Nick is a new Girl


Nick was sitting in his bedroom, alone. He was home from school, because of a teacher's strike, and his parents were at work, and weren't going to be home for quite a few hours, so he knew that he had a chance to make himself feel good. He wasn't like most boys his age. At just 16, he was still carrying his baby fat, plus a little extra. His man-boobs, along with his long hair and slightly effeminate features, and his two inch long cock, meant that he got teased at school for being a girl. If only they knew. . . He closed the blinds in his room, and then wandered around the house, making sure that all the blinds were closed and the doors locked, so that he wouldn't be interrupted. Then, he went back to his room, and pulled out a small suitcase out from under his bed. He grinned, and undid the combination lock, and the key lock, openning the case to reveal an assortment of female clothes, along with some sex toys and lubricants. While Nick didn't really consider himself gay, he was curious with bisexuality. Adding to that was the fact that he had never been with either a girl or a guy, so he was feeling like he could try anything. After he stripped his normal clothes off, and dumped them on the floor nearby, he pulled a set of clothes out, laying them on the bed. It was a pair of sedate white cotton panties, with matching bra, as well as a full schoolgirl uniform, consisting of a white blouse and red sweater, and a red and black skirt, black stockings, and black lace-up shoes. He glanced down at his body, not liking the tufts of hair on his chest, crotch, and legs.

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   He wandered to the bathroom, and grabbed a razor, carefully shaving himself all over. He was nervous as he went over his balls, but pretty soon, his body was smooth and hairless, and he went back to his room, and to his bed. Nick grinned again, and slowly slipped into the panties, then pulled the bra on, enjoying the way it accentuated his male-breats, making them look down-right feminine. Next, he pulled on the stockings, running his hands down his legs, loving the feeling of his touch through the sheer material. Shuddering, he glanced at his tiny, yet slowly hardening, cock, and frowned. He slipped a hand inside his panties, and tucked it out of sight between his legs. He grinned, and picked up the skirt, sliding it up over his legs, and securing it around his waist. He then picked up the blouse, slipping it on, and running his hands slowly down his body. He finished the outfit by slipping on the sweater, and buttoning it up, then he sat down, and pulled on the shoes, lacing them up. Nick thought for a moment, then walked back to the bathroom, to look at how the outfit looked on him. He nodded, loving how he looked like the perfect innocent little schoolgirl. . . almost. He went back to the magical suitcase of girly delights, and pulled a small makeup box from it.

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  When he got back to the bathroom, he put on a small amount of makeup on, just enough to highlight the feminine side of his features, but not enough to look like a cheap made-up whore. He smiled, enjoying the pretty girl smiling back at him from the mirror. As the finishing touch, he braided his long brown hair into two ponytails, then painted his fingernails pink, and the illusion was complete. He was now Mandy, schoolgirl. He giggled, his voice raised and sounding exactly like a girl his age. His voice hadn't broken yet, and he prayed it never would. Nick returned to his bedroom once more, and pulled a digital camera from the suitcase. He walked to the lounge room, and set the camera up on a timer, to take a photo once every twenty seconds. Nick sat down on the sofa, and the photo shoot began. He moved through various innocent-seeming positions, pausing for each photo to be taken, and then he slowly moved through gradually sexier ones. After 15 minutes, he had his sweater, skirt, and blouse off, and was half-way to removing his bra, careful to keep his breasts shaped to their feminine form, and had a thumb hooked into the top of his panties, pulling them down slightly. Then, from nowhere, the doorbell rang. Nick froze for a moment, then clipped his bra back on, and checked that his full-on erection was secure between his legs. The tight material of his panties was keeping it completely hidden. Nick glanced out the window next to the door, careful to keep himself hidden from whoever it was out there.

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  Seeing that it was no-one his family knew, just some door-to-door salesman, he called out in his female voice, "Just a second!" With a strange burst of courage, he slipped back into his skirt, blouse and sweater, checked himself in a nearby mirror, making sure that he still looked like Mandy. He did. He skipped over to the door, and opened it, smiling playfully. The salesman, only slightly older than him, a few inches taller, with black hair and a muscular body, grinned at him, thinking him to be a cute, if slightly chubby, schoolgirl. Nick blushed, and said in his girly voice, "Can I help you, cutie?"The salesman paused, then said, "Well, my name is Michael, and I'm here to ask if you want to buy a pool for your house. " Nick blushed, and said, "Well, come in. . . "Michael grinned, sensing a sale. Nick opened the door, and Michael walked inside. Checking him over, Nick's eyes hovered over his nicely bulging crotch. From the way Michael moved, Nick thought that he'd noticed. For some reason, the thought of that turned him on. Nick smiled, "Please, come sit over here. .

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  . " Nick sat down on the edge of the sofa, watching the salesman curiously. Michael sat down next to him, and Nick's breathing sped up as he became nervous, considering the possibilities of what could happen. Glancing at the camera that Nick had forgotten to put away, and seeing that it was pointing at where they were sitting, Michael said, "Were you taking some photos?"Nick nodded slowly, and whispered, "Yeah. . . "Michael smilled, "Could I see?" Without waiting for an answer, he stood, and walked over to the camera. He pulled up the instant recall on the camera, and when he saw the last photo taken, he almost fainted. Looking shocked, Nick jumped out of his chair, but he wasn't quick enough to stop Michael from seeing the pictures. Nick's face went beet red from blushing, and Michael said, "These are some pretty cute pictures. . . Do you take photos like this often?"Nick shook his head slowly, in shock, "No. . . 

   Please, don't tell anyone that you saw that. . . " He collapsed back onto the couch, his legs spreading slightly, giving Michael a clear view up what he thought to be a girl's skirt. Stepping over, Michael said, "If you do something for me, I'll leave, and no-one ever needs to know I was here. " He unzipped his fly slowly, and pulled out his hard cock, seven inches long. Nick stared at it, surprised. After a moment, his mind clicked to what he was meant to do, and moved forward, taking the man's meat into his mouth. He sucked on it gently, and after a moment, he was getting really into it. Michael grunted, and said, "You want some photos of this too, honey?"He sucked a moment longer, then pulled off, licking his lips. He nodded, "Yeah. . . It's set up to take lots of pics, just hit the start button. " Michael nodded, and stepped over to the camera, pressing the button.

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   He stepped back, and Nick took the man's cock into his mouth again, posing in a whole lot of positions for his camera. After a few minutes, Michael was unable to take the sucking any longer, and shot an enormous load of cum into Nick's mouth, taking him completely by surprise. The load was so big that he couldn't take all of it, and some dribbled out on his chin, right before a photo was taken. He savoured the flavour for a moment, then swallowed what was in his mouth, and wiping up and swallowing what was on his chin with a finger. Michael pulled his cock from Nick's mouth, and said, "That was pretty good. Do you suck often?"Nick was shocked at that, and shook his head. He spoke, his voice shaking, but still managing to keep his voice sounding as Mandy, "N-n-no, it was my first time. . . "The salesman grinned, and said, "Well, you're damn good at it. What's your name, sweetheart? We should do this again some time. "He paused, then Nick said, "Mandy. . . And make sure you call first, my parents can't know about this.

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  . . No-one can. "Michael nodded, "It'll be our little secret. " He pulled Nick up gently, planted a soft kiss on his lips, and gave his butt a playful squeeze. Nick blushed, and sat back down on the sofa. Michael grinned, slipped his softening cock back into his pants, then walked out the door, turning the camera off on his way out. He paused again, making sure that the stranger was gone, before he stood up, and made his way unsteadily to a mirror. Instead of the sweet, innocent schoolgirl he saw before, he now saw a sweet, innocent, and slutty schoolgirl, with semen on her smeared makeup. He grinned, liking the view, but not wanting anyone else to see it. He stepped infront of the camera, taking several more photos of his slutty little face. After a moment, Nick grinned, and then skipped to the bathroom, where he re-applied his makeup, restoring the sweet, innocent girl that he loved. He admired her in the mirror for a moment, then skipped happily back to the lounge room. Spotting a small drop of semen on the couch next to where he had been sitting, he stepped over, and greedily licked it up, making sure there was no trace of his loving interaction. He collapsed onto the couch again, and sighed.

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   He couldn't believe that he had just done that. He had taken a complete stranger into his home, and sucked him off. He was surprised at himself, and excited. He slipped a hand between his legs, and ran a finger down the crotch of his panties. He was so wrapped up in the facade of being Mandy, that when his hand touched the head of his small cock, where he expected to find a moist pussy, it took him a moment to recover from his shock. Then, the idea hit him. He needed something inside him. He packed the camera up carefully, and returned it to his bedroom. He then moved back to his suitcase, and pulled out a large black dildo, brand new, and a tube of lubricant. He kissed the end of the dildo, a little habit of his that he did with all dildos, the first time he used them. He moved to the bathroom again, and sat the dildo down on its base on the cold tiles. He squirted a small dab of lubricant onto the dildo, and rubbed it all over lovingly with one hand. He smiled, and rinsed his hands off in the sink, drying them on a towel, then moved back to his bedroom, grabbing the camera, and setting it up with a perfect view of where he was going to have more fun. He turned the camera on again, and stepped over to the dildo. He leant down, and kissed it again, for the camera, enjoying the taste of the strawberry lubricant on it.

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   Then, he pulled his skirt up around his waist, and pulled his panties down slightly, making sure to keep his genitals hidden, but with his anus exposed. Facing the camera, he slowly lowered himself onto the dildo, enjoying the pressure as the black plastic tried to gain entrance to his butt. The camera clicked as another photo was taken, then he pushed down, and the dildo slid into his butt, slowly and with difficulty at first, then quickly and easily as it got going. He cried out, this dildo was at least twice the size of the others that he'd ever tried putting into his butt before. He rested with the dildo up him fully, letting his butt muscles get accustomed to the size of the penetrating object. The camera clicked again, taking a photo of him sitting there, with a big black dildo up his virgin ass. He felt his cock hardening, and shook his head, trying to resist the urge to masturbate. He was Mandy, not Nick. Mandy just wanted a cock inside her. Nick started to slowly bounce up and down, letting the dildo slide in and out of his ass. He moaned, enjoying the sensations of a cock sliding into and out of him. Suddenly, his own cock exploded, spewing hot semen all over the floor and the base of the dildo. He moaned again, and moved a hand down, rubbing the semen on his asshole and the dildo, loving the feel of the extra lubrication, and warmth of his own cum in his butt. He kept pumping up and down, but slower now. He groaned, and slowly pulled himself up from the dildo, letting it plop out of his ass.

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   Reaching down, he noticed that his butt was slowly returning to its normal size. He grinned, and grabbed a shampoo bottle, two inches in diameter, with a rounded top, and quickly sat on it, moaning as it stretched his butt open wider. The lubricant and cum left on his butt was just enough to let it slide in without too much of a problem. He bent down, facing away from the camera, giving it a perfect view. Then, he turned back to the camera, and rubbed his nipples gently. With almost no warning, his cock let forth another load of semen, all over the floor. He pushed down, driving the bottle up into his butt deep, and his butt cheeks dipped into his warm cum on the floor. Nick pulled himself up slowly, and the bottle slid out of his butt, which took a lot longer to pull back to its original size than it did before. He put his hand down to his hole, touching the stretched opening tenderly. He grinned, and pushed his left hand, all of it, up his butt hole. He flexed his fingers, and moved them all around, loving the feeling of having something alive and human in his butt. He moved his other hand there, teasing and fingering at his stretched hole. After a few minutes of this sensation, and plenty of photos of his stretched butt, he slowly withdrew it, wincing where the muscles had gripped around his wrist, and had to be restretched. He left a single finger in his hole, and let his butt slowly close around it, finally gripping it tight. Then, he removed his finger, and stepped over to the sink, and washed his hands thoroughly, then he washed the shampoo bottle, and finally the dildo.


   When he was satisfied that they were clean, he switched off the camera, then went to the toilet, and wiped every bit of cum and lubricant from his butt and cock. He flushed, then stepped out, and readjusted his panties and dropped his skirt, resuming the innocent schoolgirl. He knelt down on the tiles, the cold giving him a mild shock through the sheer material of his stockings. He put his head down, and licked up every little bit of his cum, and the lubricant, then licked his lips. He stood, and looked at himself in the mirror, again looking the slut. Nick fixed his makeup again, and redid the nails on his left hand, where his butt had removed some of the polish. As he was walking back to his bedroom, the front door opened - he had forgotten to lock it! His father walked in, and stared at Nick for a moment, "Who are. . . Nick? What are you doing?"To be continued. . . (If people like this story, I'll write the sequel).

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