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Last month I went for a week’s holiday in Thailand with some of the other guys from our local sports club.   We hung around the bars and beaches and got pissed a lot.   Some of the guys screwed the lovely looking Thai bar girls for about $30 a fuck but I didn’t score, well I didn’t really try, until the last night when I got totally pissed in a bar.

I ended up playing that bar game when you build things with blocks and until somebody knocks them over with a pretty bar girl who said her name was Sawarea.   I think that was it.   Her English was a bit limited.   She was skinny and small breasted but with a nice smile.

So I took the plunge and asked her if she would like to come back to my hotel with me.   She said OK but I had to pay the bar something which wasn’t much so soon we were back in my room.

I was as nervous as hell and didn’t know what I should do.   I had some condoms with me just in case but I hadn’t a clue how to start things off.   On top of that I was a bit woozy from so much piss.

It was OK though as Sawarea took over and went into the bathroom where I could hear her showering.   I tried to join her but she had locked the door.   Then she came out wearing nothing but the hotel towel.   She looked really pretty.

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    She came over to the bed and looked me in the eye.   Then smiling she said quietly in that cute Thai accent “Shower please”.

I got the message and had a shower carefully washing my cock which was already half erect.   I used the small hand towel to dry myself and as couldn’t cover myself with that and didn’t want to get dressed again I walked back into the bedroom stark naked with my cock sticking out in front of me.

Sawarea had turned out the main light leaving only the bedside light.   She was lying in my bed covered with a sheet.   I knew she was nude as the towel was hanging neatly from a chair.   Her black hair was mussed up against the white pillow and she looked beautiful.   I could see her looking at my cock as I walked over to her, I guessed that she was thinking that she would soon have that inside her.

She smiled that lovely smile and opened the sheet for me to get in.   Beside her warm body I pulled down the sheet to look at her breasts which were small but with hard pointy nipples.   She let me touch them and caress them.   I gently kissed her nipples and then sucked on them.

I ran my hand down her flat belly to feel her pubic hair and searched for her cunt.   It felt small and I slipped my finger into the crack.

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    It felt warm and tender but not wet.   I explored it with my fingers pushing them into her hole but she winced as I did it so I knew I was hurting her.   I found what I thought was her clit and started to gently massage it.

I must have been in the wrong place as I felt her hand on mine guiding my fingers to her clit and helping me rub it up and down.   Soon she was moaning quietly and her juices started to run.   This was fantastic I have fucked a few women but this was the first time one had helped my touch her up.

With her other hand she was playing with my cock which was as hard as a rock I wanted so much to ram it into that’s soft warm cunt so I started to get on top of her but she pushed me off saying “No” and quickly scrambled out of bed.   She went to her purse and came back with a condom.   She efficiently tore the wrapper and took out the condom.   I thought “She’s done this a few times before”.

She got me to lie on my back and pulled down the sheet so my cock was standing up in the air like a flag pole.   She knelt beside me on the bed looked at my penis for a while examining it carefully with her fingers as though she was looking for some disease, then she caught me staring at her and smiled a big grin.   She gently kissed the tip of my cock and rolled on the condom.   I don’t know about you but I always have trouble getting the damn things on but Sawarea just did it so easily and expertly that I wondered just how many hundreds or even thousands of cocks she had rubbered up in her career as a bar girl.   The thought made me even more horny, I was about to fuck a real slut.

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She lay down beside me on the bed on her back completely nude with her legs slightly open.   I spent some time looking her over before moving to lie on top of her.   She opened her legs wide to let me in and I pushed my hardness against her opening.   I was so desperate to get it in but I couldn’t seem to find the hole and I could see that I was hurting her.   She put her hand down to guide me in but that didn’t work either.   She was just too small and I was too big for her.

Sawarea wriggled out from under me and knelt beside me.   I lay on my back with my hands behind my head and my cock proudly sticking up.   Then she positioned her knees either side of me and lifted up so my cock was pointing directly at the dark crack of her little cunt.   This was great.   I could watch what she was doing; enjoy looking at her naked body and those nice small tits.   I watched her hands holding my prick as she rubbed it up and down against her vagina.   I could hardly believe that I was actually watching a girl put my cock into her cunt.

She looked straight ahead and closed her eyes as she knelt astride me and concentrated on pushing my cock into her.   I could feel it and watch going into her warm hole.

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    Then I was in her, she was so tight around me it felt magnificent.   Sawarea started moving up and down so that my cock thrust deeper into her.

Her tits were bouncing up and down so I reached out with both hands to hold them and pull on her nipples.   I played with her tits as she fucked me.

It felt so good that I was worried that I might cum.   I think she sensed this as she slowed down and got me to roll over on to my side so that we were fucking face to face on our sides.   It slipped out as we changed position but went back in easily as she had her legs open and wrapped around me.   Her body was warm against me.   I was beginning to sweat despite the air conditioning but her skin was smooth as silk.

Then she changed position so she had her back to me.   I thought she wanted my cock in her ass, something everybody talks about but I have never done.   I started pushing it in towards her ass not really knowing how to get it in, but she gently said “No” and used her hands to direct it back into her wet cunt.   It was lovely fucking her like that.

Then I was on top again with her legs wide open under me.   This was good as I had better control to stop reaching a climax.

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    I could slow things down each time it started.   She closed her legs so my legs were apart either side of her with my cock trapped tightly in her cunt.   This was so fantastic.   This girl was such a hot fuck.

With her legs wide open again and me on top I started almost taking it out and then ramming it back in with strong deep strokes right into that lovely cunt.   She was beginning to moan and I sensed her reaching a climax.   In any case I couldn’t hold it back much longer.   With one big thrust I gasped “Oh shit!!!” and started pumping ejaculate into her womb.

At the same time Sawarea came and I could hardly believe how noisy she was.   I have never fucked a woman who made such loud “Oh, oh, oh” noises before.   They must have heard her all over the hotel.   I thought maybe she was faking it but then her whole body jerked as she went into 3 juddering contractions.   This was something way beyond my experience she just came like a rocket.

I collapsed on top of her sweaty and exhausted.

After a while I pulled out of her as I was worried that the condom might come off.

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    I went to the bathroom flushed it bulging with creamy cum.   I washed my limp cock and went back to the bedroom.   Sawarea went to the bathroom as well and I thought I heard her peeing.   Then she came back into bed with me and naked we held each other tight as she wrapped her legs around me.

As I dosed off I was thinking about the racket she had made and how all the guys on this floor of the hotel would have heard her.   There were about 20 drunken guys out there so I just hoped it didn’t cause any problems.

I woke to the sound of somebody knocking on the door.   I dragged myself out of bed and half asleep opened the door to my room.   It was my best friend Mike.   He gave me a sob story about being our last night and he hadn’t managed to lay anybody and he knew that I had the girl Sawarea from the bar in my room so could he borrow her.   I told him he couldn’t “borrow” her.   He said he would pay her good money if she would go with him.

I didn’t really want Sawarea to leave my bed as I was very comfortable with her in it, but he was a good friend and a nice guy who I knew would treat her well.   I thought that it wasn’t fair not to give Sawarea the opportunity of making more money if she wanted so I told Mike that he had better ask Sawarea.   I told him to wait at the door while I spoke to her.

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When I went back into the room Sawarea was already out of bed and standing looking worried with the hotel towel wrapped chastely around her.   I told her my friend was at the door and wanted to talk to her.   I added that he was a good man and wouldn’t hurt her.   She looked at me frowning but went to the door.

I could hear them talking for sometime.   Then they both came into the room and Mike said that she had agreed to go with him for 3,000 baht (about $90).   This was a lot of money for a bar girl and I guess I wasn’t surprised that she had agreed. Even so I was disappointed that she was going with him.

Sawarea started to pick up her clothes but I told her not to as Mike was in the next room and I would leave my door open so that she could come back to sleep with me.   At first Sawarea seemed a bit reluctant at this arrangement but at the same time happy that I wanted her back.   Mike agreed that she should come back to me and they left together, Sawarea wearing only a towel.

I was fairly pissed off about her going.   Somehow it was like she was my girl going off to fuck another man.   I kept thinking that she was only a whore and would probably fuck another 10 men in the next week so why was I worrying about her.   I would be going home tomorrow and I would never see her again.

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I couldn’t sleep and kept listening for sounds from the next room, wondering what she was doing.   Would she suck him off or fuck him.   I had forgotten to make sure Mike had a condom but I guessed that Sawarea would be prepared for more than one fuck in a night.   I had got through three more bottles of beer from the bar fridge when I heard cries from the next room.   It sounded like Sawarea coming again.   I thought to myself, hell the slut’s coming with two different guys in the same night.  

Then it could be that he was hurting her or maybe some of the other guys had got in on the act.   This worried me as I felt responsible for her but with the additional beers on top of the large amount I had consumed during the day I was somewhat drunk.   So I lay on the bed feeling depressed.   I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I was aware of was the sound of somebody having a shower in my bathroom.

Then a warm and very naked body got into bed with me clean and smelling of soap.   She kissed me and snuggled up with me.   Sawarea was back again and I was happy.   It was amazing that she could have sex with another man and then come back to me as though nothing had happened.   To her it was just a job.

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The next time I woke up it was dark and I could hear drunken voices in my room.   I could see light from a torch and somebody was saying “shush you will wake him up” The alcohol must have really caught up with me.   When I tried to sit up in bed I could see several shapes but the room was spinning.  

Sawarea was already sitting up beside me with the sheet pulled up to cover her breasts.   I croaked something about “what at you doing” and somebody replied that they would pay her well and that the bitch could do with more cock.   I recognized the voice as one of the guys who tended to get a bit aggressive when he had a few.   He and his friends were pulling Sawarea out of the bed.   She obviously didn’t want to go and kept saying no.   I was sort of trying to hang on to her but I wasn’t being very effective.

They managed to get her out of bed and dragged her struggling naked across the room.   She was making little whimpering noises and still saying “No” as they forced her out of my room. I kept wondering why she didn’t scream but then I realized that plying her trade in the hotel wouldn’t go down well with the management if she woke everybody up.   She was in a “no win” situation. Well at least she might make some money.

The poor little whore was out there nude in somebody’s room with several guys using her so I thought that I had better get out of bed and go to help her.

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    I only got as far as the bathroom where I spent the next half hour wretchedly vomiting.   I crawled back into bed but before I passed out I thought I heard a girl’s voice screaming.   Another Sawarea orgasm I thought.

Hours later I was woken up by somebody getting into my bed.   It was Sawarea.   Even in my alcoholic haze I thought that she had an odd smell to her.   Not the fresh smell of soap after she had showered the previous times she had got into my bed.    This time she was obviously too tired or distraught to shower.   I wanted to comfort her and put my arms around her bare body.   She was sticky and to my revulsion I realized what the smell was.   Cum!  She was covered with guys ejaculate.   I thought “Shit! What’s the horrible bitch been doing” and moved to the other side of the bed to get away from her.   I wasn’t going to touch some thing covered in other men’s cream.

When I woke up again it was daylight and I had a raging hard-on.   I must have been dreaming about Sawarea I think and what she had done with those guys.


    She was still beside me fast asleep and I pulled the sheet down to have a look at her.   I wanted to see what had been done to her.   She looked very pretty and somehow defenseless curled up like a little girl.   She was still nude and I thought I could see traces of dried cum in her hair.   In her hair!! What had they been doing with her hair?

I wanted to look at her cunt so I gently rolled her onto her back trying not to wake her.   I pulled her arms off her chest to get a good look at her tits.    Her nipples looked a bit raw and there were marks on her breasts, maybe bruises from hands or bite marks I wasn’t sure.   Looking at her tits sure wasn’t helping my cock though which was as hard as a rock.

I managed to get her legs open and could see the crack of her cunt through her black curly pubic hairs.   There was definitely lots of dried cum there sticking her hairs together into matted clumps.   She was either sound asleep or didn’t mind what I was doing as Sawarea had not stirred as I examined her, so I pushed her legs wider open and gingerly put my fingers to the lips of her vagina.   I opened it up wide with both hands so I could get a good look at her sex.   The flesh looked very red to me with abrasions.   I am no expert on women’s sexual organs but this looked as though it had been well used recently.

I wanted to look at the ass but that meant rolling her over and suddenly I felt really angry with the cheap slut.

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    She had been my girl and then she had spent the night fucking other guys.   She would do anything for money.   I just had to shove my cock into the hooker’s hole.   I didn’t have a condom and somehow the thought of the number of cocks that had been in there that night put me off.   She was a cock sucker though so I would fuck the ugly cow’s mouth.  

I sat astride her and rubbed my cock against her tits.    This woke her up and the whore looked at me with wide eyes.    “Breakfast time” I growled at her and lifted up to press my big thick penis against the slut’s lips. At first she wouldn’t open her mouth but I pulled her hair and angrily told her that she had better suck my cock or I wouldn’t pay her.   She opened her mouth and I slipped it in between her lips into the wet warmth of the mouth.

She was sucking me and I was moving up and down fucking her mouth but it was bloody uncomfortable like that and I had a raging hangover so I got off her and lay on my back with my cock upright in the air.   I told her to suck me off and she meekly bent over me took my cock in both hands and gave me the best blow job I have ever had.   I loved watching her tits bounce around as she serviced me.

When I started cumming she tried to pull off but I was still very angry with her and I grabbed her head and forced her to take it all in her mouth.   I made the bitch swallow all my cum.

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Then suddenly I felt exhausted.   She was looking me with moist eyes so reproachfully and heck I felt guilty.   After what those guys had done to her I had just made it worse.   I was as bad as them.   I pulled her down beside me and cuddled her and we both went to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking that I had to do something for Sawarea to make up for the night’s exploitation of her body.   Leaving her asleep I got up showered and dressed.   Then I went around all the guy’s room’s asking whether they had sex with Sawarea and demanding payment.   I knew that money would be the best way of making amends for my behaviour.   Some of them were at breakfast and they all looked terrible with horrible hangovers and little sleep.   I told them I wanted 3,000 baht ($90) from each of them if they had sex with Sawarea.   Some of them said they had only watched so I agreed that 1,000 was OK for watching her being gang banged.

Most of them were pretty contrite about their behaviour and a couple of the guys gave 5,000 and 6,000 for the things they had done to her.   I could hardly believe it 12 of the guys had admitted to having sex with her and another 4 to watching.   They had done everything to her using all her holes, even managing to penetrate her with three cocks simultaneously.

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    They had tried for four but failed.   They had taken photos as well.   I could hardly believe that she had survived but I guessed she was used to it.

When I got back to my room I had nearly 50,000 baht for her.   That’s about $1,500 and a lot of money for a Thai bargirl.  She had just come out of the shower when I arrived and as she started getting dressed, toweling her hair I remembered my camera.   She didn’t stop me taking the photos that I have posted here.   I guess it didn’t make a lot of difference to her having been photographed having sex with 12 guys a few hours before.

Once she was dressed and made up she looked fine, as pretty as when I first met her.   These girls must be very tough to take what she had that night and then carry on as though nothing had happened.   Most western girls would have spent the day in hospital or at a police station.   She was getting well paid for it and it was part of her job so I guess it was OK.   She was overjoyed when I gave her the money.   She was so excited by getting so much and said that she would go back to her village and give it to her mother, which I thought was really strange. How many western girls would do that?

She left my room and the hotel and we got on a bus and then the plane to come home.

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    I don’t suppose I will ever see her again but then maybe I will go back to Thailand and see if I can find Sawarea’s village.   Another year before I can take more holidays.   I wonder what she will be like.

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