Summer Picnic


My wife Susan and I  have been married for almost twenty years. We have three kids: Daughters Megan 15, Emily 14 and our son Josh, 13. In almost every way, we are a typical suburban family. Well, at least we were until this past summer.
At least once per summer, we try to get out to some natural spot for a family picnic. The kids really enjoy it, even though Megan is reaching the age where doing anything with your parents is considered very uncool.
Last August, we packed up and headed out to a wildlife area I'd heard about. It was pretty remote, but the hour's drive was very scenic. We found a great spot in a grassy area on one of the dirt roads in the preserve.
We were pretty well set up when I noticed a pickup truck with three men in it drive by. About a half hour later, it went by again, more slowly this time. I wasn't really concerned because I knew the area was popular with hunters. I figured the men were just scouting the woods in preparation for the fall hunting season.
Roughly an hour later, we'd finished eating and I was sitting with my back to the road. I was about to say something to Susan when I noticed she was looking over my shoulder with a concerned look on her face. I turned to see that the original pickup had returned accompanied by a second one.

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   The three men from the first truck and four more from the second were walking towards us. They all looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties.
As they came nearer, I smiled and waved at the men. My greeting was returned by a man who was walking slightly ahead of the others. When they got close enough, he smiled and spoke:
“Well, looks like you folks got yourself a real nice spot here. Real remote though, almost nobody comes up here. ”
I nodded. “Yes, it is nice and isolated. We live in the suburbs so we really appreciate natural areas like this. ”
“Suburbs, huh?” he said, not smiling as broadly. “Yeah, you folks come up here and get in trouble. Then we locals get the blame. ”
“Trouble?” Susan asked. “What kind of trouble?”
His broad smile returned as he looked at Susan. She was once a model and is still a lovely woman.

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   “Well, honey, I guess you didn't hear about those two girls who came up here last spring. Guess a bunch of guys caught 'em and raped 'em. Never did catch the guys that did it. ”
There were snorts of laughter from a couple of the other men. I was starting to really dislike the situation.
“Oh my!” Susan said. She gave me a worried look. “We hadn't heard about that. We should probably be on our way!”
“Oh no, don't worry!” he said quickly. “You lovely ladies got nothin' to worry about as long as we're here. We'll sure keep an eye on you!”
I noticed that more than one of the men were 'keeping an eye' on my daughters.
I cleared my throat. “Well, we do appreciate that, but we'd really better be going!”
His grin had turned to a leer. “Oh, you and the boy go right ahead. The boys and I really want to get better acquainted with the ladies here.

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That ended the charade of friendliness. “Look,” I said, hating the slight tremor in my voice, “We don't want any trouble!”
“Then don't cause any,” he said quietly, putting his hand on his hip. This action drew back his denim jacket and I saw the butt of the pistol in his belt.
“Oh God!”, Susan breathed. She is deathly afraid of guns. Then, with voice trembling, she said, “Please, leave the girls alone. I-I'll give you what you want!”
“All seven of us?” he grinned. He winked at me nastily, “Hell of a woman you got here!”
A momentary strained silence was broken by a heavyset man in the group, “Tell her to take her goddamn clothes off already!”
Megan, Emily, and Josh were staring wide-eyed at their mother. Susan said, “Does this have to happen in front of the children?”
Another harsh laugh. “They never seen you naked?”
Susan gave me a hopeless look. She was obviously frozen in fear.
The lead guy gave an exasperated sigh. “You kids help your mom out! Get her clothes off her!”
The kids looked at Susan who just nodded to them. Josh got to his feet first, followed by his sisters. They walked over to where there mother stood and just looked at her for a moment.

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   All of them looked close to tears. Then Josh began fumbling with the snap on her shorts and Megan began unbuttoning her  mother's blouse.
The blouse was soon open and the brilliant white of Susan's bra shone in the summer sun. There was a deep cleavage line between her large breasts. There was the sound of a zipper and she gasped as her shorts tumbled down to her ankles. The girls finished removing her blouse.
“Get out of the way, boy!” someone yelled. Josh, who had been standing in front of Susan, moved to one side. I could see the dark triangle of her bush through her white panties.
One of the girls must have undone Susan's bra catch, because she suddenly said “OH!” and threw both hands to her chest to catch it. Then, with an obvious effort, she dropped her hands and let the bra slide down her arms to land on the ground in front of her. The mounds of her breasts swung free and exposed, capped by wide, dark nipples. They sagged some, but not much for a woman of 41.
There were whistles and catcalls. I think every one of them said 'Nice tits!' at least twice.

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Susan stood still, hands at her sides. There was only one item of clothing left and none of the kids wanted to be responsible for removing it. Finally, Susan took a deep breath and said, “Megan, pull my panties down. ” After a moment's hesitation, Megan obeyed, grasping the waistband of the panties and pulled them down and off.
Susan stood there with her eyes closed. My wife was completely nude in front of her family and seven strange men. I could tell that it was effort for her not to put her hands over the thick curly hair of her bush, but she knew that would be pointless.
Both the girls gasped and I turned to see about half the men taking their pants off. Each exposed penis stuck straight out like a weapon. The girls stared at the erect male organs. I was pretty sure it was the first time they'd seen a boner. Most of the men had the typical six inches like me, but a couple were huge.
Of course, the leader was the first to approach Susan. She opened her eyes to see him approaching her. He was naked from the waist down, his hard cock bobbing as he walked.

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   I heard Susan almost whisper: “No. . . please!”
The kids and I watched in horrified fascination as he got Susan down in the grass on her hands and knees in the soft grass and knelt behind her.   Holding her hips tightly, he thrust forward.   I could clearly see the thick shaft of his cock bury itself in the hair of my wife's crotch. “AHH!” Susan cried and the girls clapped their hands over their mouth in horror. He began pumping roughly immediately, forcing a gasp from Susan with each plunge into her.
The other men were only briefly satisfied with watching Susan's rape. Soon, one of them was on his knees in front of her. He grabbed a handful of her thick brunette hair and forced her face down towards his prick. “Suck it!” he demanded hoarsely. She opened her mouth and took in his penis. He closed his eyes as he pumped his hips, ramming his cock in and out of her mouth.
I heard Megan scream and turned to see her struggling with two men.

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   They had already torn her top off and one bra cup had been ripped loose, exposing her right breast.
    A third man joined in the struggle and her shorts and panties were soon being yanked down her slim legs. One of the men grabbed at her bare buns. I instinctively moved to help her and was roughly shoved back by a large man with a gun.
    Megan was soon naked, her clothes scattered across the grass. She fell down on her back and I had a glimpse of her neatly trimmed bush before one of the men pounced on top of her. He jammed his hand down between them to grab his cock and push it against her young, virgin pussy. She was crying and pleading, but soon he gave a powerful shove with his hips and she let out a shriek. My daughter had been deflowered before my eyes. I turned away as the man began pumping his lust into her as she lay limply beneath him. I think she fainted.
    I stood there in a helpless daze, hardly reacting as Emily screamed. I realized the rag at my feet was what was left of her panties. One man held her down as another forced his huge cock in her, stretching her cunt incredibly. He seemed upset that only half of it would fit in her.

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       “She's so goddamn tight, I'm cummin' already!” he grunted . I saw globs of white goo oozing out around his shaft.
    I'm not sure when Josh was forced to strip. I suddenly noticed him naked. His young penis was erect and the guy fucking Megan taunted him about it. Somebody told me to take my clothes off and I did without objection. I was shocked and ashamed to see my own boner.
    I was pushed down onto my hands and knees. They made Josh come over and sodomize me. I actually felt him cum in my ass. I looked over and saw that Susan now had a cock up her ass and one in her cunt. She was sandwiched between two men.
    It was like a sex riot that had no end. The men seemed insatiable as they went between mother and daughters, mounting them repeatedly, in every way possible. I even saw the very petite Emily being buttfucked.

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    What perhaps shocked me most was when I saw Susan on her back in grass, as she smiled and apparently welcomed yet another man's cock into her dripping cunt. And then Megan was astride a man on his back,  eagerly riding his cock.   Men stood around cheering as Josh fucked his sister Emily who had her legs wrapped around him.
    I wandered around in a fog and then noticed Megan dismounting the man she had been riding. She walked toward me, smiling as his jizz ran down her leg.
    She hugged me, exclaiming, “I've never felt so free!” Then she was pulling me down on top of her. Reaching down, she guided the head of my penis into her sloppy pussy. I gratefully pushed it deep into her silky wetness. I felt her hips pumping hard beneath me and I soon filled her with cream as she squealed and squirmed through her own orgasm.
    Maybe I passed out, but suddenly the men were getting in their trucks and leaving. I stumbled to my feet and looked around. Megan and Emily lay sprawled in the grass, legs wide open, their open cunts dribbling an incredible amount of sperm. After all that had happened, I wasn't even shocked to see Josh on top of an exhausted Susan, fucking her with hard, quick thrusts. He gasped loudly as he came in her and Susan tiredly patted his bare buns.
    We stayed there until it was almost dark, having sex and talking.

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       The girls had to wrap themselves in blankets for the ride home because their clothes had been ripped to pieces, but I think both of them would have been willing to ride home in the nude.
    Somehow, no one got pregnant or caught any diseases from that day. We had all changed, of course and Susan wisely got both girls on the pill. Besides Josh and I, both girls have boyfriends that they bring home to fuck in their rooms. Prior to the picnic, I was the only man Susan had ever slept with but she has since been laid by two male friends of ours as well as two men she let pick her up.
    Well, at least we still LOOK like the typical suburban family. . . .
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