The Young Airplane


   I was waiting to board the Airplane to Chicago from LA. I was having an important meeting in Chicago that could get me promoted. Well, it was pretty late, around 1 a. m.
   I am a 35 year old, divorced, and no kids. I am 5' 11". I have a normal life, with normal job. I was fit, because i went to the gym regularly. My penis is pretty large, 9 in. and 4 in. around. My appearance wasn't too bad, but not too handsome, just the right amount.
   At 1:20 a. m. I finally got on the plane. I got the furthest backseat of the plane, which I asked for specifically.

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   Right next to me was the bathroom, but I can deal with that. It's better than some old fat guy sitting next to you snoring the whole way.
   I was just stairing out the window, when a young girl-extremely young- came up beside me, checked her plane ticket, and sat down. "Hi, my seat is right here. " she said.
   I wasn't expecting anyone else to be sitting next to me, they rarely put someone in the back unless the seats are full. "Hi, I'm Jack. " I replied
   "My name's Julie. "
   "You seem pretty young to travel by yourself. " I said, with a gentle smile.
   "It's allright. I am mature enough to get on a plane by myself. " she said, and put her bag under her chair.
   She was pretty cute. She had shiny dark brown hair, and brown eyes that somehow seemed like green when reflected off of the light.

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   She was asian. She was wearing a blouse and mini-skirts. Her breasts seemed just starting to develop. I thought she was wearing a training bra. I was no way thinking that she was sexy in any way, just cute.
   "How old are you?" I finally asked.
   "I'm 13 years old. " she answered.
   I was pretty shocked, I thought she had to be at least 15 since she was developing, but I heard that children are developing faster and faster as time went by. It was a quiet day, she wasn't an annoying kid, she really seemed mature. We talked, and told about ourselves.

   I found out that she is going home after visiting her aunt, but her parents were too busy to come with her. She told me that she sometimes wanted them to quit there jobs so that they can play with her.
   I tried not to think about raping her, but she was too cute, and everytime she shifted in her seat, I would see a part of her panties, and that would always give me a jump. But i tried to calm myself down and have a normal conversation  
   She fell asleep after about 30 minutes in the plane, and I was watching a movie.

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   I turned around, and I saw that her skirt was riding up, revealing her white panties. I got a little jump on my crotch, but didn't do anything. I slowly reached out and grabbed her skirt, and pulled them down.
   Nothing happened until I felt a soft thud on my shoulder. I turned around to see Julie leaning on my shoulder. I was surprised to see that the top 3 buttons on her brouse were unbuttoned, and her skirt was riding up again, revealing even more of her panties than before. I got another jump in my crotch. I tried to wake her up, but she didn't seem to be able to hear me. I slowly put my hand inside my pocket, and shifted my cock so that it wouldn't hurt.
   Few minutes later, she woke up, and started for the bathroom. I could still see her panties because the skirt was riding up, and I thought for a split second. 'Should I go into the bathroom with her? NO! I shouldn't. . . It isnt' right.

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  . . But didn't she say that she wanted to be loved? Why should I be the one to do that. '
   It didn't take more than a second for me to get up, walk quickly towards Julie, as she was opening the bathroom door, and pushed myself in the bathroom with her.
   "What are you doing?" She asked, looking at me questioningly.
   "I'm going to give you all the love you need. " I said with an menacing smile.
    I quickly put my hand on her blouse, and started to unbutton her shirt.
   "Stop!" She cried, but before she could say anything else, I put my hand on her mouth and said, "if you don't keep your mouth shut, I will kill you!"
   She started to cry, but I knew that she wouldn't make a sound. I kept unbuttoning her blouse, and took it off, revealing her training bra. I took her bra off also, revealing two small mounds of breasts.
   I fondled them, and she whimpered. I slowly moved my hand around her breasts until I reached her nipple, and I gave it a little squeeze. She opened her mouth as if to protest, but didn't say anything. It started to become hard, and I put my mouth to her left nipple.

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   She started to cry even more. As i was playing with her nipples, I started to take her skirt off. She tried to fight, but I was too strong for her. I got her skirt down, then I put my hand inside her panties, and ripped it off of her.
   She tried to get around so she can escape out of the bathroom, but I put my hand around her and put her down on the toilet.
   "Please don't do this. If it's money you want, my parents can give it to you. " she cried.
   "I don't want money hon, I want you. "
   As if she knew what I was going to do to her, she started to cry her eyes out. She seemed so cute when she was crying and pleading me. But I put my hand on her pussy and started to play with her clit. She stoped pleading, and had a strange look on her face. She started to get wet, and in few seconds, she started to moan. Her moan was so sexy, and combined with her cuteness, it was just enough to tear my trousers out.

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   I kept playing  with her clit, and put my mouth to hers.
   She didn't kiss me back right away, but she did after a minute or so. I kept fingering her clit, and she go wetter by the minute. Slowly, I put my hand into her pussy, and as soon as I did that, she came.
   I smiled, and started to take my own cloths of. When I took my boxers off, my huge cock sprang out into her face. She looked at it in terror. Then I said "Open your mouth bitch. "
   She hesitated, but she looked at me, then opened her mouth. I slowly inserted my 9 inch cock in to her tiny mouth. "Lick from the bottom to up. " and she obeyed. "Now put it in your mouth. " and she slowly put my huge cock in to her mouth. I started to fuck her, slowly at first, and faster and deeper into her mouth "Breath your nose.

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  " I kept fucking her harder and harder, until I came.
   She seemed to struggle when I did, and she had a disgusted look on her face. I finished my load inside her mouth and took my dick out. She started to spit out my cum, but I put my hand on her mouth and said "Swallow it. Swallow all of it. "
   She slowly started to gulp down my cum. I spread her legs wide, and started to put my cock into her young pussy. She started to cry, begging me not to do this to her. But I didn't hear her. I slowly inserted into her pussy. She started to scream, but I put my hand on her mouth. I started to fuck her slowly.
   "AAh!" She moaned as she came when I went in about 1 inch
   "Your so tight!" I knew she was a virgin, and slowed down when I got to her Hymen. Gently, I  started to break her hymen. When I got it almost loose, then I broke it in one clean stroke.

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   Blood started to seep out from her pussy, and she screamed into my hands, and started to cry her eyes out. But i kept going. Her virgin pussy was so tight. I was 7 inches in, when she started to moan. I took my hand off her mouth. "Do you like that?"  
   "Yes. . " she said shamefully. "AAHH!" she moaned louder this time as she came again. My cock was covered with her juice. I kept fucking her until I was all the way in. I started to pick up my pace. and she started to moan louder "I need more Jake! Faster, please!!!"
   I smiled, and started to fuck her faster and deeper. "Did you start having your periods?" I asked
   "No, not yet. " she said, and she reached up and kissed me.

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   We fucked and kissed passionately at the same time. We fucked about a minute, until I had to cum. I told her "I need to cum. Let's cum at the same time. "
   And I started to cum in to her pussy and she started to cum as well. Our juice was mixed in side her pussy, and started to run down my cock.
   Part 2 is coming up soon

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