The Endless Rape


Topic: The endless rapeThose of you who have read my last post were the unfortunate victims of my shitty ability as a poet, and it either sucked so bad that no one wanted to leave a comment, or no one has any intrest in erotic poetry, listen to me guys, learn some, we love it, not a woman alive doesn't start dripping honey when you read the right kind that she's in the mood for.
This time I'm a little more prepaired, I suffer from insomenia so when I finally do crash, I usually end up with vivid dreams that scare the living fuck out of me. Last night was such a crash and the resulting nightmare is not exagerated in any shape form or fashion.
I dreamed that I was walking down the deserted streets of my dinky little hometown in Texas. The sun felt warm on my skin as I walked barefoot down a dirt road, the heat from the grains felt devine against the naked flesh of my toes. I was not walking alone, my beloved walked next to me, completely nude for some reason, she and I each carried one of my twin infant girls, wrapped in a blue pokadotted and red stripped blanket respectibly. We took our time as we strolled down the abandoned road, taking in the vacant pastures of crisp green lawn and the endless expanse of a cloudless sky. I was in a state of euphoria, like my life was complete and if I were to die right then than I would have no regrets.
All of a sudden the brightness was inturupted by a shadow of darkness as a rouge cloud passed between us and the sun, and when it had moved on and the light returned, there stood a white chapple church, where before the sky darkened there was none. My stoumach began to feel uneasy and I turned to walk in the other direction, back to where I had been happy, but something drew me in, the seductive sound of a cherry red Gibson SG, I was entranced, and entered dispite the feeling I felt deep within my being. The sound aroused me I could feel the necter flowing from within my womb, my breathing became eratic, I felt like I was going to orgasm any second as the notes got higher and higher sending me into fits of ectacy.
The man who played the guitar ws dressed in black, suit, shoes and fedora hat, the only exception was a crimson neck tie that matched the glistening finish on his insturment. I don't remember what the song he was playing was, but as I pondered to myself and forgot my hatred of men, I began to yurn to fuck him, throw myself at him, let him take all of me, completly and without hesitation. My cloths were gone, and like my beloved was also completely nude. My temprature began to rise and I began to sweat. I could hear a voice through the sound of the music, a preacher, one that I had argued with on the streets of Austin in response to his "sermon" about the evils of homosexuality, I heard the same sermon through the orgasmic sound of the guitar.

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       His words seemed hollow and full of hatred, a man of god with so much intollerance I only half heard his words now, but in my yurning for the guitarist's cock, I heard the preacher say, "And their children shall burn in the fires of ritiousness, so says the lord almighty, AMEN!" A spasm ran through my spine and I dropped my daughter.
    when I was finally able to move again I dove to the floor to pick her up and check her for any form of injury, but when I pulled back the pokadotted blanket, all I found were shattered pieces, chared and blackened, as if they belonged to a porcline doll, not my flesh and blood. I looked up as the guitarist stopped cold, and began to laugh a wicked laugh. A heartless laugh.
    My beloved held our surviving daughter tight to her shoulder as the child cried for her fallen other half. Umi, my lover, simply hushed her in an attempt to calm her and turned to me with a look of pure hatred I have never seen in her eyes before. It cut me deep, almost as deep as what she would follow it with. "You're a missearble excuse for a mother! You stupid dripping Cunt! How could you!"
    The tears flooded from my eyes with more strength than any river could rage. I currled into the fetal position and rocked myself into histarical surrender. The Guitarist wlaked over to me, stuck the fingers of his calaced hand into my vagina and pulled me to my feet, it hurt as he did so but not nearly as much as what my beloved Umi had just said to me. From nowhere she pulled a dagger, setting my surviving daughter on the dirt floor of the chapel. She walked over to where the stranger held me, my arms bound behind my back by his one impossibly strong hand.
    After having metaphorically cutting out my heart, she took to preforming the litteral proseadure. The agony was intense, she reached into the insicion and parted my wound, spreading my breast outward as she dug around ripping all the arteries louse and pulling out the still beating organ. I felt cold, my vision was fading but the stranger who bound me made sure I watched the preceadings.

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    Umi drew a pentigram around my bundled child on the floor in my blood with the knife.   I wanted to ask her what she was doing but it took all my strength to stay concious. She took a bite out of my heart and then leaned over and spit it into my daughter's open screaming mouth. After completeing this act she stood and addressed the man who held me.
    "Take the whore she's worthless, a gift in return for the right to protect this child. "
    "It is done" he said coldly as he looked me in the eyes, he had shinning blue eyes, radantly beautiful blue eyes.
    "You are mine now, there is no way back". . .
    To be continued. . . Let me know what you think of my twisted R. E. M.

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       fright. Sigmond Fruid would have a feild day with me. The nightmare is horendouse I'm keeping close watch on my girls after this one. will finish the recolection if  enough people like it.
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