Part One Amy's Tragedy


Amy was a very pretty girl; she had long, wavy black hair, mint green eyes and creamy ivory skin.   She had a lush, curvy hourglass figure with big bouncy breasts and a firm, well-rounded ass.   She was of medium height being neither too tall nor too short.   She was a healthy 130lbs, 20 years old and she was still a virgin.   That was a little odd but had decided to save herself for "Mr. Right".   It was hard to deny herself any chance to have sex as she had a very sexual nature but she was determined to wait so she would just have to please herself until he showed up.
            Amy had spent the afternoon at the beach with her friend, Serena, who had just left and was just getting ready to leave herself when a large shadow came over her.   Amy lifted her head, expecting to see clouds in the sky, and saw 3 guys.   "Want to play some water volleyball with us?" asked the blond one.   "Um, no thanks.   I was just about to leave. "  "Aw, come on," said the black-haired one.   "No, sorry.   I have to get to the grocery store tonight. "  "Alright, your loss," said the brown-haired guy.

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    "Maybe next time," Amy called as they walked away.   Amy studied the guys as they walked away.   They were all well-built, tall and quite good looking and Amy really wished she could stay but knew that she'd never get all her errands done if she did.
            Amy went to her car and put her things into the trunk and threw on a baby-tee and skirt over her black string bikini and slammed the trunk.   She hit the button on her car remote to unlock the doors and was just about to get in when she felt something hard, cold and sharp pressing into her exposed lower back.   "Give me the keys and get into the back seat and I won't hurt you. "  Amy turned and handed the man the keys and gasped with shock when she recognized the black-haired guy from the beach.   "You!"  "Get in the car, lady, before I decide I'd rather just kill you. "  He emphasized his words with a tiny jab of his knife at her back.   She quickly slid inside the backseat and he followed and she was just about to try to get out the other side the black-haired guy's blond buddy slid in beside her, stopping her escape.   The brown-haired guy got in the driver's seat and the black-haired guy gave him the keys and they drove off.
            The black-haired guy then pulled out a blindfold and tied it around Amy's eyes.   "What do you want with me?!  Where are you taking me?!  What are you going to do to me?!"  Amy asked desperately, suddenly very scared and unable to hide it.   "We're going to take you back to our place and teach you a lesson.   If you're a good girl and behave we might even let you go afterwards, if you piss us off we'll probably kill you.

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  "  That was the blond guy talking as the voice was close and didn't sound like the black-haired guy.   "Um, what kind of a lesson?"  "About being a teasing bitch!"  That was definitely the black-haired guy as he'd done the most talking so far she had no trouble recognizing his voice.   With that said he pinched her nipples hard and another hand (she assumed the blond guy's) ran over the crotch of her shorts.   Against her will Amy felt her nipples become hard and her pussy dampen.   Oh God, I'm going to be raped! 
            They drove for over two hours and for all Amy knew they were in another city, while they were actually across town in the rural part of her city, only 30 minutes from her apartment near the beach.   The car made one last turn and paused then moved slowly forward and stopped.   The black-haired guy pulled her out of the car and she heard the other two guys get out and with the knife still at her back the blindfold was taken off.   Amy realized they were in a garage, which would effectively hide her car if anyone started searching.   Her heart sank as she suddenly realized no one would probably even begin looking until at least Monday when she should be at work and possibly not even until Tuesday night when she was supposed to have dinner with Serena and Ben.   Today was Saturday.   That gave them 2 or 3 days in which to rape her -- if they kept her that long -- and there was no way she'd be found immediately once the search was on.   The brown-haired guy and the blond guy were going in a door that connected with the house and the black-haired guy pulled her along and once they were in the house they took her to the basement.  
            When the basement door opened she gasped as she saw what was in the large rectangular room.   She realized what exactly was in store for as she looked around.   On one side of the room there was table in one corner, a bed against the wall in the middle and a couch with a rug in front of it in the other corner.

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    In front of all three was a video camera on a tripod and in further study she realized there were fastening on the table, bed and on the rug in front of the couch to tie her down with if she fought or disobeyed their orders.   Hanging on the wall across from this were a few whips and laid out on two tables were some lubes and nipple clamps, dildos, vibrators, and anal plugs and beads of various sizes.   There were also a few things she didn't know to name and something that looked like a fucking machine she'd seen on the internet.   There was also a shower cubicle and a shelf with some towels and linens on it and there was a mini-refrigerator as well.   And, strangely enough, there was a door at the end of the room that had a key code lock on it.   It must lead outside!  Amy thought if she watched them closely enough whenever they went to that door maybe she would be able to escape at some point.  
            "Go lay down on the bed," said the blond guy.   She hesitated and it earned her a cuff to the back of her head.   Rubbing it she hurried over to the bed and laid down.   The brown-haired guy went to check the video camera in front of the bed, Amy figured it was to make sure the whole bed was in view of the camera.   While he was doing that the black-haired guy and the blonde guy came over and pulled her arms above her head and cuffed them above her head.   They then pulled her legs apart and cuffed her ankles to the corners of the bed.   This can't be what my first time will be!  Some disgusting brutal rape!  In a state of denial and regretting for the first time her virginity (because this was bound to be more painful than normal because of it) she didn't notice right away that the guys were undressing.   She looked at them as she finished and their cocks were fully erect as they walked towards the bed.   The black-haired guy's cock was a good 7.

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  5" long and 2" thick and the brown-haired guy's had to be at least 8" long and 2" thick and the blond guy's cock was 9" and 2. 5" thick.   This is going to really hurt, Amy thought.   I'll never fit them in me!  Frantic, Amy started to struggle wildly at her bonds.
            "Calm down, lady.   You're just going to make it worse. "  This came from the brown-haired guy.   Amy stopped, realizing they were probably right.   "Good girl," said the blond guy.   "Now, I'm John, he's Tom," he indicated the black-haired guy, "and he's Rob," indicating the brown-haired guy, "what's your name?"  "Amy," she didn't think to lie, all her I. D. was in her purse and if they checked it they might be angry with her if she lied.   "Okay Rob, start recording. "  Rob went over and hit the record button and came back to the edge of the bed.   Tom pulled out his knife and cut her baby-tee and skirt off and Amy squirmed a little as she only had her bikini on now.

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    Tom made short work of her string bikini and she was now fully exposed and she felt her face turn red with shame when she remembered she couldn't use her hands to cover herself.   "My my, what big titties you have, Amy. " said Tom as he tossed his knife away.   "Yeah, we can't wait to suck on them and pinch them," said John.   "And look at that pussy, nicely shaved with plump lips," said Rob.   Amy started to pull against her bonds in earnest now and was struggling so wildly that they got pissed off and John delt her a good slap to her right breast and Tom slapped her left one.   Rob was standing beside John and he leaned over and gave her pussy lips a little slap.   Amy froze, terror clear on her face.   Oh my God, I'm totally helpless!  "Please," she begged, "please don't do this!  I don't want my first time to be rape!"  Realizing what she had said she winced, she'd just given them another way to brutalize her (by making sure that her first time was very very rough and painful).
            "Well, well, if you're still a virgin then you really are a little teasing bitch and you need to be punished!"  Said Tom, the other two nodded in agreement.   With that, Tom knelt beside the bed and John and Rob followed suit.   Tom and John started to pinch and pull at her nipples, already hard from the cool air, and Rob spread her pussy lips and started fingering her clit.   Against her will Amy felt her nipples get harder and her pussy started to get wet, when she felt this her face burned with shame.   Suddenly Tom and John were licking her nipples and then blowing on them and they tightened even more and then they started to suck on them while kneading her breasts.   Rob was fingering her pussy in earnest now and with his other hand he slid a finger inside her now juicy pussy, she tensed at the intrusion, she'd never had anything up there!  "Man, this slut is tight!"  Rob exclaimed.

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    "Who gets her first?"  John pulled away from her breast, "Me.   I'm the biggest and we'll get a great scream from her if I'm the one to plunge in. "  Amy dimly heard these terrifying words but with Rob fingering her clit and G-spot and Tom suckling her breast she was building up to a climax.   Rob suddenly pulled his hands away and she moaned in protest as he moved to her free breast, John moved down to her pussy and started to eat her out.   Flicking his tongue over her clit and then delving into her pussy, then going back to focus on her clit.   John slipped a finger in her and starting pumping it in and out, she thought she was going to explode and she pushed her pussy against his face and he inserted another finger and started pumping them again.   Amy exploded into the most intense orgasm of her life and John added a third finger and kept going just as her second orgasm started John pulled his fingers out and took his mouth away and positioned his cock in front of her sopping pussy and thrust in hard.  
            Amy's orgasm stopped abruptly as she let out a bloodcurdling scream of pain, "Ahhhhhhhhhh!  No!  Owwww!"  John had 4" of his monster cock in her and she felt like she was splitting in half with that 2. 5" thick cock in her.   He thrust hard again and another 2" was rammed in and her cherry popped, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh God!  Get it out now!  Owwww!"  She whimpered and moaned in pain that was so intense that she felt her juices start to dry up and she buck her hips trying to dislodge him and instead sending another inch of his cock in and when she bucked again at this additional pain he thrust again and the final 2" went in and his balls touched her pussy lips.   "AhhhhhhhhhOwwwwww!"  Amy screamed and moaned as tears rained down her face.   While John had been entering her Tom and Rob had stopped to watch but now that John was fully in they went back to suckling and pinching and twisting her nipples and John just let his cock sit in her as he started to finger her clit.   As some of the pain died away and she started to feel the tingling of desire again as her nipples were played with and John fingered her clit.   Then he started to move his cock in and out in small thrusts.
            Pain reignited, though at a lesser degree, and she started to whimper again as the dry friction of John's thrusting increased it's pace and length.

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    He was still fingering her clit and Tom and Rob were still suckling her nipples and she could feel an orgasm start to build and soon John was pulling 8" of his 9" cock out and slamming it home again as quickly as he could and she started to buck her hips and then, as he thrust deep again, she shattered into a pleasure-pain orgasm and he kept pumping her until she was on her third orgasm and he gave a final thrust and his load of hot cum spurted deep into her.   Spent, John pulled out and came over to her face as Tom pulled away from her breast and moved down to her pussy.   "Clean it off, slut. "  John commanded and when she hesitated he raised a hand and she quickly opened her mouth and he shoved his cock halfway in and she started to move her tongue around his fat cock licking his cum, her cum and her blood off of it (although there wasn't much blood left), as he started to get hard again he started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth and she gagged when he started to go into her throat.  
            She started to suck him off as he pumped in and out and suddenly she felt another cock shove into her pussy!  Tom had thrust all 7" of his cock into her at once and she gave a muffled half-scream and she was very tender and sore.   Tom started pumping in and out of her pussy right away, giving her no time to adjust to him and at the same time she had John's cock in her mouth to deal with and so she sucked harder and he pumped in and out a little faster.   Rob left her breast and unlocked her right hand and said, "Jerk me off, whore. "  Amy reached over clasped Rob's 8" cock in her hand and started to jerk him off with John pumping in and out of her mouth and Tom fucking her pussy like a maniac.   She felt herself start to cum again and she felt John's cock tense and he said "I'm gonna cum, you swallow it slut!"  Amy was cumming and John blew his wad in her mouth and she tried frantically to swallow it all quickly without gagging and only a little trickle dribbled out.   John pulled his cock from her mouth and Tom came in her pussy as her second orgasm started and she was still jerking Rob off when he came, his cum spraying all over her breasts and stomach.  
            Tom pulled his cock from her pussy and came up to her face and told her to clean it off so she started to lick it off and suck on it and soon he was pumping it in and out of her mouth and John told her to jerk him off so she took his newly hardened cock in her hand and started to whack him off and Rob moved down to her sopping pussy, oozing with cum and thrust his 8" cock home in one hard thrust and started fucking her hard and fast.   Amy moaned, thinking it would never end and feeling intense shame that she was getting pleasure out of this rape.   As Rob pumped in and out of her pussy Tom came in her mouth and she swallowed it all on his command then he pulled out and then John came, spraying hot cum all over her breasts and stomach, adding to cum already there and she let go of his cock and she started to come from the deep fucking she was getting from Rob and then he came inside her and when he finished cumming he pulled out and came up to her face and told her to clean him off.   So she sucked his cock off too and he hardened and started pumping in and out of her mouth.   Tom and John watched while stroking their cocks.

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    Finally Rob came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop she could of his hot cum and then Tom and John sprayed their loads all over her face and body.  
            "This is what you get for being a tease, whore!  Someone will eventually make you put out what you've been offering but not giving. "  Tom stated this and John went and stopped the recording.   Amy had forgotten the camera and once again her face burned with shame.   Rob came over to the bed and unlocked her wrist and ankles and he helped her stand up.   Amy moaned in pain as she took a couple of steps.   "What are you going to do with that video?"  Amy asked anxiously.   "We're going to rent it out in our adult video store and sell it to the customer who requested it. "  John informed her.   "Requested it?"  Amy asked, bewildered.   "Yeah.   We take customer requests on the films we make for a price and this guy requested that we use you in particular for 5 films. "  Rob explained.   "Who asked for me?"  "A guy who you teased no doubt," said Tom.   "Anyways, go over to the shower stall and get nice and clean," said John, "and there is food in the little refrigerator so eat something.

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  "  With that they left, locking the door behind them and going upstairs.
            Amy gratefully went and showered, thinking nothing of evidence, wanting only to be clean.   Amy stayed in the shower for about 30 minutes, letting the warm water soothe her soreness.   Afterwards she found some new sheets and blankets and remade the bed before sitting down on it with some food.   While she ate she couldn't help thinking that if they let her go going to the police would be a fruitless effort as they wouldn't believe she hadn't willingly starred in the videos but she would try to convince the cops anyways.   She wondered if the man who'd requested her was an ex-boyfriend or just some guy who'd seen around town.   Though Amy was reluctant to let her guard down she was sore and exhausted so when she finished eating she laid down on the bed and went to sleep on her stomach.
            Amy woke up some time later (very early morning) and John, Rob and Tom were sitting around her on the bed, once again, naked.   Tom ran a hand over her ass cheeks and gave them a sharp slap and she jumped and said "Hey!" then quickly said "sorry!  I forgot where I was!" hoping they wouldn't hurt her for her rudeness.   Tom ran a finger between her ass cheeks while John said it was okay and she froze when Tom stopped his finger on her butthole and pressed his finger on it like it was a button, "ever been ass-fucked before?" he asked.   Amy swallowed a sarcastic retort and whispered a frightened "no".   "Well, you're about to be. "
To Be Continued. . .

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