The Birthday Gang Rape


My husband and I are fairly conservative sexually—while he has made little suggestions over the years, I just have a difficult time allowing him to be too aggressive or to fantasize much. After 12 years of marriage, we have settled into the routine of sex twice a week and special occasions—what is it with men and their desire for “anniversary sex, or birthday blowjobs, or Christmas hanky panky?”. Like most normal couples, our variety consists of the more traditional sex—Missionary—Doggie—69—and occasionally, I’ll let him try something that we read about in our magazines. Yes, the pictures don’t do a lot for me, but we both enjoy the stories that people write in and share.
It seems like anytime there is a story that included force of some type, we both enjoyed it a lot. I am your typical 33 year old whose body went back together pretty tightly after having two kids—in fact, my husband loves to tell me I am a MILF!My tits aren’t anything spectacular—I am 36C-26-36, but when I dress to impress, usually I really impress.
We have date nights once a week—and usually they turn into one of our two sex nights that week. We are still young enough to enjoy the clubs and I get my fair share of attention from the guys in the clubs and bars. If I have had at least 3 or 4 drinks, my husband will leave me alone, walk across the bar, and let me flirt with the cute guys. (Apparently the more drunk I am, the cuter the guys are!)He says it gets him hard to see guys trying to pick me up—obviously they try and some even get some cheap feels in as we sit there and they begin to rub my legs and get higher and higher. Usually I stop them before they actually touch my pussy, but last week, I was just so mesmerized by this hunk’s eyes, that I let him not only rub my clit, but he actually began to finger fuck me right there in our booth, and Lord only knows how far it would have gone if my husband hadn’t come over. However, he wasn’t pissed—he just wasn’t ready for me to fuck a total stranger.
When we got home that night, he fucked me harder than usual. He called me his dirty little slut. “You want to fuck a stranger?You want some other guy’s dick in your cunt?We’ve always talked about it, you ready for it sweetie?” Call it the 4 glasses of wine, but I played his little game and told him yes, secretly knowing he would never allow it, but also letting my mind race as to who—what type of stranger was behind me right now pounding furiously at my pussy.
2 weeks later, date night was coming around again and I knew he wanted something “special” for his birthday.

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  He kept dropping hints about maybe wearing nothing under a mini skirt nor my blouse and finding a couple of guys to dance with on the floor while he watched their hands all over my body. But, he said if he let it go that far, I would have to “Take Care of him there”—and cross off “semi-public sex” off his list. I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of blowing him in the bar or even the men’s room, but figured when it was time, I could easily convince him the car was a good option.
Date night finally came and he just sat on the bed watching me get ready. I was doing myself proud for him on his birthday—a black, sheer top that clearly showed my boobs, a little grey plaid “schoolgirl” mini skirt,a sheer white thong underneat, and a pair of pumps that just screamed, FUCK ME NOW!It was after all his birthday, so when he requested a lap dance, I obliged and began to dance for him. I danced, I straddled him, kissing him and smearing my red lipstick all over him, standing back up and rubbing his throbbing cock through his pants—I played quite the tease!He tried to bend me over the bed but I yelled at him, “You mister are going to have to wait. It will be worth your while when you see those college boys’ hands all over my body and your dick just is begging to release. When I take you and blow you right there on the dance floor, you will be the envy of all the boys—who knows, maybe you’ll even get to see me fucked by one of those studs after you do. Would you like that birthday boy?”
He just grinned from ear to ear as we walked downstairs. As we were turning off the lights and locking the doors, the doorbell rang. As I answered it, the door flung wide open and there were three masked men who stormed inside. “Are you alone?” one demanded. “Beginning to cry I replied, “No, my husband is in the kitchen. ” With that information, they began to tie me up as the third one went after my husband. He returned moments later with the masked man behind him, gun to his head.

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“You people make no noise and do what we say, and you’ll lose nothing but the expensive shit all over this place. You try to scream or do anything stupid, we’ll cut his dick off, your tits off and then kill you after you bleed to death. Do you understand?”We both nodded yes. They tied us to chairs across the room from each other with our hands behind our backs. “Look at the rack on her!” said the ringleader. “Them are some fine titties missy, don’t mind if I get a closer look do you?In fact, you always wear see through shit like that?You always look like a $3 whore?”
I was beginning to regret dressing like that for the evening, especially when he cut my top off and exposed my breasts. “Looks like someone’s nipples are hard!You like it when someone plays with them tittles missy?” “Please don’t” yelled my husband. The one standing close to him slapped him across the face. “We told you not to say or do anything. You might as well understand we both gonna fuck her and if our partner wants to, she can eat her pussy and be a lesbo for the night. ”
I was mortified as the first one stopped playing with my breasts and unzipped his pants, putting his cock in between my globes. “How bout a little spit for the tittie fuck missy. ” I begged him, “Please don’t. I have never been with anyone but my husband for the past 13 years and it’s his birthday, please don’t. ” “BIRTHDAY BOY?! Well my, my.

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  Maybe we won’t kill him, maybe we’ll give him a birthday present!Hey mister, ever had a cock up your ass before?!! If your wife doesn’t start the titty fuck soon, I’m gonna bring my cock over there and fuck you. ”
With that, I began to stroke his cock. Since my hands were tied behind my back, he held my breasts together as his cock slid up and down in between them. I was embarrassed that my nipples were hard as a rock but there wasn’t anything I could do about my body betraying me. “What a good girl, now when my cock gets to the top, I want you sucking on it. ” I heard my husband try to get loose, but the second guy slapped him again as I began to suck this monster’s cock. “Good little whore now aren’t you?Good little cock sucker. Who taught you how to give head missy?Your mother?Your husband?Or are you just a natural little cock sucker?”
I could feel his cock swelling and beginning to quiver. “Oh please mister, I don’t SWALL…. ” I couldn’t even finish my sentence as he unloaded in my mouth. My husband always pulled out—this was my first time tasting semen and fortunately, even though I coughed and gagged, it wasn’t horrible. “That’s a good cock sucking whore. Way to take it all. Nanny, why don’t you come over and feed her the little bit that ran down her cheek. ” With that, the third mask came off and it was a stunning—I mean a stunning blonde.

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She strolled over and with her finger, scooped up the jizz on my cheek, and inserted her finger in my mouth. “Suck it clean honey. ” And I did. As she continued to clean my face, she got to the point where she would lick my finger with me. Having never been with a woman before, this was actually so exciting that it took my mind off of us being robbed and molested. ”
The leader broke the silence. “My buddy’s cock still has to be pleased. Your choice, your pussy or your husband’s ass?Afterall, it would be a birthday present that he would never forget. “Please don’t—can I just suck your partner and then you leave us alone?” I asked. “HELL NO, somebody’s getting fucked—you or him?With that, the female untied my hands and they took me to the couch. “Nanny, you stay with the guy so he doesn’t do anything stupid while we fuck this cock sucker. ” The blonde left me and went to my husband’s side and the second guy dropped his pants.

“Ass or cunt” he asked. His buddy laughed as I screamed “NOT MY ASS!” They both laughed as the second one started feeling around my pussy. “Damn, this chick is soaking wet—she likes this!” Again, I was embarrassed—I didn’t want my husband to get the wrong idea but when your body gets turned on, there is no turning it off.

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  While he played with my pussy, the other one began to kiss me, and fondle my breasts. “Do you like it when your nipples are twisted like this?” He took and pinched and turned them. I yelled!Before I could really answer him, I felt the strange cock enter me. I looked at my husband whose head was just shaking back and forth, looking at his wife being raped.
The blonde looked down and yelled, “Hey guys, I think he is enjoying this—look at his boner!” She unzipped my husband’s slacks and his boxers had a major tent. She pulled down the boxers and he was standing firmly at attention. “That little bastard” I thought to myself. As I was being fucked from behind and tits being mauled from the front, I saw the little blond begin to massage my husband’s cock. Nanny started taunting him, “Do you like seeing your wife being fucked by that lunatic over there?Why does that turn you on nasty boy?Do you like it when someone plays with your cock?It isn’t bad, maybe I should give the birthday boy a kiss. ”
To add to my horror, she started sucking him off. His head tilted back and he apparently no longer cared that these guys were raping me. “Look at the bastard—he is enjoying his wife being raped!” yelled the first thug. “Check this out birthday boy—your wife is going to get it in two holes!” The one behind me kept pounding away at my pussy while the first one put his cock back in my mouth. “Suck it or it is going in your ass!”I began sucking and as I looked over, Nanny had stopped blowing my husband and was now straddling him, forcing his mouth to her tits and bouncing up and down on his stiff cock. “Hey birthday boy, do you like the cowgirl?!!” the first guy shouted.

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  If you’re lucky, she might let you finish inside her just like I am doing with your wife right nowwwwwww. ”I could feel the rush of sperm enter my womb ashe finished his sentence. My horror was only broken by the second unloading of spunk in my mouth again. And, that horror was broken by the little blonde slut yelling, “YES, YES, YES—FILL ME DADDY, FILL ME WITH YOUR SPERM”.
I was drained, the boys stood up and let me collapse on the couch. My husband was sweating all over, but had just had some rather unusual sex and lets face it, to guys, sex is sex. While I laid there in a pool of sweat and cum, the blonde walked over and said, “Bitch, you are going to clean me like I helped you clean up a few minutes ago. ” And with that, she fucking straddled me, putting her pussy lips on my mouth and screamed, “CLEAN ME OUT NOW!” I had no choice. Her cunt was pressed over my mouth. As I started sucking and using my tongue to get the cum inside her, she moaned. It really wasn’t that bad. In fact, truth be told, the taste mixed with her juices was better than my husband’s cum by itself. What I didn’t expect was that she would begin to reciprocate, beginning to eat me out and suck out the cum of her friend.
“Look at the lesbians go!You’re wife isn’t just a cock sucking whore, she apparently swings both ways—look at her suck that cunt. Listen to her—she likes it!” I couldn’t believe it, but Nanny and I came at almost the identical time.

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  I had never gone down on a woman and I certainly had never had anyone other than my husband eat me out, but there was something pretty wonderful about her scent and her taste that I loved.
When Nanny got dressed, the three thugs got dressed, leaving my husband tied up and me on the couch. “Don’t do anything foolish” they said. “Don’t even think about calling the police—we know where you live, we know where you work, and we have these—as he picked up his phone and began to show us the pictures they had taken during the ordeal. ”
As the door closed behind them, I ran over to my husband. “Are you ok?” I asked. “Are you ok sweetie?I am so sorry, there was nothing I could do—after that guy slapped me a couple of times, I thought he was going to kill me. ” I just looked at my husband and said, “Honey, did you like your birthday present?Watching your wife be “raped” by two guys on your birthday while getting a nice piece of ass for yourself?”Laughing, I untied him as the concept began to sink in knowing that we both would never forget the birthday gang rape!
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