Scarred Forever


She was walking down the dark street, slightly drunk. It was almost midnight and, Carey was her name, she could sense the same presence she'd sensed in the bar and as she had left her appartment earlier. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end. Her pace quickened, she was only one block from her appartment.
What she couldn't see in the dim light given by the streetlamps was the tall dark figure in the alley across the street.
She was relieved when she walked in the large silent building, she felt a little more calm and decided to take the elevator instead of the stairs for once. She had a great fear of larger and stronger men, and that was pretty much all the residence staying in her appartment building, so she never took the elevator in fear one may attack her while they're alone. A silly superstition she knew.
As she fumbled with her key in the lock she felt the same, familiar presence nearby. She finally slid the key in the doorknob opened the door, as she did so her purse fell on the ground. As she bent down to pick it up she felt a large, strong manly hand grope her ass and another slap tight across her mouth as she opened it to scream in fear.
"Don't make this harder than it has to be" a deep voice growled at her from behind, definetly a man. She was still bent over, the crotch of his pants rubbing softly against the butt of her dress. Her whole body was trembling, Carey had never been more scared in all her life.
He pushed her in hard from behind, forcing her to fall forward and narrowly miss hitting her head on the oposit wall, but she hit the floor with a hard Thud all the same, he entered her appartment slowly, examining the couch and bedroom down the hall especially as he advanced on her, always keeping her in eyes view.
"Please! Take anything you want, just don't hurt me!" She pleeded.

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   His laugh was hollow and cold. It made her shudder. He stepped ut of the shadows finally and she saw his face, it was lean and detailed. His hair was a deep shade of brown, but his eyes were the worst part, they had no love in them. . . they were very cold, reminded Carey of ice. It was time for the taunts to begin:
"So carey" He sneered, " Out of your 3 holes how many have been fucked?" She starred up at him in fear, too scared to even move. His mocking smile faded and he was frowning. "What? Not the talking type. . . . Carey" Her eyes widened as her name echoed through her head. How could he know her name? Was he stalking her? Carey started backing up now, and he just continued advancing, he was standing right over her when her back met the wall behind.

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"Don't run from me bitch!" He spat at her. She wimpered and could do nothing more than wimper against the wall. He slapped her across the face hard. Her head flew violently to the side with the blow. He opened his pants while she recovered from her daze, revealing a massive 9 inch cock. Carey opened her mouth to scream, and he shoved his member down her throat to tranquilize the noise, the scream instead was used to his advantage as it vibrated his cock in her mouth. He could feel some teeth and he kicked her hard, the teeth retreated. "Suck it you slut!" She had never given a man head before, and she was scare he may hurt her, so she obeyed his commands. Only going on what she has seen in movies, Carey sucks his cock, licking and sucking hard on his now erect cock. His head was pointed towards the ceiling, moaning with his eyes shut. "Not to hard luv" He muttered as she kept going, he wasn't holding her in any way and she could feel herself getting excited to see him enjoying it. She didn't ENJOY being violated but she felt she was accomplishing something.
It was only after 3 minutes she felt a great warmth in her mouth, she could feel and taste his hot, sticky sperm running down her throat. He pulled away and demanded she swallow it ALL. She shook her head defiantly, disgusted with the taste, and started spitting on the carpeted floor.

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   He rolled his eyes in annoyance and slapped her harder than before. "I said swallow BITCH!" he screamed. She stared for a moment, and with another threatening look from those. . . piercing eyes she reluctantly contracted the muscles in he throat, letting the warm liquid slide down her throat. After it all went down she collapsed on the floor.
"Tasts good doesn't it?" He jeered. She was tired and couldn't manage to get the words out so she shook her head roughly from side to side. He crossed the room and threw some pillows off the couch. Carey didn't pay any attention though, she just layed in the same spot on the floor until his great, strong arms came and lifted her up in one quick motion. The rapist threw her onto the couch, she made a move to run but he slammed her back down, punching her hard in the gut. She was winded, and could do nothing more than sit there and catch her breath. The tall man didn't even let her do that, his dick was once again hard and ready for more, she couldn't believe the recovery speed! His hands were on the back of her knees and pulling her ankles up over his broad shoulders, forcing her legs wide open. Her silky dress slipped down and bunched on her stomach, revealing her red, silk thong.

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   He grinned at her sexy, smooth legs. "Damn. . . . you have a great choice of lingerie!" He said triumphantly. He pulled her thong up her legs, near his face and with a motion removed them completly. He goggled her clean shaven pussy for a moment then moved in closer so his massive, erect cock was at the entrance to her cunt. He teased her while watching the reaction on her face change as he poked the head of his cock in slowly, the expression on her face for this was pain. Carey was OH so tight, she was a virgin. A 20 year old virgin holding out for when she got married. "How old-fashioned of you! Well. . . it's always lovely to steal an unwilling woman's innocence!" He smiled in his evil way again, it made her wimper and cringe in fear, and that only got him EVEN MORE worked up.

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   Carey was tired from struggling up until then, it only made him hurt her again. She was very sensitive about her virginity though and it made her reach up and start hitting him. A futile effort. He simply moved forward quickly, slamming her arms down hard into her chest making her yelp in pain while her soft and delicate breasts were being crushed by this montrous man! He seemed to like it, as he played with them through her dress, massaging them gently. Aa greedy look in his eyes"N-no! Please! I'll do anything! Just don't take away my innocence. . . m-my pride!" She cried out. He laughed and very suddenly shoved his whole 9. . . now 10 inches deep into her tight virgin pussy. She screamed in pain, it was a humiliating action! She was ashamed as the pain mixed with a new pleasure she had never felt before! The rapist saw this and that only made him go harder, faster and DEEPER into Carey! She cried and moaned in turn with his poundings. After 10 minutes of her humiliation they BOTH reached climax, their cum mixing together in one great swirl of warm liquid over his, now limp, cock. She kept her eyes tight shut after he had pulled his once pulsing dick out of her with a great sigh of contentment.

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   He re-zipped his pants and kissed her lips soflty, muttering in her ear "You were amazing, maybe we can do this again sometime" And he was gone. They had both received their pleasure that night, turning her into the woman she is today. Carey never did see her rapist again. . . . . but he saw her.

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