Working Late at the Office


You are sitting at your desk. Its late, everyone else has gone home for the day. Being a Friday the place is complete empty. That’s why you’re surprised when this tall dark figure appears in your office door.
            He’s a large man, tall and muscular. He’s wearing a skin tight black shirt, and black leather gloves. You can see his tight stomach muscles through his shirt. He has large arms and a large chest. He is wearing tight black jeans and black work boots. You can’t help but notice a large bulge running halfway down his right thigh. He also as a black cowboy hat on pulled down covering his eye’s making it hard to make out his face.
            Before you have a chance to say anything he rushes over to you and takes a firm hold of your neck lifting you out of your chair. With your feet off the ground he puts his lips agents yours and pushes his tongue deep into your mouth, moving it back and forth inside of you. He stops and says to you, “Don’t struggle and you won’t get hurt”.
            Hanging there, holding on to his large arms so not to get your neck broken, you are afraid to struggle. You do mumble “nnnooo” and try to squirm a little.


            He puts you down and spins you around, pulling your back against him. He’s taller than you so you can feel his “bulge” against your back. He quickly grabs your tits through your shirt. He pushes them into you, which pushes you harder agents him. He squeezes your tits hard, kneading them in his large, leather covered hands. You pull at his arms as he does, but he is so strong and big it has no affect. You again mumble “no” a few more times. After roughly rubbing your tits, he takes a hold of your shirt and pulls it apart hard and fast. You let out a little scream when he does, but there is no one around to hear. Buttons pop off your shirt and fly across the room. He quickly pulls your shirt completely off of you. He then grabs the back strap of your braw and pulls that apart with a quick jerk, pulling it completely off of you body. Again you let out a small scream. He firmly pulls your back against him again, grabbing your now bare tits in the process.
            You are shaking like mad, but to your surprise you can feel yourself really getting turn you on.

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   You can feel your pussy getting wet. Your struggling subsides slightly.
            Noticing your large nipples, you hear him moan. He grabs both nipples in each hand, pinching them firmly between his thumb and finger. First he pushes them into your chest while he pinches them then he pulls them away from you hard. He does this over and over. You can’t keep your self from reacting to the sensation it is causing. You can feel him thrusting his hips into you as he plays with your tits.
            He spins you around so that you are facing him. He gets on his knees in front of you and starts roughly sucking on your right tit. He takes a large part of it into his mouth and bites on it, flicking his tongue across your nipple the whole time. Abruptly, and to your surprise, you let out a short moan of pleasure. Stopping yourself as soon as you realize you are. He continues sucking and biting your tits one then the other, sometimes sucking and biting just the nipples. He’s being so rough your breast start to hurt.

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   You can feel your pussy really getting wet. Your trying not to act like your enjoying it but you can’t help it, every once in a while a another moan slips out.
            He stops sucking your tits. Grabs a hold of your paints and, to your surprise, rips the button off and unzips them all in one strong pull. He pulls both your paints and underwear down to your ankles. Picks you up with ease and puts you on the edge of your desk. He pulls your pants and underwear completely off and spreads your legs exposing your dripping hot pussy. You are hardly struggling at all now. Your pussy is begging to be touched. He kneels down in front of you throwing your legs over his shoulders. Roughly he drives his face between your legs. He takes as much of you into his mouth at once as he can, sucking and pulling at your whole pussy. You let out a loud moan as soon as his mouth touches you. Then he drives his long tongue deep into you, running it all around inside of you. You can’t hold back anymore.

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   The feeling of his tongue flying around inside of you drives you to an instant orgasm. You grab a hold of the edge of your desk as you have an intense orgasm, filling his mouth full of your hot cum. You hear him moan as he drinks all you have to give him. Saying in a muffled voice “Ya baby, give me all your cum, give it to me!” Hearing this really turns you on, making you cum even harder. After he takes all of your cum, he moves up to your clit, there he licks it quickly then nibbles and bites it. You can’t hold still, you start thrashing your hips. He grabs you tightly holding you in place. You start cumming again, as soon as you do he moves back down and sticks he tongue back deep into your pussy drinking all of your cum, moaning “Ya, give it to me”.
            He stops and stands up between your legs as you lay there on your desk, your pussy dripping down your ass onto the desk. You don’t move in exhaustion from the intense orgasms you just had. You can’t help but watch as he unzips his paints and starts to pull out his dick. You gasp when you see the size of it. You’re well below his waist lying on the desk but when he lets go of his dick the head hits your stomach with a thud. It must be 11 or 12 inches long, and almost as big around as your four-arm. You have no idea how he is going to fit that inside of you.

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            You can feel his pre-cum on your stomach where he dropped his dick. He grabs his dick and strokes it over you to get it completely erect. His hands run slowly from his head to his balls, up and down until he is stiff. It looks even bigger than before now. You notice your hips are thrusting with each stroke of his hand on his dick. He pushes is dick so it is sticking straight out and starts to line his head up against your pussy. You start to squirm but he forcefully grabs your hips so you can’t move. He slowly starts sliding his dick into you. You start to squeeze the edge of your desk hard. You can feel your lips spreading farther and farther apart as his head forces its way into you. You feel your lips painfully stretching to their limits. You start to squirm and moan from the pain when you final feel his head slip all the way in. He then continues to sliding his dick into you. You keep grabbing the desk hard as you feel his head sliding deeper and deeper into you, keeping your lips achingly stretched to their limits. His head and shaft is rubbing hard agents the walls of your pussy all the way in.

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   You let out a loud moan as his head reaches your inner limits. The feeling of that huge dick deep in you makes you cum hard just having it there. Your pussy squeezes his big dick as you cum, make him moan. He says loudly, “Yes, squeeze my dick, cum all over my dick!” He just leaves his big throbbing dick deep in you until you finish cumming. He fills you so completely that all of your cum runs out of your pussy and down his dick and balls.
            As soon as you’re done cumming he slowly pulls his long dick all the way out. You moan as you feel his head slip out of you. Then he lines his head back up and slams it back into you, making your whole body jerk. You scream. He pulls it all the way back out, then slams it in again. He keeps doing this over and over. Your whole body shakes with each thrust. It does not take long before you have another intense orgasm.   As soon as you start he slams his dick in again and just holds it there. Your pussy milks his dick hard as you cum.

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   You can feel his huge dick throbbing inside you. He says, “Oh ya baby. Squeeze that dick. ” Each time he says anything it just intensifies your orgasm.
            After a few minutes you finally stop cumming. He then starts to pump your pussy with his big dick, slowly at first. Then with each pump it gets faster and harder. Finally he is screwing you hard and fast. His big dick sliding in and out of you sloppy wet cum drenched pussy over and over again. You keep having orgasm after orgasm. You both are moaning and groaning loudly. You gasp with almost every orgasm. The desk is thumping with each pump of his big dick into your pussy. The wet sloppy sound of his huge dick slamming in and out of your drenched pussy fills the room. The smell of sex is strong and intoxicating to you.

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   You hear him start moaning with each pump. You can also feel his dick getting stiffer and his head swelling deep in your pussy. “I’m almost there!” he groans loudly. “Are you ready to take my hot cum deep in your little pussy?” He asks. This makes you cum yet again. He starts pumping even faster and groaning louder. “Answer my question!” he demands loudly, squeezing your hips hard as he does. “Answer me! Are you ready for me to unload my cum in you?!” You just moan and groan as you keep cumming. Just as he’s about to cum he pulls out, you look down as his huge swollen head shoot his white hot cum all over your body. A big hot load lands right at the base of you neck and another across your right tit and yet another down the center of your stomach. You watch him as he grabs his dick and milks the rest of his cum out. The hot cum slowly runs out of his head onto your cum drenched stomach. Your orgasm slowly stops and you find yourself desiring his hot cum in you. “Next time, answer me, and I’ll let you feel my dick fill you with my cum. ” he says.

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   You look at his dick and notice that it’s not getting soft.
            He takes his shirt off and reaches down and stands you up, his cum starts running down your body. He reaches down and picks you up just below your ass. You have no choice but to hold onto his shoulder or you would fall backwards. He lifts you high agents him. His cum smears between the two of you as your bodies come together. He lowers you onto his enormous dick. You both let out a moan as you slide slowly down his long shaft. He then proceeds to lift you all the way up and back down is long dick, dropping you back on it with force each time. You start cumming uncontrollably. You can feel his muscles flexing against you as he lifts you up and down like you where a pillow. He starts to sweat and groan as he slides you up a down is dick faster and harder. You’ve cum so much it’s running down his balls and legs. His cum is sliding between your chests with each pump. You can feel your sensitive, cum covered nipples rubbing against his chest, which is intensifying each orgasm.

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   He starts to groan loudly and you again can feel his dick swelling inside of you. “Do you want my cum this time?” he grunts as he starts lifting you faster and dropping you harder each time now. You just keep groaning and moaning loudly. “Answer me, do you want my cum!” he yells. You start another intense orgasm; you scratch his sweaty shoulders hard. “Do you want it?!” he groans loudly. You can feel his enormous head swelling in side of you; you know he is about to cum. You have to feel it explode inside of you this time. As you start to have another intense orgasm you yell out, “Yes! Please, cum inside of me! Fill me with you cum!” As soon as you say that, he drops you hard onto his dick and leaves you there. His swollen head unleashes another large load of hot cum. You can feel it slam into the back of your inner pussy. With his big dick filling your pussy, your cum and his cum starts flowing out of your drenched pussy. Load after hot load of cum shoots out of his big dick. Each pump of his dick sends an intension orgasmic sensation throughout your body. You scratch and clench his back and shoulders throughout the orgasms.


As soon as he finishes unloading all of his cum into you he drops you back down onto your desk, his dick sliding out as he does. You glance at him after lying back on your desk. His dick is hanging down now but still very big and still throbbing in the air. Some of his cum is dripping out of his still swollen head. His dick and balls are drenched from both of your cum. You can see your scratch marks and his cum smeared all over his chest.
            He stuffs his half hard dick back into his paints, puts his shirt back on and walks out the door. You’re left lying on your back sprawled out across your desk. Your body is covered with his cum and sweat. Both of your cum is running out of you onto your desk from your throbbing stretched open pussy. You pass out from exhaustion.

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