The Female Bodybuilder and Her God


Sure enough one of the dumb ass guys in the gym got in the ring and sure as shit beat him senseless. In fact she would do this same speech at least twice a week and some dumb ass man or woman would climb in that ring and leave wondering just who the fuck they were and why the fuck they didn’t know who they were. This went on for almost 3 months till I decided enough was enough! The bitch had to go. Other than her face and those tits hanging on that massive chest she no longer looked like a woman. It was like some strange Frankenstein experiment that wrong someplace. I would look at this cunt whore and get mad and as always when I get mad my cock gets hard so I figured well we can kill two problems with solution. You see for the last 3 months I was watching her. Not just watching her at the gym but really watching her. I would wait and follow her after she left the gym. I knew what she did where she went and who she would see. She had boring life the Gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After the gym straight home and her light would be off in 30 minutes. On Sunday she went to church morning and night with a visit to her parents in the afternoon. On Tuesdays she would go to the movies, alone. On Thursdays she would go to dinner and a bar with a friend. During the weekdays she worked as a security guard, I think she was trying to become a cop.

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  Now as to Saturday, well Saturday that was the kicker she would run out of town and up in to the mountains. She would hick around all day by the streams and up and down the foothills and it would be late when she would run back into the City. I do mean late she would get home about 11:00pm well it wasn’t that late in the beginning but as the day’s got longer she stayed longer. I got to where I would park after she got out in the woods and sort of shadow her. She did the same thing each week, the same steep grade at the same spot a spot where no one else went. She would run up this extreme steep grade from the bottom to the top. There was a dirt road that she would run up to at the top and she would take the road down. Lucky me it was a nice open for use dirt rode. I had made my plane and I knew the first thing that had to happen was to hurt her in a way she couldn’t really fight back. I had a couple of ideas but would need to buy some equipment! I also would need to go to my cabin and out fit for what was going to follow. First things first and the first is how to catch her in a manner she can‘t fight back. ! I went to a police supply store and bought handcuffs, leg cuffs, a night stick (the neat kind with the little handle) a tazer stun gun and an extra batter for the gun. I went to a hardware store and bought some heavy duty but light weight chain then to a pet shop bought a collar a leash and food and water bowls. I thought this bitch has to go but first she has to be trained as to what the fuck she was put her for, and it sure wasn’t to be some kind of fem-man. So it was Saturday and I drove up the to spot she always gets on the road I thought now this is going to be fun.

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   I would have a bit of wait it was only 12:00 noon and she never got to the top till about 1:20 or 1:30. I would check over the edge from time to time but I would use the time well. I wanted to know what I was going to do to her bust a knee or the muscle at the back of the leg or just hit with the tazer on the full setting. At 1:15 I saw her she was running but seemed to be having a bit of trouble, what was that? I looked hard to see the white jogging suite had a red stain on it, yes several bloody spots on the white. Oh and a lot of dirt to she had fallen down, that might be good she may be a bit hurt, no she is running to hard for that. I put up the hood on the caddy and laid the night stick on the fender well inside. I put the tazer in my back pocket. I also put one set of handcuffs in the other back pocket. I went and looked over again she was about a minute from the top now. To make it look like I had car trouble I lit 3 smoke bombs that I had sitting on the top of the air filter cover. I stepped back and looked the smoke was pouring out and it looked like major trouble. I pulled my shirt out so it would cover the items in my back pockets and Stuck my head under the hood my left hand was resting on the small handle of the nightstick. Then I heard the voice of that bodybuilding bitch from hell “You look like you got trouble” I heard her feet approaching and then her shadow broke over the car. “Yes I think I have fried it!” She was right beside me now I quickly raised the stick and turned to her first striking her across her chest hard and then striking down on her knees even harder. She let out a yell and went down.

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   She was screaming and yelling. I knew she wasn’t hurt bad enough yet to not put up a fight so I quickly used the nightstick on her stomach several times. Now she was screaming for help and crying, yes crying like a real girl. She had rolled up in a ball and exposed the back side of her legs to me I took full advantage of this and brought the nightstick down on the upper calf three times on the right leg, which was the one nearest to me on the third blow she screamed louder than before and I heard a sound from the muscle as it tore. Now that was going to make it easier I thought about doing the same to her other leg then decided not to. I told her to shut up I would crack her skull open, which of course I wasn’t about to do yet I wanted some fun. “You mother fucker why did you do this to me?” She said through the tears and she kept repeating it. I went to the rear of the car and opened the trunk I took the stun gun out of pocket I had thought of hitting with a few light loads but decided to save the fun till we were at the cabin. I walked back to her . She was still yelling at me the question why. “I did this to you because I can’t stand fem-men a bitch is a bitch and should just be the cunt she is. You can’t grow balls cunt, you can’t grow a cock your just a cunt and shouldn’t have tried to be more than that you fucking worthless fem-man. ” with that put the tazer at the base of the neck and hit her with good jolt of it she jerked and bounced from the shock and went out like a light. I’m not a little guy, in fact I’m a big man 6 feet 7 inches tall and about 265 pounds, but pulling that 230 pound bitch fem-man back to the back of the car and loading her up was hard work. I stopped once she was in the trunk and cuffed her hands behind her back I then cuffed her legs.

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   I put a wadded up oily rag in her mouth and put duct tape across that. I thought man this will be fun. I drove back down the dirt road at a pretty fast clip my cock was still sort of stiff from the adventure to this point. I wanted to get to the cabin as quickly as I could it was a good 3 hour drive. About an hour in the drive I heard some thumping in the back end the bitch must have awakened. I pulled off the road and parked I got out and to the back and opened it up. There she was trying to yell through the rag I had put in her mouth. Her eyes didn’t look afraid but angry. Fucking cunt should be afraid I thought to myself. I had the stun gun in back pocket and pulled it out! It was still on full so this time I put it right under chin she was screaming something and trying to kick. Now it wasn’t possible for her to kick as I had the cuff on the leg the chain went up between her wrist where the handcuffs were and came back to the other leg. I was just sort of laughing at her thinking how helpless she was and what a fucking bitch she was. I hit the trigger and she bounced up hard and back down twitching and jerking around and out. “COOL” I said out loud as I shut the trunk. I put the gun back in my pocket and got back in the car and drove on.

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   I hadn’t gone 5 miles when I saw red flashing lights in my review mirror. I pulled off and got my driver license the insurance verification and the car registration out. He walked up and took what I offered and then returned them to me. “Mr. Hanson (not my real name) the Reason I stopped you is that you are driving over the speed limit. Sir these mountain roads can be very dangerous and the state wouldn’t want you to become one of our statistics. Slow it down and have a nice day sir. ” He returned to his car and I drove on. My heart was racing and continued to race till I heard the banging in the trunk again. I ignored it for about another 40 minutes but new I had a town to go through before I got there so I stopped and opened the trunk again. I looked at her this time her eyes showed fear. “You really are a dumb bitch you know that don’t you?” I pulled the gun it was already low on a charge I remembered that you could do 4 full power hits so why low after only two? Oh I remembered I used it on that cat the night before to see just how powerful it was. That damn cat, what sight I hit one time with the stun gun full power and continued to jerk around for about 3 minutes. It burnt the hair off where I put the gun and it killed the cat, the cat the pussy oh the pussy. I turned it down to half full up, after all I have the other battery in the glove box.

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   I then put it between her legs and moved it around a bit. I smiled at her “No bitch this is going to hurt” I pulled the trigger and held it down. She began to buck around in the trunk but something I hadn’t expected the crotch of her pants went wet right off I held the trigger down till the gun stopped its little humming noise pulled it away and sure enough she was out. I thought to myself better hit her again full blast with the other batter so I changed it and do so. Damn I liked watching how she twitched and bucked from it. That should hold her till we get to the cabin. I got to the gate at my property and it was now about 6:00pm. I unlocked the gate and drove in and then locked the gate. I then drove down to the cabin. I kept thinking about that TV show I had watched StarGate and how the bad guys in it would say “Behold your god” and thought well she sure looks like a female version of those guards they have. I had an idea that this was going to be a very fun couple of days. I pulled up to the front door and put the car so that trunk was right in front of the porch at the front door. I got out opened the trunk. She was starting to come her eyes were about half open but moving very fast like she was dreaming as she was waking. I took the opportunity to start my little game.

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   “Behold your god you fem-man, you have betrayed your god and must be punished. ”Her eyes had a mixed look of fear and confusion. I reached down and grabbed the duct tape and yanked it off her mouth. She spit out the rag and sucked air in through her mouth. I repeated “Behold your god you fem-man. You were created to serve your god and have failed in your duty. ”She looked confused and said “What the fuck you talking about man?” With that I put the nightstick on calf of her left leg and raised it up about 4 inches and let fall back on the leg it struck the tear. She arched her back and let out a loud yelp and said “OH fuck that hurts!” “Behold your god you fem-man. I created the fem-man as protectors and to serve and service me. You have failed in your duty and I am going to retrain you the ways of service. ”I then unlocked the leg cuffs and handcuffs and told her to get out. She eventually got her self out and tried to stand but as she did the pain in her right leg was evident and she went crashing to the ground. I said “Do not stand in the presence of your god! Crawl inside, crawl to your cell where you will be retrained or die. ” She struggled to get up and I took the night stick and hit her on the right shoulder hard and then left shoulder harder and said “I said crawl you fucking worthless fem-man crawl now or die. ” With that I then hit her on her ass hard first one cheek and then the other repeatedly till she began to crawl toward the door.

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  I opened the door and had her crawl inside back to the room I had fixed for her. I had a large bowie knife in the room stuck in top of an oblong box I pulled it out. “Sit on the floor so I might see you. ” she did nothing so I kicked her hard on her left tit and repeated myself. She worked around to a sitting on the floor. I had the nightstick in my left hand and the knife in the right. I put the knife down the front of the jogging suite and began to pull it toward me, the material was now being cut. Her right hand reached up quickly as if to grab my hand or the knife and even quicker than she was moving I raised the knight stick up and brought it down on her hand hard. I heard a cracking sound when the stick made contact with her hand. I took the knife and thrust it back in the box. “Let me see your hand bitch” she held up her hand the thumb was hanging at a strange angle. “You have broken your thumb. ”“You broke it” she barked out at me. I then walked up to her and closed my fist and hit her face hard, hard enough it knocked her to the floor. “I said you broke and if I say you broke it then you broke it. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   I am your god!”She then screamed out “Your fucking crazy!”I then walked over to her and began to repeatedly kick her till she was crying and begging for me to stop. I stopped and said “Get to your feet”Through tears and sobs she said “I can’t put any weight on my right leg. ”“Then don’t but get to your feet now!”She struggle using the wall to support her once she was up on her feet I swung the night stick at the back of the base of knee with all the might I could muster. Her leg flew forward and she landed on her back I heard the sound of that muscle tearing! “Now bitch you can’t stand! Behold your god!” then got the knife again. I busied my self cutting her clothes off she offered no more resistance. Running the cold knife around on her body I told her how I could cut her up. I felt her tits and I could tell from the way they felt that they were fake tits. “You have implants don’t you fem-man?”I’m not sure at what point she decided to play the game but this was the first time she reacted in the manner I wanted. “My lord as you caused the muscles on me to grow my breast began to shrink, I went to a doctor had her preserve my breast at their best size. ”“If I had wanted you to have fat breast they would have stayed with out the intervention of some worthless doctor, female’s who become doctors are not worthy beings. ”I wasn’t sure what was going on her mind but I wasn’t going to leave her any means of defense. I forced her to roll over on her stomach and then put her right hand out and broke her fingers and then I did the same with the left breaking the thumb also. I then had her roll over on her back. I then undressed above her and squatting on her chest. I took her head in my hands holding on t her ears I forced her to take my cock in her mouth.

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   I slowly worked it in and out of her mouth gaining speed as I did this till I was literally fucking her face. I fucked her face for quite some time till at last I began to spurt my cum deep in her mouth as soon as I finished I got off her and she rolled over and began to spit it out. I took the night stick and whacked her across her muscled back. “Eat that up bitch!”I then put a collar on her and the leash and made her crawl outside where I told her she must piss and shit. It took her some time to comply but she did at last and made her drag her ass and rub her cunt around on grass to clean them. I then made her crawl back inside and fixed her food, dog food she didn’t want to eat it but with just a little encouragement she at last did. after this I got the stun gun from the car and put the drained batter on a charge I then put it on the lowest setting and made her come and get between my legs. For the next 40 minutes I would ask her questions if I liked the answer she gave I did nothing if I didn’t I would give her jolt with the gun. She nice little burns on her back from it! I then went in and a scalding hot bath! I made her get in this bath on her hands and knees. Damn it was fun to watch her in the bath she was on her hands and knees in that hot water. I made her dunk under the surface several times. I had her get out after I had had enough fun. I made her go back to her room I opened the box up and made her get in it. She at last got rolled over on her back and I closed the lid and screwed it shut. Sleep tight fem-male I will fuck you tomorrow, perhaps to death.


  I went and ran me a bath now and cleaned up and went to bed. Morning came early I got her up at about 4:00 am on her hands and knees I mounted up and ass fucked her telling her this while I plowed into her tight ass “I’m fucking you like a dominate man fucks a submissive man, in the ass. Your not worthy of cunt fucking not yet so I will fuck you this way till I decide it is time. ” I would tell her how worthless she was. I would tell her how much her existence had distressed me and how I had regretted giving her life! I fucked her hard and deep as she cried the blood seeping from around her ass whole let me know I was fucking it right. When I at last shot the load I then made her clean me off with her mouth. I again took her outside to shit and piss and fed her dog food again. After sometime I face fucked her again and then ass fucked her again. I hadn’t caused any real pain for a bit so it was time to hurt her again. But what would be best? Do I have much time left? I looked at my watch it was late Sunday I had a choice to make how to keep her hear till it was the weekend again or finish this. I wanted thought I want to kill her while I fuck her, pussy fuck her. That was it make her think I was going to let her live and that I would keep her alive and use her for my fuck toy and then kill her while I fuck her. I yanked on her chain pulling her to me from where she had been sleeping on the floor. “You god has made a decision. I will let you live I will keep you hear and use you for my pleasure.

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  ” She looked at me with a strange look. I then repeated my decision. “I will serve you well master. ” “crawl back to your box get in and on your back, place your ruined legs over the edge and I will come and fuck you. When we are fucking you must ask the name of your god and must ask me this till I tell you. ” she crawled off. As she crawled away she was saying how her master her god was the greatest of the gods and how she would serve him forever and how she was sorry that she had ever been a disappointment to her god. When she was at last ready she said “My god I await for you to take your pleasure with my body. ” I found one of my small knifes and put it in my hand. I looked in the mirror you couldn’t see it. It was a flip blade. I walked in and stood at the foot of the box and looked at her body. She bruised, battered with torn muscles and broken fingers and thumbs. I would have a great fuck now. I stepped into the box and lowered my self on her chest pushing my cock to her face.

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   “Harden me with your mouth, worship the cock of your god. ” She started licking and lightly sucking the head and slowly got me stiff. I then got body positioned and put my cock between her legs and guided myself into her tight cunt. The cunt was moist in fact wet she gave a moan as I entered her and I started out fucking her hard forcing more cock in her with each thrust. “what is the name of my god”I thrust hard and harder deep in and pulling all the way to thrust it deep in again. “I have many names but only two for you!” I then fucked her hard again with hard deep thrust, her eyes rolled back in her head and her moaning began. “What is the name of my god. ”“I am the one you serve in life. I am the one you serve!” I began to really pound her using my free hand, the hand that has the knife is also holding me up, I use the free hand to squeeze her tits hard and mangle them. “I am not pleased with these fake tits!”“I’m sorry my god please forgive me. ”“Of course I forgive you, I am the one you serve I am generous and forgiving”She began to buck against me as her moans got louder and louder she was cumming and yelling out her question “What is my gods name. ”“I am known as the Lord of Snuff for you I am Death Fuck” with that I flipped open the knife and put small cut on her throat and the blood began to gush out, her eyes shot open I did the same to the other side. I thrust the blade in to one tit the other busting open the sacks of saline and I fucked her hard now. She screamed “Please lord don’t hurt me. ”I rammed the blade in to her throat on the front now deep and withdrew it “I am Death Fuck and this is your death fuck You serve me in your death.

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  ”She was trying to talk but it was all gurglingly with blood spurting out as she tried to form words and I continued to fuck her feeling the cum building in my balls and began to fuck harder and faster. I began to shoot my load and I began to just fuck in to her not pulling out her head was banging on the box above her. The gurgling continued as her head was banging but as my cum began to subside the sound stopped. Her body twitched a for a few seconds as I withdrew from her and got out of the box. Looking down on her I felt great pride having gotten rid of this blight of humanity it was a good service to perform disposing of such a disgusting female that would try to be an equal to man. My only regret in this was she had not suffered as much as I intended I hadn’t broken any substantial bones nor had I caused her as much plain old pain as I had wanted. The time was short for me on this one. Now I had to take this hulk of body and get rid of it, completely no trace. Burn it, then spread the ashes where they could never be connected to me. It had been good to be the god perhaps this was worth using again and again. .
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