My mates party in his brothers room oh and then the car oh and...


I am tall with dark brown short hair and hazlenut eyes. Matt is Ginger brown hair, tallish great looking. . .
I have been best friends with this guy since year seven his name is matt. We always went out on double dates and very often went out with best-mates. We had so many different girls. When i was younger, experimenting. . . i always found my self wanking over pictures of various female pornstars or other sexy female's when one night i found myself on msn talking to my best mate who just had a webcam put it. He was trying it out and i got a sudden erection. I rubbed my cock so hard and help my legs up against the stairs that was going above my head, i never having tryd this b4, i stuck two fingers up my ass. As i gradualy came i found the most intense orgasm i'd ever had. and i comed all over the screen. My mate other friend Jack had a party at his house and all the old crew slept over.

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   In this one room was me matt and another friend will, Late in the night we all got to sleep when a snoring matt roled over so he was half ontop of me. As i awoke I gently eased him ontop of me and started rubbing against the floor. Matt then woke up and in horror i stayed still and breathed a little more heavily for a few minutes. I being very tired noded off and matt decided to carry on the fun. When i came back around from my little nap i felt a dripping wet cock rubbing against my back. I moved my hand up and put it on matt's leg who still had his jeans on. I slowly roled over as matt got of of me. He layd on his side facing the wall. Will was still in the blue in his deep sleep. I said matt's name quietly who sharply answerd what! he said im not gay. I said neither am i. His reply was what the fuck happened? I don't know i said, can i ask you something? Matt replied Sure. Have you ever. . .

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   masturbated over. . . me. No! why the hell did you ask that? are you gay? No im not. have u masturbated over me? . . . Yes. He didnt reply. i put my hand on his manly chest. and he turned around in shock but then turned back again and slide along his side closer towards me. I undid my jeans and pulled them off aswell as my boxers. Just as i pushed my cock closer to his ass. so close it toucehd the ring.

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   He said stop! just do it up against my back. I wrapped my leg around him and slowly moved up slightly moaning in delight. i eventually cum all up his back. I began to lick it off when we heard will say are you guys awake? (Will is kinda chubby, reasonalby ugly but a slut despite lack of expirience. ) he looked over at matt to see he had a nine in cock as hard as anything he'd ever seen before he jumped back up against the wall and moved towards the door. i jumped up naked and stood infront of the door. You can't tell anyone. He grabbed hold of me and pushed me out of the way. I then grabbed him and through him too floor. I fell with him. I got cum all down his best shirt. He rolled me over and we went out of the room. I said Fuck! After five minutes i was still awake, not talking to matt, neither him talking to me when will came back with a unbuttoned shirt, he slowy unzipped and said. i won't tell if you suck me off. The boy would had never been with anyone before was about to have his first sexual expirience.

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   I was slightly chubby and not the best looking. Me and Matt had very athletic bodies and had similar sized cocks where will whipped out a three incher. I slowly licked around the shaft as i stuck it in my mouth without a second thought. Withing what seemed like thirty seconds he had come in my mouth and i enjoyed every bit up his tasty come. I then lied on my front on the bed looking onto the top of matt who's hand stroked me when i felt and good friend stick a finger in my ass. I slowly got on all fours as he put one hand on my back. He then put more fingers in my ass. I passed slight wind and was dripping out of my ass when he said where do you want my tongue. i told him to stick it in. I never, it me back to an expirience i had with two female teachers when i noticed my cock began to lose the erection i then set me mind to the guy tongue wiggleing in my ass and asked matt to get up off his ass and taste my cock. he rubbed it and told me how tasty it looked. Will stuck his fingers in my ass again as i felt my probstate tighten. Just as matt was going to put his mouth around my cock i cummed in his face. i lied back when matt put his mouth around my cock and said this is for me. he didnt move he just licked.

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   We then all got cleaned up and dressed. The next day we all went home. I was speaking to matt on msn when he turned his webcam on, matt comes from a very rich family, he lives ten minutes away from me. I saw his masturbating on his webcam. He said he was masturbating to my display pick of me. i got so hard i put on my shoes and ran round leaving my msn on. I said to him pity ive got some work to do but said right not im rubbing my dick just for you. i got round to his house in record time and knocked on his door. he opened with wet hair and a towel pretending to have come out of the shower. Matt had been told to clean his fathers PORCHE BOXSTER as punishment for the allnight, he got his keys to the garage and we went down to wax her up. I had him bent over fucking him so hard against the car which im sure should have activated the alarm. The garage looks out onot the street and our yells for more and harder could have been heard from more than five streets away. Matt told me to stop as he did the night before and said. i want it in my mouth this time. we got into the leather seats sticking to our web bodies we persisted to suck eachother off, the besssst 69er ever.

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   when my foot pressed against he button releasing the garage door. it open to a street it wasnt until it must of been two minutes lated when come was dripping down our mouths either one of us realized. we quickly closed it when we heard a car pull into the drive at the side of us. it was matts dad. Matt ran up stairs quickly in a towel as i hosed of the car. Matt got back in the shower to keep up his cover when his dad decided to go down to the grage and put some stuff in the extra freezer i was speeding to get my clothes on when he enterred and saw me. he said nothing. he walked right past me and my hard cock and my very scared face and put the stuff away. he was always the coolest dad but when he said i wish i had one like that, but over my son. please on his exit i couldn't stop laughing. He said to me - he is in the shower. I trotted up stairs and joined him in the shower. I held him firm against the glass pushing up against him. I then heard a bump against the door but i didnt stop but the next thing i said was ooooww mr. holmes.

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  . .
(mr holmes was average height, greyish brown hair. The traitional dad. )
the next day when matt was out on his first date with this girl i got a phonecall from his dad telling me he needed to talk to me in person i went round. To see him without a top on and jeans. he said, i can keep a secret. He was divorced from his wife and i don't know if he got out much. I asked him what the deal was and he said. a gay porno movie a ramming up the ass and some blow jobs. As we watched the porn we were felling eachother up, him holding my ass and me feeling his slightly flabby, chubby fifty year old ass. He took off his jeans and bent over the the cushion that he had his feet up on. As i shuv'd my dick in his aging ass i couldnt contol my hands or my tongue licking him all over, rubbing him all over. . .

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   as the months went Mine and matts relationship continued. i was seeing a girl and so was he. our relationships with the girls was open but i bet they didnt think we was hunting cock. After the 12th night with matt i couldn't stop thinking about his father. In the morning i woke up early to find matt was gone, i rand his home and he wan't there. but it wasnt him i was looking for. . I can't remember it word for word but here's the gist. . .
Hey, mr. holmes it's david
oh hi
is matt there?
No he's out, shall i get him to call you back?
No it wasnt him i wanted. i just wanted to make sure while your naked and wanking off to me on the phone he wouldn't walk in. (I heard him rip his clothes of and slam against tthe table. )Ive stuck my finger up my ass he said.

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   i heard a slight slap. he said hit me harded. i hit the unit infort of me as i put the phone onto loud speaker. and pushed me cock throught my hand. How hard do you want it. HARDER BABY I WANT TO FEEL THE FRICTION. He then said push my onto the table. i assumed he was lyinh back on the table as i got on. I folded up my jumper and put in under my dick as i held the corners of the table pounding hard and fast. Mr. Holmes held his top on his dick rubbing it against him. I slapped the table, say my name. Yes David i want your come. David, David. Harder, Give it to me daddy.

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  what do yo want to call you? bitch!!! owe my little bitch, i imagined holding his six incher as i drove my nine into the back of him. Oh yes i sreamed frantically fucking my jumper. Daddy give it to me. Yess oh yes. We comed almost at the same point. we lied back to here hard panting on the answer machine. We said our goodbyes and ending things. the next day i ended my relationship with matt and the other girl.
My email is davidmarshallford@hotmail. com add me. . . bitch!!!