My Neighbor and I at the Lake--Chapter 1


The following is a true story regarding gay sex between two male youths. If sexual content of this or any nature offends you please do not proceed. I look forward to any and all comments and suggestions. ENJOY!!!
I was 14 years old at the time this occurred. I had been friends with my neighbor, Jeff, who was 3 years older than me for more than 10 years. It was a rather mild day in July with temperatures in the lower seventies. It was just about 9am and I had just about finished mowing the lawn when Jeff came across the street and asked if I wanted to go to the Lake and do some fishing. Having nothing else to do I jumped at the opportunity, if for no other reason than to just get out of the house.
            He hitched the boat to his pickup while I gathered the fishing polls, tackle and a cooler full of soda. Jeff also suggested that we bring a tent and some sleeping bags so we could camp overnight and do some early morning fishing. I had been camping before with Jeff and this was no big deal to my parents as they trusted him.
            Now let me describe Jeff. He was about 5’10” tall or so and was a stocky guy…not fat, but the summers he spent working on his uncle’s ranch made him big. No as for me, at the time I was about 5’5” maybe a bit shorter; I really didn’t grow in height until I was 16. I weighed 100 pounds if that. Anyway I had a girlfriend  however she had moved away at the end of the previous school year, which really didn’t bother me much as she had a real stuck-up - better - than thou attitude about her….

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  but I’ll give her this she did know how to please a man. We never had actual sex but I would eat her pussy and she would suck my cock like a pro.
            Back to the story. We got to the lake about 10:30 and were surprised to see that the lake was rather deserted. Only one boat was on the water and only a few cars were around the beach area. We drove around and found a camp site well off the main road that circled the lake that still had an area to park the boat in the water. We pitched the tents and then went to the boat dock and launched the 12 foot boat in the water. As I was too young to operate the boat and car legally at the time we figured it would be safer for me to pilot the boat than the car; as the park ranger would, if around, would most likely be in a pickup.  
            Now the dock was about a half mile via the water navigation routs to the campsite and do to the speed restrictions it took me about 5 min to arrive at the camp site. I tied the boat to a sturdy rock and jumped out of the boat, tripping and falling into the water in the process. I was soaked and my shoes made that squishing sound when I walked. I had only then realized that I had forgotten to pack a change of clothes and the only thing I had was a pair of swim trunks. I up and Jeff was setting up the grill to cook some steaks for lunch and asked him if I could borrow a shirt. He said yes and pointed me to his bag that was in the tent. I crawled into the tent and closed the privacy shades and removed my wet clothing.

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   I opened Jeff’s back and had to dig for the shirt as it was under several pairs of jeans. As I removed the jeans from the bag I noticed a magazine in the bottom. Curious I pulled it out and was shocked to see that it was a porn magazine, but not Hustler or Playboy but one called Bareback Boys. Intrigued I opened it to the center page and saw a guy lying on his back with another man’s cock in his ass and one in his mouth.
            My cock was beginning to become erect as I looked further thru the magazine. I had never thought of myself as gay or anything and never really considered it. I had on occasion checked out the other boys in the locker room showers at school to compare size and what not but that’s about it. Just as I got to the last page of the magazine Jeff hollered at me saying the steaks would be ready in a few min and asked if I wanted a drink. . snapped back into the present I hollered that I would like a Pepsi and I would be out in just a second. I quickly put the magazine back in the bag and the rest of his clothes and got dressed and exited the tent, my cock semi hard, but restrained by the swimming trunks I was wearing.
            I walked over the table and chairs that Jeff had set up and grabbed the drink and took a drink. I asked Jeff what he wanted to do after we ate and he suggested that we go down by the river and see if there might be any areas that look good to fish at there. As we finished lunch and got things put away I put on my still wet shoes and we started down a narrow trail into the wooded area by the river.
            We walked no more than a half mile or so before we got to the river bank.

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   We began walking up stream to look around when I suddenly realized that I had to piss. I told Jeff to hold up a second that I had to pee and turned my back to him and pulled the front of my trunks down and pulled out my still semi hard cock and aimed to toward the flowing water. Just as I was about to let my stream loose Jeff came up beside me and said he had to pee as well. Standing beside me he began fumbling with the front of his jeans as he unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. Without even realizing it I was watching him do this out of the corner of my eye. I began to let my piss flow as he reached in his pants and pulled out his cock. From the corner of my eye I was shocked at how big it was even though it was flaccid. It was at least 5 inches long and 2 inches thick and uncut. His was actually the first uncut cock I had ever seen and was somewhat mesmerized as he pulled his foreskin back to expose the head of his dick.
            He began to let his piss go when I realized that I was done and my once semi-hard cock was now a full hard-on. Jeff noticed me looking at him and startled me when he said “See something interesting do you?” I mumbled something back to him like sorry; I didn’t mean anything or some shit. Laughing Jeff told me that it was alright and as he finished up shaking the last few drops of piss from the end of his dick we each put them back where they belonged in our clothes.
            We started back to camp not really seeing much in the way of good fishing spots on the river and decided that we would just try our luck on the lake. We got in the boat and headed out on the water to an area just south of where we were and cast our lines in to the water. We didn’t say much for the first hour and were starting to get frustrated as we had yet to even get a nibble on either of our lines.

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   We started talking about the weather and that the clouds were getting dark indicating a storm was on its way. Being the teenagers we were we didn’t bother to check the weather before we left.
            It was now about 2PM and low rumbles of thunder could be heard. We headed back to the campsite debating if we should pack it up and head home or if we should just ride out the storm. Being teenagers we figured fuck it, a little rain and wind was no big deal, storms blow thru rather quickly this time of year so it was no big deal. We got back and anchored the boat and got all the fishing gear into the pickup just as the first drops of rain started to fall.
            The wind picked up quickly and soon the rain was coming down in sheets. We were in a pretty nice and rugged tent so we were not worried. As we sat in the tent waiting for the storm to pass I realized that I had to pee again but I wasn’t going to go out in the rain as bad as it was. I tried to hold it in and was successful for the first 45 minutes or so but the storm was only getting worse and my bladder hurt more and more. I finally told Jeff that I had to pee but didn’t want to go out in the storm. He quickly said without hesitation that I should go in the one of the empty soda bottles…. joking that I would be putting it back where it came from. At first I was hesitant but the pressure in my bladder won out and I grabbed the bottle and stood up. Unscrewing the cap I turned around to get some privacy and pulled out my dick and pressed the head of it in the opening of the bottle.

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   As soon as I did the piss came rushing out of me with good force.
            I quickly realized that as the bottle got closer and closer to full I was not near done pissing and that I would need a second bottle soon. I turned my head and told Jeff that one bottle was not enough to hand me a second bottle. I reached over with the lid already unscrewed for me with the second bottle. I told him that I would need him to take the first bottle for me so I could maintain control of the stream of piss escaping from my body. He the crawled over beside me on his knees and in one hand he had the empty bottle and held out his hand for the full bottle. I pinched off the flow of piss and handed him the warm bottle of my piss and quickly grabbed the empty and began filling it. As I continued to piss I noticed that Jeff was still beside me looking at me as I urinated.
            As the flow of piss subsided I glanced over to him as his eyes were fixated on my now growing cock. I quickly asked him in a smart-ass voice if he saw anything interesting. Without missing a beat he said yes. Stunned I pondered what he said for a few seconds and then asked him what he found so interesting. He sat down the bottle of my piss he was still holding on the cooler and before I knew it his right hand reached up and grabbed my dick and said “This. ”
            This was the first time another man had ever touch my cock and it sent shockwaves thru my body. He began rubbing my cock with his hand and asked if it was ok.

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   I mumbled yes real lightly as my mind was going in circles from what was happening. Here I am in a tent with an older guy and up until a few moments ago I had never even thought about another guy touching me. He withdrew his hand from my cock and with both his and he pulled down my trunks and threw then aside. He began to play with my balls with his right hand as his left began o rub the back of my leg and my ass.
He leaned forward and opened his mouth and flicked his tongue on he head of my dick. With one smooth motion he took my whole dick, which at my age was average, probably 5 inches hard and 1 inch thick, in his mouth.
            He began to give me a blowjob, bobbing his head up and down and with his hand he continued to rub my ass. Soon I felt his hand running up and down the crack of my ass, and ever now and then one of his fingers pushing at my asshole. After a couple of minutes of him giving me a blowjob he stopped and stood up and began to undress. As he dropped his underwear I noticed his rock hard cock as it sprang free. Pointing strait out it was a good 7 inches long. I was surprised to see little hair around his cock, and none on his testicles. It was neatly trimmed which I thought was pretty cool.
            After he undressed he told me to bend over the cooler with my ass in the air. Without even questioning why I did so.

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   He told me to use my hand and spread my ass cheeks apart. I did as he requested and he bent down behind me and did something I never thought anyone could do. He began to lick my asshole first up and down the crack, then around in circles. It was amazing and before I knew it I felt the warm tip of his tongue begin to probe my ass.   While I lay there bent over getting my ass licked by a guy no less I was floating on cloud nine.
            He licked and tongue fucked my ass for what seemed like hours. When he was done he asked me what I thought and not totally knowing how to reply to that I just told him that it felt amazing. He then asked me if I had ever thought about being with a guy. Being honest I told him no, but that I was now fully up to the idea after what he had just done. He told that he wanted to tell me something and asked me if he did if I would not tell anyone. I agreed and told him that it would stay between only him and me.
            He told first that he wasn’t totally gay, and that he liked women as well but that there were just some things a woman could not do that a man could. He then told me that he had some desires that he wanted but never could bring himself to ever do. He told me that a few people might find it disgusting. I asked him if it was get fucked in his ass or fuck someone in their ass and he said no and that these desires were more like fetishes.

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   I wasn’t totally up on my sexual vocabulary and asked him what that meant. He told me that they are things that get people turned on sexually.   I nodded that I understood and he continued on saying that he had always wanted to have a guy pee all over him including his face. I was shocked but continued to listen. He then said that he also wanted to do some enema play and asked me if I knew what an enema was and of course I did…that was my grandmas favorite cure of constipation. He asked me if I would be willing to try these things. I didn’t even have to think about it and told him yes.
            With somewhat of a look of relief he then got up and grabbed one of the sleeping bags we had yet to unroll and opened it. To my amazement not only was a sleeping bag tucked in there was also an enema bag, hose and nozzle, a butt plug, a bottle of KY Jelly, and some empty plastic bags. He asked me if I would like to have an enema and with a second or two of thought I said sure. He grabbed a liter bottle of water from beside the cooler and began to fill up the enema bag. As he did this he told me to bend back over the cooler and then she took the KY and spread a small bit on his finger. He began to rub his finger and the KY over my virgin ass and slowly he began to insert his finger. I at first was expecting pain but was relieved to fell pleasure. Soon I felt a second finger enter my ass and slowly move in and out; I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was getting finger fucked by a guy after getting a blowjob, and now was about to get an enema.

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            He asked me if I was ready and after I said yes he told me to relax and soon I felt the cold plastic tip of the enema nozzle and it began to enter my sphincter with surprising ease. After he had about 4 inches of the nozzle in me he asked if I was ready and as I nodded yes he released the clamp on the tubing allowing the warm water to flow into my ass. I could feel it as it began to fill me up and as the first liter was about done Jeff asked me if I thought I could handle a second liter…I wasn’t in any discomfort so I told him I would try and with that he began to dump more water into the bag. As the second bottle neared running out I told him that was enough. I could feel my bowels full of water and my stomach was obviously distended from the extra water inside me. He pulled out the nozzle and quickly inserted a small butt plug to hold in the water, He told me to relax as he put the bag down in the corner. He took a large sheet of clear plastic and laid it out over the floor of the tent…it didn’t quite cover all of it but was pretty close. He took the sleeping bags that were laid out and pushed them up into the corner at the far end of 8 X 10 foot tent. He grabbed some rolls of paper towels and put them on one of the coolers and then told me that he wanted me to release the enema water on his chest and on his face. I asked why and he said he wanted to be covered in my shit water. I shrugged in agreement and he got down on the ground and told me to squat over his face so he could pull out the butt plug.
            As soon as he pulled out the plug, a gush of warm, brown water shot out of me and all over his face splashing all over. He opened his mouth allowing the liquid to fill his mouth and to my astonishment he swallowed it rather than spitting it out. He did this a few more times and I was still letting lose with the water that was inside me. Small bits of brown shit came with the water and Jeff began to pick theses pieces up off his chest and off the floor and eat them.

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   As the water finished draining out of me Jeff leaned up and took my flaccid cock in his mouth causing it to grow erect almost instantly. Jeff then asked if I would suck his cock. Having gone this far and having more fun than I thought possible I turned around without saying a word getting in the classic 69 position and took his rock hard cock in my mouth.
            I slowly worked my way down attempting to take the full length in my mouth…It took a few times of trying before I was able to curtail my gag reflex and get his full length down my throat. The feeling of another guys cock in my mouth was simply wonderful. It was soft and smooth yet still rock hard. I could feel the blood course thru the veins of his cock on my lips and I sucked him the best way I knew how. I began to get more comfortable and my hands began to roam to the only place logical…. Jeff’s ass.
I found his asshole and began to push my finger inside of it. My finger with in with a lot less effort than I thought it would take. Soon I had my entire finger in him and was finger fucking his asshole. Jeff in the mean time was sucking my cock like an expert and took my lead and began to explore my ass once again with his finger.
…. .



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