The Broker


            Michael Waltrip strode purposefully down the hallway toward the room at the end of the hall. Amy Drazen tried her best to keep up with him. He was concerned about the upcoming sale – possible sale. He had worked hard building his business from the ground up since he was nineteen. Now, at thirty-seven, he was about to make a sale to one of the biggest customers of his life.
            “How many do we have this time?” he asked.
            “There are five,” she replied.
            “Good. That should give him a good choice. Tell me about them. ”
            “There’s a redhead, two blondes and two brunettes. One blonde is a strawberry blonde. One brunette has brown hair the other has black hair. The one with black hair looks like she might have some Native American blood. Both brunettes have brown eyes. One blonde has blue eyes the other has green eyes.


   The red head has green eyes. ”
            “Let’s go see them. ”
            “They got the second dose an hour ago so they should be pretty docile now. ”
            “He’ll be here in two hours. They have to be ready by then. ”
            “They’ll be ready. ”
            The man and woman made their way down a short hallway to a large air conditioned room. The room was completely white with a stage in the middle of it and a row of four chairs in front of the stage. When they entered the room the man took a seat in one of the chairs as the woman went to a door in the opposite wall. She opened the door and stuck her head through.
            “Bring them in,” she called then moved to take a seat next to the man.
            A large woman dressed in gray scrubs entered the room followed by five young women dressed in white bathrobes. Another large woman dressed in gray scrubs followed the young women and a third large woman dressed in green scrubs followed the group. The women were led onto the stage and ordered to stand in a line on the stage. They silently obeyed.

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   The man seated in front of the stage slowly nodded his head.
            “Very nice,” he commented. He raised his voice and spoke in a commanding tone as he said, “Number one, step forward. ”
            A redheaded woman stepped from the line to the front edge of the stage.
            “Remove your robe,” the man said.
            The woman raised her shaky hands and slid her robe off her shoulders and slowly dropped to the stage floor as a tear slid from the woman’s right eye.
            “That shouldn’t happen,” the man commented.
            “It won’t in another thirty minutes,” the woman replied.
            “Turn around and bend over,” the man ordered the redhead.
            She slowly obeyed.
            “Spread your legs three feet apart. ”
            Her feet slowly slid apart.
            “Good. Move back to your place. Number four, step forward.

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            The brown haired woman stepped to the edge of the stage as the redhead moved back into line.
            “Remove your robe. ”
            The brown haired woman hesitated a moment before she too slipped her robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the stage floor.
            “Lean forward and show me your tits. ”
            There was another hesitation before she followed his instructions and leaned forward.
            “Put your hands under your tits and hold them up and out to me. ”
            Tears slid from her eyes as she complied.
            He rose to his feet and made his way onto the stage as he gave his next order.
            “Spread your legs three feet apart. ”
            The little brunette hesitantly spread her legs as ordered. The man stepped behind her and put his left hand against her lower back.
            “Put your hands on your knees. Then don’t move. ”
            As she slowly put her weight on her hands pressed on her knees he held his right hand out toward the woman in green scrubs. She deftly slipped a rubber glove over his hand.

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   He pressed his left hand onto the brunette’s lower back as he leaned down and shoved the first three fingers of his right hand up her pussy. When she tried to raise up his left hand held her in place. He quickly looked up at the woman still seated in the row of chairs.
            “Are they all virgins?” he asked in surprise.
            She smiled broadly at him.
            “Yes. ”
            “Very good. ”
            He removed his hand and stripped off the glove, dropping it on the floor and returning to his seat.
            “Thank you,” he said, directing his look at the woman I the green scrubs. “That will be all. ”
            The women were quickly ushered from the stage and out of the room. The man turned to face the woman seated next to him.
            “You’re certain the second injection will take effect before he gets here?”
            “Yes. They should all be completely under control within twenty minutes. ”

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   Just make sure they are all complete under control. I don’t want any hesitation and absolutely no tears or resistance. This is a very important customer. I do not want to piss him off. ”
            “He will leave a happy man, Michael. I promise you. ”
            “He’d better, Amy. ”
            An hour later Michael and Amy met a blonde haired man and led him to the white room with the stage and chairs. Amy stepped to the door and spoke softly to someone on the other side as Michael made their guest comfortable. Amy then quickly joined the two men as a large woman with short dark hair dress in gray scrubs stepped into the room. She was followed by a black-headed woman dressed in white robe. Another woman with short dark hair dressed in gray scrubs and a woman with brown hair dressed in a white bathrobe. A third woman with short dark hair dressed in green scrubs was the next to enter the room followed by a blonde woman dressed in a white bathrobe. A large dark haired woman dressed in gray scrubs entered the room next followed by a strawberry blonde dressed in a white bathrobe followed by another large dark haired woman dressed in gray scrubs. A redhead dressed in a white bathrobe stepped into the room next followed by another large dark haired woman dressed in gray scrubs.

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   All of the women climbed onto the stage. The women in the white bathrobes stepped forward to the middle of the stage while the women dressed in scrubs stayed on the back of the stage.
            “Very nice, Michael, very nice. ”
            “Thank you, Senator. Which would you like to see first?”
            “Why don’t we start on the left and work our way over. ”
            “Very well. Number one, step forward. ”
            The redhead stepped to the front of the stage and waited.
            “Remove your robe,” Michael demanded.
            The young woman removed her robe and let it fall to the stage floor. The men and Amy stared in silence. Finally, the senator leaned toward Michael.
            “Very nice. ”
            “They’re all virgins, too, Senator. ”
            The blonde head turned surprised eyes on Michael’s face.

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   Michael smiled and nodded.
            “Every one of them. ”
            “And you’re only asking $80. 000. 00 for each?”
            “Only for you, Senator. ”
            The senator turned back to stare appreciatively at the nude young woman standing in front of him.
            “Number two,” Michael called out, “step forward. ”
            The first blonde stepped to the front of the stage.
            “Remove your robe. ”
            She opened her robe and slid it from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.
            “Number one, slowly turn completely around,” ordered Michael.
            The redhead did a slow pirouette.
            “Number two, slowly turn completely around. ”
            The blonde slowly spun at the front of the stage.
            “Number three, remove your robe.

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            The black haired woman removed her robe, letting it fall to her feet.
            “Turn completely around. ”
            She slowly spun around as the others had before her.
            “Number four, remove your robe and slowly turn completely around. ”
            The strawberry blonde removed her robe, let it fall to the floor of the stage and slowly turned around.
            “Number five, remove your robe and slowly turn completely around. ”
            The brown haired woman removed her robe, letting pool at her feet and slowly turned in a circle.
            “Well, Senator, would you like a closer inspection?”
            “Certainly. ”
            The two men climbed onto the stage behind the naked women as the large women in scrubs climbed down steps hidden at the back of the stage. They stood close, between the stage and a table with various implements on it. The senator went first to the woman with black hair and stood directly behind her. He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly ran his hands down her back. He slowly let them wander around to caress her breasts then slowly slide down across her stomach and back around to her hips.
            “Lovely,” he whispered, leaning close to her.
            Michael held his hand out to one of the scrub-clad women behind him.

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   She silently laid several rubber gloves in his hand. Michael lifted one of the gloves from his palm and handed it to the senator.
            “Senator, would you like to verify my earlier statement, check for the hymens?”
            A smile suddenly lit the blonde man’s face.
            “Oh, yes. Not that I doubt you,” he replied with a smile. “But it would be my pleasure. ”
            The senator quickly slipped the rubber glove on his left hand and placed his right hand against the black haired woman’s lower back.
            “Number three, spread your legs three feet apart,” Michael ordered. The woman silently complied. “Now lean forward and put your hands on your knees. ”
            She did as he ordered drawing a broad smile from the senator.
            “Do not move,” Michael ordered before turning back to the senator. “Go ahead, Senator. ”
            The blonde man slid his gloved hand between the woman’s spread legs, running his fingers lightly over her slit, gently caressing her clit. He stepped closer to her and nuzzled against her bent back as he slowly inserted first one then two fingers into her now damp pussy.

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   He quickly added a third finger and began to slowly probe her vagina. His head suddenly snapped up and swung around so his eyes focused directly on Michael.
            “She’s absolutely wonderful, Michael. ”
            He slowly withdrew his hand and let it slide to her back hole. He began to probe her anus using the juices still on his fingers from his earlier explorations to lubricate the channel.
            “God, she’s so damn tight. ”
            “They all are,” Michael replied.
            “Wonderful,” the senator crooned, sliding his fingers from her asshole.
            He pulled the rubber glove from his hand and let it fall to the floor.
            “Number three, stand up, turn around and face us,” Michael ordered.
            The young woman quickly complied, keeping her arms at her sides. The senator’s hands immediately went to her breasts. He kneaded her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples. He squeezed her nipples hard, causing her to draw her breath in sharply but that was the only reaction.
            “They won’t resist at all?” he asked.


            “Not as long as they’re on our drug,” Michael replied. “The drug lasts for a minimum of twelve hours. They must receive two initial injections then one injection every twelve to fourteen hours after that to maintain this level of obedience. ”
            “What happens when the drug wears off?”
            “They become more resistant as it leaves their system. The drug only removes their resistance. They still know they don’t want to cooperate they just no longer have the ability to resist. As the drug leaves their systems their own will returns. If you choose not to use the drug they will have to be restrained or trained in the normal, harsh manner. ”
            “Amazing,” the senator commented as he moved to the blonde.
            Michael again handed him a rubber glove then ordered the woman to spread her legs and lean over. The senator probed both holes again then removed the glove and dropped it to the floor.
            “You definitely and your business are definitely everything I was told, Michael. I must commend you. ”
            “Thank you, Senator. I do my best to provide quality service and merchandise.


            “I know I originally said I only wanted one or two for my guests but…” The senator turned a smile toward Michael as both men left the stage and moved back to their chairs. They sat down next to Amy and the senator surveyed the naked women still standing on the stage before them. “I would like the two blondes for my guests. I’d also like the one in the middle, the one with black hair. ”
            “Very good, Senator. Would you like to take them with you or would you like me to have them delivered somewhere?”
            “How about both. ”
            “Whatever works best for you, sir,” Michael replied diplomatically.
            The senator handed him a card. “You can deliver the two blondes to this address. Can you have them there by five o’clock this evening?”
            “Of course, senator. How would you like them dressed? Would you prefer them as they are now? Or I can put them in dresses, negligees, whatever you prefer. With or without undergarments. ”
            “How about dresses, something easily removed with no underwear,” the senator replied as he turned his gaze from the women to Michael.
            “I’ll take care of it. And the brunette?”
            “I’ll take her with me.

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   A dress for her as well. Something short and easily removed with no underwear. ”
            “Amy will bring her out to you in ten minutes. ”
            Amy nodded to Michael and rose from her seat. The large women in scrubs escorted the nude women from the room as Amy followed them.
            “About this drug, Michael…”
            “You have more questions?”
            “Not exactly,” the senator replied. “I would like to purchase some of it, if you’re selling it. ”
            The two men stared at one another for several seconds before Michael got to his feet.
            “Normally, Senator, I would suggest that the woman be brought back or one of my assistants give the injections since they have been properly trained to use it. However, in your case, since I believe you would have access to any necessary medical personnel, I’ll agree to provide the drug to you as long as you sign a written agreement releasing me and my business of all liabilities. ”
            The senator smiled up at Michael. He slowly got to his feet and held out his hand.
            “You have yourself a deal. ”
            The two men shook hands then turned and left the room.
            Michael handed the senator a small box and a file folder containing information on the three women just purchased.

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   The senator put both items inside a briefcase and carefully closed it. He was just picking up the briefcase when Amy entered the room followed by the black haired woman from the group that had modeled on the stage.
            “Amy, thank you,” Michael said as his assistant stepped aside and motioned the other woman forward.
            The woman had been dressed in a deep blue wrap-around dress that fell mid-way down her thighs. The color of the dress perfectly matched the color of her eyes. The senator smiled when he saw her.
            “Amanda,” Michael said to the black haired woman in an authoritative voice drawing her stare. He indicated the senator as he spoke to her. “This is Eric Dodson. He is your new master. You will go with and do whatever he tells you. Do you understand?”
            “Yes sir,” she replied timidly.
            “Repeat your instructions. ”
            “I am to go with Eric Dodson. He is my new master.

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   I will do whatever he tells me to do. ”
            Michael smiled at her.
            “Very good, Amanda. ” He smiled at her before turning to the senator. “She’s all yours, Senator. ”
            “Just like that?”
            “Just like that,” Michael replied with a nod of his head.
            “Please forgive me if I’m just a little skeptical. ”
            “Give her an order,” Michael suggested.
            “Amanda,” the senator said as he stepped closer to her. “Show me your breasts. ”
            She reached up and opened her dress to reveal her tits. She stood with her dress held open waiting for the senator’s next instructions.
            “Cover yourself, Amanda. ”
            She pulled her dress back over her chest and dropped her arms to her sides. The senator turned back to Michael.

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            “This is wonderful, Michael. Thank you. ”
            “If you have questions or problems, please let me know. ”
            “I don’t anticipate any problems but I will certainly call if any arise. ”
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