The Break-in


As she walked into the bathroom, she allowed her clothes to drop to the floor. She was exhausted after a long day of standing on her feet at work. She turned on the faucet allowing the temperature to adjust, almost bordering on hot. She flipped the lever and stepped under the spray from the showerhead. Almost instantly the nearly hot spray began relaxing tensed muscles, causing her to sigh involuntarily. She found herself getting aroused, and smiled to herself. . . there would be time enough for that later on. Unknown to her, there was a sound at the front door. The knob began moving slowly, then with more persistence. Someone wanted in, and had no intention of giving up without effort. Blissfully ignorant, she reached for the shampoo bottle, choosing her favorite as a special treat. She poured a small handful and lathered up her hair, feeling the suds pool between her breasts and drip down her back, into the cleft of her ample buttocks. She worked the lather into her scalp and massaged the long tresses, paying particular care with the ends. She then tipped her head back, allowing the spray to rinse it away, and relishing the way it felt as it dripped down her body and legs.


  Meanwhile back at the door, there was a bit more struggle with the knob, and then a rather loud click as the lock gave way. The intruder paused, thinking perhaps this time he'd be revealed before the time was right. Cocking an ear toward the shower, he faintly made out her singing to herself and the sound of the shower running. Assuming he was safe from discovery, he made his way nearer the bathroom and his prey. Finished with her hair, she moved on to her face, applying an apricot facial scrub guaranteed to exfoliate her pores and rejuvenate her skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. She tilted her face into the spray feeling the contrast of crushed walnut shells scratching gently down her soft supple breasts. The man quickly climbed the stairway, knowing there wouldn't be much time left now. the soft tred of his shoes echoed in the quiet house, and he stopped, listening for the end of the shower. . . and her awareness of him. Smiling to himself that he was still safe from notice, he took the stairs two at a time now, anxious and ready to make his move. . . The woman grabbed the can of shaving gel and generously lathered up her underarms and legs.

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   Adjusting the spray away from her, she began shaving first her underarms and finally her legs, as she balanced on the edge of the tub. A quick feel of her nearly hairless muff, told her she could wait for a waxing later on that week. There was a faint click, as the bathroom door squeaked slowly open. The woman froze, listening intently. Had she really heard that, or was her overworked mind playing tricks on her? Shrugging to herself, she began soaping her breasts and between her legs, paying special attention to her hard nipples and sensitive distended nub. Rubbing a knowing hand along the length of her clit, she let loose a sigh of pleasure. . . The curtain ripped aside quickly, the man watched her briefly before her eyes flew open and her mouth formed an 'O' of surprise and fear. "Don't scream and this will be over quickly; but if I hear even the slightest noise, I will slit your pretty throat. . . " Her mouth clamped shut quickly, and he relaxed, motioning her to her knees. Undoing his fly with a deft hand, his cock sprang to attention, seemingly, to her at least, enormous in comparison to anything she'd experienced thus far, which wasn't saying too much, but adequate nonetheless.   "Suck my cock you fucking whore, I see you checkin' it out already, don't play innocent with me you damn slut.

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  " She took the massive throbbing penis in her hands and licked her lips nervously. What if she didn't satisfy him? What if he made her swallow, or she choked on it? Her questions were soon answered as he reared back and rammed the whole length down her throat causing her to gag on it, and she swallowed back the offensive bile that would surely anger him. "That's enough bitch, I ain't wastin' my jizz on your mouth, pretty as it is. . . " He ordered her to stand, then roughly shoved her over the side of the bathtub. Feeling her lips to see how dry she was, he was surprised to find her gushing love juices, and smiled to himself. "Well aren't you the cumdumpster, all ready with a wet snatch for me to fill?" She quivered, knowing he would enter her any moment, and that as tight as she was, it might more than a little painful. He took this as a sign that she was begging for it, and slammed, full thrust into the depth of her pussy. He plunged again and again, deeper and harder with each thrust. Her knees ached painfully against the tiled bathroom floor, and she whimpered quietly. "Shut the fuck up, cunt or I'll show you real pain. " She tried to bite back a yelp as her stomach pulled painfully against the side of the tub, but let out a moan of agony. "That's it bitch, you think this is pain? I'll show you so much pain you'll think it will never stop. " With those words he yanked her up roughly, and shoved her into the tub.

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   "Up against the wall, and spread 'em. " She had barely enough time to register what was happening, when he slammed his rigid member up her virgin ass!She screamed in pain, and he slapped her ass hard. "I believe I told you to shut the hell up! You pull shit like that again, and you'll know what it's like to be fucked royally. " With these last words, he flashed his knife uncomfortably close to her neck and face. She gasped as much in fear as pain, and then bit her bottom lip, and clenched her eyes shut. Gradually the pain subsided, and amazingly, she began to feel aroused by the forcible penetration of her most tender orafice. Just when she thought he was going to come, he yanked himself out of her ass violently, and motioned for her to get out of the tub. He grabbed her by ample hips, and set her on the bathroom countertop. Shoving her roughly back against the wall, he again inserted his turgid member in her still sore but thoroughly dripping pussy. He fucked her slowly, at first, savoring the tight clenching of her vaginal muscles, but as his breathing quickened so did his pace, and soon he was fucking her for all it was w,orth. Leaning his head on her large breasts, he bit one of the nipples hard causing her to cry out in pain. . . and perhaps a bit of pleasure? He fucked her for an eterntity it seemed, and then as soon and as violently as it began, she felt his cock stiffen more than before and hot spurts of come filled her already drenched pussy, gushing out and running down the crack of her ass. He grunted, satiated for the time being, and then looked into her eyes.

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   "Well? How was it baby? Was it like the fantasy? I didn't really hurt you did I hun? By the the way, how'd you like my prop knife?" He laughed nervously. She smiled, and kissed him hungrily. "It was perfect baby. It hurt, but holy SHIT was it awesome! The only thing that could make this better, would be a beautiful tiny version of you in about 10 months. " She winked naughtily, and he laughed shaking his head at her. He kissed her tenderly, taking his time to show her what words could never express. "You're too much baby. . . "
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