One hell of a party


I put down the phone and wished that I had the ability to say no sometimes.   I'd just agree'd to go to a party with a friend of mine so that he didn't have to go on his own.   I'd just finished with my girlfriend and was a bit down and the last thing I wanted was to go to a party.
Kevin picked me up and we headed to the party after we'd picked up a load of beer.   When we arrived there were quite a few people there and we started to drink right away.   Kevin was driving so he was only drinking soft drinks but if I was going to be here I didn't want to remember a lot of what went on!
The host was a great girl but unfortunately she was married but that didn't stop her grinding her ass with anyone who would stand still long enough.   She came over and danced with me and was grinding her ass into my crotch and without knowing what was going on my dick started to get hard.   i was really embarrassed so made my excuses and went to the bathroom.   I stood against the sink and looked at myself in the mirror and saw the bulge in my pants.   i rubbed my hard dick and felt the ache begin inside so unzipped my pants and let my dick out.   I closed my eyes and started to rub my dick thinking of my ex girlfriend as I did it.   I was sure I'd locked the door so was quite surprised when this guy came in the door just as I was rubbing my hand up and down my now really hard dick.
Anyone else would have been really embarrassed and gone out and closed the door behind them - not this guy, he closed the door alright but he stayed on the inside just looking at me and my dick in hand.   He locked the door and sat on the toilet seat and said, "carry on that's so beautiful, can I watch?"  I'd been drinking quite a bit by this time so I turned to face him and said, "sure you can join in if you want. "  I'd meant, as a joke, that he could get his dick out but that's not what happened.   He stood up and grabbed hold of my dick and started to pump it for me.

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    I was speechless and really should have pushed this guy away, after all who was he to be pumping my dick for me!  It felt good though, he had a way with his hands and when he went down on his knees and slid my dick into his mouth I shut my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.
His mouth felt so good on my dick, and I didn't think for one minute that he was a guy and so was I!  I was lost in the moment and before long i was grabbing his head and forcing him to take my 9 inches of rock hard dick in his mouth.   I felt my balls tighten and then let rip with a cascade of cum down the back of his throat.   I thought that would be the end of it but what I hadn't realised was that while he was sucking my dick he had taken his own out of his pants and was jacking himself off as he sucked me.
I have never thought about being attracted to men, I've always been an womans man but hell the sight of his dick got me hard again.   he wasn't big as such, about 6 and a half inches but he was thick, his hand barely went round his dick as he was pumping his uncut dick.   He leaned up against the sink and I stared at his dick.   He must have read my mind because he took my hand and put it on his dick, it felt weird at first but then I started to pump it for him, him rocking his hips backwards and forwards in time with my hand,  before I had time to get down there he had shot his load into my hand.
We cleaned ourselves up and went back out to the party, me with a hard dick crammed into my pants.   We drank more beer, told a few more stories and got wilder as the night went on.   I couldn't forget my experience in the bathroom - did this mean I was gay?  Surely not I loved pussy like the next guy, I could fuck all night but the image that was taking over my mind right now was of that beautiful thick dick in my hand.   i felt the familiar stirings in my pants again and turned around and headed for the bathroom upstairs.   We'd moved to the basement to play cards.   I got to the top of the stairs and was just about to go into the bathroom when I felt someone tug on my shirt and pull me into the master bedroom and close the door behind me and lock it.
It was him, I recognised the smell right away.

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    Before I knew what was happening I was pushed down on the bed and he was kissing me!  Oh my god I was kissing a guy and I was getting totally turned on by it.   My dick was pushing against my pants willing me to take it out.   But this guy was in control not me.   He rubbed the outside of my pants and inbetweeen kisses he said, "I've been thinking about your big hard dick since we met and I've been waiting for you all night because I want you. "  This was all a dream surely, this couldn't be happening.   He slid his hand down the top of my pants and started rubbing my dick, the head was peeping over the waistband so he undid my zipper and slid my pants off me.   My dick was popping over the band of my jockey shorts and he pulled those off too.
I was out of control now, I didnt' know what I was doing I just knew that I had an ache for that thick dick of his.   He started sucking on my dick and being as we were in the 69 position I undid his zipper and took his dick out too.   My mouth wouldnt even go around the whole of it so I took as much as I could and licked and sucked him.   then I felt something I'd never felt before - he was sticking his finger up my ass.
      I tensed for a moment and then a wave of excitement filled me and without warning I shot my load into his mouth.   I had never come like that before, so much and it just kept shooting.   There was no way I was going to be able to bring him off with my mouth so I started to rub him with my hand.   His foreskin rubbing up and down with my hand.

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        He stopped me then and had a twinkle in his eyes.   He turned over and knelt on the bed with his ass pointing at me, "fuck me up the ass with that big dick of yours.   Make me scream but put it in me now. " i didn't think twice I rammed my dick up his ass without thinking, it wasn't as tight as I thought it was going to be and I started to pump his ass while my other hand slid around to pump his dick.   This was too much my dick was sliding in and out of his ass and my hand was sliding up and down his dick I was fucking a man and I was loving every minute of it.
    I shot my load into his ass and he came all over my hand.   I let my dick go limp while it was still in him and I felt his dick go limp in my hand.   We lay down on the bed panting like two dogs that had just mated.   He turned and looked at me and said, "so, is this your first time?"  "yes I replied but hopefully not my last!"  He laughed and started to kiss me again.   My dick was spent but his wasn't and it started to get hard again.   It started off as a normal dick, 4 inches long not very thick but once that thing got going I increased four fold.
    He flipped me over and I knew what was coming.   We had nothing to lube up his dick or my ass so I knew it was going to hurt.   he positioned his dick with ass and started to bit by bit put it into my ass.   It hurt like hell but I wanted that dick in my ass more than anything now, it went in very slowly until he had popped my ass cherry and he had the whole of his dick in my ass.

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    It hurt as he pulled it in and out of my ass but soon I was bucking against his thrusts to take him deeper inside me. i could hear his balls slap against my ass as he pounded me shooting his load deep into my ass.   he pulled out to a slurping noise and we quickly got dressed and returned to the party downstairs.   I kept looking at him and he kept looking at me.
    The next day came around too quickly and as I woke up I could feel my ass hurting like hell and I remembered last night  did it really happen.   I started thinking about it and my dick became hard.   I pulled back the covers and started to stroke it rubbing the space between my dick and my ass at the same time.   I closed my eyes and thought about my man from last night and his big dick.   I opened my eyes in surprise when I heard the bedroom door open and there he stood with two cups in his hand.   "I see you started without me, he said.   He put the two cups down and jumped onto the bed with me.   We 69ed for a while then he put my legs over his shoulders and fucked my ass again while I jacked off.
    That was a year ago now and he still brings me a cup of coffee every morning.   He went home to collect his stuff and moved in with me.   We fuck any opportunity we can and I still have to go to the bathroom at work and jack off every time I think of his thick dick fucking my ass.

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