Raped By My Mother


When i was around my mid teen`s i had started to go into puberty. For me,i was one of the boys who grew up late. I knew some friends who already had deep voices,and interest in girls already. But me. . . it did not really bother me for a long time,but everyone has to grow up sometime. I did,life was actually going pretty well for me. I had just got my first girlfriend,spring had just come,which meant school would be over soon,and i could just enjoy summer vacation. But there was something that did bother me,as a matter of fact it was the only thing that bothered me. It was how my mother acted around me. . .
Normally my mother acted very reasonable and respectful around me,but recently that has started to change. Like how she dresses around the house,she use to wear a long shirt,and pants,or concealing pajamas. But now she wears just one of my father`s fancy shirts,and just her panties.

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  Sometimes she even walks around the house naked in front of me. Personally i thought it was a bit crazy.
There would be times when i was doing my homework and my mother would come in naked,she would "accidentally" drop something on the floor and bend over to pick it up. She would show me her large ass on purpose,other times i would come into the kitchen to find her sitting at  chair and fingering herself right in front of me. Maybe i did not bother to realize it,she was still young. She got married early in life,she was in her late 30`s as a matter of fact.
Her breasts were still firm,and there were no birthmarks on her body. Her skin tone was of a normal color,and her hips and legs were still lean and firm. Her ass was a little large,but that was alright. She has short shoulder length brown hair,and eyes. However,those eyes looked a bit glassy whenever she saw me.
Near the end of school the weather had gotten warmer,so i was wearing t-shirts with shorts. One day i was eating breakfast in the kitchen,when my mother came in and sat ajecent to me. I just looked at the cereal box,and continued eating. She was wearing a small red t-shirt with panties today,she would make a look at me,and start to caress her breasts.


  I hid my face behind the cereal box,as i tried to finish up my breakfast.
My mother "accidentally" dropped  empty cup on the floor,and asked me to pick it up. I did,as i pulled my chair out,to reach down to pick it up. As i grabbed it,i saw my mother`s bare feet standing in front of me. As i leaned up,i looked up her legs to see that her panties were right in front of my face. She would bring both hands,as one pulled her panties to the side,i saw her pussy which was not really hairy,as her other hand pushed her pussy open so i could see her wet hole.
It was very wet,she was aroused again. I looked away,she wouldn't move,as if she was waiting for me to lick it or something. I darted out of the kitchen,slightly disturbed,grabbed my bookbag and left. I started spending more and more time with friends,i had no choice since i did not really feel safe at home. There were times that my friends would walk with me home,and they saw her naked in front of a window waiting for me to come home. Other times people would just see her bent over,with her ass pressed against the window closest to the front door.
She would also say sexual and dirty things to me at times also,i refused to look at her or reply when she made comments. I had gotten close with my girlfriend,and actually had my first kiss recently. However,my mother continued to do lewd and perverted things around me.

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  Recently things began to escilate,she started to pry my bedroom door open and spy on me as i slept. One time i even awoke to find her next to me in my bed.
Out of all the people in the world,your meant to trust your parents right?Your mother right?I once belived that,i really did. Until something happeend to me,something that i will never forget. . . it was on the last day of school. I made myself waffles and was eating them during breakfast,i wanted to head out early to try and avoid my mother. I thought i would actually not see her at breakfast today,but soon i learned that i was wrong.
She came in,wearing a white dress shirt that belonged to my father. She also had on  pair of white panties,and black socks. Sitting adjacent to me,she would merely put her elbows on the table,making sure to press her large breasts on the table in front of me. I had no cereal box to hide behind this time,so i tried looking around the kitchen. She had a especially hazy look in her eyes today,as she stretched a leg under the table. I felt her toes pressing against my shorts,and my cock.

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I tried to ignore it at first,but my mother continued to rub her toes,inside her silk black socks against my shorts. After putting a fork,with some waffles into my mouth,i murmured "Stop it. " at her. She refused,finally i had enough. Throwing the fork onto my plate,i pulled my chair away and used my hand to shove her foot away. Now that i think of it,i wish i had not done that. . .
Leaning forward in the chair,i pointed at her "What`s wrong with you mom?All this insane things you`ve been doing recently?What the HELL is wrong with you?" we began to argue. I cant really remember what,since it all happened in a blur. My mother leaned toward me,and grabbed me. I wasn`t yet strong enough to fight her off,with a insane look in her eyes,she forced a kiss upon my lips. I felt her tounge,slide around inside my mouth trying to find mine.
I broke the kiss off,my mother slowly licked her lips in front of me. It was obvious she wanted more than just a kiss,frantically looking around the kitchen.

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  She managed to hold me with one arm,and pull me toward the kitchen table. Using her other arm to swipe,and throw everything off it,she forced me onto the table.
I could still remember dishes,and plates being broken,as my mother got ontop of me. Her lean legs were bent,as i saw her breasts seen inside my father`s work shirt. The morning sun,had come through a kitchen window,and lightened her chest. I saw her nipples were hard,i could hear one plate that had not broken,but it was spinning on the floor,as my mother tried to unzip my pants.
In a blurred haze i saw my hands fighting to keep my shorts zippered,but her hands smacked mine away. Soon she was using her hands to tear at my shorts,i heard the jeans rip open,as she saw my underwares. Unconsciously,my cock was sem-hardned. It was clear my mother had really lost it,since all she had to do was pull it down. Instead she tore at the elastic,i could seee and hear the underwear being torn.
My mother shifted,as i heard the table creak beneath us. She used one of her legs to keep one of my arms away,while she used one of her own hands to keep my other arm away. Using her right hand,she stroked,and squeesed my cock hard. It was degrading,without me wanting it,my cock got fully erect with my mother`s blurred hand motions around it.

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I did not want this,i wanted to be my first time to be with my girlfriend. Not with my mother,i was pinned down so much,that i could only see the lower half of my mother`s face. I saw her sadistic smile,as she moved herself over,and stopped jerking my cock. She managed to push her panties to the side,and steady my cock so her pussy was right over it. I struggled to get her off,but i couldn't. I saw her mouth open a little,but still keep her smile,as she then lowered herself onto my cock.
My mother loved the fact that she took the virginity of her own son,i did not like the feeling. I felt her pussy contract and tighten all around me. She used both hands to push up my shirt,and feel my chest as she leaned to keep my hands down. She started to ride my cock,up and down. I saw her large breasts bounce from her motions,i could hear her moans and the table creaking beneath us.
I never felt so dirtied and ashamed,i wanted to have sex with my girlfriend,not my mother. She did not care,she was enjoying this alot. The kitchen began to spin,my teeth would clench as i felt myself shoot a load of cum into my mother`s pussy. It hurt,since i tried to keep myself from comming.

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  My mother felt that i came,because i saw her tounge slide over her lips.
I don't know how long it went,my mother raping me. Eventually i was too tired to even resist her,she then got off me,standing on the table over me. Her pussy was soaked with my cum,some of her panties got covered,and the cum was running down her legs. I saw some sweat on my face,as she looked like she enjoyed herself. Like she got something she was planning for years.
My cock twitched,my mother then got back down,and sat ontop of me. Using both hands she jerked my cock hard,it hurt. I could hear her breathing hard,i couldn't hold it anymore. As my cock then shot another load of cum,dazzed i saw the cum fly up. My mother`s twisted smile had returned.
The End
Eric Luna 2006
No piece of this story can be edited,changed,or used without permission from author.
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