Silken Chains Part Four


 As he stood over the girls he took a step back, taking a deep breath. His excitement knew no bounds watching them lay there in one another’s arms. Stepping back to the table he picked up the bottle of water taking a long sip to quench his thirst and cool his lusts. As he looked down on the slaves he loved the sight of dasha protectively hugging talis. Both their naked bodies would make any male hard in seconds. Slowly he caught his breath thinking best how to make this into a training exercise for the girls.   Walking back to the girls after setting down the bottle he sat down on the floor between their entwined legs. His hands moving independently over a different girl as he sat there. His left hand stroked over dasha’s smooth muscular calves. As his right hand moved over Talis’s calves which were less developed but equally nice. His hands explored higher soon reaching smooth satiny thighs on the girls. Dasha knew well her place parted her legs offering him access to her hidden sore treasure. Talis fought him at first almost as if it annoyed her. She sensed dasha relaxing and did so as well, haltingly she spread her thighs for him.   The fingers on his left hand slid home into dasha parting her folds expertly. He was within her in a moment two fingers sliding home into her slit.

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   Her bruised lips were soaked offering him little resistance as he invaded her. It felt as if her slit might be a little swollen from earlier. When he entered her it felt tighter then he recalled. At the same time his right fingers moved more slowly to benefit his new pet. First he slid up and down her cleft several times making sure she was extremely wet for his next action. His fingers slid into her parting those sore outer lips with tender pressure. Once within her his fingers he began to slowly explore her slit. His expert touch caused only minor pain to her sore pussy. The pain all but paled in comparison to the pleasure he caused her to feel.   Dasha loved it when Leit touched her like this. First her skin would cover with goose flesh, then her nipples would swell and tighten up. They capped her breasts so deliciously forming peaks for him to devour when he wished. Swiftly there after her core grew hot in that special wet heat signaling it ready for Masters use. When he parted those lips dasha moaned in pleasure her slit now covered in a light sheen of her nectar. When he dipped into her she shivered in pleasure her muscles clamping down on his fingers.

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   She felt Leit curling them over her pubic bone as he drove to the last knuckle. She knew well where he was going as he aimed for her G-spot causing her to mew in pleasure. Her arms convulsively drew Talis in closer to her side where their swollen breasts pressed against one another rubbing together so beautifully.   Now talis was a different story all together when she felt his fingers on her skin her whole body went taunt in fear. She felt him moving up her legs it was almost more then she could take her body began to shake. She felt Dasha go limp except for those steely arms holding her so protectively. Trusting in some instinct that she felt she too went limp for him. Haltingly she spread her thighs mimicking her sister’s action. For some reason she had begun to think of dasha that way. She felt Leit’s fingers moving over her pussy lips rubbing them in a tender fashion. She steeled herself for pain of his entry to her sore core. Instead she was surprised to find he was so careful that by time she realized it he was deep within her. She felt his fingers spread inside her as they reached their full depth. Moving them back out of her she whimpered in pleasure unable to contain the sound. Each stroke of his fingers was like an electric spark shocking her at how excitable her body was.

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   Panting her head lolled from side to side as the combination of his caress and her sister’s touch overwhelmed her.   Talis’s was a whirl wind of emotions as she became lost in the moment. The feel of his fingers inside her was repulsive and pleasant all at once. Her chest crushed to dasha’s with wanton abandon making their nipples meet and rub over one another. For some reason her being a slave to Leit made it ok to find pleasure with no remorse. She knew this was so wrong yet how could something that felt so good be so wrong. Asking herself this as she tried to think clearly struggling thru a mist of pleasure. Her pussy spasms on his fingers as she gasped in need. Her mind so muddled she knew only that her humiliation no longer mattered. The way he touches as if she were an instrument that he was tuning is too much to take.   “Master please mercy make me cum for you. . . . .

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  ” Talis cries out her voice full of need and desire to yield to him. The lust crazed sound of her voice sounded nothing like her own. She lays there in Dasha’s arms caught in his trap of pleasure. Her need to cum for him was so strong if he demanded it she would surrender all she was. He knew exactly how to drive her crazy but this knowledge did nothing to relieve the need between her thighs. Leaning in kissing dasha hard on the lips her mouth opened as her tongue slid out to find her sister’s.   He concentrated now on Talis for the moment knowing she was on edge. Soon enough Dasha would have her reward from him. His fingers moved deep into talis’s shuddering slit when he heard her beg he smiled. His gasp came again when he watched talis kissing dasha.   This also drew a surprised gasp from dasha. His fingers spread as he slowly drew them from her gripping slit spreading her again. The soaked sound of flesh meeting flesh fills the room as he began to pound both girls slits. His fingers working over dasha’s G-spot keeping her alight for him. The fire burned brightly though it did not push her over the edge.

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   His other hand worked Talis’s slit without mercy. Now pressing his thumb into her clit he rubbed it against her pubic bone for added friction.   When Talis felt his thumb on her clit she knew she would only last seconds. Her clit was the secret to her sexual waste land. The fingers driving in and out of her folds like an over heated piston felt wonderful. Moaning she whimpered and convulsed from his attentions. Then when she felt the thumb it was as if all the random sparks came together inside her. One stroke then another each caused a micro explosion deep in her soul. Her brutalized pussy lips only helped center the feeling on her clit. The swollen flesh kept it firmly under his thumb making it an even better target to stroke. She felt herself about to scream in seer pleasure like a slut. He was making her into his slut she knew it all she could do was desperately kiss Dasha.   She screamed into that first woman to woman kiss. Her tongue slid out to probe into Dasha’s mouth in innocent nativity. Her orgasm started as each muscle in her body tensed under a pressure that could turn stone to diamond.

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   Then Talis’s center collapsed like a shattered gem all the micro explosions finally built up to one intense moment frozen in time. The moment etched in her soul, her mind burned seared deep from his touch. His touch never faltered as he strokes her clit forcing her to cum long and hard. All the facets of her pussy contracted for him all at once trying to crush his fingers. The power of her grip was only mitigated by the fact that her pussy was so soft and wet. Her lips fed on Dasha’s hiding the humiliation of her screams for more. With each contraction her body became more and more his.   Dasha was whining and whimpering in her own need as Leit continued to tease her slit. Having other plans for her he waited till he felt Talis release her death grip on his fingers. Then drawing them from her slit he smiled continently. Both sets of fingers came free from the girls with wet sucking pops. The smell of sex permeated the room adding another sense to this orgy of pleasure. Catching hold of Dasha’s hips he left wet smears on either side of them. One smear was her own juice the other Talis’s as he marked her with them in the moment. His touch was hot and wet as she felt him drawing her from Talis’s embrace.

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   Smiling he drew off his blue shorts exposing his cock to the air. The shorts hit the wall in the corner as he tossed them there. His swollen cock was now purple in need a sheen of precum covered its head. Dasha had begun to whimper at being forced from Talis until she felt him rolling her face down.   Dragging Dasha onto her knees Leit slid between her thighs spreading her defenseless for his pleasure. His cock nuzzled against her shaven slit causing her to spread herself even more for him wanting his rape. Making no bones about his desire for her his hot cock head slid between those wet hot lips of her velvet prison. He felt her slit flutter as she tried to capture his cock head within. His first stroke put his cock in to the balls sliding home in one smooth motion. Moaning she cried out in pleasure feeling his cock stretch her so deliciously perfect. Not daring to move she knew well his desires for her. Instead she mewed letting her cries egg him on as her pussy began to contract around his invasion. A way to please him she had learned a long time ago was on each stroke in relax as he penetrated her. Then when his swollen cock was buried to the hilt those same muscles flexed making it tight giving him as much friction as her slit could.   Talis lay before them in her own world hearing their flesh slapping together in the throes of passion.

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   Her eyes focus for a moment as she lay there recovering from the orgasm he gave her. Then almost timidly she let her eyes meet Dasha’s. Seeing the lust and passion coursing thru those hot green orbs made her wet all over again. Her pussy lay open like a dew covered flower only a few inches from Dasha’s face. The feelings she got just then made her feel so dirty and hot. Talis didn’t understand why but she scooted down closer to Dasha. From this range her slit was just within reach of the others lips. Loud moans of pleasure sounded from both girls almost in the same moment as Dasha’s lips found Talis’s pussy.   Leit loved this his cock buried to the hilt in dasha, while she began to feast on his newest pet. Growling as he watched talis wither in pleasure from what dasha did to her. He knew that tongue well for he had trained it to give maximum pleasure. His hands caught dasha’s hips holding her tightly as he rammed his cock in and out of her. Her velvet walls were like a vice that he never wanted to leave. She was so tight, wet, and hot for him letting him know she was his to use. Every stroke pushed him deeper into this madness of pleasure.

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   Growling softly his hips rocketed back and forth as his balls slapped dasha on the clit. He could feel her flexing in time with his thrusts giving him the best fuck she had ever given him. This was no untrained slut she knew her place in life and gave him all she was. He could feel her hold nothing back from him as he took his pleasure. Sooner then he would have liked his cock began to swell inside that tight pussy. He growled as he released his seed branding her his once more. He could feel how close she was knowing she deserved to cum for pleasing him so well.   The feel of Dasha’s lips was too much for Talis she began to moan from the start. Shuddering she could feel dasha’s tongue snake out to slide between her silken lips. She had never felt anything like this before the silken tongue of dasha made her crazy with lust. She couldn’t control herself anymore it was like someone else was in her body. With each silken stroke of that tongue her hips bucked and roiled in need. She could feel another orgasm coming on her body couldn’t hold back the lust she felt. Talis’s eyes opened as she looked up she could see Leit her Master behind dasha. Moaning she could not look away her body was tight as a bow string now.

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   Each thrust of Leit in her sister caused more of Dasha’s tongue press deeper into her slit. Before she even realized it she was screaming out her orgasm once more this time the words were indescribable just a whimpering moan of pleasure.   Dasha was going insane she could feel every thrust of his cock in her tight confines. She moaned as she held her place letting him rape her. Her sounds came out garbled for when she saw talis’s red swollen slit she could not resist. Lowering her face she began to feast on the overheated pussy before her. Hearing her Master growling his pleasure and Talis whimpering was pushing her over the edge. She was surprised when her core began to contract on his cock trying to strangle him within her. She screamed in pleasure into Talis’s pussy as she began to orgasm for him. She could feel him begin to cum in her this only pushed her further over the edge. She had felt this before but not in a long time. Her body started cumming and wouldn’t stop it kept convulsing even after he finished filling her. She continued to feed on the juices that Talis offered her as she continued to cum. Her whole body was shaking and shuddering with her orgasm soon she could no long lick talis or even remain on her knees.   Dasha was the first to fall apart her orgasm was unlike Talis’s.


   She had been trained to cum and cum hard for a Master. His teasing of her earlier as well as the added delight of Talis’s pussy finally made her lose control. Talis on the other hand was lost in her own world of pleasure. The feeling of Dasha’s mouth was awesome on her sore pussy. She lay there spent before them her mind lost in a glow of pleasure. Leit on the other hand was still on his knees but seeing the girls so spent he decided to let them rest. His cock now hung unsheathed from Dasha covered in a sheen of cum and her nectar. He was panting covered in a light sheen of sweat as he knelt there over the two well spent girls. Slowly on shaky legs he rose up and moved to the table where the water lay.   Picking up the bottles for the girls he set them on the floor near the girls. He then moved back to the wall finding a chain with two shackles he picked it up. Walking back to the girls he found Talis’s ankle then locked it into the cuff. Moving around to Dasha he repeated the action locking her into the cuff on the other end. Now only five foot of chain kept the girls together. He moved back to the table picking up his drink he headed up stairs.

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   He didn’t say nothing to them knowing they were both lost in their own worlds. He slipped out the door the girls heard it open then shut behind him clicking as he locked it.   Now they were alone Talis barely awake moved slowly so she was next to Dasha. Without a sound she slid her arms about the shuddering girl. She didn’t understand any of this but the feeling she felt was strange. Holding Dasha she felt it was right to be like this right now. She was no longer scared seeing dasha so happy she couldn’t see any reason she could not be. She remembered the look Leit had given her when she came for dasha. It was one of approval one of happiness. She smiled to herself and kissed dasha’s shoulder as she held her. She still did not like being humiliated but somehow it wasn’t so bad. The freedom she felt cumming like that for them hid the shame she thought would resurface. Picking up the bottle she opened it then carefully placed it to dasha’s lips. Sighing softly she let her drink then drank a small bit herself. In a few moments she was dosing off she could feel a lazy kind of glow moving thru her as she fell asleep.

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    Dasha lay there knowing that she had pleased Leit. Her body was like an electric current sparking up and down her entire frame. She was still shivering from the pleasure small aftershocks coursing thru her. She felt the chain then felt Talis holding her this caused her to moan in pleasure. When the bottle was pressed to her lips she drank gratefully. She felt Talis kiss her but was too exhausted to react. She managed to roll over so she could snuggle with Talis. Then she too was sleeping in sheer bliss hoping they would do this again.   Leit moved about upstairs slowly he was still naked but didn’t care. His body was spent but mentally he was thinking of what should come next. He walked to the video system switching on the record feature with a grin. He looked in seeing the girls cuddling he smiled and sipped his water. His cock began to harden seeing them laying so. He shut it off knowing it would do no good to wear them out totally. Shaking his head he walked over to the kitchen picking up an apple he took a large bite from it.

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   As he chewed on the bite he turned heading to his room where he would sleep for a time. Turning on the alarm he slid under his sheets and dosed off thinking how much fun they had been.  To Be Continued. . . . . . . .
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