Treated Like a Dog Part 4


After hugging her parents, Melissa was pulled away by several of the guys judging who congratulated her and asked if she wanted to fuck.   A couple of them were cute, so she agreed to spread her legs. The "dog show" was pretty much over, the more disobedient girls being led away for punishment.   Brian was off fucking some other girls and did not seem to mind.   A lot of thoughts were racing through her head.   After the first two guys, she had pretty much gotten sore and was dripping their cum out of her pussy.   She found a spot to sit and lean down and lick it out.   Her parents came down  and sat next to her.
 "So, you knew about all this?" she asked, still happy but confused.   She soon learned that her parents had gone to the school out of concern that her gymnastics regimen was interfering with her sexual development.   Her parents were upset that she might be sexually inhibited.   The school had claimed that they were not responsible for her sexual well-being, and that that was something they would have to figure out.   Brian had approached them with the offer to train her with what he called an "obedience" program.   He had said that when he finished with her, she would not be at all inhibited.   When they asked how they would know for sure, he had told them about the dog show, and that he would get her to where she would be comfortable naked and exposing herself for others, and even have sex openly.   They were nervous about the proposal but knew no other alternatives.

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    She arranged with Brian to have her abducted and trained, telling the school that she had been injured during her training and would return to school after she had recovered.   Melissa was a bit shocked that her parents would willingly let their daughter be kidnapped and raped, but she was also very thankful they had.   It had been scary at times and she had been beaten and treated like a dog, but she found that now she found it a turn-on to be treated that way.
"Can I still see him now?" she asked, referring to Brian.   "Of course, dear," her mother said, "as long as you keep up in school. "  One thing Melissa knew was now she was Brian's dog and she would be loyal to him byremaining with him. She could go to school and do her homework at her parents' house, but at night she would continue to run around naked, shit in the yard, and be told how much of a good girl she was and be fucked by her master.
She ran over to Brian to tell him but stopped when she saw the look in his eye.   He pointed to her parents and told her to go with them,that she was trained now.   Her heart sank.   
Wrapping her in a coat, her parents drove her home.   She sat pouting in the car all the way there.   She had been fucked and thrown away.   They pulled into the driveway and she got out.   Her parents unlocked the collar and she  ran up the stairs, throwing the coat off and running into her room.

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She was still naked and sat crying there when her brother came in.   He did not seem to mind that she was naked.   She told him about how she had been treated and how she didn't have a master now.   Her brother was 21 and visiting home on break from college.   He leaned over and kissed her neck.   "You know, I've always wanted a dog. "
That made her  sit up and feel happy.   She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her into him, wrapping her legs around his body.   She pulled him onto the bed and kissed him.   He quickly began pulling his clothes off and she saw that his cock had grown stiff and was enormous.   She yapped playfully as he slid it into her and started fucking her.
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