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“What are you doing over there?” My wife Loren asked as she walked into our bedroom. “Just adding a little extra home security, I said, positioning some large hard cover books around the video camera I was hidding on the shelf across from the bed in our room. “Do you still think that Alex stole your wallet? That’s silly Hun, why don’t you just ask him about it?” She said rolling her eyes. “I don’t think That Alex stole it, but I wouldn’t put it past his little hoodlum friends. ” I said settling the camera into place. Perfect. From this point of view I would be able to view the whole room and I would know who had been in my room going through my stuff and taking my things. “I don’t like all this spying,” Loren said picking up a large pile of laundry from the hamper. “I think that you should just ask him about it. Alex is a good boy. ”  She said and walked out of the room.
Alex was a good boy he’d never stolen anything before, not that I knew of anyways, but my fourteen year old son spent hours alone in the house after he got off school before me and his mother got home from work. I knew that he always had his little Goth punk friends over. They were a surly lot, with their piercing and their spiked hair and Alex knew that they were forbidden to go into my room, but I had left my leather wallet with $200 in it on my bedside table two days ago, and when I had come back from work I had found it missing. I knew that it was one of his friends that had come in here to steal it and it was not the first time I had come into my room after work and found things out of their place. Instead of interrogating Alex about it I had planned to find out for myself.

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   I knew he would just deny it anyways. And I was determined to catch the perp red-handed. “Nothing like cold, hard evidence," I said to myself as I stood back and looked at my handy work. The camera was perfectly hidden. No one would know it was there

It was a couple of weeks later before I remembered the camera. My wallet had shown up after all. It had been in the pocket of my brown work pants and I had almost forgotten about the whole incident, until Loren asked me where the video camera was. I felt a little foolish for suspecting my son and his friends and going to such length to prove that they were thieves. But there was still the matter of things being rearranged and out of place in my room. I was curious to see if I had gotten any intruders caught on tape.
 I took the camera down off the shelf and removed the tape. The batteries had long gone dead. I popped the tape into VCR, pressed rewind and settled my self down on the bed to watch. When it got to the beginning I pushed play. I had to rewind through a couple of hours of nothing, I was beginning to think that I had been too paranoid when someone walked into the room.

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   I quickly pushed play to see who it was. I was definitely one of the teenage boys, but I couldn't tell just who yet, they were wearing a black hat and their back was to the camera. Then they turned around and I saw that it was my son Alex, a purple Led Zeppelin shirt covering his slim torso, with his long blond hair sticking out from under the cap. I watched as he walked in and stood in front of the camera. I had a perfect view of his young face.   “What the hell are you doing boy?” I asked my son on the screen. Alex knew I didn't allow people to come into my room when I was gone. I could see one of his stupid friends doing it, but Alex knew better. That boy was going to get one hell of a talking to when he got home.
Having got the evidence that I needed, I moved to turn the TV off, when I noticed that Alex was doing something…He wasn’t going through my things or looking for anything to steal.   He was just standing there in my room with his hands down in front of him. I gasped as I realized what he was doing, he had his hands down his pants and he was touching himself. The camera view went down just low enough for me to see the movement in the front of his black pants. His pale face was softened in a look of pleasure, his mouth slightly parted and his little pink tong slipped out to wet his full lips. I sat there stunned for a moment and just watched my fourteen year old son fondle himself on the tape.

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   My first instinct should have been to look away or jump up and turn the TV off. But my curiosity got the better of me. Why would my son come into my room to masturbate? I didn't understand but I couldn’t stop watching. I knew that it was wrong, but I wanted to know why he was in my room doing this to himself he had his own room. I’ll just watch for a moment and see what he does, I told my self. He may just have been in there to get something and decided to explore a little. Teenage boys where like that. They got the urge at all kinds of strange times.
He’ll probably stop in a minute and go back into his own room, I told myself but deep down I couldn’t deny that I wanted him to keep going. My own cock was getting hard in my pants as I sat there and watched him. It was true that I did have a tendency towards men, but I had never thought about my own son in that way. But now, watching him writhe and moan with his hands down his pants I couldn’t help but notice how hot he looked. He had lain down on the bed. And I watched as he took his shirt off, he was pinching one little pink nipple with his other hand. And his mouth opened in ecstasy.

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   I couldn’t help but put my hand into my own pants and mirror what I was watching my son do on the camera. My cock was hard and leaking pre-cum, I opened my fly and started to masturbate in earnest, trying hard not to think about how sick it was to be watching my son do this. Just when I was getting close, I watched as Alex got up off the bed and pulled his pants all the way down and kicked them off. He looked amazing standing there naked. I was glad I had put the camera where I did. I had the perfect view of his body this way. His dick was hard and gutting out in front of him. It was large for a fourteen year old. ‘Takes after his old man I thought’, with a twisted feeling of pride. He had stopped handling himself and I wondered what he was going to do next. Oh, no I thought as he turned around and walked to the other side of the bed, reaching into my wife’s bed side table. I knew what was kept in there. And apparently so did he. I stared at his cute little white butt as he knelt down and searched around in the drawer. There it is I thought, He stood up, and sure enough, in his hand he held an11 inch purple dildo that I had used to pleasure Loren when I wasn’t up to it.

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   I continued to pump my cock, watching half in horror and half in excitement as he lay back down on the bed. He reached over and took a large tub of Vaseline out of the drawer and scooped out a large glob of it. He spread it thoroughly over the dildo and then spread his knees wide and stuck his lubricated finger up into his little asshole… He let out a load moan at the first penetration. He continued to touch himself, his dick getting larger and harder as he pumped two fingers into himself. He was so obviously extremely turned on, it didn’t seem like he would need that huge thing to finish the job. I didn’t think I could take it either. I was so turned on by watching this I had to stop rubbing my dick or I knew I would cum and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the best part
Alex took his fingers out of his ass and got up on his hands and knees. He was facing side ways so I had a good view of his whole body; His little ass up in the air, his big cock hanging down between his legs. And his pretty face flat against the bed, facing in my direction. Oh god, I thought. What is going on here? He reached back with one hand and pulled one butt cheek to the side opening himself up all the way. Then with the other hand he reached back and began to slide the huge fake cock into his asshole. I started to stroke myself slowly, imagining that it was my dick sliding inside him instead of the dildo. I could imagine how good it felt to be in there. He would be so tight and hot.

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   And I wanted to feel his body tightening around me as I fucked him into the bed. I wanted to press my chest against his skinny back and put my face in his blond hair. I wanted to say: “do you like it when daddy fucks you like this?” I was getting so excited I could hardly stand it. He was now fucking himself roughly with the object. Pounding it in and out of his ass. How can he take all that, I wondered, he's such a skinny boy? I wondered how long he had been coming in here and fucking himself with his mother's dildo. I wondered if another man had fucked him like this and taught him how good it felt to have a huge object up his ass. It made me feel angry to think of a man having sex with my young son, even though I could easily imagine doing it myself.
 I was getting close and I could tell Alex was too. His eyes were practically bulging and his mouth was wide open, he was panting like a dog. With on last hard stroke I finished myself off and a huge spurt of cum sprayed up over my sweaty chest. At the same time my son slammed the dildo into himself and I watched the purple disappear one more time as he let out a load moan and spayed cum all over my bed sheets.
 I was so spent I had to lie back on the bed and rest for a minute. When I caught my breath I sat up and looked back up at the screen. Alex had taken the dildo out and was wiping it off with a paper towel, which he then used to wipe his cum off the sheets with.

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   It made me a little mad that I had been sleeping in my son’s spunk and Loren had been fucking her pussy with a dildo that had been in her son’s ass who knows how many times. If I hadn’t just enjoyed watching that so much I would have to punish him for this.
The end
This is my first story and i would appreciate feedback. Thank you
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