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My uncle had a great stack of porno in his workshop hiden in a cieling panel over his work bench. It seems every young boy has an insticnt of where to find dirty mags, almost like we can sniff them out. They werent just the Playboy type, many had every sex act imaginable. Boobs,cunts, blowjobs, pussy licking and analsex. Needless to say I spent alot of time in the bathroom jerking off and getting a real good sex education. My dick became my life. Sometimes 4 or more times a day I would sneek into the bathroom and stroke away. Onetime my aunt asked me why I spent so much time in the bathroom and was I ok. Even the my feeling was taht she knew what I was doing. being a real skinny kid, I always needed a way to impress my friends , so I snuck a few of the magazines to school. To say they were a hit would be an understatement. Boy did that ever make me popular. By the end of the day, so many guys knew and wanted to see that it encouraged me to sneek even more. Some I even lent to my good friends. I always got them back, some a little "used" but always got them back to my uncles hiding place. Now the incident that got me here.

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   My cousins name is Bill. As a skinny tall 12 year old I looked up to him. He was everything I wasnt. A highschool jock,big muscles and very handsome. He always wore tight jeans and had a real cool car. His mom was my uncles sister and they were at the house often. Bill didnt always come with his mother but I enjoyed the times he was there. Sometimes we would ride in his car and he would take me to McDonalds ro a big mac. One time I noticed he was rubbing his crotch when we were in the car together, but I didnt think alot of it. I mean, at that time I thought I was about the only kid who jerked off. Then there was a time my aunt and uncle and his mom and dad had to go overnite to visit my uncles dying mom. She lived about 4 hours away and so they decided my cousin could watch me. Boy was I ever excited. They got there about 10 in the morning and were gone shortly after. At first bill didnt pay much attention to me.

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   He spent time on the phone with his friends and prbably a girlfriend. So off I went to my bathroom to spend some quality time with my pal. My uncle had gotten a new magazine filled with pictures and this one had lots of stories that were teaching me many ways to please and be pleasured. About half way into a real good session with my cock, I heard Bill calling out my name. At first I thought I could just ignore him and he would go away. It didnt work. Before I could even get my hand off my dick, Bill had opened the door to the bathroom. Caught! I must have turned the red so fast and was nearly in shock because I started to tremble. No words came from my mouth, only the urge to run past him into my room and cry. Here was someone I really admired and now he would think of me as a wierdo kid. Instead, just as casually as if I had been brushing my teeth, Bill came over to see what I was reading. "Wow, where'd you get that" he said. I still was speechless. Even as I started to speak the words came out shakey and sort of as a mumble. My hand was trying its best to hide my hardon, but I had been too far into it so it didnt cooperate.

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   He ask to see it and I with all the courage left in me, my free hand extended the dirty magazine to him. He was looking at it with rapt attention so it was my cue to pull my pants up from around my ankles. This is a great one,he said. I can see why my little cousin had such a boner. Its giving me one too. His hand went for his crotch and started rubbing lightly. Wow you have learned quite alot about sex from this one. He started making comments about the girls pussies and boobs. Then something strange, he began to talk about the size fo this guys cock and that guys cock and how lucky they were to be with these girls. The talk was doing nothing to distract my still hard dick. Suddenly he put the magazine down and said, I didnt mean to embarrass you. Lets go to your room and have a talk. As got up off the toilet my leggs were a little shacky so Bill noticing this came over and extended his large hand to me. I grabbed on for balance and off we went to my room. He had been in my room before but never was I so nervous to have him there.

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   My little cousin has really grown up,Bill said. Your cock is so big for such a skinny little kid. Kinda made me mad, but I had never thought about the size of my cock to much. Must have been rather nieve seeing how I never saw any other boy cocks, only the men in the magazines. He sat down on my unmade bed, probably on a cum stain since I started out my morning with a quick jerking session before I got up to take a piss. Bill patted the bed at a spot near him and said, Tim (thats my name by the way) come over and sit and lets talk. Oh no here it goes, he thinks I am this little skinny shit and is going to lecture me about the sins of masturbating. Rather, to the contrary he started telling me how he started jerkin off at about 10 and had developed many techniques to give himself pleasure, telling me how even now with girlfriends and everything he still jerks off at least once a day. Now I was getting relaxed. I somhow felt almost an equal. Then the shock of my life so far, he told me how when he was my age some of his buddies used to steal dirty books and find a place to hide and jerk off together. It never dawned on me that some other boy would want to masturbate with me. We were kids like you he said and it was kinda cool to have other guys into it with you when your cock is ready to explode. The story he was telling me quickly made me forget my own embarrassment and had my full attention, my dicks attention too. With that he loosened his belt and pulled his tight jeans down and with one quick motion the jeans and briefs were down to midcalf.

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   His boner standing strait up all covered with a great amount of hair. Lets see your stuff kid. My stuff? I thought to myself. He meant my cock. He wanted to see my cock. In my mind I knew he had already seen it why does he want to see it again. Her I"ll help and he reached over and started tugging at my pants. I didnt have a belt on and being so skinny the pants came down with one of his quick strong tugs. There it was out in the open again, hard as a rock and horny beyond belief. I knew that if I even touched it the cum would erupt like a geyser. Then he took off his tee shirt and not wanting to be different I took mine off too. Both of us naked now except for our white socks. He propped his head up in one hand laying down on my bed and ever so gentley began to stroke his cock . Kind of admiring his "stuff" and acting like it was all quite natural. His pecs were so hard looking with brownish like nipples.

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   I noticed that because mine were kinda pik and my pecs hadnt even really developed yet. Even naked he looked like a jock. I guess he must have noticed me staring and said ever so softly to me. Its ok if you want to join me you know. Its lonley doing this by myself. there was a smile, actually almost a smirk on his face. Here let me help you relax, he said and pulled me down on the bed laying right next to him. I thought that was all he meant but his hand reached for my cock and I felt like I was going to explode. My big handsome cousin, he had girlfriends and everything was touching my little kid dick like it was the most normal thing to do. I think it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened in my very short like to that point. I wasnt relaxed but boy was my body on fire. Its ok if you touch mine you know, he said. Lots better when someone else jerks it for you. I slowly reached out to touch his fat long dick almost like it was going to bite me. He must have read my mind and said , it wont bite you know and laughed.

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   Like laughing at some stupid kid. Then my courage kick in and for the first time another guys cock was in my hand. Do it just like you would to yourself, my cousin said. Rub up and down an touch my balls with your othe hand. Now I was touching another guys balls, my cousins balls and enjoying the feeling of the hair all over them. So different from mine which except for a couple of fine hairs were completley smooth. It dawned on me how really unatural this was getting to be. .

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