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The need had been building up in me, I had to have release! And the hot neighbor next door was the one that I was going to fuck, to release my built up tensions!
From seeing her at the swimming pool in her apartment complex, her sexy string bikini revealed her to be a long legged redhead with a nice curvy waist, big but not huge tits, emerald green eyes, a voluptuous body, not fat but well formed, very curvy and very sexy. From seeing her eyebrows, I could tell she was a natural redhead, and it made my cock ache when I thought about how it would feel to be inside that tight, redheaded cunt! She always had a nice smile, I wondered how long the smile would last when I dragged her into my house and fucked her every way but loose!
I had planned it all very carefully, and being a woodworker, I had built a special piece of furniture, just for her. I called it a bondage table. It was 6 feet long, padded, looking somewhat like a surgical table. At the very end of the table, about halfway up from the floor, were two large wooden flanges. The idea was to get her positioned on the table, with her sexy ass protruding from the end of the table, her knees bent slightly so her legs would be on the flanges. Her wrists would be cuffed together and strapped down to the table, straps would also hold down her elbows, and straps on the flanges would go around her legs. With her legs strapped down to the flanges, her ass would jut out over the end of the table, it was perfect, her ass and cunt would be free from any blockage, she would be held securely in place for my cock! I also had a small vial of chloroform, so, getting her into the restraints would be no problem.
I had not stroked off for 10 days, I wanted to save it up for her! On the 11th day, I put my plan into motion. Since I had made it a point to appear around the pool every now and then, and say hi, how are you, she would not see me as a stranger. It was a brutally hot day, and I asked her if she'd like to stop into my place, and have a cold drink. She accepted, and soon we were in the kitchen. I drew 2 beers out of the fridge, and excused myself. In the bathroom, I quickly soaked a handkerchief with chloroform, and headed back for the kitchen. Her back was towards me, and I grabbed her tightly and slapped the handkerchief over her mouth and nose. Her struggles to get free quickly ended, and she slumped unconscious in my arms.

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   Taking her into the bedroom, I quickly stripped away her loose T-shirt, and the string bikini underneath. I quickly lifted her onto the table. A pair of handcuffs secured her wrists together, and were strapped down to the table. Her elbows were quickly secured, her legs were strapped down to the flanges, and she was in perfect position! I stripped, my cock was steel hard from the sight, her magnificent ass and cunt exposed, and ready! She had carefully shaven away all the hair around her pussy entrance, leaving a lush tuft of lustrous red pubic hair above. Even though I wanted nothing more than to fuck her right away, she was going to have to regain consciousness first, so she could enjoy it!
I took some cold water, and gently applied it to her face with a washcloth. That did the trick, and she swam back up to consciousness.
"What the fuck is going on here!?" she demanded.
"Interesting that you should use that term, that's exactly what's going to happen here! " I laughed.
"You bastard, you're going to rape me?" she yelled.
"Rape is such a harsh word, I prefer sex between consenting adults" I replied.
"You fucker, I'll make sure the cops bust you good!" she shot back.
I replied, "Your word against mine baby!"
"If you don't let me go, I''ll scream my head off!"
I quickly whipped out a cleave gag, and gagged her before she could make good on that threat! She could only make small muffled sounds, and it just whipped up my lust even further.
Getting behind her, I ran my hands all over her gorgeous ass, and slid my fingers around and around her tight opening.
Getting into position, and placing the head of my cock against her pussy lips, I said,"You know the old saying, when rape is inevitable, just relax and enjoy it! Here's what you want, what all you bitches want!"
I shoved hard, a savage thrust tore into her as I slammed my cock in! Her howl of protest was well muffled by the gag as I split open the tight walls of her cunt! I drove it in right to the balls, enjoying the feel of her tight cunt around my cock!I pulled back and slammed in again, drawing another well muffled howl from her! Grasping her hips tightly, I rode her hard! That fantastic ass, those long legs, those great tits, and that red headed cunt had taunted me for ages, now it was my turn to get what she owed me! I slammed into her over and over, the cleave gag keeping her quiet as I slammed into her stiffened, resisting body over and over again!
"Yeah baby, you are one hot fuck! I knew your red headed cunt would make you a hot fuck! I'm gonna blow my load, and flood that tight cunt baby!"
Her muffled sounds of protest around the gag just drove me on, and my cock lurched, swelling tight with a massive urgency! I could feel a huge surge up my shaft, and with a roar of pleasure, I let go! My cock pulsed wildly, I could feel my spunk blasting out, it felt like a hose, squirting thick ropes of spunk, splattering her cervix, and filling her womb! I could feel 10 ropes of spunk being shot up into the tight cunt!
I pulled out, and flopped back. Actually fucking her had been better than any fantasy I had of fucking her.

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   But I was not done yet! I was going to bust open that tight ass of hers!
I leaned down and whispered to her, "Are you an ass virgin baby?"
She nodded, and her eyes widened!
I said, "Well, it's time you lost that last vestige of virginity then!"
Her cries of protest were once again well muffled by the gag, as I applied baby oil to her tight ass. Sliding a finger inside, I could feel the tight clutch of her ass around my finger, as I spread baby oil up her tight back door! The idea that I was going to de-virginize her tight ass hole had me rock hard again, and I coated my shaft with baby oil!
She was trying to get free, swinging her hips from side to side as far as she could. I picked up a yardstick, and smacked it against her ass! She got 10 firm strokes of the yardstick against her bare ass, her yelps muffled, leaving very red marks across the whiteness of her ass cheeks! That stopped her from trying that anymore!
"Now hold still, or I'll beat your ass some more!" I growled.
Leading my cock up to the entrance to her tight ass, I said, "Relax baby, it'll be easier!"
I pushed, and my cock popped inside. I pushed smoothly, but not top fast up her ass. I imagined the pain she might feel, as she let out another muffled howl. I drew back, and slid into her again, gripping her ass tightly, and reaming out her tight back door! The tight clutch of her around my cock drove me wild, and it wasn't long before I could feel my balls boiling, getting ready to blow! With a howl of pleasure, I slammed into her, and could feel my cock explode, pumping a thick juicy load deep up her tight asshole!
I pulled out, and lay back for a few minutes. After that, I went to her, and removed the gag.
Bending down, I whispered, "How was it?"
Her eyes alive with pleasure, she said, "Oh fuck it was great! I got the chance to live out my taken by force fantasy! You set it up so well, damn that was hot! I was cumming like a fucking waterfall! I just told you the basics of what I wanted, and you made it come alive for me, in a safe way! Now let me up, and let me express my gratitude!"
I quickly unbound her from the restraints, and on her knees, she licked and sucked my cock, her hot, moist, pliable mouth molded around my throbbing cock, sucking me up to a full, stiff erection, her tight pouty cocksucker lips sliding up and down my throbbing shaft until I was ready to explode, then she told me to lay back, and as I did so, she positioned herself above me. She took my cock, stiff and ready, and positioned it against her warm entrance. In one downward thrust, she impaled her tight, burning core on me, sliding down on my swollen fuck pole, grunting with pleasure as she took in the last inches of my swollen cock! I also grunted with pleasure as my swollen cock was once again enclosed by the tightness of her hot, inner depths! She started to ride me, pumping her hips up and down hard, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, over and over! Watching her riding me, and seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, fired me up! I hung onto it until she exploded in orgasm above me! Seeing the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, hearing her cries of orgasmic delight, and watching her beautiful body shuddering from the orgasm tearing through her took me over the edge, and I let it go with a roar, as my cock exploded, squirting wildly inside her tight sheath, splattering a thick load of spunk up her burning fuck-hole, the orgasmic spasms of her inner muscles milking every last drop out of me!
As we lay in a satisfied daze, she whispered to me, "OK lover, you've fulfilled my fantasy, now, I want your most cherished fantasy, so I can make that come true for you!"
I smiled as I lay back, thinking. So many fantasies, and which one did I want the most? That was something I would have to think about carefully. .

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