You Can Really Explore In The Woods...Well If You Look Hard Enough


My friend Jason and I were wondering though the woods and we were talking about how he forced his wife to fuck him and all of his friends every night. He asked me if I had ever raped anyone. "No. " I replied. "I haven't been getting any sex lately. Not after "she" left me. " I started to wollow in self pitty again.
"Okay, dude. You have to get over it. " It's done and over with. She just a little bitch who fucked you over just like a ton of other fucking bitches. ""Do you hear that? It sounds like Ally. ""Okay. That's crazy you hear hear every where you go. " Jason yelled walking on. "Jason!" I yelled in a whispering voice and running after him.

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   Listen quietly. "
"I can't believe you did that, Al. " said Al's twin sister Jessica. "Yeah, I kinda feel bad for that loser. ""Sam just wanted sex and that's it. Right?""Yeah. But it's all good. He didn't get shit from me. Now I know why he wanted to have sex so badly. Girls weren't desperate enough to go out with him and fuck him. " Ally said laughing with Jess.
Jason was pissed off. I could see it in his eyes. He ran out to Ally and Jess and he slapped them both. They started screaming.

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"How dare you fucking bitch fuck him over like that. " Ally picked herself off the ground and slapped him back. She tried a second time but he grabbed her arm before she could slap him and kneed her in the stomach and pushed her to the ground. She was crying. "How dare you! I'm pregnant by him!""You lying little bitch! yelled Jason running and pinnig Ally to the ground she she couldn't move. I ran out and and pinned Jess to the ground. "Hey there, cuties. " I said to these two blonde beauties. "We going to show you how to treat a man. " I yelled at them.
Jason and I picked them up and brought them back to his van where he had places to ties both of them down. After we tied them down tight we blind folded them and put gags in their mouths. We left the van for a moment so we could call 8 of our other friends to meet us back at Jason's house when we were finshed here with the two blonde bitches.
We walked over to the girls and ripped off their cloths. They were both crying and wimpering.

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   I took Ally and Jason took Jess.
I started sticking my fingers up her one by one. She was still tight as ever. Finally I was able to get her wet and I painfully shoved the rest of my hand up her. She was trying to squirm and scream but she couldn't.  I smiled. and fisted her a couple of times and I climbed on top of her and started licking and bitting her nipples and tits.
Meanwhile Jason was having the time of his life with Jess. He has never had a vigin before. He thought he should streach her out for the other guys back at the house who were much bigger and stronger then us. He shoved his dick in her pussy and started pumping away. He attempted screams made him start going faster and faster. Soon after he came. He reached down and he got some of his cum on his hands and he wiped it in her hair.
I finally got Ally's nipples to perk up.

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   I thrusted myslef up and waited for a minute to catch Ally off gaurd so she thought I would have left her alone. I slammed down and into her. She was going crazy. I was pummping just that hard until I finally came. She was turning her head wimpering. I knew there was one place she told me that she had a dick before and she was in so much pain and she beld for days after. . . he ass. I thrusted up again and waited for a minute and this time I had slammed into her ass. She was going insane. Thrusting up her hips, constanting turning her head, trying to scream, and crying. I fucked her tiny ass like a angered and wild lion. I contuined to fuck her ass until I came 5 times.
I finally pulled out and I said to Jason "Do you wanna head back to the house now?""Yeah, bro.

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   Well what do you know a couple of pissed off brothers fucking a couple of fucking bitches. " He laughed and got into the drivers seat of the car. I got out and I turned around to looked at the suffering battered Jess and Ally. "You think it's over bitches. Well think again. It's far from it. You have way more fuckings comming to you bitches. But not from us. From our friends who are a hell of a lot bigger then us. " I slammed the van door and got into the car and we drove off for the house.