gay vampire


Gay vampire

This story began and developed upon a Halloween preparation by me and my best companion that had grew up together to our early teens and was just going into adolescent age. We were always exploring, hunting and fishing and never spent time with other guys our age in games and sports etc. He was a dark complexion lean and sineon strong he had lots of girls at  school that came on to him and guys tried to be his friend but he had a leave me alone mystery attitude. I was just opposite in appearance by being slim, light complexion and sandy haired and was often called a sissy by rough neck guys so I also avoided every one but him.  There was an old abandoned two story mansion located on a rutted and washed out dead end gravel road that we had visited a couple of times and before Halloween we decided to rig up something to scare any visitors. We could see evidence like beverage bottles and beer cans that from time to time older persons had partied there. There were lots of old beds and clothing and furniture still in the old boarded up crumbling creepy old mansion. During those years I’d never heard of places like they do nowadays where groups set up and charge admission to visit a haunted house on Halloween. So we were the first one’s to create a haunted house in our area.

This old house had a history about a man being murdered in an upstairs bed room and when it rained the blood would drip from the lower room ceiling onto a bed. We found the stained ceiling and assumed that was the stain from the blood.

We found a large closet beside a fireplace in a large upstairs room that had no windows and was dark as night in daylight.

We had carried a flashlight with us and using a large piece of cardboard we cut out a man like figure and clothed it with old discarded clothing and hung it inside the closet room with a string attached to the door so the dummy would swing out to us when opened and hung some cans on it that would rattle. And the effect was scary even to us as we practiced opening the door holding the flash light on it. It looked so looming and real as it swung toward us. We could just imagine someone opening it especially at night unsuspicious of the noise and man figure to swing out to them.



He even scared me by yelling boo in my ear and I showed my fright by grabbing him and wresting him a bit as he laughed. But during this touching of his body a new chill ran through me of the exhalation awareness of how intimate it felt to touch a person especially the one I always adored and envied.   We left feeling great about our haunted house.

 Well that weekend was my night to spend at his house and for a Halloween treat his family carried us to the movies.

The early vampire style movies were showing and he seemed to believe in them. He even said that he wanted to sleep in a coffin. He even had a cape he had made from a large sheet of material and before we went to bed he turned out the lights and flowed around me growling, hissing and laughing at my glimpsing in fear from him. He was a very dark complexion lad with long Elvis type black hair. He had a small shadow of a mustache on his upper lip. His teeth were pearly white and the eye teeth were dormant longer and shone bright between his velvet red lips and in the shadowy room his eyes gleamed white with the dark pupils dancing with glee as he chased and swooped around after me and I felt a little doubtful that he was joking and might be real with the memory of vampire movie on my mind. Now I always envied his good handsome manly macho looks and was sorter enjoying his mood of mischief as he kept haggling me about wanting my blood. I kept palming my neck veins and was feeling scary like the lady victims on the movie and I realized that I was actually acting girly in his presence.

Any way we gradually tired and just lay in bed with the radio on as we talked and confessed of his desire to be vampire by saying that he would like to sleep in a coffin days and raise up during the night to feed on humans. H slid his hands across my chest and face gently and smoothing and whispering that he needed my blood so badly. I lightly pushed his hands away and still didn’t want him to stop because his light caress and touching and the awareness of his vibrant body so close was causing a stirring in my groins and his aromas breath near my ear was so exciting as his teasing whispering that he was a vampire was hypnotizing me into feeling so sissy near his manly body.

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   I giggled silly like and turned my back to him and he jokingly slipped one muscular arm under my shoulder and put his other arm over me binding my arms and as his warm thumping chest came in contact with my shoulder blades. I was in some sort of trance and didn’t move as his aromas warm breathing  so intoxicating as he put his lips upon my neck near the pulsing vein and then I felt his erect hard on groins touch my butt cheeks and he groaned as he clung to me in my encumbering emotional heavy breathless state.

He got his hot rubbery headed peter into my buns crevice and kept hunching gently but forceful until the lubing fluid got my anus hole slick. I just lay there letting him have his way with me and was in ecstasy with his lips sucking a hicky on my neck.

Little by little he was probing deeper into my receiving sensitive bung hole. Then before he had got very deep into me he had an organism and his man meat was lurching and throbbing only an inch or so inside my clinching ass hole.

He rolled back and was breathing heavy and I was afraid to move or anything as he soon calmed down and seemed to be asleep. It was late but It seemed like I was in turmoil for hours going over what had happened between us and I felt so much like a girl under his power and was so in fear that he would now hate me for being weak in his presence. The hicky was a new quickening sensation on my sensitive neck and I knew now that the women in the movie actually craved being bitten and drained by a vampire. Next morning he acted like nothing had ever happened and I looked long into the mirror at the hicky blue spot evidence on my neck that proved to me that I hadn’t dreamed it all.

Anyway we went on like it never happened and returned to our normal activity life conduct.

Any way we heard that some older kids had visited the old house and one of the girls had passed out by opening that squeaky old door and had really scarred the ones with her and it probably happened while we were at the movies.

Several days had passed and one evening late almost dust he insisted that we visit the old house. Actually I felt a little nagging fear about the old place and sorter refrained. He called me a scary cat and a sissy and the word sissy made me feel  weak  in the remembrances of how sissy he had made me feel during his sodomize unto me.

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But to be with or near him I was willing to walk through fire so we biked on down to the rustic old building with its intoxicating somewhat sexy smell that reminded me of the musty odor the head of my peter expelled  after being unwashed for a day when the foreskin was peeled back and the aroma I smelled on my fingers after rubbing them in my buns crevice and against my ass hole . He said that he was in a hurry and rushed upstairs ahead of me and I ambled slowly following him into the now darkening gloomy old dwellings. As I neared the haunted room we had created I saw with my almost dead fading battery lights a long box like object in the back corner that wasn’t there before and I whispered his name desperately needing an answer. He whispered back through the darkness that he was over in the long box corner. I shone my dimming light on the large crate and saw a lid rise with rasping noises from the box that he had built as to be his coffin and he was sitting up in it beckoning unto me to come closer. His voice was again using that soothing hypostasizing whisper and the flash light was glimmering now upon his shiny teeth and the whites of his eyes. I approached and said man you sure scared me and how and when did you build this scary coffin. He said I knew you would like it. I said well whatever turns you on and he said that I was what turned him on. This made me weak with desire and hunger for his friendship. He stood up and stepped out of the box with his cloak draped around him and waved his outstretched arm to make the material wing out. He slowly strode and drifted toward me. I was stunned at his enchantment beauty as he came upon me and enfolded me in his arms and hissed as he bent his lips upon my neck. I was delighted to secumber so willingly to his embrace. He started making a hicky kiss upon the large vein on my tender neck.

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   The robe fell open and he was nude under it and I felt his heated tummy and erect penis through my t shirt and thin jeans. I was instantly on a throbbing hard and I fumbled with my jeans to unclasp them so I would be nude to the touch of his tummy and groins.

He somehow lowered my weaken body back upon the floor and was hovering over me still clinging to my neck as he pressed his dick against my erection. He was holding the hair behind my neck so as to position my neck to his heated wet lips and his licking tongue. I was humble and submissive to his ever desire as he got between my legs and with his knees pushed my thighs wider. He was gouging his peter against my balls and was seeking my rectum area very slowly. I wanted so much to be taken and devoured by him. I somehow scrambled one leg out of my jeans so I could spread my thighs and raise my legs to allow his dick to touch my ass hole. I clasped my arms around his back and arched up so he could gain entrance into my now longing butt hole. He was dribbling so slick on the tip of his dick as he arched into me. I groaned with ecstasy as he sunk his dick deep into my virgin depth. Then a stab of quickening pain throbbed through my tender neck vein as his sharp white teeth made a cut upon it. I whimpered in emotional fear as I then felt the warmth of seething blood leaking into his frothing mouth as he slurped upon my ooze of blood. I had no will to resist as he thrust and strobe slowly in and out of my loosen ass hole and he was so lecherous and frantic as to devour me as he brought himself to a climax and somehow the loss of blood had weaken me into a state of bliss and his thrusting into me caused me to have a organism. He rolled over on the dusty floor and I lay quietly almost unable to move and breathing so faintly thinking I may be dying and was accepting the thought with a far off fearful trance state.

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   I guess he dozed off like the night in bed after his first climax and I guess I also dozed off because when we both awoke I wasn’t dead and even though a little weak from the loss of  blood and also from the sexual bliss from my organism. There was a dried glob of blood on the small puncture wounds on my neck that I found later after we had hurriedly dressed and left for home parting with the same ole farewell.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

 And I knew I could hardly wait to revisit his lair and to mate with my master the gay vampire again.

Our past activities practice and conduct ceased to exist after that first bite. During the next several days we put our spare evening hours making out on in the old house using an old mattress that we moved next to his homemade casket. I became a slave lying under him and savoring the ecstasy of his climaxes unto me. After several days I became weak and found it hard to wake up mornings and to stay awake during the day. I noticed in the mirror that my light complexion face was paler and there were dark shadows under my eyes and that I was losing weight. I was so weak and druggy all the time but I still made it to his lair to be taken by him ever time we could arrange a meeting. I remember well the first and maybe third encounter of having pulsation sexual organisms but next two or so I was unable to get an erection and the only joy was to know I was pleasing him.

Finally he also stopped penetrating unto me and seemed to only want my blood. The last time he even tried to refuse contact and was telling me how weak I looked and felt to him during his taking of me. I remember crawling to him and begging him to bite me and that I needed to feel the weakness he bestowed upon me. I was so weak that he had to help me down the stairs and assist me home.

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   My parents became concerned about my lack of energy and my mother took me to a doctor. He took my blood count and hospitalized me on the first visit. They put IV in my arm and ran several tests and found nothing wrong. During the few days in the hospital I was told that my friend was in the emergency room with a cut wrist. And the hospital law assuming he was suicidal automatically transferred him to an evaluation center for a few days. His parents thought he had become violent and disturbed. I thought that maybe he got so hungry for blood that he took his own. I got dismissed and a few days later he was dismissed and I went to visit him and found that he was put on some sort of drug as to keep him domicile. His spirit seemed broken and he was off in some other world in my presence. I was asked to not bother him and a few days later his parents without any farewells or parting words moved away. I still got those now healed scar  marks on my neck that he reopened so many times and when I see or touch them I  so very much long to have him take and drain me and would be willing to die while being taken and devoured by him with the dream as to return as one of the undead stalkers of human blood. The scars were all ridged and white again except for some reddish outlined area in the center which when I examined by holding a small hand mirror very clearly had the numbers six, six. six. My now long gone friend Damon had used his teeth to tattoo the mark of the devil on my neck 666.

My strength had returned and I even had erections and some how couldn’t masturbate as I had so many times before Damon.

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   The only bliss I have ever enjoyed was barring my loins opening my thighs for and during the probing of meaty manhood sex organ into my vulnerary rectum and the rapture and quickening pain from his sharp teeth bite each time he sapped and drained my blood from the tender neck vein making me so weak and submissable and making me feel like his vampire lady beneath his lecherous heaving animal body. I started returning by myself to his old lair in the rustic old mansion and laying in his coffin and remembering the rapture I shared with him.  I began to dream and wonder how the blood would taste from a human neck vein during a sex organism. I had to pass his empty old home site on each visit creating a longing each time I passed by. Then one evening I saw that someone had vacated the house and I saw a boy about my age in the yard that stared

at me with clear blue eyes through a tousle of corn silk blonde hair. Our eyes met and an awareness transpired like we both had a longing for friendship. I didn’t stop or wave but went right to the lair for my evening ritual of dreaming.

After several times of passing by and seeing him just starring after me I wasn’t too surprised that he followed me and stopped a few yards distance hopeing I make some effort to be friends. I walked backwards and beckoned him to follow me inside.

I had the only light that had to be used to see inside the lair room. He entered without any show of fear for the dark gloom that awaited us. I pointed the light first at the closet door with the scary dummy and spoke softly for him to open it.

He smiled the sweetish smile as he tugged the old squeaky door open and heard the rattle as the dummy swung into him.

He was startled and gasped as he bumped into me and I put one arm up to catch his off balance motion.

He recovered quickly and laughed sorter embarrassed and turned to face me and said man that was fun.

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I asked him if he liked spooky excitement and he said, Man I love the unknown. My arm was still around his waist and the touch of his body and his boyish smell was intoxication to me. I spoke with a whisper and said then you don’t mind knowing I’m a Vampire and you are in my lair as I then pointed the light upon Damon’s casket. He broke free in his haste to examine the coffin and raised the lid and peered inside it at the red soft material that lined it. He was excited upon this new scenery to him. I got up close and clasped his waist again with a caressing touch. He leaned back romantically into me and was so easy to my mood of longing as I dropped the light onto the mattress we were standing on and he turned into my embrace as we kissed wetly and savored each others tongues. He was eager to press his loins against mine and we were both breathless and fumbling to undo each others clothes so as to touch each others aroused sex organs. As soon as we were nude from the waist down with our pants around our ankles he licked down on my chest and tugged at one of my nipples with his teeth, then slid across to the other tit and took a sank a sharp bite into it bringing about a gasp and electrifying shock that aroused me. I knew that this lad was professional at teaseling and arousing a lover. He wet a trail with his tongue down to my naval and made several teasing bites at my tummy and grasped and chewed on huge mounds of flesh and hair on my pelvis area. And then draped his lips on my peter and slid his warm offrice all way down to the pelvis as in a deep throat. He then engulfed my balls and rolled them around in his mouth and dragged and stretched them to a tension that was pleasure. He put his fingers inside the crevice of my rectum and a finger tip touched my anus opening bringing back the old longing to be penetrated and stretched into. Then I got a second little fright like as when he bite my tit because he took nips at my scrotum that scared me he might open it with a bite and maybe suck my balls through a slit and swallow them and bite off the glands that secured them to my body.

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   He slowly licked up from my groins back to my lips and sucked and chewed on them as he desperately and frantically he drew me down upon his skinny soft body and arched up so I could penetrate his bunghole. He seemed professional in ever move he made to entice me. I automatically encumbered to his guiding of my peter into his open softness and so hot ass hole and my urge to kiss his neck was driving me onward. I was so eager lecherous for to give his neck vein the devouring ultimate death bite.

 I grasped his silky hair behind his head and placed his neck in the exposed position in preparation to touch my lips to the sunken soft hollow spot between the shoulder muscle and the high breast bone. I got the soft meat sucked up and clamped my teeth down breaking the skin and he responded with a gasp and a flounce as I drove my stiff rod deep into his vulnerable ass. I got an organism instantly and was throbbing inside his innards and sucking so thirstily at the small ebbing flow of warm sweet blood from his wounded neck.   He was trembling and moaning with purring ecstasy and saying take me my master, oh take me I’m yours.

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