The Rape and Brutalization of a Young High School Catholic Cheerleader (Part 7)


As Harrison climbed off Diana and she felt his weight lifted off her torso, she took another deep breath and was suddenly able to breathe normally at last. As she lay on the bed whimpering, she curled up into a fetal position and closed her eyes. She was afraid to look at him and she needed to rest.

The brutal session of forced oral sex had left her physically and emotionally drained. Her head was still spinning (and would be for a few more hours) from the Rohypnol, her coordination seemed to be off and she was still having trouble focusing her eyes.
In addition, her throat was aching from the pounding it had taken from Harrison’s cock, her jaw hurt and the thought of his sperm sitting in her stomach made her feel physically ill. Her wrenching sobs and hysterical screaming had left her drained and she felt a desperate need to sleep. Suddenly, she dosed off.

As Harrison watched her sleep, he smiled as he wondered how much her sweet young body could take. He was far from done with her and she was already showing the effects. At this rate, she’d be a complete wreck by the time he decided to take her home. “So be it!” he thought.
Getting off the bed, Harrison stood up and looked down at Diana as she slept. He intended to let her sleep for a little while, but not very long. He wanted to keep her off balance and depriving her of sleep would help wit that. Stepping away from the bed, he went into the bathroom to empty his bladder.

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   He should have done it earlier, he thought. Because he came damn close to pissing in Diana’s mouth while she was sucking his cock.

Finishing up in the bathroom, he picked up his camera and his computer. Then, he sat down on the bed and booted up the laptop. Once it was up, he connected the cable from the camera and uploaded his pictures to his document file. Once the upload was complete, he logged off and disconnected the camera and set it back on the night stand.
Then, reaching for the duct tape he had set next to the camera, he tore off several long strips and turned his attention back to Diana. As she continued to sleep, he rolled her onto her back and pulled her arms up over her head. He then took several strips of the tape and used them to secure her right wrist to one of the spindles on the brass headboard. Then, he moved to the other side of the bed and did the same thing with her left wrist. Checking his work, he was confident that Diana would not be able to break the tape restraints.

Putting the tape back on the night stand, he picked up the camera once again and clicked several more pictures of Diana while she was tied to the bed. Then, putting the camera back he kneeled astride her prone body once again. Having shifted himself further down this time, his weight was focused on her hips rather than her abdomen.
As his weight gradually pressed down on her, Diana continued to sleep.

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   As he watched her chest rise and fall with each breath, Harrison reached out and gently rubbed her breasts through her blouse and bra. She didn’t respond and just continued to sleep.
Suddenly, Harrison reached out and slapped her across the face and yelled, “Nap times over, Diana! We haven’t finished the interview yet. ” As his hand smacked across her cheek, Diana awoke with a shriek and a start to see Harrison kneeling over her again.
She suddenly (for the first time) found the will to fight, to the extent that the Rohypnol would permit that is, and tried to hit him. However, when she tried to swing her hand, she discovered she was unable to because it had been secured to the headboard. Then, trying the other hand she made the same horrible discovery.

Tilting her head back she tried to focus her eyes, to see why she couldn’t move her hands. As she did, Harrison suddenly reached out and slipped two fingers from each hand in the opening between the buttons of her blouse. Then, without warning, he pulled on the front of her blouse and, in one violent tug, tore it open from neck to waist, sending the pearl buttons scattering across the bed and onto the floor. With her blouse gaping open, Harrison smiled and look down at the slinky white, satin and lace bra that just barely covered her young breasts.

Looking down at them, he noticed the outline of her nipples, pushing upward against the fabric, almost begging him to set them free. “My, my!” he smirked. You have sweet little tits there Diana. As an incoming college freshman, I need to know: Do you want me to suck them?” Diana shook her head violently and screamed “No! No! Please leave me alone!”
Laughing, Harrison slipped a finger into her cleavage, between the two sexy bra cups, and pulled upward.

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   As the straps dug into her shoulders, Diana cried out “No! No! Don’t do that!” but after one more tug, the clasp tor loose and the bra tore free and was hanging like a torn flag in Harrison’s hand.

Tossing her bra onto the floor, Harrison reached out and began massaging her breasts, pushing them flat against her chest and kneading them like small fist sized balls of dough. As he pawed at Diana’s young tits, the tears began to flow once again. “Please stop, Mr. Johnson. Pleeeeeesse!” she wailed.
Continuing her tit massage, Harrison smiled and continued enjoying the feel of the soft skin of Diana’s breasts against his rough hands. As he rubbed her sweet tits, he watched the expression of torment on her face and smiled sadistically as she continued to whimper and cry.

Then, taking a nipple in his fingers, he rolled it between his thumb and index finger. As he did, it grew hard and swollen like a ball bearing. Harrison knew the reaction was not because of sexual arousal but out of nervousness and fear. But he planned to use her response as just one more way to play with her already confused head.
“Diana, you like this don’t you?” Immediately, she shrieked back at him, “No! No! Stop it!” As Harrison continued to play with her chest, he said “I think your lying! Your sweet little nipples are hard, that means you love what I’m doing to you!”

Diana, apparently not believing what Harrison was saying shifted her eyes to her chest and watched Harrison rubbing her breasts. As she watched, she saw her engorged nipple in Harrison’s fingers and suddenly screamed in an attempt to convince herself that he was lying. “No!” she screamed “No! I hate it! I hate it!” Then, as she struggled under him, she closed her eyes and the tears flowed harder.

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Smirking at her, Harrison taunted her and laughed “That’s too bad! Maybe you’ll like this better!” Then, leaning forward he took her breast in his mouth and began to chew on her nipple.
    As he grated his teeth on it and bit down on her sensitive bud, she screamed in pain “OW! OW! Oh stop! Please stop that!”

    Moving his mouth between both breasts Harrison continued to alternately bite one nipple then the other, pulling and tugging with his teeth (stopping just before the point where he drew blood). As he continued his oral assault on her nipples, Diana was crying out in pain and thrashing under him. All the while, despite her disgust for what he was doing, her nipples grew harder under the constant oral stimulation. “OW! OW! OW!” cried Diana, between gasps. “You’re hurting me! You’re hurting me!”

    With his face buried in her chest, he could smell her perfume and the scented body wash she had used earlier that evening. He smiled as he envisioned her dressing after her shower and applying the sweet smelling fragrances to her young body. He knew that she hadn’t put it on for him, but ironically he was getting far more enjoyment from the fragrances than she was.

    As her voice grew hoarse from her constant shrieks, Diana whimpered quietly that her throat hurt. A few seconds later, her shrieks subsided in volume. Harrison cared little about her pain, only about her humiliation. But he decided that a short (very short) break might be in order for Diana. Lifting his mouth from her swollen, sore and saliva soaked nipple, Harrison asked “Do you want me to stop?” Immediately, Diana nodded her head rapidly and whispered “Yes! Oh yes! Please! Please stop!”

    Suddenly, Harrison lifted his mouth from her breast and climbed off of her without saying a word. As he stood next to the bed, Diana let out a deep sigh of relief and whispered “Thank you!” Harrison then looked down at her and said,”You said you’re hurt. Do you want some water?” Diana suddenly opened her eyes and looked at him with a surprised look.

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       Then, whispering she answered “Oh yes please!”

    Harrison turned and went into the bathroom. He was in long enough for the tap water to get sufficiently cold. Then, filling a glass, he brought it out to her and held it for her so she could drink it without getting up. She drank all of it, and looked at him with a pathetic look of appreciation.

    After she finished the water, he stepped away from the bed and said “You probably want to rest for awhile. ” Before he’d finished the sentence, her eyes were closed and within another minute, she was asleep. As he watched her body relax, he hoped he hadn’t put too much Rohypnol in the glass of water. .

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