The Taking of Katie K.



Pretty Katie K. admired herself in the full length mirror at the motel where her new boyfriend Sam had brought her. She stood 5' 4" tall in the sexy black short see through gown that Sam, the man she had first met through
Face Book on line. She had liked him immediately when they met for coffee at a diner twice, and he had agreed to take her virginity the day she turned 18. She had wanted an older man to be the first to fuck her and had deliberately sought to find one on line. Her parents had raised her very strictly and sent her to a private Christian academy which had drummed the message of abstinence before marriage into her head. She had rebelled against the message, and intended to learn the joys of sex by fucking an older man before she attended college in the fall. She had met Sam in a park and they had driven to the motel in a seedy part of town leaving her car parked in a deserted area of the same park. She trusted Sam because he had told her he was a single man and a cop. She had trusted him and now she was to have sex with him.

She caressed her firm "c" cup breasts which jutted out firmly from her slender body admiring her upraised pink nipples. They grew erect and hard at the touch through the filmy gown. Underneath the gown she wore only a tiny g string that barely covered her newly shaven pussy lips and anus. She felt herself growing excited as she caressed her ripe young pink pussy and forced her fingers up into her vagina. She wanted to be wet when Sam took her cherry.

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   He had left her for a few minutes to get some drinks and told her to get herself ready by putting on the gown that he had bought her for the occasion. There was no doubt in her mind as she looked at her beautiful white skin that she was desirable with her firm breasts and fine round ass cheeks. She had a high ass and a flat belly with an inverted navel that she knew would please Sam. Her curly long blond hair fell just above her shoulders and was freshly washed. Sam had admired her blond hair and her blue eyes and high cheek bones.

What she did not know about Sam was that he was on the illegal drug squad and had been on the take from the Zeta drug cartel that operated in that city and just across the border. The cartel owned the motel where she had been taken, and Sam had made a deal that after he and several of his buddies had fucked her she would be handed over to the Zetas. She would be taken to Mexico as a sex slave, a beautiful young white girl with a fine body that would please the many men who would fuck her.

Sam did not come back alone. He and four other guys walked into the room. Before she knew what was happening they had her pinned and stripped naked. Two of them pulled her legs apart and to her horror Sam climbed on the bed between her legs and shoved his fingers into her virgin pussy and ripped open her hymen roughly. She screamed in terror and pain as he fucked her tight vagina with his fingers. Her pussy got wet with the blood of her violated cherry and her pussy juices. The four men laughed as Sam stripped himself and began to pump his large 7 inch cock.

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   She had not expected this.

"Now, Katie, you are going to be fucked by a whole bunch of horny cops," Sam announced, "we are gonna fill your sweet pussy with our cum and fuck your tight ass hole and keep both holes occupied all afternoon and all night. When we get through fucking you some drug dealers will fuck you. You'll get all you can handle sweet meat. You are nothing but meat to us, and we intend to use you as a fuck doll as a sperm container. "

He forced her first to take his cock in her virgin mouth. She choked as he pushed the hard thing between her lips.

"Take it all, Katie, you hot little bitch, take it all or I'll slap the shit out of you," he demanded.

She took his cock and he forced it deep into her throat holding the back of her head as he raped her face. He forced her to swallow not only his cock but his load of sperm that shot against her tonsils. She gagged and sputtered.

While he knelt over her face and force fucked her throat his ass resting on her breasts, one of the other men took his riot club and pushed it brutally into her tight cunt and began to fuck her holding the club and pushing it six or seven inches into her tight hole.

"Fuck her good," one of the other cops said, "stretch her tight pussy so she can take all of my 9 inches. "

She felt her cunt being violated deeper by the cruel riot club as it pushed against her cervix. She wanted to scream and she tried to fight but her resistance only made the men enjoy her cruel rape more.

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"That's it, Katie, you little bitch, fight us. It makes it even more exciting," Sam said as he came in her throat.

"Man, she's one fucking great little cunt, Sam. I can't believe we're finally getting to fuck such a beauty," one of the men said.

The four men were naked now and stroking their erect cocks. They watched as Sam made the man fucking her with his riot club removed the club and replaced it with his still throbbing hard cock. He had waited for two months to get his cock in Katie's sweet pink hole. He rammed it in with full force and grabbed her firm young breasts and squeezed them brutally as he took her violently. He rammed the full length of his cock into her young hole each thrust, knocking her breath out. He fucked her until he came. The one of the other men replaced him as the third man deep throated her. Soon the room was full of men urging the rapists on as they plowed her unmercifully. She gave up struggling and accepted thereality that they would probably ravish her young body all they wanted. One after another they fucked her. She was nearly passing out as each one shoved his big cock into her cunt and violated her.

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One of the men wanted her ass hole. He made her get on the floor doggy style and she felt her anal sphincter being split open as he pushed his big cock into her ass.

"Man she's got a great little ass, and it is tight as hell. Let's get it loosened up, baby. He kept pushing his 8 inch cock into her until she thought he would rip her apart.

He finally got all of his man meat in her and began to ream her ass roughly. He picked her up as he fucked her anal passage and held her as another man forced his big cock into her stretched young pussy now dripping with cum. They held her between them double teaming her brutally and kneading her firm tit meat as they fucked her deep in both her love holes. When they both came they passed her on to the next two men who fucked her the same way. Not satisfied that they had fucked her thoroughly enough, two of the men double cunt fucked her stretching her young pussy to the limit. Then she was forced to get on her knees and take one after another of the drunken sex crazed men in her mouth and throat as others mounted her ass and fucked her in one hole or the other. This went on all through the night. There were over 20 cops and drug dealers who impaled the once virgin cunt and ass of the young 18 year old, and when she did not have a cock in all three of her holes they fucked her with night sticks, revolvers and beer bottles. She passed out and the fucking continued.

When she awoke she was in the back of a van completely naked, her body aching from the abuse of being raped without mercy for hours.

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   She was on her way to Mexico City, where if enough people read this her adventures will continue.