his hands grasp her by the hips. She tried to pull away but he twisted her around and his lips pressed against hers, his tongue forced it's way into her mouth. Awkwardly she stumbled back out of his grip. "What are you doing?" she asked, trying to regain her balance. "What do you think. Come on, let's not waste any time. You wouldn?t be here if you didn't want it. " "Whoah, wait, I think you?ve got the wrong idea here. .

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  . " "Wrong idea? You come out dressed like that and chat me up in the pub, come back to my place and then say you don't want to fuck?" Anger grew in the pit of Emily's belly. The arrogant son of a bitch. Alcohol helped the words flow out when normally she would have kept silent: "Fuck you? Piss off! You're way too old for me for a start, apart from the fact I don't even fancy you. This whole thing was a mistake, you sad old bastard. I?m leaving. " She hurried past him, the room swaying, and was just at the lounge door when an arm like an iron bar grabbed her around the throat and dragged her back into the room. She started to scream but his hand covered her mouth. "You teasing little bitch! Too old, you don?t fancy me eh? You?re going to learn some fucking respect, bitch. You?re going to learn the meaning of the word fucked. " She struggled against him but he held her fast. His other hand ran down over her chest and stomach, stroked up and down her flailing legs. She felt it snake up under her skirt and screamed into his hand again. He rubbed the heat beneath her black panties while she tried to coil away from his probing hands, filled with terror and revulsion, but he was far too strong and kept her pressed tightly against his body with ease. "Oh yeah, that?s what I want.

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   And you?re going to give it to me aren?t you?" She shook her head vehemently and he started pinching her inner thigh, agonisingly hard. "Yes you are, you little bitch," he said between her cries of pain. "One way or another, you?re going to give it all up for me tonight. " He dropped her and shoved her forwards so she fell over the arm of the leather couch. It punched into her midriff and knocked the breath out of her. She felt her arms being pulled back, something wrapped tightly around her wrists, cutting into them. Her arms immobilised, he began to run his hands over her body again, stroking her legs, squeezing her ass, groping roughly at her breasts through the PVC top. "Nice outfit, can think of a few improvements though," he said and yanked her skirt down over her legs and off. Her panties followed quickly. Feeling her cunt exposed to the air and to her tormentor?s eyes filled her with a deep sense of dread, so much deeper than the fear she had experienced up till now. He began to manhandle her again, dragging her up so that he was sitting on the couch and she was over his lap. Able to breathe again she started to struggle, writhing around and trying to free her arms and twist away but again he easily held her to him. "Oh that?s good bitch, keep struggling. I like that. " With horror she realised she could feel his rock hard cock pressing into her ribs through his trousers and the PVC bodice.

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   There was a sharp SMACK and pain exploded in her ass. She yelped and his hand came down again, again, again, on one tight little cheek then the other, every blow sending a wave of pain through her. To begin with she gritted her teeth and determined not to give him the pleasure of her writhing but before long the agony was too great and she was twisting around like a caught animal trying to get away from the hand that was inflicting so much pain, relentlessly spanking her until tears smeared her mascara down her face and she was begging him to stop. Finally his hand came to rest on her red and tender cheeks. "Now, you?re going to be a good little girl for me tonight, aren't you? Cause if you don?t, you?ll just get another spanking but the next one will be even harder and even longer. And trust me, I can go on all night. So are you going to be a good girl?" Defeated, helpless, broken, Emily nodded her head. "Say it!" "I. . . I'm going to be a good little girl for you. . . and do anything you want," she sobbed. "Let?s see how good you can be, then," he said with a grin and pushed her to the floor.

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   She was on her knees now, between his legs and he unbuckled his trousers, pulled the zip down and slid them down to his knees. Emily watched as his fat, hard cock sprang up right in front of her face. The head was very wet. He pulled her head in closer with his left hand and with his right guided his dick to her face and across her lips, smearing precum over them. He trailed it around her face, leaving a trail over her jaw, cheekbones and forehead, slapping her with it. Emily gagged as felt the wet trails he left on her skin but had to suppress it when he suddenly slid his sweaty cock over her crimson lips and began fucking her mouth. She choked as it filled her mouth and blocked her throat; the taste was awful. He kept up a litany of humiliating abuse as his cock slid back and forth over her tongue. "Oh yesssss, that's it. What a sweet little cocksucking mouth you?ve got there, bitch. Use your tongue, that?s it, you want to keep daddy happy, don?t you? Sure you do, then he might give your cute little pussy what its been aching for all night. Oh yeah, you were just born to service cock weren?t you, you fucking whore?" His big hands were gripping her head tightly and she was aware of making a noise, a constant high moaning in the back of her throat that changed in pitch every time he slid his cock back out of her mouth then thrust it back in again. It was all she could do to try and keep breathing through her nose as she clutched his mucular thighs, holding herself upright as his heavy balls banged against her chin. He stopped thrusting into her with his hips and instead began shoving her mouth back and forth over his cock. The drink, the taste of him and the jerking motion made her dizzy; she thought she was going to vomit and choke on her own puke.

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   He was shoving her head around faster and faster and no longer talking, just moaning and gasping above her. Suddenly he pulled out and shoved her away. Caught off guard Emily fell back to the floor, legs splayed, and just lay there gasping for breath. He was panting too, his face red and his hairy chest rising and falling. "Almost came there. Not ready for that. Not nearly done with you yet," he grinned. Emily didn?t even try to plead with him although her mouth was free. She knew it would do no good. Emily had never felt so utterly helpless before. As she lay there coughing, weak, cunt exposed to the older man towering above her she was filled with shame. She had responded to his cock in her mouth only through fear of what he might do to her and in the hope that if he came quickly he would let her go but that knowledge didn?t make her feel any less dirty. She jerked in fear as he placed one boot over her cunt and pinned her down. His chest was heaving as he tried to control himself, his dick waving above her. There was an animal lust in his eyes that terrified her.

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   She knew without a doubt he was going to fuck her, and there was nothing she could do about it. "See what happens when you're bad? When you act like a slut, you get fucked like a slut. It?s an important lesson and I?m going to make sure you never forget it. " And with that he grabbed her by the collar and pulled her across the floor. He dragged her out and down the hallway. She scrabbled at the floor, trying to keep up, but as he pulled her along pain shot through her neck. A light flickered on and she felt cold tiles against her body - the bathroom. It was narrow with a bathtub to the left and a toilet straight ahead. She thought he was going to throw her in the bath and couldn?t think why but before she knew it her head was over the toilet and his hands were on the back of her head, shoving down. NO! She struggled again and tried to get away but from her doggie position had no hope, he not only had far greater physical strength but had all the leverage too. Her face was barely an inch above the water in the bowl now. He wrapped one hand in her hair, getting a good grip, then removed the other from her head. She realised immediately it was to guide his cock into her and she screamed as he forced his way painfully inside her. It felt massive inside her, violating her, more and more shoving in until his hips were pressed against her ass, his belly resting on her lower back. He leaned forwards and flushed the toilet.

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   Water coursed over her head, matting her hair, blinding and choking her. Simultaneously he began to fuck her with long, fast, painful strokes, returning his other hand to her head to hold it under the torrent of water. Her screams were drowned out as he thrust into her again and again, in and out, in and out, pounding her cunt, using her body for his own animal pleasure as if she were nothing more than a toy. Her head bounced off the porcelain bowl as he increased the tempo of his fucking. He flushed again and shoved her head right down into the toilet water. Her lungs burned and panic swelled in her. She tried to push up but was helpless. As black spots danced across her eyes she flailed around wildly with her body, thrashing her legs and trying to kick him off - and he finally came in a series of long. slow thrusts, spurting his vile cum inside her. Then she was free and tore herself out of the toilet, gasping for breath. She lay on the icy tiles panting and only barely aware of him moving above her, cleaning his cock with some toilet paper. After a time she tried to sit up but he immediately placed his boot on her chest and slammed her back down to the floor. "Well, did you enjoy your fucking?" he asked pleasantly. "Yes," she croaked. What else could she say? He pressed his weight onto her chest and she groaned in pain.

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   "Yes what, you ungrateful whore?" "Yes. . . sir. . . thank you sir. " With that he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the bathroom and down the hall. She was too exhausted to scream and just groaned at the pain in her head as he pulled her over the carpet. She felt herself thrown out of the front door and a few seconds later her clothes landed beside her. "Thanks for the ride. You were a good little fuck," he said and closed the door, leaving her crying naked on the cold concrete floor until she was able to stagger to her feet, dress and go home. .

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